Coach's Winter Retreat

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Coach just returned from his winter retreat with his special boys. All the boys on the team want to go on the winter retreat, of course, but Coach only selects the very best boys who have maintained strict control and discipline over their exercises and development. No boy who has shot a load in the last six months gets to go on the winter retreat. No boy who has spoken to a girl gets to go on the retreat. Only boys who are totally focused and dedicated to Coach and his system get to go. The night before the retreat, the boys finish up their schoolwork, helping each other out. They also help each other with their cock exercises, keeping their teenage dicks hard for five hours straight without cumming. This is a constant thing now. The boys play with themselves all the time. Coach demands they remain right on the edge of cumming without actually shooting. He says when he squeezes a boy’s dick that juice should come out, pre-fuck juice. He wants his boys always leaking but never shooting. This way, the boys have only two things on their minds at all times, their bodies and sports. Well, actually, they have only one thing on their minds—pleasing Coach, by training their bodies to his desires and by being the best in sports.

As two of the high school boys were jerking each other’s dicks, talking about how much they wanted to impress Coach, their two little brothers happened to walk into the room. The little guys screamed that they wanted to come along to winter retreat too. They said they were grown up enough. Then they peeled down their shorts and jerked on their dicks for their older brothers. It was so cute that the high school boys snapped a photo for Coach. Everyone got a good laugh over the photo, but when Coach saw the boys, he immediately set up a meeting. When Coach met with the two little boys, he had them demonstrate their prick pumping technique for him.and told the boys that not only must they become total jocks and dedicate their lives to sports, and not only must they continually work on their dicks like their older bros, but they also had to start working on their assholes. Coach advised the boys to help each other by shoving bananas up each other’s assholes. He told them to sleep every night with a large banana up their asshole. Coach maintains it is never too soon to start a boy out on the right path. Who knows, they might be invited to next year’s retreat as special guests.

You have to remember that Coach teaches at a private school that caters to boys from first grade through high school. The parents, who are mostly rich and always gone, do not have much contact with or influence on the boys, so it is up to Coach to shape them.


At the winter retreat, the boys indulge in all kinds of fun and educational exercises. They have dick endurance contests to see who can keep their dicks hard and dripping the longest. Although they also have dick endurance contests during the year almost every week, this one was special as it has a special prize, a bottle of Coach’s special private workout elixir! It tastes really cruddy, but all the boys want it because it really helps develop your body and mind. They have anal stretching exercises because Coach knows how vital a healthy prostate is. The boys are made to display their anal acceptance skills with various sized objects. They wrestle and play outdoors in the cold, totally bare-assed so that their young bodies toughen up. Events at the retreat also include the teens carrying huge heavy weights around by their nut sacks. They also learn endurance by dancing on thumbtacks barefoot.


Coach is very proud of a sixteen-year-old baseball player who is working on his anal capacity. Coach will not be satisfied until the boy can take six baseballs up his asshole. Coach says that when a boy has a unique skill, it must be developed and not go to waste. It’s been a real struggle for the boy, but he is coming along at last, and everyone is most proud of him. Coach will show him at an exclusive conference with several like-minded coaches and their boys in the spring.


Most of Coach’s boys are quite quiet and submissive by nature, which is the way Coach likes his boys. They cling to the friendships they find through Coach’s buddy system. Coach teaches the boys how to find pleasure through sexual interaction with their teammates—and Coach and his friends, of course. Even though a boy may not cum, as it saps his strength and energy, he can find pleasure with his asshole and mouth. This is in no way to be thought of as queer or faggoty. Coach cannot stand faggots. The boys simply learn to build their lives around each other, and all activities in their lives involve team members or Coach and his associates. It is like a family.


Many of the boys walk about groaning most of the day because of the pent up ball sauce in their fuck sacks. Because they are made to jerk their young dicks constantly and are thus always on the very edge of a blow, their nuts ache something fierce most of the time. Coach reminds them that the pain is good, as it tells them they are doing a good job. When a boy is first put on Coach’s program, he will slip and have an orgasm or two, of course, for which he is soundly punished but also forgiven. However, he must make progress. Soon he will be edging and healthy like the other boys on the team. The lads also work on enlarging their piss holes by shoving long thick rods up their urethras. It hurts like hell at first, but it is so good for the boy that it is worth the pain. Coach tells the boys that a wide-open pisshole is better for cleanliness and for the flow of the urine. Coach is not happy unless he can get his entire little finger up the piss hole of a boy of fifteen or sixteen. Many of the boys, even while in maddening pain, still cannot help but be terribly proud that they are pleasing Coach.


Coach also encourages his boys to slap each other’s balls vigorously every chance they get. He says pain in the nuts is a good way to make a boy a man and teach him to be able to handle pain. Coach will yell “good one” when a boy really whacks some other kid in the nuts or kicks him in the balls. It becomes a kind of game they play.


Coach likes to keep boys naked around him at all times. It reminds him of ancient Greece. It is such a healthy sight to see these boys naked always playing with their dicks in front of each other. No shame. No hesitation. A real openness, and no stupid talk of girls. Their entire world revolves around male sexuality and athleticism, and their bodies and their buddies.


If a boy is caught talking with a girl, he is made to dress like a girl and take the dicks of all other boys up his ass in a really rough punishment session. A boy who does well, on the other hand, gets to be Coach’s private assistant. Coach’s private assistant gets to suck Coach’s dick and keep Coach clean with his mouth when Coach is all sweaty from a workout. He gets to lick Coach’s balls for hours. The boy also gets private personal training sessions with Coach and his friends. You can always tell one of Coach’s special boys because, after a weekend session, he can hardly sit down and walks with a limp.


The boys learn about a healthy diet, as well. They learn that contrary to common belief, drinking urine is exceptionally healthy for a boy. Urine provides much-needed nutrients. The boys drink tall full glasses of piss at each meal, or they lap it out of their water dishes if they are eating off the floor. Sometimes special boys are given animal urine as it contains different vitamins. At first, the boys do not like the taste of horse piss, but they soon get used to it. Coach loves to watch a boy of fourteen or fifteen drinking a huge mug full of horse piss. The boys are not told at first, but they also consume human and animal feces in their food. It is a real health find and makes the food bill so much less. Eventually, they are taught that it can be really healthy to eat shit. A special boy might even get the supreme pleasure of eating it right out of Coach’s ass. This is a special honor, as the shit is still warm and at its most potent piquancy. Only certain boys, who are ready for this, get this special treat.


At the winter retreat, each boy has his own private ten-inch dildo which he keeps hanging near his bed. He must sleep at night with it up his ass. The boys also have three and four-hour dildo fucking sessions. A boy is so proud when he graduates to a twelve-inch dildo. It’s beneficial to give boys of fifteen and sixteen something to strive for.


Very few boys get the ultimate honor of taking Coach’s hand up their asshole. It is something so exclusive that the boys only speak about it in whispers. Rumor has it that only three boys of thirteen have ever taken it. Many more boys of fourteen to sixteen, of course, have had the thrill.


At night, stories are spread around by the boys that a sixth-grade boy once took Coach’s hand up his asshole almost to the elbow. The boys spend hours wondering how the young kid got in shape enough to do that. They say Coach shows his special boys photos of the event. Shortly after the incident, the boy dropped out of school and out of sight. Is it an urban legend or truth? The boys don’t know.


All in all, the winter retreat is an extraordinary time for both Coach and his boys.