Coach's Seventh Grade Search

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The Coach is auditioning seventh graders for a special advanced program at the private school. A select group of seventh and eighth-grade boys will come to live in the dorms at the school with the high school boys. They will study advanced classes, and, of course. ninety percent of their time will be spent in training with the coach and his assistants.

For this special program, the coach only wants boys who are willing, even at twelve, to give everything they've got to the coach and his team. He has narrowed the search down to four boys. All these boys have parents who are more than happy to ship their boys out to live on campus. So the Coach will actually give them a better life and better parenting than they had at home.


The coach has taken weeks physically examining these boys. He wants boys who have just reached puberty so that their little pricks are mature enough to shoot and the balls have dropped. The reason for this is that the personality of a boy can change once his nuts drops. The coach's goal is to find boys who have just dropped before they have even had their first orgasm. He masturbates each boy once, so the boy can feel the thrill of cumming, and then puts each boy on a strict masturbation edging schedule similar to the older boys.


The older boys help monitor and teach the younger ones. They are taught to masturbate almost all day, with only occasional breaks, but never to cum without permission. They maintain hard ones during classes and all through sports practice. In the dorms at night, they masturbate for hours while doing homework and other things. They even jerk off while eating meals. They often have to jerk each other to provide variety. If you start a boy at twelve, this can actually become a fun game for him to see how close to the edge he can stay without cumming.


The coach's ultimate goal is to create a team of boys who will go for years without shooting, but who will be almost mad with lust twenty-four hours a day. These boys will be taught to feel sexual pleasure from sucking, getting fucked and having their tits played with. They will be nurtured to have continuous and copious dick leak. They will be trained to think of nothing but sex, sports, and pleasing the coach.


To make sure the seventh-grade boys are ready for such commitment, the coach not only strips them but fingers their young assholes. He insists on getting three fingers up the fresh young, pre-teen, virgin assholes. A boy has to be able to take this, as he will soon be faced with accepting the eight and nine-inch pricks of the members of the board of trustees, the coach, his assistants, coaches from other schools, friends of the school, and older boys who merit such rewards. A popular seventh-grader will be fucked seven or eight times a day. Most of the board of trustee members love a good rough fuck in a pre-teen ass. However, it is the coach himself and his assistants who throw the roughest fucks of all.


A boy soon learns that his ass is a pussy whose purpose is to please the coach and his friends, and his reward will be that the coach will turn the boy into a scholarship-winning, prize-winning athlete. Also, the coach feels that if he can get a boy at eleven or twelve, he can catch him before he starts to think about cunt. The coach doesn't want girls to be any part of the lives of his boys. He wants them to glory in maleness; to find delight in each other’s dicks and fucksacks. He wants boys who respect what other boys do on the sports field and in bed. He instructs his boys to constantly stimulate each other without cumming. He wants his boys always jerking on each other and tongue kissing each other and working each other’s nipples, bags, and assholes. Eventually, his boys spend over half of each day doing this.


The boys will be taught to greet each other with the team welcome a deep five-minute tongue kiss with lots of spit swapping. While they kiss each other hello, they will grope and jerk on each other’s pricks and nuts. The coach's boys remain bare ass naked almost all the time. The coach is constantly videotaping them so that he can monitor their development and growth. He tapes them pissing and shitting; doing their anal and nipple workouts, performing their twice hourly masturbation exercises. Each boy has to bring his dick to a leaking state without cumming every thirty minutes throughout the day. Coach's boys even learn to do this during class and while they eat lunch. You can always tell the coach's boys in and classroom. They are fingering their pricks through their gray school uniform trousers. The pockets of their pants are cut out so they can always have easy access to their young dick meat, and the crotches of their trousers are often stained with dick drip.


The coach's boys sleep in a special dorm where they are monitored all night, so they do not shoot a load in their sleep. They sleep on their backs naked with no bed covers. Of course, each night some of the boys from twelve to eighteen are chosen to sleep with members of the board and sponsors of the school.


Here is a nice group photo of the four seventh grade candidates that the coach is now considering. He has not yet made his final choices, and there are three other groups he is also examining. The boys are taught to sit with their legs spread, so their healthy young bodies are on display. If you were the coach, which boys would you choose? The choice is not easy, is it? The first photo is of three of the coach's new assistants at spring training camp. He likes his assistants strong and tough, willing to be as stern with a boy as need be. He likes a nasty edge to his assistants, as their job is to keep the boys in line and see they don't break any training rules — like pissing, shitting, or eating without permission. They also make sure the boys train enough and properly, never speak to girls, never watch TV or play video games without permission, and follow all orders.


The last photo is of one of the assistants watching the boys do their workouts. You can see the focus and attention he devotes to his job. First class assistants with a healthy sexual drive are essential for the coach's program to work. I hope you appreciate the dedication and focus it takes to properly train boys, but if boys can be shaped at eleven and twelve, they will be set for life. And besides, there is no thrill on earth like fucking the tight, warm, moist ass of a twelve-year-old boy.