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Shaver Boy
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  • Author's Note
A New Job

I was sixteen and had landed what seemed to be the perfect summer job. I was a lifeguard at a condo complex pool. A friend of mine had worked there the year before and had told me what a piece of cake this was: sit out half of the day with almost nobody there, swim when you want, get a great tan and make decent money. I was on the high school swim team and had obtained my certification as a lifeguard at the Y that year. So when Jeff, who was two years older than I was, suggested me as the new lifeguard, I thought this would be a great way to laze away the summer before my junior year. He would work the weekend since he was working at his father’s construction company during the week this summer. I’d work the weekdays from 9 am until 7 pm.

Oh, yeah, who am I? My name is Tim Parker, and at the time of this story, I was sixteen as I said. I’ve got brown hair, which I have cut in a buzz cut, five foot nine and one hundred thirty-five pounds, with a good build. I’m relatively smooth and have a butt that has occasionally gained me the nickname “Bubbles.” You get an A.

The complex was mostly adults, only a few kids around. So my first day I arrived at 8:30 to open up the pool and after the cleaning routine sat back to enjoy a quiet day. The pool was secluded from the complex, which was made up of townhouses built on a hill. To enter the pool area, you had to go through the men’s or women’s shower room in the pool house, There was no one around, so I rubbed on some suntan lotion and lay down on one of the lounge chairs, basking in the morning sun. The forecast had been for rain, but right now it was a beautiful day. There was a gentle, cool breeze, and I could feel the sun tanning me. I drifted off to sleep.

I dreamed about Jennie, the girl I’d been going out with for the last few months. We’d had sex a few times (my first times), and just the night before last we’d gone out to the campgrounds where we liked to go and get naked under the stars. Jennie had given me a great blowjob, her mouth working my dick until I blew my load all over her tits. I’d sucked her tits and played with her pussy until she was writhing all over the blanket. Then we fucked like nobody’s business. It had been one hot night.

Thinking of her mouth on my dick had the visible reaction: I got hard. Dozing on the lounge chair, I rubbed my hard eight inches through my swimsuit. I was about half-awake as I shoved my hand down the front of my shorts and massaged my dick. It felt so good, and it didn’t take long before I was leaking precum all over my rubbing hand, slicking up my cock. I rubbed the head of my dick with my thumb and started thrusting my hips up and down. Fully awake now, I looked around reassuring myself that I was alone, I slid my shorts down and continued stroking my hard dick.

As I worked my dick, I found myself thinking of not only Jennie but also about Jeff. He was a hot guy, and the vision of his body in the shower at the gym crept into my head. He was a taller than me, about 5 foot 11, dark complexion with jet-black hair. His chest was covered with dark hair that he trimmed to show off the definition of his big pecs and hard stomach. He was a workout fanatic. Okay, I admit that now and then I think about guys when I jack off. But I’d never done anything with another guy. Just curious. I wondered what it would be like to feel another guy’s dick. To feel his balls. Maybe even to taste what a guy’s dick is like. Not that I’d ever really do it. After all, I was absolutely straight, but I was curious, and somehow the thought of it turned me on.

I felt my balls with my other hand, pulling on my sack and squeezing them as I picked up the pace of my jacking. I kicked my shorts off altogether and spread my legs, arching my back as I beat my meat. I reached for my left nipple and squeezed it hard. Then I did something I had only done a few times. I reached back and, spreading my legs as far as possible, started rubbing my index finger over my asshole. I worked it into the first knuckle. That was enough to send me over the edge. I shot a load of cum into the air. It landed on my chest, the second volley coming down on my stomach, the third all over my crotch.

I lay there panting and enjoying the afterglow of a good jack off. I forgot that I was laying out in public naked with cum all over me. I closed my eyes for what I thought was just a second and suddenly heard a sound. I jumped up and saw this guy standing there by the door to the pool house. I panicked, quickly grabbed my discarded trunks, and pulled them on. The guy still was standing there, just watching me with a slight smile. He was short and husky, looking to be in his early thirties, wearing only a pair of green gym shorts. His chest was smooth and muscular. As I pulled myself together, he walked over to me.

“Sorry, man, I guess I wasn’t expecting anybody to come in this early.”

Embarrassed at being caught, I was just hoping the man wouldn’t report that the new lifeguard was jacking off in the nude at the pool.

“That’s okay, it could happen to anybody,” he said, looking me over as he did. “I just thought I’d have a swim after the gym.”

“Oh, sure,” I said still flustered in spite of his attitude.

There was something about the way he was looking at me that made me feel funny. Not bad, just sort of a tingly sensation of being checked out. There was something, I guess, you’d call sexual about him. I felt my dick stirring in my shorts, still sticky from the cum that was all over my pubes.

“My name’s Gary,” he said, extending his hand. I shook it feeling the strength in his grip. He was about an inch shorter than I was but there was a powerfulness about him. I could feel him squeeze my hand tight.


“I’m Tim.”


He still gripped my hand and looked at me with those piercing brown eyes as if he could see inside me. My dick had hardened again. I hoped he didn’t notice, but something inside me told me he knew.


“Well, Tim, I think I’m going to cool off in the pool. You look like you could use some cooling off yourself. Or at least a little rinsing off.”


I realized there was still a glob of drying cum on my chest. I blushed with embarrassment.


“Yeah, I guess so.”


He let go of my hand and turned to dive into the pool. He swam a few laps, moving with grace and strength through the water. While he did, I got a towel and wiped myself off. I sat back down in my chair by the pool and watched as he swam. Gradually I calmed down from the embarrassment of having been caught with my dick out. He seemed cool enough. I didn’t think he’d tell anyone. Finally, he came over and hung on the side of the pool below where I was sitting.


“So Tim, where are you in school?”


“Yeah, I’ll be a junior at Williams this year.”


“Oh really, are you involved in sports there?”


“I’m on the swim team and run cross-country.”


“I’m going to be working there next year. I’ll be the freshman and junior varsity wrestling coach.”


Oh, God, I thought, I just jacked off in front of a teacher!


“Oh, cool,” I said trying to sound calm about it. “You’re Coach Nelson’s new assistant. He seems like a neat guy.”


“Yeah, Joe and I met about a year ago. I was thinking about getting out of the Marines, and he suggested I look into coaching. I was on the Marine wrestling squad and coached them as well. He called me when the job at Williams opened up. And here I am.”


“I guess coaching a bunch of kids is going to be a big change for you after coaching Marines.”


“Yeah, I suppose. But I think some discipline can do these kids some good. I mean, I know I probably can’t be as hard on them as I would be on a bunch of grunts but believe me, they’ll know what I expect.” I could bet they would. There was something about his manner that told me he got precisely what he wanted and made no bones about it.


“But then you probably are used to a little military discipline from Nick Montini. He was a Navy SEAL. He’s your swim coach, right?”


“Yeah, he’s pretty tough on us, but it paid off. We came in second in the regionals last year.”


“So,” he said, “How long have you been a lifeguard?”


“This is my first day.”


“Well, you certainly got off to a rousing start,” he laughed. I blushed at the reminder of how he first found me.


“Hey, man, I just was...well...you know.”


“Horny as hell. Hey, I understand that. I’ve gotten my rocks off in some pretty unusual places so don’t feel bad. But you might want to be careful about who sees you working your meat on the job. People will start to talk.”


He climbed out of the pool and stood right in front of me, dripping wet. His shorts clung to his body, and I could see he had a substantial bulge between his legs. It was just about eye level, and I found myself staring at it. He looked down, smiling that sly smile of his again.


“So what got you so horny, Tim?”


I had this funny feeling again. Like he could see right through me. It caused that stirring in my cock again.


“Oh, I don’t know, the usual stuff, I guess.”


“Yeah?” he said, stepping closer to me. We were practically toe to toe. “And what exactly is usual for you?”


“Hey, you know. Some babe, playin’ with her tits. Doin’ all kinds of stuff.”


“Like having her suck your dick? Feeling a hot mouth going up and down on you until your balls are ready to explode. Feeling her hand on your balls as you pump that mouth. Shooting a hot load of jizz down her throat? Is that what kind of stuff?”


“Well...yeah, I guess,” I said, feeling horny and embarrassed at the same time from his frank reciting of my fantasies.


“There’s nothing like a good blowjob, is there?” he asked, looking down into my eyes. “Feeling that wetness and friction against your dick.” As I watched, I thought I could see the bulge in his shorts growing, sticking out more toward my face. I felt my dick getting hard and start to ooze a little precum. Damn, I’d just jacked off, and Gary’s talk was getting me horny all over again.


“Yeah, nothing better,” I said, breathily.


“Except maybe a good fuck. That’s even better. Feeling that nice warm pussy around your dick, pumping it for all you’re worth. Damn, that’s the best isn’t it?”


I was starting to sweat from the excitement he was bringing out in me. There was something about the way he talked about sex that just made it all seem so present. My dick twitched and jerked in my trunks.


He looked down at me, and I was sure he noticed my condition. He smiled again and stretched. “Well, I think I’ll lie down for a while and catch some sun. Nice meeting you, Tim. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of each other this summer.”


He walked over to one of the lounge chairs and lay down, his legs spread slightly, pointing in my direction. I could see the mound of his crotch prominently displayed in his wet gym shorts.


I sat back, trembling slightly. What was the hell going on? I never got this turned on by another guy before. But I had to admit there was something hot about Gary. But no, I wasn’t queer. It was just his talk about pussy and shit. I was just horny, right?


I drifted off to sleep after a while. Gary was dozing too, lying on the lounge chair. I woke to the feel of wetness on my face. Rain. Just a few drops at first. I looked at the clock. 11am. I realized I’d been sleeping almost an hour and the skies had turned dark. I heard a rumble of thunder. I knew the rules. Thunder equals lightning equals pool closed.


Gary had also awakened from the beginnings of the shower. He looked over at me and shrugged. Oh, well there went the tanning session. Suddenly the skies opened, and rain started pouring down. We ran for the pool house, taking shelter in the men’s shower room. We were both soaking wet. We could hear the rain pounding on the roof.


“Well, so much for your first day, kid.” He stood there smiling at me as we both dripped puddles all over the floor.


“Yeah, I guess. But I gotta stay around in case it stops.”


I was starting to shiver from the wetness in the cool dark of the shower room. I had run in so quickly that I’d left my towel outside in the rain along with my shirt and shoes.


“I wouldn’t count on this stopping anytime soon. They were predicting thunderstorms for most of the day. That’s one reason I wanted to get down to the pool early.”


“Well, I still have to stay for a while,” I said through chattering teeth.


“Well, come on down to my place and dry off anyway. I’m just across the parking lot and so if it stops you can head right back over.”


It was a tempting offer. For a dry towel if nothing else. Still, I had this feeling about him. There was some electricity about him that both excited and scared me.


“Well, maybe for a while. I do need to dry off a little.”


“OK, then, let’s make a run for it.”


I locked up the pool area and met him outside. We ran into the parking lot and across to his back gate. He had a small yard, through which we ran to the two doors to the living room. Closing the door, we stood there panting and dripping.


“Well, let’s not stand here dripping on the carpet. Come on downstairs, and I’ll get some towels,” Gary said.


We headed down the steps to a large recreation room. He had a weight bench and some other equipment down there as well as a couch and entertainment center. He grabbed some towels out of the adjoining laundry room. He threw me one.


“Take those wet shorts off, and I’ll throw them in the dryer,” he said as he started to strip his shorts off. I couldn’t help looking at his body. He was really built. He stood in his wet jock strap, the pouch bulging with his cock. Then he peeled his strap off, and I got a look at his dick. It was amazingly thick, topped by a bush that had been trimmed to a small patch. His body was solid and hard; his legs were thick and muscular. I found myself staring at him, taking in the sight of his nakedness as he started to dry himself off.


“You like what you see, kid?” he asked, smiling at me. I blushed realizing that he’d caught me staring.


“Um, you have a great body. You must work out a lot,” I stammered, embarrassed.


“I work out pretty hard to keep it this way,” he said. “I’ve done some competitions which is why I keep shaved. Maybe I can show you a few routines if you’re interested. Now get out of those shorts before you drip on the carpet anymore.”


“Oh, sorry,” I said. I felt uncomfortable about taking my shorts off. I knew that my dick was about half-hard. I was curious but scared of him. I turned around toward the wall and peeled off the cold, wet shorts. I quickly toweled off and wrapped the towel around my waist. I turned back round to see him still standing there naked.


“Let me throw those shorts in the dryer.” He picked up my wet trunks and took them along with his trunks into the laundry room. I heard the dryer come on. He walked back in with a couple of beers.


“We might as well relax. Have a beer.”


What the hell, I thought, I may as well. It didn’t look like I was going to be going back to work that day. I took the beer from him. He motioned me over to the couch. I sat at one end, and he sat at the other, with one leg up on the couch facing me. His big dick and balls hung between his legs. I couldn’t help looking at them. He would occasionally reach down and scratch his balls, lifting his fat cock to the side. I looked up to see him following my eyes. We talked about his work out routines. He explained what he did to work his specific muscle groups. He moved toward me on the couch and invited me to feel his big biceps, his shoulders, his lats, and pecs. I ran my hand over his nipples, which were big and hard. I felt myself getting a hardon again. His knee was on top of mine. He invited me to squeeze his massive thighs. My hand was shaking a little as I reached down and felt the hardness of his smooth leg. I noticed his dick was almost hard. As I touched his thigh, the dick brushed against my arm. I quickly moved my hand away.


“Tim, you don’t have to be so jumpy. After all, I’ve already seen you with jizz all over you. As you might have noticed, I’m not shy about my body. I’ve worked on it to get it looking good, and so I don’t mind you looking or touching. Anything.”


“Um, that’s OK,” I said quickly. “I guess I’m just not used to that.”


“Well, don’t worry. I mean, you can take that damp towel off if you want. Obviously, I don’t mind nudity. That’s the way I like being here at home. And my guests are free to strip down too. So feel free.”


“Well, I...guess I’m, uh, I don’t think...”


“You’ve got a boner right?”




“Hey, so do I,” he said, squeezing his hard dick for emphasis. I watched his cock growing, swelling to a length of about seven and a half inches and looking incredibly fat around. I doubted that I could get my hand around it.


“Take off that towel and let’s see what you’ve got.”


“Um, well I’m not sure, I feel kind of funny about that.”


“Tim, take off the towel,” he said with more authority.


Now I was feeling scared. What had I gotten myself into? Part of me wanted to do as he said but I just kind of froze.


“Hey, man, maybe I better go, I better check on the pool,” I said nervously, standing up.


“I don’t think so, Tim. Not without your clothes. And not with that big hard-on you’ve got.” He reached out and grabbed the towel. Before I could react, I was standing there naked with my dick standing straight up against my stomach. He threw the towel into the corner.


“Hey!” I shouted, embarrassed to have him seeing my dick hard. “What’s the big idea?”


“Have a seat and relax now. You’re naked, you’re hard, and there’s nothing more to hide.” I realized I couldn’t leave without my shorts and so I may as well relax. I sat back down on the couch. He stayed close as he had been before.


“You have a good body, Tim. If you really applied yourself to working out, you could have a great body. You’ve got good definition in your chest. Nice pecs.” He ran his hand over my left pec, brushing the nipple lightly. I shivered, and my dick twitched from the contact.


“Sensitive nips, huh? I can see that turns you on doesn’t it?” He took my nipple between his fingers and squeezed it. I moaned, and a big drop of precum appeared at the end of my dick. He continued manipulating it, reached over, and started squeezing the right one as well. My dick ached with hardness. After pinching and twisting my nipples for a few more minutes, he released them and sat back watching my reaction. I sat shivering slightly, a string of goo hanging from my dick.


“Yeah, you have the makings of a great bod there, Tim. Nice pecs, good hard flat stomach. I’m sure all your swimming and running helps that.” He rubbed his hand across my stomach, pushing and squeezing. He stroked down my belly, fingering the trail of hair that ran down from my navel to my bush. Then he reached down and squeezed my thigh, commenting on the strength of my legs. The back of his hand rubbed against my dick and a trail of precum smeared across it.


“You’re a juicy one aren’t you?” He now had a hand on each thigh, massaging and slowly pushing them apart. “Nothing like being sixteen and horny. I bet you can cum all day and still have some ammo in those balls of yours.”


“Um, I don’t think I should, uh, be...” I tried to think of what I wanted to say. I felt my balls tightening and my dick spasm.


“Don’t worry, Tim, it’s just us guys here. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, you’ve got a pretty attractive piece of meat there. Certainly, nothing to be ashamed of.”


With that, he gripped my dick and stroked up and down on it slowly.


“Oh, God, please, don’t…” I groaned.


It felt so hot as his hand slowly works my dick squeezing more juice out until it dripped down the head and hung in a string.


“That feels good doesn’t it?”


‘Ooooh, yeah, but I...don’t think I…um…you should be...doing...that.”


With his thumb, he rubbed it into the sensitive head of my dick. I groaned louder.


“Just enjoy it, kid. So, Tim,” he said as he milked my dick, “you never told me specifically what got you so horny this morning.”


I blushed.


Well…I guess...I thought of...ooooh...a blowjob...I’d gotten.”


“Really,” he smiled, still slowly rubbing my cock, “Did you give one back?”


“No, no,” I stammered, “It was...from a girl.”


“And you’ve never done it with a guy?”


“No…oooh...I haven’t.”


I was a breaking out in a sweat. My body shook.


“But you’ve wondered about what it must feel like for her to have her lips around a big cock like yours.”


He rubbed more pre-cum around the head and down the shaft.


“Oooh…man, I don’t know, I guess.”


Yeah, I’ll bet you’ve thought about running your tongue along the shaft of some big dick. Seeing what she finds so fucking exciting about licking yours. Licking all around the ridge of the head. Tasting a little pre-cum dripping off of it. You’ve wondered about that haven’t you?”


“Hey, I don’t know,...I’ve thought of it,...maybe.”


“You’ve wanted to know what it tastes like to have a big dick slide into your mouth, to taste the head rubbing your tongue, to feel that shaft stretching your lips open, right?”


“Uh, well, I guess so, sometimes.”


“It looks that way. You seem to be getting pretty turned on by the idea.”


“No, uh, I, I mean, you’d better stop, uh ‘cause I don’t think th…this is such a good...idea.” I was getting nervous now in spite of being so turned on. But I couldn’t pull away.


“Play with my dick, Tim. Reach out and touch it. You’re not the only one all fired up. You’ve got me feeling a little horny too as you can see.” His dick was hard as a rock, and the tip glistened with his juice.


“I don’t know, man. I-I-I’ve never, uh done that.”


“Take it, Tim,” he ordered. “Take it in your hand. You know you want to. I can tell you’re curious.”


I reached down and took hold of his dick. I couldn’t get my hand all the way around it.


“That feels so good. Stroke it, Tim. You like the way it feels in your hand don’t you?”


I stroked up and down his big fat dick. “It’s OK I guess,” I said, though, in truth, his dick felt hot in my hand. That fact alone made me panicky. What was happening to me? I was starting to get scared now. But my dick stayed hard. And as he pulled me toward him, there was something that excited me through my fear.


“I think you should show me just what you’ve been thinking about,” he growled in my ear. “I think it’s time to find out what your little girlfriend finds so hot about sucking dick. Don’t you?”


“No, man, let me go!” I cried. I struggled, but he was a lot stronger than I was. He grabbed my head and pushed down. My face came closer and closer to his fat dick.


“There it is Tim. You’ve been watching it ever since we were up at the pool, haven’t you? Well, taste it. See what you think. You know you want to. Look at how hard your dick is. You’ve been getting a boner from watching my cock for a while now. So lick it.”


He pushed my face against his hard cock. I could taste his precum smearing across my lips. “Lick it, Tim. Get a taste of the cock you’ve been wanting. You have wanted to taste it, haven’t you? Answer me.”


“No! Let me go!” I said, trying not to open my mouth too much as his cock rubbed against it. Each time I tried to talk, I could feel it push against my lips.


“Stop being a tease, Tim. It’s OK. Just lick it. You’ll see what you’ve been wondering about.”


I knew I couldn’t get away and part of me was curious to find out what it tasted like. I slowly stuck my tongue out and ran it along the head of his dick. His precum tasted salty yet sweet, an indescribable combination of tastes. I let my tongue wander down the shaft of his cock. I found myself fascinated by the salty taste of his sweaty skin, by the texture of the skin on his cock. I continued to let my tongue run up and down.


“Yeah, now you’re getting into it. See, just go with your feelings, kid. Let yourself explore that dick. Rub your tongue all over it. Get it all wet. Oh, yeah that’s good.”


He spoke softly but firmly, and I found myself licking him. He continued to rub my dick slowly, slick with the precum that now flowed freely from it. He spread his legs further, and my tongue slid down to his smooth ball sack. I licked all around the crinkly skin, feeling his big nuts under my tongue. My saliva dripped down off his balls. I moved back up the wide shaft of his meat.


“Take it in your mouth, Tim,” he softly instructed me. “Suck my dick.”


I hesitated a moment and then opened my mouth. I began to take in the huge head of his cock. I opened my mouth as far as I could and could just manage to get the whole head in. It popped past my lips, and his shaft started to slide in. As the head of his dick glided over my tongue, toward the back of my mouth, I began to gag, and I tried to pull off of his dick.


“Take it easy, kid,” he said, placing his hand on the back of my head. “Just let yourself get used to it. You’re doing fine. Try to relax.”


His words calmed me down a bit, and I tried to adjust to the big tube of flesh in my mouth. Slowly he started working my head up and down on his dick. Each time I felt less of a gagging reflex. I could feel the head hit my throat. My dick throbbed in his hand as he continued to squeeze and stroke it.


“Now you’re getting into it. Suck that dick kid. You’re doin’ it like a pro.”


He began to rise to his knees, pushing me back onto the couch until he was on top of me, his dick still firmly planted in my mouth. He was still stroking my cock slowly, not wanting me to cum too soon I guess. He started to pump his dick in and out of my mouth.


“Yeah, kid, you’re one hell of a cocksucker. I knew you would be. I could tell out by the pool that you had a lot of potential. Just keep suckin’ that cock, boy.”


I could feel my balls tightening up and that load of cum in me getting ready. I also felt him begin to speed up the pace of his pumping my mouth. I knew we were both getting ready to cum. I moaned loudly as suddenly my dick shot a huge load of cum in the air. It came down on his back. The second volley dripped down his ass cheek. The rest shot all over my stomach and crotch.


“Oh yeah, kid, shoot that load. I’m about to join you,” he panted as he pounded my mouth faster. “Oh, yeah, here it comes.”


All of a sudden, my mouth was filled with his cum. I could feel it shoot against my throat. I panicked, trying to pull away but he held my head as he continued to shoot load after load of cum into my mouth. I tried to swallow but couldn’t keep up. It dribbled out of my lips and down my chin. Finally, he stopped and slowly pulled his dick out of my mouth. My jaws ached from the stretching they’d had.


“Pretty good for your first blowjob, Tim. And I know you’ll get better with practice.”


I sat there with cum dribbling from my mouth, speechless at what I’d done. How could this have happened?