Conversation with Devon

(MB) (humil) (reluc)

"So, Devon, how do you like being a model so far?"

"It's fun."

The Man was lying on a big, comfy bed with the just turned twelve-year-old boy. Devon had just completed a swimsuit modeling session. It had gone very well. The camera loved the boy’s milk white, ultra-smooth, pre-teen body. Not a body hair in sight. And if The Man had it his way, he would keep it that way. Devon would stay hairless up until he was at least fourteen and so fucked out that he no longer knew which way was up. The Man was just beginning with Devon. Just getting going. So far only several photoshoots with the boy clothed, and then various photo and video shoots with the boy wearing smaller and smaller bathing trunks. Already there were hundreds of inquiries from the regular well-heeled customers wanting "MORE" of Devon. And by more, they not only meant more videos and photo sets...they meant more of his amazingly cute little body. What they would pay to see Devon's sweet thus far unmolested pink ass pucker. What they would pay to see his newly fallen nuts in their hairless, velvety skin sack and his tiny, pink, stiff, little dicklet.

And then what they would pay to actually be able to fuck the boy in person. That would only come after Devon had made hundreds of videos with co-stars such as ten large muscled well hung black men, four large Great Danes, sadists, piss freaks, shit experts...you name it. A new Star Model was not loaned out for actual fuck sessions until he had been well worked over in video after video. The boy would be placed in countless shameful situations and positions. Every inch of his innocent little body would be corrupted and molested. Every unspeakable, filthy idea that The Man could come up with would be acted out on young twelve-year-old Devin. The boy would have to get used to unbearable pain, sickening filth and waste, and utter humiliation.


"Here, let's get those wet trunks off of you..."


The Man reached down to peel the striped bikini swim trunks from the boy's slender hips. He ran his fingers over the lad's tummy and pubic region. As I said, each pair of swim trunks for the shoot got smaller and smaller to ease the boy into his new role in life. These stripped trunks left the kid's beautiful hip and pelvic bones exposed. The trunks began about two inches above the boy's pecker root. The little dick bulge was darling. It would certainly get the customers drooling. Boys like Devon could literally hypnotize the customers who would keep paying more and more to see more and more.


The shoot the next day would put Devon in his first thong. The thongs too would get smaller and smaller and of thinner and thinner material until the innocent kid would pose wearing a mesh prick pouch that would leave almost nothing to the imagination. Devon was shy, but like all submissive boys under The Man’s care, after a bit of reluctance, he followed orders. The Man had already started the boy on some mild drugs. He didn't want to get the boy hooked on anything too strong yet because he wanted the kid acutely aware of what was happening to him when the actual ass fucking and skull fucking commenced. That too would be taken in slow steps. First, Devon would make a film where he learns how to suck the long thick dick of a twenty-something-year-old white male. All of the adults who would work with Devon were really well endowed. Their cocks seemed larger than the boy's face in some cases.


The next film would have Devon ass fucked by the same guy. The first films would also include Devon learning how to lick armpits, feet, balls and the asshole. The sex would become more and more rough. Next, Devon would make a film where he was gang raped by four men. Then he would step up the action by making a film with four black men. Then the "story" films would start, DEVON ON THE FARM, DEVON AND THE NAZIS, DEVON'S TORTURE SESSION, DEVON BECOMES A TOILET,  and so forth and so on.


The boy lifted his tiny, round, bubble butt so that The Man could slide the damp trunks from his little body. The boy's pale, white prick popped free, stiff and trembling. Devon would someday have a really nice big, fat prick, but right now it was cute as fuck and always hard. Devon had had his first wet orgasm only a few weeks before. The Man threw the trunks on the floor and snuggled his naked body up next to Devon. One of the first things The Man got a boy used to was the sight and feel of naked men around him. He told the boy it was "healthy." Big, fat dicks, often dripping, surrounded the kid constantly. When the boy was in the bathroom, naked men came and went, playing with their cocks and balls while the boy tried to go to the toilet. As I said, Devon was already on mild drugs that made him relax and be able to cope with such things. He no longer minded, in fact, he liked it when Men let their hands roam all over his smooth, naked, little body, usually accompanied by whispers of what a beautiful boy he was. He liked the flattery. He had never gotten that kind of attention and flattery before.


The Man let his hand glide over the boy's slender chest, stopping to pinch each of the boy nipples gently. Devon giggled and twisted his lithe body. The Man reached over to the bedside table and picked up two pills. One to keep the boy slightly drugged, the second a Viagra. He gently parted the boy's full, luscious, innocent lips and inserted the pills. GOD! THE MAN COULD NOT WAIT TO GET HIS FAT LEAKING DICKHEAD BETWEEN THOSE LIPS. He leaned in and whispered into the boy's ear.


"You want me to masturbate you a little? You want to feel good?"


"I guess..." the boy said with half closed dreamy eyes. His little boy toes curled as The Man took the tiny dick between thumb and forefinger and began to move it up and down.


"Feel Good? Fuck it, boy. I think your cock gets bigger every day," The Man lied, wanting the boy to feel proud and adult.


Later, all self-esteem would be stripped from the boy, but right now it was needed. Fuck, the kid's dick felt wonderful. The skin like silk. He slid his finger over the boy's cockhead and piss hole as Devon shuddered and arched up from the bed.


"I don't want you to cum yet, Devon. I know how quickly little stallions of your age shoot their fucksnot. I don't want you to cum right now. Know why?"


The boy groaned but did not answer.


"Two reasons. One, you have to learn how to control your dick. When you get older and have lovers, you don't want to blow your wad so soon. You want to draw out the fun as long as you can. Second. I had a fun idea. This afternoon, after lunch, I want to shoot a little video of you masturbating. Would that be all right? Would you let me do that? It would be so sexy and fun, and we could watch it together. Just you, sitting and masturbating, pumping your dick for me."


The customers would go nuts watching a beautiful twelve-year-old boy pumping his little prick until he sprays his fucksnot all over. Who could ask for more? Well, they could and would. They would want films where he sprays his sperm and then licks it up. They would want films where the boy gets fucked in the ass, shits out his cum and licks it up — and more. AND THEY WOULD GET THEM, BUT THEY HAD TO BE PATIENT. With a boy like Devon, The Man wanted to work slowly — gently — to bend the boy totally to his will. Part of the fun was to see how depraved Devon might become of his own free will. Well, drug induced free will.


"I feel funny doing that in front of a camera..." Devon said in the sweetest angelic voice.


"Oh, you mustn't. It's a natural thing. You have watched me play with my big, fat dick. You have even pumped it for me. That was so much fun. We need to do that again soon. Anyway, no one would ever see the film without your permission. And besides, it's sexy fun. You look so cool when you beat your meat. You are such a stud. You'll let me film that, won't you?"


Devon chewed his full lower lip. "I guess..."


"Huh? Won't you?" The Man tickled the boy's velvet soft nut sack.


"Yeah...okay..." the boy sighed, stretching out his young, coltish body as The Man ran one hand up and rubbed the boy's perky titties.


"Well, we got to stop then, so you don't blow your load now."


The man released the quivering boy prick. Devon groaned and twisted around on the bed, his hairless legs wrapping around The Man.


"Just a little more, please?"


He was so fucking cute.


"After lunch."


The Man slid one hand around the boy's slender waist and cupped the boy's melon sized ass cheek. Then he worked his finger in between the boy's ass globes into the crack and over the kid's tiny asshole. The boy squirmed more and giggled.


The Man laughed and crawled up to the boy's face where he placed his lips on the boy's succulent mouth. The boy winced slightly. But he remembered how The Man had said this was their special bond — a special bond of friendship between them. The Man worked his tongue between the boy's lips, and Devon allowed him in. The kiss was wet and long. The boy had such full, pink, cocksucker lips. It was one of the reasons The Man had chosen Devon to begin with — his cocksucker lips and his magnificent, round, little, twelve-year-old ass.


The Man's erect prick throbbed against the boy's little body. The Man rubbed his finger back and forth over the boy's asshole. He had not yet begun to finger fuck the boy. That would come in a few days. Well, to correct that, he had already finger fucked the boy, but not when the boy was conscious. He and his friends had given the boy a sleeping medication, and when the boy was out, they had fingered him liberally everywhere. The Man had had one finger knuckle deep up the tight, pink asshole. It was so tight, no one could understand how the boy would be able to take a nine-inch dick — but he would.


They had done other things to the boy when he was asleep. And they had filmed it too. They had rubbed their fat, leaking dickheads over the boy's face and especially on his lips. They had held the boy's mouth open and spit into it. And they had all jerked off onto the boy's face. It would be more fun of course when they did it while the boy was awake. But it was a start.


The Man pulled back, a long string of spit connecting his lips with Devon's. He always made sure his kisses were extremely wet and spitty. He looked into the boy's dreamy drugged eyes.


"And now, it's time for lunch.


The boy wanted to get dressed, but The Man always wanted him to stay naked. He said the boy was too beautiful to hide his body. He showed the boy photos of naked Greek statues.


But there were always other men, grown, muscular men around who looked as if they wanted to eat him alive. And other boys too. Other models and actors. Most of them wore tee shirts and underpants. The Man told Devon they were very famous pop stars, actors, and models and that Devon would soon be one too. At first, Devon sat hunched over with his legs together, rather ashamed, but The Man reminded the boy he was to sit straight and push his tits out. He was also to spread his little legs as wide as he could.


For lunch today, they had a lovely summer salad with strawberries. The Man smile and poured a healthy amount of dressing on the boy's salad. The Man's dressing was oil and vinegar. Devon's dressing was the cum of four men.


When the boy said his dressing tasted funny, The Man told the boy that it was a special, high protein, healthy dressing and the boy had to eat it all. That's how boys learn. One of the adult men who had contributed his dick sauce to the dressing stood watching the boy eat lunch and rubbed his crotch. He hoped The Man would choose him to deflower the kid's fresh boy-cunt.