Conversation with Boyd

(MB) (anal) (humil, nc)

Boyd sat across from me, naked as usual. I liked to keep a boy naked for our conferences as it put me in a position of control and power. Boyd sat up on the back of a low red lounge chair with his big naked boy feet on the seat cushion. He kept his legs spread, so I had a good view of his hairless prick and smooth balls. He was hung beautifully for fifteen, which was quite wonderful on one so young. His sack, filled with nuts the size of hard-boiled eggs, was one of those full low-hanging ones that always look spectacular on a boy of that age. The dick too was quite impressive. Uncut, the tube hung like a large wiener when flaccid, but erected to an imposing seven inches. And I could tell that it still had some growing to do. The kid’s body was slender but well-formed. He did not look skinny. He was nicely proportioned. His chest was still boyish and not yet filled out. He had no pec muscles to speak of, and his nipples while flat and just average, have been improving from daily nipple work. He had a winning smile and an adorable face. Dark hair, a few freckles. Boyhood at its best.

“So, Boyd, how are you settling in?”
“Okay, I guess...”
He looked down. I knew he was unhappy with the routine. Most boys are at first. He made sure his legs stayed splayed so I could look at his fucker and nuts. He knew that closing his legs invited punishment. What the boys feared most was punishment. So far Boyd has avoided it by following orders.
“I know it’s a difficult adjustment. And I know you abhor the punishments you have seen given to some of the other boys, but you must realize that this is a business, and a business must be run strictly. Boys who misbehave cost me money. Now, so far, your behavior has been exemplary. If you just remain polite and do as you are told, you will never have to be punished. Wouldn’t that be nice? I hope you like your room. It has all the latest computer games and music downloads and everything a boy your age should enjoy.”
He raised his big eyes and glared at me.
“I’m a prisoner,” he said quietly enough for it not to sound disrespectful.
“I know it seems like that, Boyd, but, in fact, you are not. Your parents sold you to me. They had no choice, Boyd. They have your sisters to raise, and your mom is battling cancer, and your dad lost his job. The money they make from your films is really going to help them. They’ve already made over a hundred thousand just from your modeling and posing pics. Imagine what they will earn from your fucking and sucking movies.”
“When can I leave and go home?”
He blinked looking at me with that cute seductive face.
“Well, your contract lasts until you are sixteen, so that’s about five years. Once you are sixteen, your fans will drift away to something younger, but until then, you’ll be a big money earner for your family and for my production company and for you too, Boyd. I’m setting aside a healthy sum from each film and session you do for you. You’ll receive it when we part ways.”
“Thank you,” he mumbled, “but I don’t want to do this stuff. I think it’s sick. It’s perverted. I don’t like showing myself to guys over the internet. And I don’t like guys touching me and doing stuff to me.”
Were those tears in his eyes? Damn, I should have filmed this conversation. Clients would pay a great deal to see Boyd in a candid moment, especially crying.
“I know it is difficult to adjust to the fact that thousands of men want to see you bare-ass naked, and even more difficult to understand that they want to see extreme sexual acts performed by you, but that’s the way the world is, Boyd. I don’t enjoy all the activities I film. Some of them disgust me. But it’s money in the bank, money for your parents and for me, and for you.”
He leaned in a bit toward me, and his fat fuckmeat wobbled and swung.
“But you’re making me do this against my will. That’s illegal!”
I laughed, not at him but at his statement.
“My dear young cunt, this entire business is illegal. We deal with porno films and internet streaming that involves underage boys. Take that film we did with you yesterday where you were ass and mouth fucked by ten really well-hung black men. That whole thing was highly illegal. It qualifies as rape—gang rape. And, of course, it’s against your will. That is what the clients are paying for. If you wanted it, it would diminish the quality and value of the experience. They want to see a boy unwillingly made to do perverted acts. They want the performances to be disgusting and depraved. They want the boy to suffer and to be humiliated and degraded. That’s what they’re paying for. Anything less and we lose clients. They’ll go to another site. Don’t get me wrong, Boyd, I feel sorry for you. Just a few months ago you were a normal boy going through his middle school, flirting with girls and making friends. And now you are a porno star on an underage internet site devoted to the abuse of boys. I know that requires adjustment.
“I’m sure that after filming yesterday, your poor asshole is raw. I’m going to have the doctor take another look at it. I can’t afford to have my star too damaged, now can I? I do feel sorry for you. I felt sorry yesterday watching all that greasy nigger dick plowing balls deep down your throat. I thought, ‘poor kid, he has to do this while other boys his age are doing normal teen activities.’ But, Boyd, you have to realize that I am running a business here. And your parents really need the money. It is a common custom in impoverished Asian countries for a family to sell one or more of their children so the others can have a good life. America is going through a rough time now too, so more and more families will have to sacrifice one of their offspring to ensure the wellbeing of the others.
“You just happen to be a really sexy eleven-year-old Your dick and balls are really well developed for your age. You have a glorious ass. And you have a killer smile, Boyd. Lots of perverts will pay big time to fuck you. In fact, we’re setting up a system whereby, guys can travel across the country to meet you and to fuck your ass and have you suck their dicks. They will pay a thousand dollars. That’s what high-class whores can get nowadays. If they want to participate in any special activities with you, like say, whip your ass, or piss in your mouth, they will have to pay extra. What do you think? Over a hundred guys on the website have already signed up for it.”
Boyd curled his cute little boy toes. He always did that when he was feeling horrible about what he had to do. My dick gave a lurch and a leak in my pants. Then he looked up at me and his eyes filled with actual tears.
“Please!” was all he said. Just the one word, but there was such anguish in that word that my dick almost spewed right into my trousers.
“What can I do, Boyd? We have a contract with your parents. I am afraid that for now at least, you will just have to get with the program. Please don’t force me to punish you. You have seen how horrible our punishments can be. I want to stay friends with you and keep our relationship pleasant. Now tell me, how does your asshole feel after yesterday’s fucking?”
He hung his cute head.
“It hurts. It really hurts.”
“Well, of course, it hurts, my dear boy. You were ass raped by ten really well-hung niggers. They were ruthless with you. You had twenty-four inches of black dick in you at one time, one big dick at each end. Do your eyes still sting? I was a bit worried when those thugs decided to masturbate and unload into your open eyes, but can you imagine the money that will bring in? That’s going to be the photo we use to sell the film. Your sweet, handsome face with cum leaking out of your nose and filling your eyes. I’m sure the clients will want a sequel. We’ll wait until your ass heals, of course. In fact, for the next few days, until your pussy heals, we’ll just do some simple solo modeling shots. There are those purists out there who just want to see their favorite boy spread out naked, playing with his pecker and balls, asshole, and so on. We can take some movies and still shots of you showering, pissing, shitting, just ordinary everyday things a boy does because next week, we want to do a session where you fall into the hands of some young, neo-Nazi skinheads. That should be exciting. They’re going to beat the fuck out of you, string you up, whip your ass, shove things up your cunt, burn you, you name it. So you have to be in good condition for that.
“And then you’re going to do the film that some of the senior crowd have asked for. You’re going to play an attendant at a senior citizen nursing home. You’ll go from room to room sucking the dicks of the older gentlemen there. You get to suck some eighty-eight-year-old dick and everything. It’s going to be a pretty kinky film. You empty the bedpans by drinking the piss. Some old guys, who can still get it up good and strong, will fuck you. They play a nursing home game of spitting into your mouth and seeing who can hit the target. All kinds of fun stuff. One old guy you’ll be feeding spits up his food, and you then lick it off his face and chest. It’s really a debauched film.
“And then in a few weeks, we have the doggie film coming up. Two Rottweilers, three German shepherds, a Doberman, and a St. Bernard, so far. We’re working on getting more. You’ll start with the dog with the smallest dick, work up to the largest, and then take two dogs at the same time. Won’t that be exciting, Boyd? You like dogs, don’t you? Don’t you like dogs, Boyd?”
“I guess so,” he muttered.
“I thought so. That’ll be fun. Now I know you are a bit squeamish about shit and piss. Don’t worry; lots of boys are at first. Especially about having to eat shit and drink piss. We’re going to get you used to it before we shoot our big shit film. I’m going to give enemas to some of the boys and make them hold them for a long time and then squirt their ass water into your mouth so that you can get slowly used to the taste. Of course, we’ll film that and use it on the website. But the film that the clients have been clamoring for is Boyd’s Shit Experience. The script is almost finished. It’s one of the best ideas we have ever had, Boyd. In the movie, you will be traveling through the South. You will be kidnapped by a degenerate hillbilly family, kind of like in one of those horror films. Dad and four brothers. They’ll all fuck your face and ass of course. But that is just for starters. Then they will make your drink their piss. Then they will force you to eat their shit. And then, the fun really starts. They shackle you in the shit pit beneath their outhouse, and for days on end, they just shit and piss onto your face. We’re going to install remote cameras because our cinematographers could never take it. Did you know the gaseous smell from shit can be dangerous in large amounts? Anyway, I predict it will be the big money maker of the season. Even though only a small percentage of our clients are into heavy shit scenes, we can charge more for the movie.
“Then, of course, there are those clients who want to see your balls worked over and damaged. I think your scrotum is your most renowned attribute, Boyd. I mean, you have thousands of dudes going on our website, just to look at your ball sack. An eleven-year-old boy with such a beautiful scrotum makes you kind of the Justin Bieber of porno. So, of course, there are those dudes who want to see that ball sack tortured. The nice thing about that is a kid’s balls can take a lot of abuse. I mean, we can whip them until they are swollen the size of grapefruit, and a week or so later, they will be okay again. We can stretch and twist them. We can stick long needles through your sack and even into the nuts themselves. Clients love that kind of crap done to a boy. I don’t assume you will be having any children, Boyd, so if we ruin your nuts a bit in the process, it is no great loss.
“Just to show you how popular you are, Boyd, and how proud you should be of your fine work so far. This is a partial list of wishes from our clients taken off the website. These are things they want to see you do or be done to you in a film. Some are unrealistic, but most are reasonable requests. Listen”

  • I love Boyd. I want to see him crawl across a room dragging heavy weights by his fuck sack.
  • Boyd is the best! Best model ever. Can you crucify him naked on a cross with real nails through his hands and feet?
  • I want to see Boyd squat on the kitchen floor, take a shit onto a plate, then turn around, and eat the shit.
  • Let’s see Boyd brutally fucked by a gang of boys younger than he is. Maybe seven or eight.
  • Do a Western film in which Boyd is kidnapped and tortured by some Native Americans shoving sticks up his pisshole.
  • Let’s see Boyd fist fucked by guys with really large hands. And then when he is opened, have him fucked by a horse.
  • Have a bunch of frat boys puke up the pizza and beer they ate, and then make Boyd lick up all their vomit.
“Now Boyd, while I read the rest of this client wish list to you, suppose you wipe those tears from your eyes and give us a big smile, so we can take some nice photos for our webpage. Keep your legs spread, so those big balls show. By the way, we are still getting an amazing response from your very first film, that webcast you did where you played with your dick, licked the head of it, and jerked off for us. The guys knew immediately that you were a star. Let’s see what else your fans want to see you do.”
  • Let’s have Boyd shove things up his pisshole, starting with a steel sound and then progressing to a Bic pen, a chopstick, and then his little finger. See how much he can shove his dick hole.
  • Let’s see Boyd clean out an entire box of about 200 used condoms. He must clean them all with his mouth. They should be condoms that were gotten from porno bookstores and back rooms of fuck bars.
  • Have Boyd give a masturbation demonstration to a group of boys who are about four or five years of age. He should show them how to frig their dicks and play with their assholes.
  • Inject a saline solution into Boyd’s beautiful balls until his fuck sack is blown up like a fucking balloon.
  • Do a film in which Boys is trained like a dog. He has to crawl on knees and elbows and fetch used condoms and dirty jock straps with his mouth. He must crawl, bark, heel, and do tricks.
  • Do an ass eating film, in which all Boyd does is lick and suck out guy’s asses. Every kind of ass from muscular to really fat and flabby, from young to old. Beat his balls if he does not suck ass with enough enthusiasm. Have guys sit down right on his face. Have him kneel behind ass and eat it. Have dude slouch in chairs so Boyd can stick his tongue way up their asses. Have the guys fart right in his face.
  • Have an eating film of Boyd forced to eat various dishes all of which are covered in cum or made with piss and shit. Like a burger with cum dressing, or a salad with cum dressing, or a bowl of cereal with piss instead of milk. Make him eat dog food right from the can, really greasy cheap dog food. Make him shit a wiener out of his own ass and eat it. Make him suck a wiener out of the ass of an older man and eat it.
“Wow, some of these ideas are really good. Don’t you think so, Boyd? I mean think of all the great films we can do. You will be an international star by the time you are twelve.”
  • Make Boyd have sex with monkeys, sucking their dicks and balls and assholes.
  • Give Boyd five huge enemas in a row with hot soapy water. Fill him until his stomach is bloated like a pregnant sow, and then let us watch as he shits the water out into a pan and then does it again and again. You can also make him drink some of the soapy shit water.
  • Break some of Boyd’s toes and fingers.
  • Round up about ten young dudes with nasty colds and have then all blow their noses into Boyd’s mouth. Make him swallow it. Then have the same dudes puke right into his mouth. Make him garble and swallow it. Then have them shit into his mouth and make him swallow all of their wet runny shit.
“I must say, that sounds like an excellent idea for a film. We may have to move that one up on the list.”
  • Make Boyd make love to a big fat pig (the animal not a person.) Make him suck the long twisted pig pizzle and take it up his ass. Make him lick and suck pig asshole. Have him crawl around in the stinking filthy pigpen.
  • Have Boyd rape a little boy, the younger, the better. If he is not rough and violent enough, he will be punished. 
“Now I want you to answer each and every request, Boyd. I want you to answer all your emails in fact. Thank the nice gentlemen and tell them you will do your best to fulfill their every wish. Tell them what a completely perverted fuck-slut you are. How much you like pain and abuse, and how you hope they sign up to visit you in person to fuck your mouth and cunt.
“Stand up and stretch, Boyd so we can get some nice pics of your little boy body to send out to all of your fans. Stretch those arms. Show us those beautiful armpits. I like keeping them shaved. Soon, we’ll shave off all your prick hair too. Show us that handsome pale smooth belly and that big fat prick and balls. Remember, Boyd, you’re a star.