Come On, Son. You Can Do Better

(MB) (anal) (humil)

Tighten that pussy, son, or you’ll be late for school. Jesus, you know I have to blow my load in your mouth or up your ass in the morning. It’s your own fault. You took so long getting showered and eating breakfast after I took my morning piss in your mouth that now you’ll be late for sure.
That’s it. That’s it. Use those pussy muscles, just as I taught you. Shit, you are a much better fuck than your mom was. May she rest in peace. Your ass-pussy really grips my big fucking dick much tighter than her loose cunt ever did. Course, I’m the one who loosened her cunt. In time I’m sure your asshole pussy will get all sloppy and loose as well. I can’t help it that my dick is so fucking big. Come on, arch your back and push your cunt out toward me.
What do you mean it’s cold? Fucking faggot, enjoy this beautiful fall air, this lovely late October crisp weather. And I’m sick of you complaining that you are too cold to sleep naked. Don’t I let you cuddle up to your old Dad with his big fat leaking dick in your mouth all night? I moved your clothes out into the shed because I want to keep you naked around the house at all times. You can dress out in the shed.
I know you hate getting fucked just before school because my cum leaks from your asshole all day during classes, but that too is your own fault. I’m willing to get up and fuck you earlier in the morning, but you always want to sleep late. And the fact that I fuck you pretty fucking hard before we sleep at night is no excuse. You know I enjoy a nice long fuck at night. You don’t know how many times during the day, I think about coming home from work, taking a nice piss in your mouth, having you suck my dick and then fucking you. We’ve had to pull together since your mom passed, and I can’t think of a better way to bond than through fucking.
Oh, I checked about you going to that dance next Friday with your girlfriend. I’m sorry, I wanted you to be able to go, but my poker buddies are coming over, and you know how much they like to have you sucking dick under the table while we play. And then, of course, the winner gets to fuck you so there’s just no way that you can go to the dance. They’ll be other dances. Come on, son, no hard feelings.
Turn your head around and give your old Dad a nice big sloppy spitty tongue kiss. And the good news is that I will be able to come to the school to see your wrestling tournament. No, Cal, you may not wear a jock under your leotard. I love it when your healthy teenage balls bulge out in your wrestling singlet for everyone to see. You should hear how some of the adults in the stands talk about your dick and ball bulge. I’ll bet your girlfriend and lots of other girls in the stands get dripping pussies looking at your fuck bulge. And I love it when you rub your prick and balls in your opponent’s face. That gets me so fucking hot.
What do you mean none of the other fathers come into the locker room after the match? You mean I can’t greet my own son after his victory? It’s fun to see all those cute naked jocks with their dicks and balls bouncing around as they take their showers. There’s something about the fuckmeat of a high school boy that’s quite charming. You know I tell you that you may bring your teammates over to the house any time you want. I’ll even provide beer and pot. We can have some really good times, and I’d like to get to know some of your friends.
Come on, son, tighten that cunt. I gotta shoot my load and get to work.
What do you mean no other Dads punish their sons if they lose a wrestling match? Why the fuck do you think you’re such a winner? It’s because of my discipline. Dragging a weight around the house by your ball sack teaches you that you have to strive to win harder. Besides, I think your balls are hanging about two inches lower than they used to, and every high school girl loves a guy with a long loose fuck sack. And yes, if you win the championship, I’ll let you go on some dates with your girlfriend without you having to wear the cock cage. I just don’t need you knocking up some bitch. We’ve had a hard enough year as it is.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. On Saturday you have to go over to my buddy Frank’s house. I made a bet with him about the baseball finals, and I lost, so I told him he could fuck you all Saturday night and Sunday. Stop complaining. A kid can certainly help his Dad out from time to time. I know Frank gets rough and likes to use his belt on your ass, but Jesus, son, don’t be so fucking selfish. And after you come home from Frank, or Bill, or Tony’s place and your swollen, red ass is all raw and sore, don’t I always let the dog lick your ass to soothe you? I know you love that dog’s tongue up your ass, almost as much as I love your tongue up mine.
Oh…oh...fuck...I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna blow my fuck load up your sweet tight teenage cunt! Push back, son. Use those cunt muscles on me. Oh, fuck…oh, fuck...oh, fuck…yeah…oh, what a fuck. You are the best, son, the very best. Christ, what a pussy you’ve got. Now hurry up, clean my dick off, and get dressed for school. You don’t have time to wash again and brush your teeth. You’ll just have to go around with dick breath all day. Better not kiss your girlfriend. As a matter of fact, no gum or mints. I want you to taste and smell my cock all day at school. When you get home tonight, your breath better still smell like cock! I made you a nice horse cum and lettuce sandwich for lunch, so that should help. And don’t forget your thermos of fresh piss. We gotta keep my boy healthy. Gotta keep my teenage jock son fit.
Get your pants on. Wait! Let me lock your cock cage on you. We can’t have you beating off at school. I know how teenage boys are. The cock cage makes the bulge in your jeans almost obscene. You look so much better in those skinny jeans since I told you no more underwear, and no socks, just tennis shoes and that nice small tight tee shirt that shows six inches of your firm, muscular young belly. There, you look perfect.
Wait. You got some ass slime and cum on your lips. Lick it up, boy. Give me a nice smile so I can see if you got cum and ass juice on your teeth. You look really handsome, son. I’m so proud of you.
Try to keep your titties hard all day. It looks sexy. Pinch ‘em right through your tee shirt.
My god, son, you do have a fine looking ass. It looks so fucking hot in those jeans. Better keep those ass mounds tight though, I see some of my cum soaking the back of your pants. You wouldn’t want any of your buddies to see that, would you? Just clench those ass cheeks. And I want to see most of that cum still up there after school. Oh, I expect there to be some leak. I’m not unreasonable, but you can still have a good amount of my jizz up your pussy when you get home.
Off you go, son. Have a great day at school!