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April 2020

[...] I wanna say thanks for being a great [...] curator of dirty, dirty smut.

Jon D

January 2020

Absolutly love your site!


November 2019

I’m a huge fan of dale10. Your site is very well done.


October 2019

I agree with Tanuki. I've been collectingDale's stories for close to three decades: over 6000 pages of humiliation and indecent acts. Thanks for all the good work and time put on this site!


September 2019

To find all of [dale10's] stories on one site is truly a joy.


April 2019

Thanks so much for gathering all these [dale10] stories in one place.

March 2019

I like to read the stories here [...]. Thanks.


March 2019

I am also grateful that the runner of the site invests all the time (and probably money) to run this site.


February 2019

[Thanks to] the site runner, who has done a phenomenal job with this site and collecting Dale's stories!


August 2018

I loved the stories ... they inspire me to make drawings on the subject.


June 2018

Thanks [...] for all your hard work on this site - it is appreciated.


April 2018

I love this website. It is very fun and exciting to read all these wonderful and sensual stories. I like to draw sex scenes between boys and men. I love the fantasies of sex without consent and sexual abuse, and these stories stimulate my imagination to make exciting drawings.


February 2018

Thank you for all your stories and this website and please never stop writing!


January 2018

Thanks for the awesome site!

Ginger Fag

July 2017

Huge fan of the site (and, of course, dale10!)


May 2017

I am surprised and delighted to see my work posted.


April 2017

Thank you for your work!!!! I really enjoyed finding all the old and new stories of Dale. Please keep going on!!!


April 2017

Hi :) thank you for your work!


April 2017

Just found your website and love it!


February 2017

I have thought about getting in contact with you for years Dale. Your stories have provided me with much pleasure over the years and yours have been the best and dirtiest that I have ever read. The way you allow your stories to push boundaries is very intriguing to me (and in the past very arousing). I've enjoyed seeing the themes you've carried through most of your stories and have enjoyed seeing you explore different ways of telling a story.


December 2016

It's so great to see all these stories together. Thank you very much for doing this. It's a fantastic resource for a pervert like myself.


October 2016

I am a big fan probably shot thousands of loads reading your stories - please keep writing. I know only a few stories are here please cull them all together - it is so hard to find them all still find new old stories. Thank you very much...