Coach's Invitation

(MB) (humil)

Dear Board members and Scholarship Donors:

First of all, I want to thank you for your generous gifts of both time and money, so that we may continue the first class education we are giving our "special boys." Secondly, as you know, the continued success of this outstanding program relies on us keeping this program out of the public eye. Therefore, as usual, I am sending this invitation to only those esteemed Board Members, and Scholarship Donors whom I know take a private interest in the development of our fine young athletes. Each term, as you know, before the start of the actual school semester, I take some boys on a special weekend retreat. These are boys who have adapted well to our very strenuous and demanding program; boys that I know I can trust to keep their mouths shut, except when required to open them in service of the team, the Board, and Scholarship Donors. Last year, at the request of several Board Members who were interested in the transition of boys from middle school to high school, I included some boys from grades six, seven, and eight. These boys were a big hit at the retreat, providing countless hours of entertainment and fun. We were able to see how younger boys react to and interact with high school boys. This proved such a hit that I will include this feature again on our upcoming retreat.


I am writing to you to invite you to attend our weekend retreat at Camp Red Arrow. The camp, which is officially closed for the winter, will be exclusively opened for us. The weekend will include full meal service. The indoor pool, hot tubs, and sauna will be open. A truckload of "special equipment" will be provided with plenty of fun items from which to choose.


You will be able to see the boys up close and personal. You may watch as they go through their daily exercises and training programs. Every aspect of their private lives will be open for your inspection. You will be able to give them full medical exams if you wish. You can create a unique exercise program for them. You may watch them interact with each other at your direction, or take a boy on and become his mentor. These boys know of the generous gifts you give to our sports program, and they have been instructed to please you in every way they can.


Our boys from ages eleven to eighteen have been preparing for the weekend for months not only working on conditioning their bodies and their various apertures but also on total control. They have carefully held back their teen juices and kept them right at the very peak of potency. It will be up to you to decide if the boys have earned the right for release. Each boy wants you to test him and his ability to the fullest. The younger boys, who as of yet cannot provide the necessary juices, are also fully trained to serve you with their bodies and minds.


Each of these boys has sworn a loyalty oath to their coaches, their teammates, and the school. Moreover, each knows the penalty of breaking that oath. So, just as always, you know that you can feel free to demand the most of any boy you choose, and you can be as creative as you like. The boys may be nervous, excited, apprehensive, and just a little scared, as this is so new to all of them. However, most of you enjoy that aspect of the weekend.


Many of you drop by frequently to meet our boys in the locker room after a game or workout. While access to a boy is limited on campus, at Camp Red Arrow there are no limitations to how well you can get to know one of these exceptional young athletes. I have included a few photos for your enjoyment of what lies in store for you.


The first photo is of Kevin, a fifteen-year-old sophomore who has become a favorite of many of you during the semester. Kevin, like all our boys, has been told to drop whatever he may be doing when a Board Member or Donor visits.


Peter, a junior who has pleased many of you at other functions, is working on a special performance for the weekend. He will show you how he can accommodate a wide and unusual variety of objects. A very talented sixteen-year-old, I must say. Here is a photo of Peter showing his physical development. The third photo is also of Peter, proudly displaying the fact that he is one of our leaders. He has shown the way to weaker boys. Peter has not allowed the thought of girls or sexual pleasure with them to cloud his focus and loyalty to the team. He has now gone through four months of continual stimulation without spilling his seed. What an excellent example he is to the other boys. He has learned to transfer his physical pleasure to his nether region.


The fourth photo is of a boy I know you are going to want to meet. Devin is a transfer student from another school. I saw him at a sports meet and arranged to have him sent to us on scholarship. He is a very talented young twelve-year-old with a remarkably well-developed body for a boy of his age as you can see from the photo. I have been working with him daily both at school and at my residence, wanting him in peak condition for the retreat. Devin has a wonderful nature, and a smile to go with it. He is entirely submissive and eager to please. You will each want hands-on experience with this new addition to our sports program.


You will also want hands-on experience in working with the hygiene of the boys. You know how lads of that age need constant hygiene supervision. Not only will you be able to participate in shaving the boys and cleaning them inside and out, but you will be able to observe their toilet habits first hand and up close.


Many of you, like myself, believe in the "no pain, no gain" approach to athletics and healthy living. So you will be delighted to learn that for this year, we have enlarged our pain room to twice the size, and have twice the amount of goodies. I remember how we had to scramble last year when one of our board members requested needles and threat, and we could not find any. That has been fully taken care of this year. We have an entire refrigerator stocked full of jars of urine and animal sperm as requested. We also have a full barn of several of our four-legged friends. Not just dogs and horses this year, but pigs, and goats as well. Enough livestock to keep any young farm boy happy.


You can choose a private room, so that your work with the teens is kept personal, or you may stay in the dorm, where sharing is the preferred activity. You will strictly control the boys' shower and toilet activities, but those registering early get the first choice of boy monitoring. If for example, you want to control the urine or feces output of a particular boy, you need to request that boy before his time and functions are spoken for. You will find a full catalogue of our boys included with this mailing. Check the catalogue for complete registration information.


As you can see, my able-bodied assistants and I have spared no expenditure to make sure this is a weekend you will never forget. Moreover, dare I say it, neither will the boys. It is usually after this weekend that a boy realizes he truly "belongs" to the team, not just for his school years, but also for life. As their guests, the boys will do anything to please you. Please phone my secretary, Bruce, with your reservations as soon as possible, as space is limited.


I look forward to sharing a wonderful weekend with all of you, and again, my sincerest thanks for your kind support of our school.