Coach's Fun

(MmB) (humil)

With school starting again, I thought it would be fun to share some of Coach's work with his boys. I write a lot about the struggles the boys have meeting the stringent expectations of Coach. The total control of things like their sexual desires and habits, and even their toilet practices, throw many boys at first, but you'd be surprised how quickly they adapt. They soon begin to pride themselves on being "Coach’s Boys.” They help each other with their cock control. If a boy feels like he really needs to blast a load of fuck and just can't stand it anymore, he can call his Jerk Buddy. The friend can help talk him down from his near orgasm. And, not everything about the training is so serious-minded.

To keep things light and fun, Coach has initiated a weekly big dick contest. The boy whose cock has grown the most through constant exercise and control gets a free DVD or some other similar gift. The boy’s dicks and sacks are measured each week to see which lad has improved the most. The winning boy proudly shows his hard prick to the entire team, the assistant coaches, the board of trustee, and wealthy alumni who avidly follow the team. Everybody gets to squeeze and pump the big, fat, winning dick a few times.

The boy who has the biggest dick in the high school has not cum in six months. The coach works with him privately every single day, bringing the boy so close to the edge that the young jock is reduced to tears.

The coach also has fun with his boys. To show that he is just one of the guys, he often walks into the locker room or into his apartment when boys are over there studying, and he will shout, "Boners!" And then, the boys have to see who can get a big, fat leaking boner the fastest. It doesn't count if it isn't dripping. It’s called a "boxer boner" when it is done at school between classes and the boys only have time to drop their pants. The coach always tells the boys to strip off their shirts too and to pinch their nipples. He says that pinching and pulling on your tits makes the dick leak more quickly.


Before a big game or a swim meet, Coach has the boys work on their meat for almost two hours, until the locker room is filled with the sound of the boys going out of their young minds with the need to spray spunk. At a swim meet in particular, just before the team is announced, and the boys go out into the pool, Coach has the jocks lower their Speedos and beat their teen dicks until every boy has a dripping hunk of hard fuckmeat. The coach sometimes will then put rubber bands or a cock ring around the swollen members, so the boys will have full erections all during the meet. He says they have to learn discipline by ignoring the throbbing need in their cocks and sacks, and concentrating on swimming and diving. He's also proud of the way his boys look with pricks rock hard in their Speedos. Some visiting parents from other schools have complained, and Coach's answer is, “We can't help it if our boys are more masculine and manly than yours!"


You will also notice the swim meet boy’s tits seem puffy. That's because Coach has also implemented a half hour of titty sensitivity exercises each day. He is trying to teach the boys that their tits are directly connected to their dicks, sacks, and prostates. In this manner, Coach hopes to make physical training fun as well as vital for the boys' development. In return for his time and attention, Coach expects the boys to do their part when it comes to entertaining the board members and big donors.