College Interview

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Ted was terrified. He knew what was coming even before he entered Mr. Borger’s office. He knew because other guys had warned him. Mr. Borger was the rep from a leading university. He was Ted’s ticket out of the two-bit hick town in which he had grown up. Nobody in Ted’s town was rich. Shit, nobody in Ted’s town was ever affluent, least of all Ted. He lived with his mom and three brothers, who were younger than he was. His dad had split years ago. There was no way he could afford to go to college, and his grades were not good enough for a scholarship. Well, not a regular scholarship. Ted was pretty damned good at sports. And Mr. Borger was offering a fully paid sports scholarship to one student, which was Ted’s ticket out of this dump, but there was a catch—a big one.

Mr. Borger was a fag! That’s right. A fucking flaming homo who loved to get into the pants of high school boys, so the question was how far was Ted willing to go to get that scholarship. Ted was a stud, one hundred percent straight. He was a girl fucker. Shit, he had fucked forty girls in three years. That’s pretty damned impressive for a town the size of Ted’s. Almost every cute chick between thirteen and eighteen in town had felt the size of Ted’s thick prick, well, that’s exaggerating a bit, but Ted was the all-time fuck champion of the area. And he did all that while still going steady with the same dumb cunt for two years. Christ, Ted had even fucked his girlfriend’s younger sister. But Ted never had—swore he never would—touch a guy.

“If you want that scholarship, you are going to have to put out,” the coach told him. The coach liked Ted and wanted to see him succeed. “So, who will ever know Ted? I know how that faggot Borger works. You’ll have to let him suck you and maybe fuck him, maybe let him fuck you, but believe me, Ted, it’s worth it. I wish I could help you some other way, but my hands are tied. Who listens to a hick town high school coach?”

The truth was that Ted’s high school coach, Mr. Lawson, wanted in the worst way to fuck Ted in the ass himself. Ted had a gorgeous ass. What you might call prizewinning—all muscular and smooth-skinned with a deep crack and cute dimples in the globes. Shit, Mr. Lawson would look at Ted naked in the locker room and dream about eating out that ass for hours.


High school boys may fuck lots of teen cunt, but they are so naive in some ways when it comes to the possibilities of great sex. Ass eating can be such a pleasure. And Mr. Lawson was married with two kids of his own. Still, he lusted after Ted, and Mark, and Kenny, and Tim, and John. In short, he was like most high school gym coaches.


Ted’s first meeting with Mr. Borger had been promising. The dirty lecher had just about given the kid the scholarship on the spot. While he spoke to Ted, he ran his hands through the boy’s hair, squeezed his shoulder, and even rubbed his muscular young thighs. He said Ted had enormous potential. He also told Ted in no uncertain terms that to reap the harvest one must sow the oats. He said you have to give a little to get a lot. Ted almost puked when the old man touched him. And now, the second meeting, he knew what would be expected of him. Could he swallow his pride and his disgust and get that scholarship?


Again, the hand on his shoulder as Mr. Borger ushered him into the private office.


“Ted, so good to see you again, I’ve been thinking a lot about you since our last meeting. I think we have a great deal to offer each other, don’t you?”


Ted hung his head as he mumbled, “I guess so.”


“I know you’re very shy Ted, and if we’re going to get along, you’re going to have to conquer that just a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I like shy boys. They know how to listen and obey, but I also like a boy who can look me in the eyes with those beautiful eyes of his. I can grant you that scholarship today, Ted, but you and I are going to have to get very friendly to do it! Do you understand what I mean?”


“Yes, sir,” Ted responded, his voice barely above a whisper. He was shaking. Here he was a rough, tough teen jock, and he was shaking.


“You know, I’ve seen your work on the sports field, but I’ve never seen you close up. And, of course, we have to get a complete medical report from your doctor to make sure you are in top physical condition, but I’d like a quick look over myself. So, if you don’t mind, Ted, please remove your clothes.”


Imagine, an old man asking a shy seventeen-year-old jock to take off his clothes, so he could look at his naked body! The guy did not even mince words. He just came right out and told Ted to strip bare-assed!


Ted’s hands trembled as he took off his shirt, pants, shoes, and socks. At last, he stood there in just his boxer briefs. Mr. Borger ate the boy with his eyes. Pure teen eye candy. Ted had such nice pecs with huge fat pouty nipples. He loved to have the chicks suck on his nipples while he fingers fucked them. Ted stood there, kind of holding his pants in front of himself. He felt sick. The room spun.


‘Please, God, don’t let the guy want to see my cock,’ he prayed.


“Ted, please remove your boxer shorts too. I want to see the entire package.”


Mr. Borger had a painful erection. Ted was so fucking beautiful, such a powerful young body, large feet, big hands, strong muscles, smooth skin, handsome face. A real girl fucker! Mr. Borger liked girl fuckers. He liked to turn them into faggot pussies. Ted did not know it, but this was just the start of their relationship. At this very moment, cameras were catching every bit of the private encounter.


Ted almost said no! He almost got dressed, telling the old fart to go fuck himself and leave. Almost, but not quite, instead, he hung his head further and slipped down his boxer shorts to reveal his fat, tube-like uncut hunk of seventeen-year-old fuck-meat and his big floppy balls that had been licked and sucked by teen cunt for hours on end. Ted stood there with his boxers around his ankles as Mr. Borger looked at the boy’s teen fuck-package.


“My…my, Ted, you are a well-developed young man, aren’t you?” Ted almost covered his dick and balls with his hands but thought better of it. It felt so fucking freakish, so damned perverted just to stand there buck ass naked with some pervert looking at him.


“Would you mind turning around for me, Ted, nice and slow.”


Ted turned so the fucking freak could look at his ass mounds and his deep crack. He actually heard the old fart suck in some breath at the sight of his ass globes.


‘I can’t let a guy fuck me, I just can’t,” Ted told himself over and over. Maybe it would not come to that.


“All right, Ted, you may sit down over here by the table. Please spread your legs a little, Ted. Such a good-looking boy. So, Ted, just between you and me, are the rumors true? I hear you are quite the girl fucker.”


“I get around,” Ted said, eyes looking down, totally humiliated.


“Get around, that’s funny. Don’t you mean you get in? You get into that tight teen pussy with your big fat cock. I can see from your dick, even soft that it must be a real cunt stretcher. You like them young too, don’t you? Thirteen, fourteen, that’s the rumor anyway.”


Ted knew that some of his sexual escapades could get him into big trouble.


“You can’t believe all you hear.”


“Imagine those poor little thirteen-year-old virgin cunts getting plowed by that huge hunk of fuck sausage. Oh, Ted, you have been a naughty boy.”


“I’m just a normal guy, you know? I like girls, what can I say?”


Ted hoped that might turn the old fag off. He did not know Mr. Borger. Suddenly, the old man reached down and touched Ted’s cock. He took the boy’s limp thick dick in his old hand. Ted wanted to slug him, but he did not know what to do. A faggot was touching his cock!


“You do want that scholarship, don’t you, Ted?”