Cum Receptacle

MB, anal, oral, ws, cbt, humil, nc, rape
A palimpsest based on a story by Captive

Heath woke up feeling sick, his body was weak, his head fuzzy. What the hell happened? His vision cleared up and he looked around the room. It was grey with plain cement walls. There was just one door, and it was closed. The air around him smelled foul.

He tried to move only to realize he couldn't. He pulled his arms, but they were each bound above him. He pulled harder and realized chains were holding him down by his wrists and ankles. He was lying on an old, rotting spring mattress, and chained to a rusty bed frame. He started to panic. He pulled harder on his chains, but they only dug into his wrists. It wasn't until now that he realized that his body was naked. He wanted to scream, but he couldn't bring himself to make any noise. This can't be happening. This is just a dream. It’s got to be. Wake up, Heath. Wake up! Suddenly, he heard a clicking noise, and he looked over towards the door as it started to open and held his breath. A man entered the room.

"Ah, you're finally awake," the man said coolly as he moved towards the bed.


"What is this? What is going on..."


"You are to address me as Sir. You’ll do everything I command without question or hesitation. Do you understand?"


"What? Please, just let me go, and I won't tell anyone. I..."


The boy’s words were cut off as the man wrapped his hand around the boy’s throat, squeezing his fragile neck. The boy pulled on the chains trying to free himself while struggling under the man’s firm grip.


"You pathetic fuckhole, disobey me again, and you will regret it."


The man released Heath’s neck. As the boy was coughing and gasping for air, the man reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. He flipped it open and noticed the boy was now staring at the knife as his body trembled. He leaned down close to the boy and placed the blade against his cheek. The cold metal pressed into the boy’s rosy skin.


"Now, I'm going to ask you one more time. Do you understand?"


Heath closed his eyes, hoping he would be somewhere else when he opened them. He wasn't.


"Yes, sir," he said in defeat.


"That's better."


The man smiled. He pulled a key out of his other pocket, and leaned over Heath, reaching for the boy’s wrists.


"Get up," he commanded after unlocking the boy’s chains.


The man watched the boy, as he slowly stood up, his naked body weak and trembling under the man’s cold gaze. He began inspecting the boy, circling him like a vulture preparing to devour its meal.


"On your knees, fuckhole."


Heath dropped to his knees. The man smiled at the quaking boy.


"Admit it. You're nothing more than a filthy receptacle for cum. You know this is what you deserve."


Heath bowed his head. He was speechless.




"Say it!" the man screamed.


Heath let out a cry and fell on his side. His face stinging in pain, he yelled out.


"I'm a filthy receptacle for cum! I deserve this..."


The boy started crying, and the man began laughing.


"Look at yourself! God, you’re so pathetic. Get back on your knees. How did you become such a hopeless fuckhole?"


On his knees again, Heath looked up at the man questioningly not knowing what to say.


"Well?" the man asked impatiently.


"I…I guess I…I've always been this way..."




The man sent Heath crashing to the ground once more. He stood over him and placed his boot on his neck, pinning him to the hard floor. Heath put his hands on the boot squirming underneath it while gasping for air.


"I should just kill you right now, and put you out of your misery."


The man pushed down harder watching the boy's face contort in agony.


"But that would just be too kind..."


The man lifted his foot off of the boy and watched him curl up on the floor coughing. He commanded the boy to get on his knees once more with his chest on the floor. The boy quickly obeyed this time. His smooth ass was now on display, and the man began running his hands along the boy’s soft skin. He then wrapped two fingers around the boy’s little dick stroking it until he became hard against his will.


"I'll bet you'd love to have my cock inside your mouth, wouldn't you?" the man, feeling his blood pumping towards his crotch, asked while staring at the helpless little boy.


"Yes, sir, please put your cock inside me."


Heath knew he was going to suck the cock eventually, and he just hoped it was sooner rather than later. He just wanted this whole ordeal to be finished.


"Get back on the bed," the man ordered as he stood back up.


Heath climbed onto the filthy mattress and lay on his back, waiting for the man to have his way with him. He saw the man start to undress, and then closed his eyes hoping it would all be over soon.




Suddenly, the boy felt a sharp pain emanate from his balls into his body. He screamed and opened his eyes to see the man standing above him naked holding a belt.


"What the fuck are you doing, you filthy fuckhole?"


The man grabbed one of the boy’s legs and flipped his body over. He then took the boy’s wrists and wrapped the chains around them securing them to the two posts again. Heath dared not resist. He didn't know how far the man would go with his punishments.


He commanded the boy to get on his knees. Heath was holding himself up on his elbows, his wrists still chained to the bed, and his ass up in the air. The man was standing over him beside the bed, and his hands began exploring the boy’s ass. The man spread apart the boy’s lovely ass cheeks. Heath’s body began to shiver. The man slowly pushed his finger into the boy’s tight ass. Heath let out a choked moan.


“No, please, no,” Heath implored.


He'd never wanted to experiment with anal, now he feared the worst. After prodding the boy for a bit, the man pulled his finger out and moved it in front of the boy’s face.


"Suck it clean!" he commanded.


Heath paused, disgusted by the man’s command, but he knew he would receive a worse beating if he disobeyed. He opened his mouth and placed his lips around the man’s finger. The boy licked and sucked until the man was satisfied and took back his finger. He put his hard cock in front of the boy’s face.


"I'm going to fuck your ass, so you'd better lube up my cock as best you can."


Heath was terrified, but he didn't want it to hurt, so he began slobbering all over the man’s cock. The man shoved himself deep into the boy’s throat making Heath gag, but he kept sucking on his cock until it was drenched in boy spit.


"What do you say, fuckhole?" the man said as he pulled his cock out of the boy’s abused throat.


The boy stumbled for his words as he was on the verge of tears, disgusted with the man and himself.


"Th…th…thank you."


The man’s hand slapped the boy’s balls hard.


"Ah…th…th…th…tha…thank you, sir! Oh, please, sir, don't hurt me."


Tears flowed prodigiously down the boy’s cheeks washing over his snot-covered face. On that note, the man climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind the boy’s ass, placing the tip of his dick at the boy’s virgin asshole.


"Listen, fuckhole," the man said as he gently pushed himself against the boy’s hole, "if I want you to kneel, you kneel. If I want you to beg, you beg. If I want you to hurt, you will hurt. If I want to piss on your goddamn face, you’ll sit there and thank me for it! I own you. Do you understand?"


His words cut into the boy like a knife. He was terrified and knew he had to do whatever the man said if he wanted to make it out of here.


"Yes, si...aaahhh!"


The man thrust his shaft deep inside the boy’s ass sending waves of pain throughout the little body. The boy began blubbering as the man pumped in and out of his brutalized asshole. It seemed like each thrust hurt worse than the last, and he thought his pain would never end. The man’s pleasure fueled by the abuse of the boy.


"Oh, yeah! Take my cock like the little fuckhole, cum receptacle you are!"


The man groaned as he pounded the boy’s tender ass, punch fucking his cock in and out letting his pleasure take over. He wanted to keep humiliating and abusing the boy, but he couldn't hold back his lust. He quickened his pace, pushing deeper into his personal cumdump. The boy’s gasps of discomfort were met with the man’s groans of pleasure.


The man reached under the boy and yanked and twisted the boy’s balls, while the other hand pressed down onto the boy’s back shoving his upper body into the bed. In one swift movement, he thrust himself deep inside of the boy burying his shaft in the boy’s ass. The boy let out a cry of agony, gripping his weak fists around the chains that bound him to the bedposts. The man twisted and tugged on the boy’s balls as his cum unloaded inside the boy.


The man paused, taking in the moment looking at the little cumdump impaled on his cock. He could hear the boy blubbering sobs. Still balls deep inside his little fuckhole, he grabbed a fistful of the boy’s hair and jerked his head upward. He leaned down, his face almost touching the boy’s face. He could smell the man’s foul breath. The boy dared not look toward him. The man spit on the boy covering his snot and tear covered face in sputum.


"I hope you've learned something today, little fuckholes like you always get what's coming to them."


The boy struggled, trying to pull away from the man’s grip. The man’s hand jerked back harder on the boy’s hair, and he pulled the boy’s face in close to his.


"And guess what, fuckhole?" he whispered in the boy’s ear and chuckled. "We're just getting started."


With that, the man relaxed his body and let his needs take over. He wanted this faggot to feel utterly worthless and vile. He began pissing into the boy’s asshole, his urine and cum filling the boy to the brim.


The boy couldn't hold back any longer and began bawling uncontrollably. The man finished and without a word got up, gathered his clothes, and made his way towards the door. He slammed the door behind him, leaving the little cum receptacle chained to the bed. He was reduced to nothing more than a receptacle cock and cum.