Coach's Revenge

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Coach dragged Alec and Miles into his office. Something had to be done. The two popular jock athletes had been opening their mouths in front of the wrong people telling folks that Coach was a sadistic pervert. Well, Coach was a sadistic pervert who ran the school if truth be told, but no one was supposed to know that. The board of trustees was also comprised of perverts who were people very high up, police chiefs, mayors, and governors, and it was Coach’s job to keep them entertained with boys from the school. When some little sixteen-year-old asswipe opened his mouth to the wrong people, like, maybe, his parents, that could cause trouble for all. Ever since the incident with Joey and Sam Jordan and that bunch of worthless twats, Coach had had to watch his step a bit. Oh, he still had plenty of teen ass, but the sadistic parties had been put on the back burner until things settled down. Now, these two jock cunts Alec Kosovic and Miles O’Neill had been shooting off their cocksucker mouths to everyone. Well, it was time for Coach to take action. Besides, he had wanted to get into Miles O’Neill’s beautiful sixteen-year-old jock ass for some time.


Alec was a follower who achieved fame because he hung around with Miles. It was Miles who was so popular with all the girls in town that his dick never went unsucked for more than a few days. This I might add even though there were strict rules about boys at the private school mixing with townies. Miles was sixteen and needed sex constantly, and he talked about it. Maybe it was his cheerful Irish personality, but he was always bragging about the last teen twat he had plowed. Miles had perfect grades, but only two things mattered to the boy—sports and fucking. He did not know which was more essential to his life, being a jock star that colleges were already looking at for scholarship purposes, or fucking every cute twat he came across. As I said, Alec was a follower who got Miles’s sloppy seconds. Miles often passed a girl he was tired of on to his best buddy. Coach had ignored this because the boys were so damned good on the soccer field, but now their big mouths and arrogant attitudes demanded action.


“What is it, Coach?” Miles asked, trying to sound casual and laid back, but he knew.


He had been telling folks that Coach was a pervert and humiliated and degraded the boys in the school. Like making fourteen-year-old freshman Timmy Slattery run around the track field bare-assed with a broom handle up his ass. That was really awful, even though most of the guys roared with laughter. Or when after losing a game, for a month all the boys on the team could only shower in the old gym locker room where the water was ice cold, and the spigots were two feet off the ground. They had to crawl bare-assed under the cold water spigots and wash that way. Or when he made the toilets off-limits to the losing boys and forced them for one whole month to shit and piss in white plastic buckets. They had had to squat over the buckets in front of teammates and piss and take a dump then wipe themselves in front of the other boys watching. It was horrible. Coach said it was good training for life. Miles had heard worse things about boys turned into sex slaves for very high up people in the community, but he had no proof. He was worried because certain boys just disappeared from school. They were told that the boys had dropped out, but it always seemed to happen overnight with no warning. Some boys at the school just could not take it anymore. Miles wondered what had happened to Tyler Townsend, who was a good friend of his. In the last few weeks, Tyler had been going to Coach’s office every day. He hardly spoke to the other boys anymore, and his grades dropped terribly. He started to stutter, and his personal hygiene became very messy. Miles had even double fucked a couple of girls with Tyler, and he knew the guy was kewl and together. And then he just seemed to break down. Now he was gone altogether.


Miles had written a letter to Tyler’s Dad, but all the mail went through the school’s office, and he suspected that it never got out. Even the letters the boys received were heavily censored. Any references to girls or sex were blacked out. The boys could not speak to girls on the phone or get letters from them. They could talk to their parents only twice a semester, but most of the parents were the kind of rich assholes who were glad to get their kids out of their hair, and most of them believed that a rough education was best for their wild boys. Coach slammed Alec and Miles into the chairs across from his desk.


“What is it, Coach,” he imitated Miles. “You know goddamned well what the fuck it is, asswipe!”


He stood behind the boys a hand on each of their necks. Shit, Miles had a soft sweet neck. Coach threw a boner. He had seen the boy in the showers countless times, and could not wait to get his hands on the succulent teen body. Alec was no slouch either and would be fun to play with as well.


“You boys have opened your mouths once too often. I was tolerant because I wanted you both to stay on the team, and I felt, perhaps, you could be dealt with sensibly, but you are calling me names and saying all kinds of nasty stuff about me, and now I am going to have to punish you.”


Miles had been preparing for the shit hitting the fan for some time.


“No sir, with all due respect, sir, you will not punish us. What I’ve been saying is true. You’re very sadistic and cruel with the boys, and no schoolteacher should be allowed to behave in that manner. We’re young, yes, but we have rights too. I won’t allow you to use corporal punishment on us. There’re laws against such things.”


Coach was impressed. This boy had balls. Balls he would soon play with and hurt.


“Well, that was a very nice speech, Miles, and I was just about to offer you two boys a deal. I’m sure Alec the pussy here would prefer my offer, but perhaps you wouldn’t. You see, I was about to suggest that if you let me punish you in any way I see fit for shooting your mouths off, then I wouldn’t release the video footage I have of you two boys engaged in homosexual activity.”


“What the fuck are you talking about?” Alec, who was very homophobic, shouted.


Coach lashed out and slapped the boy hard across the face.


“You watch your dirty tongue, you fucking asswipe!”


Miles sat up straight.


“It won’t work, sir. Everybody knows that I’m straight. Shit, I’ve got fifteen girls in town who can swear to it.”


Coach smiled at the ignorant, innocent boy.


“Lots of boys your age use fucking girls as a front for their secret homosexual desires. If I show the video I have to the scouts from colleges, how many do you think will consider giving you scholarships? If I show the video to the media, how many will believe your stories of me being a bully? If I show it to folks around town, how many girlfriends will you two shit faces have?”


“But we didn’t do anything!” Alec protested. “We never did anything like that. We’re best buddies, but we never—”


Coach laughed at the boy’s histrionics.


“Hardly ever. There was a certain night after a big game when you two got drunk out of your minds—an offense that would get any other boy kicked out of the school. Both of you have very eminent fathers who could not stand any kind of scandal, so I was kind. Kind Old Coach, they call me. You were very drunk, and both of you stripped bare-ass naked, and then both of you fell over one bed, and then both of you jerked off.”


The boys turned red. Then Miles spoke up.


“So what, all guys jerk off. So what if we did it together. It doesn’t prove anything.”


“Yes, but when Alec passed, his head fell right over your dick. You were too tired to move him, and it looks on the video like he’s sucking your cock. Oh, and just in case I needed insurance for a rainy day. After you were sleeping, I had some of the boys in the school, who are shall we say ‘are on my side,’ go into your room and take some pictures of your dick, Miles’ dick against Alec’s lips and Alec’s balls on your face. That should do the trick I think. Here are some copies of the photos.”


Coach threw the eight by tens on the desk. The boys were so shocked that they could not speak.


“Now, what’s it going to be? Accept your punishment like good boys, or shall I release these photos and ruin not only your lives but perhaps the professional careers of your fathers as well?”


The boys were very quiet for a long, long time. Alec kept looking over at his cute friend for guidance. Miles chewed his full lower lip and thought and thought, and then finally answering for both of them.


“We’ll accept your punishment.”


Coach smiled. “Didn’t you forget something?”


Miles grimaced, but said, “We’ll accept your punishment, sir.”


“And after the punishment, there will be no more comments to anyone about me mistreating boys, right?”


“Yes, sir.” both boys mumbled.


“But, sir, will you tell me what happened to Tyler Townsend?”


“Yes, indeed. In fact, I’ll arrange for you to talk to Tyler and that’ll put all your stupid rumors to rest. Now, let’s start by warming up your asses a bit. Why don’t you boys kneel on those chairs, facing the desk, and take down your soccer shorts? A beating is always better on the bare ass, don’t you think?”


The two cute boys knelt on the chairs, and Coach stripped down their green soccer shorts, revealing their beautiful teenage ass globes. Shit, Coach didn’t know which boy he wanted to fuck first. They were classic teen jock asses—smooth, strong, and well-toned.


“When you boys do have faggot sex, which one of you fucks the other? I’ll bet Miles here, who is the champion girl fucker of the school, sticks his big dick up your ass, doesn’t he, Alec?”


“No, sir, I would never allow a dude to do anything like that. I think it’s the most disgusting thing on earth.” Alec meant it too.


“Oh, you mean you shove your cock up Miles’s pussy? That seems a bit odd. I would have thought Miles here was the stud in your relationship. I mean he always treats you like a pussy, and you follow him around like a little cunt.”


Alec wanted to cry. It was true that he idolized Miles, but it was not queer. And Miles was so popular and kewl.


“No, sir, I don’t do that with any guy. I would rather be dead, sir.”


“Miles,” Coach said, running a hand over Miles’s perfect ass, “The truth now, you do butt fuck your little buddy here every once in a while.”


“No, sir, it’s not true, sir.”


“His ass looks fucked.”


Coach cupped Alec’s ass globe, and the boy almost passed out from humiliation. Coach ran one finger down Alec’s ass crack and then inserted it just a bit. Alec had tears in his eyes.


“Jesus, Miles, he’s fingering my ass.”


Coach slapped both boys on the ass globes hard.


“Come on, pussies, what’s it to be, accept your punishments like men, or do I release those pictures and that video?”


“Punishments,” both boys said, holding back their tears.


Coach loved it when sixteen-year-old boys cried. These boys would be doing lots of screaming before he was finished with them. He intended to turn both teen jocks into totally fucked up cunt boys. Any chance for a normal life for either boy had been lost when they entered his office. Coach picked up a ruler and tapped each boy on the ass.


“Who should we begin with? Miles, stick your ass out more. MORE GODAMN IT! Don’t make me fucking angry, dickwad!”


Miserable young Miles shoved his ass out as far as he could. It felt awful kneeling there on the chair shoving his ass out so some man could look at it and beat it, but what could he do. Coach adored the sight of a teenage boy pushing his ass out. In gym class, he often found exercises for the boys to do where they had to push their young ass globes out. Breaking in a boy’s ass was one of Coach’s favorite pastimes. Both boys had superb asses. The kinds of asses that teenage girls get all drippy in the pussy for. Coach brought the ruler down hard on Miles’s ass globe. The boy whelped and then bit back his tears. He would not give in to the sadistic coach.


“Let’s see whose ass globes jiggle the most when you boys are thwacked. Let’s see which boy’s ass needs more exercise to tighten the muscles, okay?


And so, Coach began.