Colter's Bad Future

(MM) (anal, oral, scat, ws) (humil, nc)
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We had him nicely drugged up. Not so much so that he didn’t know what was happening or couldn’t feel it, but enough so that he had lost muscle control and the ability to resist. More of a muscle relaxant than a mind boggler if you know what I mean. We wanted him to feel everything but be unable to fight back. We wanted him to be able to feel all six of our thick dicks fucking his virgin jock ass. We felt the need to give him the drugs because he was a pretty muscular kid. He was a handsome, rugged jock through and through. A real cunt fucker at his high school. Idolized by everyone. The moment we saw his photo in the sports section of the newspaper, we knew we had to ruin him and ruin him good. Even his name, Colter, would have to be changed to Cunter when we were through with him.

At first, we just hung out with him. He was excited to be hanging with six college dudes. (Of course, we lied about who we were and where we were from.) Colter was the main attraction, and we didn’t want to steal any of his stardom. No, we only wanted to steal his dignity, his self-esteem, his sexuality, and his reputation. When we finished with him, no college would want him.
So we groomed him. We got him drunk and high on several occasions, talking with him about fresh young virgin cunt and how great it was to score. Oh, Colter had a steady girlfriend, but like most macho high school seniors, he liked to fuck around and score fresh pussy whenever he could. He fancied himself a real stud.
On the big night, we got him high, but not too drunk. We wanted it to hurt when we ass fucked him. Then we gave him the muscle relaxants so that the most he could object physically was to put a hand on our arms or legs when he begged us to please not fuck him. His cute jock eyes clouded with tears when I told him calmly that he had no choice in the matter and that we were going to turn him into a cunt.
We had started the “game” by talking about dick sizes and how a big dick really hurt a young virgin cunt. We laughed about how we enjoyed giving young pussy lots of pain when we fucked them. That led to us measuring our dicks as drunken jocks sometimes do. Of course, the real purpose was to get him out of his clothes. I must say, the boy had eight inches hard so not too shabby. The kid had a really nice big set of balls on him to match his thick teenage prick. Then we began to play with his fat pecker and nuts. He got really offended and turned off. He tried to slap our hands away, but he didn’t have the strength. He could do nothing but curse when my buddy Al rubbed his nine-inch prick all over the jock’s face. He worked his sweaty balls all over the boy’s nose and mouth, and poor Colter was so repulsed that he almost puked. But that was just the start. We held his head still and rubbed our dick heads all over his lips. Oh man, he tried like hell to fight back, but he just did not have the strength, drugged up the way he was. I grabbed those big boy balls and squeezed until he was sobbing. I told him we were going to put our dicks in his mouth, and if he dared to bite or resist, I would ruin his nuts forever.
The kid did not want to comply. I really had to punch those nads a couple of times to break down his resistance. Eventually, he opened his mouth properly, and we got some nice photos and video of our fuckers in his mouth. Once we had those, we had the dumb jock where we wanted him. We told him that if he were not a “good little cunt” we would send those photos to all the kids at his school including his girlfriend. That got him. Suddenly he shifted to being the all begging and pleading weak pussy boy he was. Poor dumb jock had no choice, did he? Now he really did have to suck cock for his first time ever. He had to suck our dicks and lick our balls. And when we all shot our first pent up loads of scum down his throat, we made him swallow.
Like most victims, he kept thinking that if he just did this, perhaps we would let him go and not commit further outrages on his muscular young body. He was such a fucking handsome kid, how could we not totally ruin him.
I began to play with his asshole. I told him that if he were a “good little pussy” and allowed us fuck him then no one would ever see the photos of him with six different dicks in his mouth. No one would ever see him as a cocksucker. I remember holding his head by the ears and whispering gently into his face, “Now you just be a good little pussy, Cunter. Just be a good little pussy and let us fuck your sexy pussy, and there won’t be any more trouble. No one ever has to know that we turned you into a cunt, but you have to be super cooperative. You have to help us. You have to work those pussy muscles for us and give us a really good fuck. If you give us a really, really superlative good fuck, this can all be over in no time.”
Ha! No time? We fucked his ass for five hours straight. Each of us shot off twice up his cunt. He went through various stages of agony. First the pain of our fingers and then our dicks opening up his virgin rosebud and turning his ass lips into cunt lips and his rectum into a cunt before the agonizing pain of getting a deep fucking—six deep fuckings to be accurate. We are all hung pretty goddamn well. The fucking jock passed out twice. One of my buddies pissed on the kid’s face to wake him up. We all had a good laugh at that. We made him crawl with our dicks up his ass. We fucked him in various positions: on his stomach, on his back, standing up, bending over a chair, against the wall, you name it. And we made him clean our spent dicks with his mouth when we finished. Oh man, did he protest at that. I calmly told him since it was his fault our dicks were dirty that it was his responsibility to clean them off.
The kid was a fucking wreck by the time we finished with him. But the real fun was just starting as I wanted to see him emotionally and mentally destroyed as well as physically raped. I wanted to see this handsome young jock reduced to a blubbering idiot. So we told him that we were finished with him and that as soon as we left the motel, he could get dressed. But then I told him this.
“I am really sorry to be telling you this, Cunter, but we have a bit of a surprise for you. You know those photos we took of you sucking dick and getting ass fucked? You know that video we shot? Well, while you’re shown quite clearly, none of our faces is shown. That’s because we’re going to send the photos and video to all of your teammates at school after all. They’ll all see you sucking dick and taking cock up the cunt. I know that is going to affect your reputation at school. That’s just something you’re going to have to live with. We got all of your Facebook friends and Instagram contacts and so on, and they’ll all get copies of your suck and fuck action. You look terrific in most of the shots. You really look quite handsome with a big fat dick in your mouth.
No use, crying and begging. They’re ready to send out. We are also sending a full set to your little brother. I hope at ten he is fully able to appreciate what a fucking faggot his older brother is. He idolizes you so. Well, that’s going to stop tonight. Your father and mother are also going to have to deal with these photos. If they go to the police, well, we’ll be long gone. Still, I don’t think they will want it made public that their precious jock son has been turned into a pussy. That’s so ugly on TV and the news feeds. Imagine your photo along with a story telling how you were raped multiple times. Hell, they might even use a picture of you with a dick in your mouth. You know how social media is.
“Now don’t get hysterical, Cunter. There’s nothing you can do about it. You just have to live with it. Oh yeah, you know those college reps that were so interested in giving you a full scholarship? Well, we’re sending a set of photos to them too. I don’t think they are going to want you anymore. We are sending a full set to your girlfriend also. I suspect she’ll be dropping you and passing the photos around to her best friends. Things spread so quickly in a high school. Oh, and we mustn’t forget your teachers and your coach. We want all of them to look at you and think of you with a nice big fat dick up your ass. I like the photos where we are spit-roasting you.”
You can imagine how the kid was crying and begging and trying to get away and defeated all at the same time. People in this position are always so stupid and gullible. That was when he said the magic words.
“I’ll do anything if you don’t send out the pictures and video. PLEASE!”
Well, please gets you quite far. So that was when we said, “Okay, we won’t send out the photos and ruin your life if you eat our shit!”
Just imagine the fun that was. All of us muscular dudes squatting one by one over his cute teenage jock face and sending our shit logs into his mouth. Oh, at first, he gagged and puked, and even went into shock for a bit, but eventually, he got the hang of it. He was a fucking mess by the time we finished, emotionally and physically. Having to eat the shit of six dudes is no easy task for anyone. We also played a few games with him, like shitting on the floor and making him kneel over it and eat the shit from the floor. Chris took some shit, spread it on his erect prick, and made the kid lick the shit from his cock. And, of course, we got pictures of all of this so poor Colter was literally in deep shit. We told him to shower, gargle, and clean up. But we were all horny as hell again, so when he came out of the bathroom, eyes red from crying, we all fucked him once again. We were all pretty well spent, so these were slow painful fucks. You should have seen the kid’s stretched ass—amazing.
Then we sat him down and told him that we were still going to send out the pictures and the video. He went wild. He lost it. He truly lost it. He tried to attack us, so the six of us had to beat the shit out of him. I kicked him in the nut sack a dozen times.
We showed him the personal profile of him we had put online on all of the gay hook-up sites. Eighteen-year-old high school senior cocksucker and ass fuck boy. My pussy is waiting for anyone who wants to fuck me! The bigger the dick, the better. We included his address and his cell phone number as well as his email, Facebook and so on. We also uploaded a photo of his driver’s license.
Then to ensure that he didn’t do anything stupid like commit suicide or run away and hide, we assured him that if he did, we would go to work on his little brother. We wanted Colter to live publicly with his shame. We wanted him to carry the humiliation with him every day!
And then we said adios to the broken boy.