(B) (humil)

Cooper is a brand new model at the modeling agency I help my friend with. He sometimes helps me to find new young actors and I help him to find models, usually boys who have dreams of becoming stars and rich and famous. Cooper is one such boy. He has a broken home and is kind of a loner, but both my buddy and I noticed at once that he had potential “talent.” He is just at that age where little boys blossom forth into young men. He already has a nice thatch of prick hair, which will have to go, of course, for modeling, but his young teen prick is filling in nicely and he will be quite well hung in just a few years.

Cooper seems very good at following orders. I think this comes from his Dad. Apparently Dad used to be quite strict with the boy. His father left home and Cooper has not seen in a few years Cooper frightens and gets anxious very easily, but that can be a good thing when a boy is learning to take orders.

Cooper is also very shy. We had the devil of a time getting him to be willing to model some underwear shots for us, but we pointed out to him that there is big money and celebrity in underwear modeling and swimsuit modeling.


When I insisted that he tug the shorts down a bit, he made some fuss, and I had to get just a little rough with him, which made his face looks quite unhappy. Of course, we cannot use an unhappy face in professional modeling, so we had to shoot and shoot more and more photos of the boy in various poses. Some of the poses he could not understand, but I pointed out to him that the underwear people needed to see the product stretching and moving on a boy in all kinds of ways. My friend did have to slap him to get him to do what we wanted. I hope you do not think that too cruel of us, but it is for the boy’s own good.


We tugged the underwear down just a bit to see how it rode lower on his hips. Then we had him turn around to see how the underpants looked on his fine young ass. We instructed him to lower the underpants to below his ass cheeks. He cried more and begged us not to make him do that. We informed him that time is money in the modeling business and we had already spent hours on him, so unless he did what we said, he would owe us over five hundred dollars. At one point the kid was shaking so badly that we could not even get a decent shot of him, but his condition caused a much more positive condition in both my friend and me.


I stepped in and began to pose the boy for better angles and so on. I ran my hands over his pale young body, showing him how to bend and twist to please the camera. I did make note that if he wanted a career that we would have to work on his titties a bit. He definitely needs fuller more photogenic nipples, but I said a series of exercises could fix that.


We had him crawl around on all fours with the underpants down below his ass cheeks. It provided some really artistic shots. I could not resist taking some shots of him crying, as I love the sight of a young teenage boy crying.


Now, unless he continues to work for us, I told him that I could not promise that these rather revealing photos would not end up on the internet to be sent god knows where. I told him he can think of himself as “under contract” to us. Oh, he will be paid for his services, for his modeling services and any other “special services” we might deem necessary. His work will be done after school, in the early evening and on weekends. Some of his modeling may be with other boys or with adult men. We have some very gifted adult men to work with our boys.


Of course, my agency friend and I will take a personal hand to teach the boy the ropes. We will work with Cooper on a one to one and perhaps a two to one basis to teach him all he needs to know of the ins and outs of the business. We ended the first session with some nice photos of Cooper with his underpants down around his ankles. We had to make sure he was model quality all over.


He is.


We will progress slowly with him, to prolong the pleasure. It will not be until his third or fourth session that we have him do a masturbation session. By then he will be used to being naked for us, although not used to playing with himself in front of us. Of course, anal penetration modeling sessions will come later. Meanwhile, away from the studio, I hope to gain his trust slowly. If he becomes dependent on me, things will move that much more smoothly.


Did I mention that Cooper’s mom is a real loser druggie and alky, so he is not required to be home at night? I think that some intimate sleepovers with him might prove helpful to bind him to me further.


Perhaps, he can eventually move in with us to help his career and we can pay Mom a little stipend. One way or another, I think it is going to work out nicely.