Conner and His Co-stars

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Connor entered the room, still wearing the same tight, thin underpants that he had worn for his audition and nothing else. I could not help but drink in the small smooth body—the soft pale skin, the beautiful feet with tiny toes, the flat ten-year-old tummy with the outie belly button.

Not a hair anywhere—and I mean anywhere, as I had checked thoroughly. Not a hair under his darling boy armpits, not a hair around his darling, recently developing, prick with its sweet pink head. Not a hair on his not yet dropped balls, but the boy seemed right on the edge, right on the edge of a burst into puberty.

A ten-year-old virgin boy, I had made sure of that myself too. I could not trust the word of his father. I cannot tell you how many fathers have assured me their son’s asses had never had a dick in them, only for me to find that the boy had been fucked silly and his boy hole was like elastic. No, I wanted—I needed—a true virgin boy pucker for this film. It was a central element of this film. I required a brand new, basically untouched star, and Connor, with his beautiful black hair and angelic face, was my choice.

I looked at him standing there in front of me, nervous, slightly frightened, his full lower cocksucker lip quivering. He was, at ten years old, a cocksucker. I could not expect a perfect virgin, so I would have to settle for an asshole virgin. I mean, Connor had been sucking the dicks of his father and his father’s buddies for over a year. He was a cocksucking pro.

The men had broken the boy’s resistance to cock, and this was essential to making a genuinely filthy porno film. I could not take the risk that little Connor would suddenly give me trouble. You cannot run a successful child fuck porno business that way. If you let the kids resist at all, refuse even the most disgusting acts, then you are creating a disaster for your work. It means threatening the kid, re-filming, taking breaks to calm the hysterical child, having the boy struggle when the first big dicks enter his hole, and so on. Oh, some struggle is to be expected, and some of that is enticing, but if the kid absolutely loses it, the film is ruined. It is best if the boy is submissive and has already been warned that he had better do everything that is required of him.

So it was good that little Connor sucked his Dad’s prick every day. It was good that he knew he had to lick a man’s balls and even his asshole, although I do like it if a boy has his first ass eating experience on film. The disgust on a boy’s face as he puts his lips to a sweaty man asshole for the first time is precious.

Sometimes, I’ll explain to a boy in graphic detail all of the filthy, obscene things he will be expected to do, just to make the experience all the more awful for the child. That can be a turn on.

Connor sucked dick daily and had been doing it since he was nine years old. He often swallowed four or five loads of fuck a day, but his father assured me that except for his fingers rubbing the boy’s sweet pink ass lips, the hole itself was virginal. I knew I had to check the boy for myself. I had to have the boy audition.


I do not know if Connor loved, hated, or was impartial as to the things I did to him and the stuff that would be done to him in the film. I did not really care about his feelings. I mean, I did care, but only to the extent of wanting to see each new filth performed on him or that he was forced to perform register on his sweet child face.


My audience wanted to see him horribly corrupted, totally molested, and abused. My clients thrived on seeing innocence destroyed, so my check of Connor had to be complete. He arrived in my office wearing the same tight blue underpants that he would wear in his film debut. I chose the shorts because they tightly encased his sweet melon-sized ass cheeks and hinted at a nice deep ass crack. Even though his pre-teen dickie had not yet blossomed, it left a lovely shape in the blue underpants. It seemed that as he went into his teens, he would develop a really handsome fucker.


His cock would no doubt cause lots of wet panties in middle school girls. Girls that age today are so hot for cock they cannot stand it. When they walk down the halls of their school, their eyes are glued to the bulges in the boys’ pants. Many boys of middle school age are still pretty small down in the bulge department, but Connor would show a nice large lump.


And all of the attention we would pay to his little fucklet while filming would no doubt make it grow larger and thicker. We would fondle and masturbate his small dick almost continually, his co-stars would play his ten-year-old body like it was a musical instrument, licking and sucking his baby pecker until it twitched and throbbed with anticipation. He would be forced to have dry orgasms one after another. We would use drugs in some of the films to heighten his sexual anxiety and make the parts of his body more sensitive. For example, lightly sandpapering the titties and dick head of a boy just before filming guarantees that when his co-stars touch them, the boy’s entire body will jump as if he were electrically charged. To watch the thin pale body of a pre-teen boy jerk and jump just from being touched is a really hot sight.


I first checked Connor’s mouth, making him hold it open so I could probe his tongue, teeth, gums, and so on. I had him suck on one, then two, then three fingers, to check his sucking skills and the softness of his cocksucker lips.


I licked his face all over, including his ears, to make sure he would not pull away or resist. I asked him if he enjoyed sucking his father’s dick, and he said that he did not like it, but he realized that to be a good boy, he had to do it. I told him that was correct, and that he had to suck any dick that presented to him.


While I called him a good boy, I stroked his neck and shoulders. My god, his skin was soft. I moved my hands down to his nipples. They were small, but I knew they would get larger and puffier after we worked on them in a film or two. I also knew his co-stars in this first film would be quite rough on his titties.


I felt the boy’s armpits. They were wet with fear. I scooped up a bit of the armpit sweat and licked it from my fingers—sweet and salty, pure boy sweat of fear.


Connor shifted from one barefoot to the other, but a stern look from me made him stand still while I continued my examination. I ran my hands down his side, then one hand went back to squeeze the tender ten-year-old ass globes. I turned him around and lowered the underpants under the ass cheeks. I could feel him tense up. I do not think that he realized at that moment that he would be ass fucked in his debut film.


I wished for a moment that I had gotten my hands on him when he was eight or nine. A few years difference in age can mean hundreds of thousands, even millions at the box office. My clients paid exorbitantly for their privately commissioned films. Sometimes the younger the boy, the more the movie was worth.


I left the ass cheeks for a moment and turned the angel to face me. I looked into his amazingly beautiful eyes. I gave him no indication with my expression of any kindness or gentleness. I could see he was judging from my look, whether I would hurt him or not.


“I will not hurt you,” I said in a low, even voice.


I felt his dick lump through his underpants. I ran my fingers over the cloth-covered flesh tube, and I was delighted to feel it twitch in my touch. This was a randy little slut under his fear. He just did not realize it yet.


“When you suck dick, Connor, you do lick and suck the man’s balls too, don’t you?”


He nodded his head. I wanted a “yes, sir,” but I settled for the nod for now.


“Good,” I said, a man likes a boy to do a good job bathing his big sweaty nuts with his little boy tongue and lips. I felt the boy tremble, as I kept rubbing the pricklet through the underpants. It grew and got hard. That was a good sign.


Then I lowered the underpants and let them puddle around the beautiful feet of the child. The little pink prick stood out before me. The head was so cute, a small pink knob with a perfect little piss slit. I made a mental note that in the future, we would film Connor undergoing an extensive “medical examination,” including a nice thick sound shoved up his urethra while he was getting his no longer virginal asshole stretched open by a cunt spreader. A ten-year-old boy getting his pisshole and ass pussy stretched would be a delightful film.


I reached out and grabbed the dicklet in my fingers. I tugged it and twisted it, all the while watching the boy for a sign of anything but total submission. Have you ever played with a ten-year-old prick? It is delightful. There is an enormous sense of shame on the boy’s part. I played with the nuggets and then slid my hand between the boy’s legs to probe at his virginal asshole. As I pushed my finger up against the rosebud, the child rose up onto his toes.


“Easy, boy!” I warned, and the kid tried hard to relax.


With a finger of one hand probing the boy’s ass pucker, I gripped the boy by the back of the neck with my other hand and drew him in to plant a kiss on his luscious mouth. God, his lips were soft. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and made sure lots of spit went with it. If only his father and friends had not face-fucked him, this boy would be so fucking perfect to corrupt. I could feel his lips grow slack as he submitted to my kiss. I sloshed spit with him. Fresh young boy spit. I pushed my finger deeper up his asshole. It was fucking tight, no doubt about that. I broke the kiss and spun the boy around, so I could spread his pale smooth cheeks and get a look at the ten-year-old ass lips. I tugged my probing finger out. The asshole was a perfect corrugated little rosebud, and the ass lips were a bit lighter pink than the surrounding area. Not a single hair. I was enraptured and had to kiss the ten-year-old boy on his asshole. I have seldom touched my lips to asshole. It is others who suck on my shithole, but this was a different situation. This child was angelic. I stood up and undid my pants.


“I would like you to suck my dick, Connor, to test your abilities.”


My eight and a half inch erect penis almost slapped Connor in the face. I put a hand under his chin and lifted his head toward my leaking dickhead.


“Here you are, baby, show me how good you are. Show me what you were born to do.”


He stuck out his pretty pink tongue and lapped at my cockhead, slurping up my pre-fuck. His lips glistened with my dick leak.


“You’re going to be such a fucking celebrity, such a ten-year-old cocksucker celebrity. We’re going to make sure you are fed lots and lots of cock every day. We’re going to film it all and sell it. You’ll make your Daddy very happy and very rich. Suck the head, Connor. Wrap your ten-year-old lips around my dickhead and suck.”


Connor sucked my dick. I shot a massive load into his little mouth, and he swallowed like a real pro. If we had not had to have him ready to film, I would have shot my load over his face, just to see how beautiful he would look, but several of the adult actors in the film would unload their dirty filthy fuck onto the boy’s face, so that would be taken care of.


And now, Connor stood before me once again clad in the sexy blue underpants. He was shaking, so I could tell he was quite scared.


“Just relax, Connor, and everything will be okay. The men you are acting with have all had lots of experience making movies. Just do as they tell you. Just walk into the studio. The cameras will be on you, and we will start. I want you to greet your co-stars by giving each one of them a nice deep tongue kiss. Remember, Connor, you are going to be a star. Lots of boys your age would love to be made into stars. Just follow directions. And remember, Connor, when it gets painful or uncomfortable...it will all be over in a few hours.”


Connor walked through the door into the studio. I loved the way his ass cheeks moved in the underpants. My just spent prick gave a lurch and began to expand again. What would Connor’s reaction be when he first saw his co-stars?


Thirty-five nasty looking black men clad in matching underwear. The underwear would soon come off thirty-five dicks, none of them smaller than nine inches, the largest was thirteen inches. All thirty-five black men would take turns raping ten-year-old Connor. They would rape his ass and his mouth. They would shove two fat dicks up his boy asshole at once. The black men would shoot loads up his nose, in his ears, and in his eyes. They would scoop it up and make him eat it. If he puked, he would be forced to lick it up. They would force him to squat and shit their cum out of his ten-year-old raped asshole and then lick the lake of fuck off the floor. When they finished, Connor would be such a fucked up mess, he would have to make a “medical examination” film.


When the boy fainted from too much fuck, they would piss in his face to bring him around. And remember...this was just the start of Connor’s film career. It would get much, much worse for the boy in future films.