(MM) (anal, oral, rim) (humil) (nc, rape)

So I stopped at a local gay bar for a drink the other night. I don't go out to the bars much anymore, but the bar owner is an old pal of mine, so I wanted to say hello.

Up to me comes this young pup, eighteen, just into college, and he says he has seen many of my shows and read lots of my stories and would I give him an autograph. He is a cute little fucker. His name is Curtis. Great name. Shakespearean name.

Curtis tells me he only came out six months ago. He says he has had minimal experience with sex, so I buy him a drink and pretend to be interested in his life when it's his ass I am looking at. An ass like that on a boy of eighteen has no business being unfucked. In my opinion, he should be taking five or six dicks up it every night, but that's just me.

He tells me he may have to drop out of college because he cannot pay the tuition. He has a job at a gas station, but it doesn't pay much. He looks more and more yummy to me. So after a while, I bring up the idea of male modeling and how much it pays. I also mention theatre, but he says he is no actor and would be much too shy to be in a play on stage. He loves to see plays, but fears he could never do them. But after a few beers, male modeling sounds hot to him. He says he is such a fan of mine, which he can hardly believe I am taking the time to talk to him.


Talk to him, shit, after another ten minutes I am shoving my tongue down his throat. I tell him to take off his shirt and show me his body. He blushes from the top of his head to the tip of his penis and says he is not very muscular and he couldn't take off his shirt in a public bar. I laugh and take it off for him. He doesn't fight much. He is a pretty little cuntboy—so ripe and ready to be fucked.


I kiss him again and start to work his nipples until he is squealing like a tickled kitten. A few other guys at the bar move in like they do and cop a feel of the boy's ass and crotch. He has never had so much hands-on attention. I ask him if he has ever been fucked, and he says no, he is saving it for the boy he falls in love with. I am determined to squash that idea. I now want to turn him thoroughly into an ass fucked cock slut so I lay it on thick what a great model he would make and how he could pay for his tuition in only a few sessions.


Well, we set up an audition date. I ask two big bruisers to serve as my assistants. They will actually do the fucking, and I will take the photos, as I am somewhat camera shy, as you know. I will then get the kid in private and fuck his brains out.


When he arrives, he is very nervous. He says he has never been naked in front of guys except in gym class in the locker room. We have a few drinks to relax and smoke a little weed. Soon I am necking with him and licking his ear and neck while my buddies load their cameras. They keep telling him what a hot kid he is, and how he could be a star. He falls for it so completely. We stand him up, cause he is a bit sloshed, and we start to undress him. I am snapping away and let my pals work on him. They both kiss him. At first, he is timid and tells me he is uncomfortable with more guys than just me in the room, but as soon as they start to work his young pouty nipples and tongue kiss him, he responds like a fucking whore in heat. This boy genuinely wants it; he is just terrified of it. I keep telling him that any time he wants to stop, we will, but that we just want to get some sexy modeling shots of him. As the booze and drugs take over, he gets more and more out of it, and my friends are fondling his sack and dick and ass. They peel his shorts down and get him up on a desk.


They pose him obscenely on the desk, squeezing and stretching his nut sack and spreading his legs and telling him to arch his back. We keep telling him how hot he is, and that we just have to worship him. One of my buddies, Al, starts to suck on the kid's ass. He has never been rimmed before, and he just sort of melts. Meanwhile, Steve takes out his dick and starts to rub it on the boy's face. That's when Curtis says he wants to stop, that he is not comfortable.


I say, “Just relax. You know you love it, Curtis. It's time you accepted that you are a faggot. You can make lots of money if you pass this audition. Just be nice to my assistants.”


He kind of whimpers, but Al is sucking on his ass real hard and sending jolts through the kid, and Steve is now feeding him dick. Fucking virgin mouth and ass is always such a pleasure. I snapped photo after photo while my two buddies thoroughly worked the boy. They played him like a cello until he was vibrating. His slender body shook and trembled. He moaned and even cried a bit, a nervous kind of cry, as he was fed more and more dick and Al worked one then two fingers up the virgin asshole. Curtis knew what was going to happen. He knew it!


I lean in and whispered, “We are going to fuck you, Curtis. We are going to fuck you for first true sexual experiences. After today, you are going to want to be fucked all the time. You are not ever going to feel right unless there is a dick up your ass.”


He was breathing heavy, his tits rising and falling, his ass grinding into Al's fingers, and his young, pretty mouth stuffed with dick. Spit ran from his mouth and dripped from his chin. He tried to talk, but he was too full of dick to be understood.


“That's okay, Curtis, just relax and enjoy it. I'm just going to snap some photos for your audition file. Then, later, you and I can relax in my bed. Both Al and Steve are great fuckers, and I am sure you’ll enjoy being broken in by them.”


He tried to squirm away, but we held him still. With the booze and pot, he didn't have much fight in him.


Al and Steve are older guys. By older, I mean middle-aged. I always like it when a young pup is fucked for the first few times by older guys. That way, he never forms that stupid idea that he has only to be attracted to guys his age. No reason in my book that a fourteen-year-old kid can’t be fucked by a sixty-year-old man. Age is relative, and they both give something to each other. The boy gives his ass to the man, and the man gives his experience and dick to the boy. The kid should learn to appreciate all types of bodies and all ages and all kinds of cock.


Like so many kids his age today, Curtis felt the need for sex but had no fundamental understanding how just how vital cock is. I mean I learned early that life was all about getting your balls off as often and in as many ways as possible. I learned the dirtier, the better. Life is all about power and fucking, and finding power through fucking. There is no thrill like fucking a fresh, young boy ass. Impaling that baby boy twat on your dick. Making that kid an extension of your fuck-meat. Knowing he will feel your dick up him long after you shoot your load and pull out and that his ass will now be part pussy because of you. Thirteen and fourteen are the ages I most enjoy fucking, but most often, in reality, the young dudes I fuck are somewhat older. It’s just hard to find enough young boy ass to satisfy me.


I try to score fresh boy ass two or three times a week, and fortunately, with my job in the entertainment industry, that is possible. I do tend to score more ass when I am in Asia than in America because of our stricter laws. One has to be careful, but in parts of Asia, young teen boy ass grows on trees.


Anyway, Curtis was ready to be fucked for the first time. His cherry was about to be popped. He would never be the same again. What a lucky boy, in the morning he was a virgin, and by evening, he had been fucked by not one, but three dicks. So much for saving it for the boy he would love! Ha!