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Chapter 1
Hitchhiking is Dangerous

He was hitchhiking on the side of the road, wearing only a rucksack strapped to his back and a pair of loose track pants which still showed a big meaty cock in the fold of the crotch. I guess he must've been half hard or something. I don't usually stop but that changed my mind. He had dirty blonde hair and a killer smile and when he got in the car a heavenly scent of soap and male aroma wafted from his exposed torso which was lightly dusted in blonde hair.

He tossed his rucksack in the back and slouched down on the seat, scooting forward, his abs were crunched down and his legs akimbo. He grabbed the headrest with his big hands, thanked me, introduced himself as Cody and started up an easy conversation. That is, what would've been an easy conversation if I could concentrate, but with his pits exposed, the smell was intoxicating and I kept glancing across to see his blonde snail trail and thick carpet snake that hefted around in his pants.


Cody must've noticed about the second time he stopped talking and I stammered trying to remember the question.


He just chuckled, and said, "hey man, it's alright, I get it. For $50 I'll haul it out for you. $100 and you can touch it."


I pretended not to know what he meant, but he grabbed my arm off the steering wheel in one easy motion planting it down on his throbbing cock. The tool must've been 7" easy, not even hard, and thick as a beer can. I almost swerved off the road and he laughed. He squeezed my hand around it and I glanced down involuntarily - shit if his dick wasn't already seeping junk into his sweatpants.


This hunky kid was built for sex. I was hard as a rock in my pants. He laced his fingers in mine and guided them down the shaft to the head, letting me knead the throbbing head through the sopping fabric. My own dick began drooling scum into my jockeys. He pulled my hand away, guiding it to my face, where the heady scent of juice almost sent me over the edge. He told me to pull over, and I almost swerved off the road, taking us into a rest bay just down from the road. Bushes screened us from the traffic. I killed the engine and glanced around, half expecting him to be ready for sex, but he just slouched there, grinning, lighting up a spiff. I'd usually protest, as the scent filled the car, but he was a living god, and I was in his power.


"So" he said, "what'll it be, $50 or $100?"


I figured he wanted to be paid. It was perverse but I was so turned on I couldn't resist. I fished out my wallet and pulled out two $50s. He reached over as I fumbled around fishing out four $50 notes saying I could suck him off. In the haze I was powerless and he pocketed the notes sliding the track pants under his ass revealing his prize package to me.


It was like I'd died and gone to heaven - his tool was at least 9" hard, impossibly thick and the tight purple helmet oozed precum like a faucet. Mesmerized I sunk down on the prize dong choking on the shaft of flesh as he pumped furiously. After 5 minutes he was holding my head, pistoning me like a pro, until he came in a violent volley of jism down my throat making me cum my pants in unison.


After that was the usual disappointment. Cody acted like all straight men after they've got their rocks off, pushing me away and shucking up his pants, letting the marijuana and endorphin rush lull him into a hazy half-sleep that allowed him to ignore the act he'd done with another guy, ignore my excited babble, my dick breath. He languidly brushed me away, pointing to the road as if to tell me to resume my driving duties. I was hurt but not surprised, this was nothing new. But as the sun began to set and the highway stretched out in front of us, I looked over at the dozing hunk and felt anger - that he could have ripped me off so easily, that he had everything and gave nothing, that he could go through life dicking who he liked with no repercussions. Most encounters would end here, with a cheerful wave at the bus stop and reminisces when I was 80. But I began to hatch a plan to get much more than that, to ensnare Cody as my plaything forever.


Stage One

 Began at 10pm, when Cody finally woke up from his slumber to find it dark, still on the road with me. He began cussing and swearing, something about only wanting to go to Cleveland which was miles behind us now. I reverted to my usual hapless self, apologizing, and then I offered to drive him back even to pay for a motel until the morning. He took the bait, sitting back looking satisfied, arms folded across his chest as he pointed out places to stay. Of course he chose a fancy motel, but that suited me, I told him I only had credit enough for one room, so we had to share. He sneered, but soon was hauling his rucksack up the stairs to the chintzy room we'd been given. The manager had given us the most out of the way room possible, not liking fags much (his words), but that suited me fine.


Upstairs Cody took a long shower, coming out steaming, his muscles rippling with only a white towel separating his obscenely handsome body from me. I'd cracked open a Coke from the mini-bar, certain he'd follow suit with the booze, which he did. He told me he was on his way to college, and began cracking open the beers like it was a frat party. I protested I couldn't afford it, which egged him on all the more. Three beers and two spiffs later, and he was messy drunk, flaunting his body and insulting me, like he was king shit. Inwardly I grinned. He went to take a leak and I sprung, emptying the sleeping pills I'd crushed while he showered into his unfinished beer. He came back and finished it off in a few swigs, telling me about the last chick he'd dorked. And then, mid-sentence, he paused and nodded off to sleep.


When he awoke, Cody received the shock of his life. His brawny tanned arms were spread eagled, tied to the bedposts, his ankles likewise tied to the base. My third and final towing rope I'd run under the bed, tying each end around a knee, forcing his thighs wide apart. His cock, jutting up from his short prick bush, jutted upwards, hard from the slow stroking I'd been giving it. His sticky sap coated his bloated cock and bull balls, an aching pain I was sure he'd never felt before for long. He tried to yell but his throat was hoarse, a side effect of the alcohol and pills. I put my finger to his lips, gently telling him to be quiet or he'd be punished, so he'd better listen closely. I slipped my grip up his shaft so my fingers just grazed the plump cockhead, sending his hormones into overdrive. Involuntarily, he bucked his pelvis ever so slightly, the gnawing urge to cum already taking control. Pleased, I explained how things would be.


"So Cody, since you just take orders from your prick, I thought I'd do you a favor and give it a new master. I'm guessing a dicksman like you is used to shooting loads daily, eh?" Huskily he rasped "twice you fucker". I smiled. "You're right calling me fucker, but you'll wish you weren't." I grazed the light hairs around his ass hole with my finger as I spoke and he sucked breath in, clearly sensitive around his virgin shit chute. More for later, I thought. "Now, this horse cock of yours is achingly hard and leaking, and we've just begun. I'll bet you'll do about anything to get off..."  Cody's eyes trailed my free hand as I reached for a wide rubber band from a pile on the bed. His eyes widened as I looped it over his cockhead without missing a stroke, holding it wide as I slid it down the shaft and over his balls. I let the rubber band slip off my fingers, hearing Cody suck in his breath as the tight rubber snapped around the base, his own poor man's cock ring. "... but getting off it a privilege you'll have to earn from now. I know you were primed for all your college parties with your jock mates, feeding sorority snatch nightly, so it might take some adjustment to only cum, say, once a month."


Cody moaned loudly, still bucking against my hand, dick throbbing and desperate to cum. His straining body was covered in a sexy sheen, the same hot flesh that was on display by the roadside, now utterly out of his control. I let go of his cock, watching it bob and weave, leaking goo in a steady stream that basted his balls and made his ass slick. I stroked up his V tapered torso to his wide heaving chest, running my fingers through the light hairs.


"Yeah boy, by the time I drop you at your college dorm, you'll be so heavily in my debt you'll be begging me for instructions. Talking of debt, since you brought all your details in your wallet, I logged on to a few sites and checked you out. Part time modeling eh, thought that'd pay the college bills? Well your agent was pretty dumb signing you to me exclusively then, you're pretty much at my mercy for jobs. And $15,000 in your bank accounts will hardly pay for tuition, especially now I've racked up double that online on your credit cards. S&M wear is so expensive these days! I also booked you in for a session at Bodyworks - non refundable - who do some great work with hair removal and piercing. I'll drop you off there today!. Hey, man, don't sweat - you'll love your new body. Well, I will for sure."


He was sweating pretty heavily now, fear perhaps, and his taut body was straining in the dim light, begging for me to fondle it. Even with his beefy arms stretched above his head, his chest was still bulging, dime nipples hard and pouty. I tweaked his left nipple, hard.


"Don't worry, heaps of guys on campus will have pierced tongues and nips. Most guys find it sexy wandering around with not much on - you seemed to by the roadside yesterday. I'm sure no-one will give it a second thought you wandering round in these little black sweat shorts I found in your bag."


I held up the threadbare laced football shorts I'd found in his bag. Obviously he'd kept them for sentimental reasons; they were well worn and would be a tight fit over his thick thighs and horse cock. I looked forward to seeing him hard and horny, that dull ache in his gut, which would only get worse, until his need to shoot consumed everything, and his dick throbbed constantly against the thin fabric.


"But I wouldn't worry your dumb jock brain too much about that. By the way, I took some pictures of you last night to send to your folks and your new frat buddies - here's a couple - your leaking dick in hand, gay porn around you. This one with your legs spread wide. My favorite is the last one, fingering your hole with one hand and stroking your dick with the other - took quite some time to get you in position for that one. I emailed them to some buddies of mine as security, so don't get any funny ideas."


His dick had gone down a bit at the news but in two strokes it was hard and drippy all over again.  I untied his calves and hands, testing how his mental cage would hold up against physical freedom. There was fear and hatred in his eyes, and he pulled his arms down over his crotch massaging his wrists. I told him he wasn't allowed to cover or touch his crotch without permission, and reluctantly, he withdrew his arms away from his juiced up cunt stuffer.


Stage Two


I slid out of my clothes, giving Cody his first look at my body. I must admit that Cody's tight athletic body was hotter, but I still turned heads in the gym, solid muscle dusted with dark wiry hair. As I slipped off my briefs I saw his eyes widen, my 7 inch curved cock not as impressive as his, but still quite a mouthful. I moved over to the side of the bed, already hard as iron, and Cody stared at my cock, mesmerized. I told him to suck, and after a hateful glance, he scooted to his knees, arms still by his sides, his drippy dork throbbing. I guided his lips to the head of my cock, steadily feeding him my salami until he was gagging on the full 7 inches, head tickling his tonsils and root tickling his nose.  Definitely his first time, he struggled to take my dick, especially as I began leaking my own tangy juice down his throat. I let him swing on my dick for a good half hour, until he was used to the feeling of cock sliding down his throat, and had developed a reasonable rhythm. Then I pulled out. He looked up quizzically. I smiled, and told him to get ready to become a pussyboy. Tears welled up and he began pleading, then abusing me, angry. I slapped him hard, hauling him to his feet and slapping his balls until he turned green and ran to the bathroom to puke, dick swinging. I called out for him to use the Vaseline on the counter to grease his ass. He was gone a long while, but eventually he returned, fight gone out of him.


"You fucking bastard" he said "how can you ruin me like this?"


But I was lying on the bed, legs apart, dick hard, and just smiled, gesturing him to squat down on top of me. He climbed up and began lowering himself, eyes still blazing at the double humiliation of being fucked up the ass, and having to inflict it on himself. As the head pierced his sphincter he gasped, attempting to pull back up, and I had to grab his calves and pull them forward, forcing his weight down on my rigid stalk. He slid down a few inches, the lube doing its job, groaning at the humiliation and pain of my dick invading his guts. I let him slide down until I was balls deep, and he was gasping for breath like a fish.


"Quit whining, when you're the muscle pussy boy to all the black janitors on campus, you'll will have much thicker dicks than mine to worry about.


“Oh yeah, did I mention that? Anyway, more of that later boy. Now start fucking yourself."


He gently eased himself off my cock, still gasping, his dick throbbing and leaking from the pressure on his sphincter. When he just had the tip of my cock in his hole, I grabbed his balls, yanking them down hard so he plunged in full depth.


"Now that's how I want you to fuck" I snarled.


He fucked himself faster then, groaning with humiliation and arousal as the fucking pushed him closer to orgasm. He was looking up at the ceiling, eyes closed, but I could tell nothing could take his mind away from the fact he was being fucked hard by another guy, and he was about to cum from it.


After 10 minutes I felt his ass contracting and knew he was about to cum. I thrust up a few times, sending us both over the edge, and after letting him ejaculate two volleys of thick creamy cum, I grabbed his ball sac, pulling hard to cut off his pleasure mid-orgasm. He yelped and the cumming subsided, leaving his dick hard and shiny, unrelieved.


I lay there for a second, my dick still half hard in his hole, taking in his sweat sheened cum spattered torso, abs clenched and buff chest heaving as he squirmed his cummy bubble butt on my dork. How I relished turning this arrogant muscle stud into a complete bottom pig.


Stage Three


I didn't let Cody shower after sex, I wanted him constantly reminded of his submission. I told him the fucking had been caught on webcam, showed him the feed, securing my control of him. Then I made him slide the threadbare shorts up his tree-trunk legs, watching him struggle to stretch the fabric over his ass, and stuff his hard swollen dick into the front. I let him touch his dick for that, knowing the touch would make it even more uncomfortable, the dick unfailingly drippy from the attention. Precum began soaking through the laces and it wouldn't be long before my cum soaked a patch in the seat. I let him scoop off his own cum from his chest and eat it, the only cleaning up he was allowed, and his sweat beaded cum streaked body was exposed to the waking world. He tried to run to the car but quickly found out the pain of a freshly fucked ass. Back in the car, he eased himself into the passenger seat, clearly expecting the worst was over. But I wanted him to ride closer, and made him scoot over, straddling the two seats, and shucking his shorts to mid-thigh. He was riding stick-shift, humiliatingly having to slide his lubed ass down on my knobbly gearstick, bumping and grinding on the hard steel and plastic as we set off down the road. His iron hard dick made a good surrogate stick, and I kept a firm grip, maneuvered him into position and making him change gears and constantly shift position, keeping a constant stream of sticky manjuice flowing from his over stimulated cock. His sexy arms again gripped the head rests, biceps pumped as he supported his weight, a mockery of the easy relaxed position he'd adopted the day before. I joked about the stench of his sweaty pits next to me, which we'd have to fix at our next stop...


Cody was caught between a rock and a hard place. The trip to Bodyworks was a non-stop ass grinding experience, and his dick dripped rivulets of sap down the veiny shaft the whole way. However, despite the agony, I could see the dread on his face as we approached the sleazy parlor, just outside Cleveland.


As we drove through the slums, I began explaining in detail what they'd do to him - his lightly sprinkled chest and abs would be smooth and waxy, his crotch would be reduced to a mere finger of hair, thin as cunt lips, an appetizer peeking above his waistband and making the rest of the smooth crotch more obvious. His cock and balls would be smooth too, of course, permanent hair removal for them. Then the piercings - his tongue and left nipple he knew of, but also a nice barbell through the base of his ball sac, and through the frenulum just below the head of his dick - jewelry that'd be sure to raise questions in the showers. I explained how they would slide a wire in under the skin of his dick, the length of the shaft between the two piercings, fixing them together. The wire'd be a little shorter than his dick, invisibly and agonizingly tugging on his cock if he got too hard. If he got too hard or came, the pain would be intense. He moaned at that, already permanently stiff from the lack of cumming. It would also itch and tingle below the skin, and attracted static electricity, so he'd be shocking his own dick every few hours just from walking, having his dick swing etc.  Cody just let out a guttural moan, taking in the full scope of his rapid descent from college jock to sex pig.


"Hey man, don't sweat" I said, patting him lightly on the ass, "it'll be our little secret."

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