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Well, my son’s ten years old this week and high time for him to get fucked. Oh, before you right wing conservatives get all hot under the collar and want me arrested, just remember a few things. In ancient Greece, a boy was often paired with an adult at age twelve until he was seventeen. It was just religious sexual repression that stopped us from enjoying sex at an early age. Shit, I didn’t fuck my first boy-cunt until I was fifteen, and to this day I regret that I didn’t start younger. My parents were so fucking uptight that they never even talked to me about the birds and the bees.

I made sure my little boy knew all about cock when he was three years old. I would have him sit for hours and play with my cock and balls like some little boys play with their trucks. I would watch TV naked while he sat between my legs and played with my fat fuckmeat and nut sack.
That is what caused my wife, the cunt, to leave me. She said I was perverted. Fuck her! I’m not perverted. If I were perverted, I would have fucked the little faggot of a son. Well, I never did. Sure I had him give me blowjobs, but that was just to teach him how wonderful cock tastes to a cocksucking fag.
Well, my wife got custody of the sweet little sissy, and for three years I didn’t even see him. Then, when he was seven, my ex-wife died. Hurrah! And I got sweet little Jeremy back. He had been taught so many fucking bad habits in those three years, things like he should wear clothing around the house and not sleep naked. I put an end to that.
If Daddy can walk around the house bare-ass naked with his big fuck hose swinging, then his little darling can also be naked and show his pretty little dicklet and his tight winking rosebud! I taught him how to sit with his legs spread, so his delicate rosebud was always on display.
I taught him how to spread his ass cheeks so my friends and I could see his hole properly. Most importantly, I once again taught him how to suck and lick my dick and balls. Let me tell you, he had forgotten so much that it was not easy. And when I started to teach him how to lick and suck male asshole, he actually resisted me.
Shit, I never thought I would have to discipline my own son to get him to follow my directions. I had to put clothespins on his little titties and ball bag. I had to force him to drink my piss. I had to stick pins in his dick head and beautiful little balls. But he learned.
He learned that he was always to obey any man. That man is superior to a faggot cunt. That faggots were put on this earth to serve mankind! I was very clear that I was doing all of this out of love for him. He was my darling son, my dear little boy who meant more to me than anyone. I wanted him to grow up to be the best cock whore in the world.
And now, at ten years of age, it is time for him to get fucked. Even though I worked his tight asshole with my fingers and veggies, his tiny boy-cunt was just too small before, but at ten years of age, a faggot needs a boyfriend. He needs to start serving a man, so he doesn’t fall into any bad habits. Movies, for example, give fags the wrong idea about life. They encourage queer boys to assert themselves, to be strong and demanding. They imply that a faggot cunt is equal to a man cock, which is ludicrously asinine.
The only movies that I know that give an accurate and proper view of how a faggot should live are those ones where a faggot bitch sucks like fifty dicks in one film and then gets gangbanged, as the guys shoot cum all over his sweet face. I let Jeremy watch those, so he learns.
I have also had him sucking the dicks of my friends blindfolded so he could tell just by smell and taste and feel whose dick is whose. He is starting to realize that there is an infinite variety of cock to provide endless pleasure for him.
But as I was saying, he is ten now and needs badly to be fucked, but I wanted his first fuck to be special. I wanted to find a handsome young man, a teenager, who could fuck him good and hard, and yet bring a touch of romance to the whole thing. You see, I am not an insensitive pervert! I know how much sluts of ten years of age idolize and worship older teenage boys, especially musicians.
So I looked for a young dude who was in a band. Finding the right boy was difficult. It wasn’t that most of them took drugs that bothered me. Shit, I couldn’t care less about that. And it wasn’t that the ones I interviewed wanted to rape young cunt more than fuck it.
I understand how easily fucking can turn to rape. I don’t hold that against him at all. After all, a boy has to have his fun. And most boys of sixteen, seventeen and eighteen are only interested in fags as dick dumps anyway. They may have a steady girlfriend, but they are looking at every cute sissy boy they pass, thinking about unloading cock snot in his tight boy-pussy. You know that’s the truth.
No, what was difficult was that I wanted a youth with certain unique qualities for my little boy. First of all, I wanted a boy of seventeen or eighteen who particularly fancied cunt of ten years of age. Some guys reject young sissy boys because they don’t have udders. And guys like udders let’s face it.
Jeremy has tiny bumps with the most adorable pink nipples, but he compensates by having the prettiest melon-like ass mound you ever saw. Jeremy has the sweetest little rosebud hidden in his deep crack between those beautiful mounds. Not all turned out like a cunt yet, oh no.
All my friends agree that they could stare at and finger him for hours, and they do. He is the center of attention at every one of my poker parties, walking around naked and serving drinks and snacks to the guys. My parties are boner city let me tell you. Everybody gets a feel of baby ass-cunt until Jeremy crawls under the table and starts sucking us all off.
The point is, and I apologize for my digressions, I needed to find a rough, tough teen hunk who wants virginal pre-teen boy-cunt. And the last fly in the ointment was that I wanted this boy to be extraordinarily well hung. I wanted to show Jeremy how wonderful a big thick dick could be.
I wanted to impress upon him that although he must show respect to all cocks, and give them all his full attention when serving them, that a particularly huge fucker is something special. I wanted something special for my little boy. I wanted to watch him getting fucked by a gigantic cock.
I thought about finding black dick for him but then decided that he should be exposed to one thing at a time—first big white dick, then huge black dick. Oh yes, I would make sure he was fucked by lots of black boys and Latinos. I didn’t want him to grow up racially prejudiced, but first, an exceptional white cock.
So I was delighted when I met Cory. Cory is the lead singer for an underground band called the Assbusters. They have four CDs they sell over the internet. Their songs are mostly about cocaine, gang rape, fag bashing, and cumming on faggot’s faces. A couple of their songs especially attracted my attention. One was “Pretty Little Piss Drinker,” and another was “Eat Shit, Fag, and Die!”
I loved the blend of industrial punk with catchy often poignant lyrics. The second song is about a dude who is dumping his “boyfriend” because he doesn’t do a good enough job eating his shit. I like the fact that in the song, they are both fourteen years old. That indicated to me that Cory knows what he is doing.
Our first two meetings proved useless because they were after the concerts and Cory was so drugged out, he could hardly talk. During the second meeting, he was getting sucked off by a thirteen-year-old groupie right there in the dressing room, so I knew I was on the right track. And I got a glimpse of the size of his meat.
Well, let me tell you. It is not every day you see a thirteen-inch prick on an eighteen-year-old boy. His dick was thick as a baseball bat. I was impressed and knew at once that he was the boyfriend for my son. During the third meeting, held at three in the afternoon after Cory had just awoken for the day, Cory was also getting his dick sucked, but this time it was a pre-teen boy doing the honors.
From the marks on the boy’s back and ass, I could see that he had been belt whipped. This also impressed me, as my son sometimes requires discipline as I mentioned earlier. I wanted a boy who would not shirk his boyfriend duties. The boy it turned out was twelve and a faggot in the making. He sucked the dicks of all five of the band members, and also took it up the ass. Cory even asked if I wanted to use the ass of the young boy groupie.
Well, how could I turn down the offer? And even though I am not gay, it was an excellent tight fuck. It also bonded me to Cory in some ways. We became friends, and when he saw my son’s naked photo, he agreed immediately to bust his ass-cherry wide open. I told him it was required that I watch and that I am allowed to take photos and videos so I could remember the day my baby boy lost his virginity.
Cory agreed that I could if I consented to his part of the deal. His condition was that after my little boy was broken in, he be fucked by all the members of his band. How could I argue? It seemed more than reasonable.
“And I want him to come on our next road tour so we get to fuck him as often as we want, any time we want for the next six months!”
“I think those are fair conditions.”
I did too. Think they were fair, I mean. In that way, Jeremy would feel as if he actually had a relationship with the boy who popped his cherry. He would not feel it was a cheap one-night fling. I really liked that.
I did ask Cory how he handled boys so young and small. I reminded him that his big dick would smash against my son’s stomach when it was only halfway in him. An ass fuck with a fag that young can be disappointing. I wanted it for my boy, of course, because of the girth of the prick as well as the length.
I wanted that baby pussy really stretched. Cory laughed and offered me a hit of something. He told me I was naive when it came to baby fucking. Well, Jeremy is not a baby, not technically. He said you had to use your fingers to open the fuckhole, slowly stretching the tight ring and then shove your fist elbow deep into his stretched boy-cunt. He would then push and prod until he worked his fist right up into his belly. He said you could not do that with just fucking, even though some fake porno stories hinted that you could.
Cory told me he would then cock fuck the little fuck bitch as deep as he could right into his center. Saying this must have sent Cory over the edge because he grabbed the ears of the twelve-year-old boy sucking his dick and slammed the kid’s head into his pelvis.
I could see his enormous dick bulging out the throat of the sucking boy. Cory’s huge nuts hung below the boy’s chin, and I couldn’t help but think how beautiful that would look when he was doing it to my son. So you see, in spite of your first impressions, I hope that you now realize that I am a father who cares deeply about the welfare of my little boy.