Coach's Boys

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Wrestling season is always a fun time for Coach and his boys. As you know Coach has been at it for years and years and has lots of former star athletes, who have now become coaches themselves. Of course, they continue Coach’s unique form of training. After all, it is a winning recipe. Because Coach’s teams win, he is supported and allowed his unorthodox methods. He has total control of the boys under his charge. A few times over the years, parents or community leaders or other faculty have complained and even tried to bring charges against Coach. However, when you bring in winning teams year after year and lots of money and fame for the school, and when you are friends with the Governor and School Board Superintendent who also love, to put it frankly, to fuck high school boy ass, well you’re pretty safe and secure.

As I say, Coach is getting up in years now but has almost a dozen disciples teaching at various private school and colleges around the country who continue his excellent work. And how does it work? How does Coach get his boys? First, he visits middle schools, grade schools and high schools all around the country. He doesn’t get to watch games or sporting events much. He hangs around the locker room most of the time. He says he can tell if a boy has got what it takes by studying him off the court or field. Coach likes to place a folding chair right at the entrance of the shower room so he can watch the boys clean up after practice. He studies how the boys behave with each other, as well as their hygiene habits. He believes in total cleanliness. He also watches to see which boys might be shy, backward, or naturally submissive. Part of Coach’s fantastic attitude is that he believes he can help shy, bashful and docile boys as well as the outstanding jocks. So he will sit in his folding chair watching the boys pass him as they leave the shower, and he will make notes on their physical strong and weak points. He pays particular attention to their developing manhood and their asses.

From these first observations across the country, Coach will draw up a short list of potentials. Sometimes, more and more frequently now, former students of his who now coach boys themselves, will pass on the name of an exceptional boy to him. Then Coach will meet privately with each of the candidates. He will sit down across from them and have a coach to boy talk. Coach tells the boy about how renowned his school is and about the excellent coaching staff. He enlightens the boy that their teams win and their boys get scholarships to college.

Coach will often dangle this carrot in front of a boy from a poor family. It becomes the kid’s way out. He tells the boy that their school is rough and demanding but the best and that there are certain academic breaks for boys who are the best in sports. He levels with the boy. He tells him that he is very, very rough on his athletes, that they have numerous codes of conduct they must obey, and that to break any rules means getting expelled. He confesses that being on one of his teams is a bit like performing military service. It is a grueling, rough experience at times, but the boys end up being proud and bonding with each other.

He studies the boy’s facial expressions and attitudes while he talks with him, and thus eliminates boys he knows will not perform for him. While conducting this initial interview, Coach often wears a tee shirt and very tight skimpy gym shorts which show off his humongous hunk of fuckmeat and his large meaty balls. He makes note if the boy’s eyes travel to this enormous dick more than once or twice. Everyone stares at Coach’s dick when first confronted with it, but certain boys keep going back, like going back to the table for more of your favorite food. Coach will spread his legs wide, showing more and more fucker to the boy as he chats, and sometimes he will lower a hand to “adjust” his meat in front of the boy.

Now Coach likes to conduct these early interviews with boys of twelve and thirteen years of age. He wants to “plant the seed” so to speak. If a boy seems interested in the private school at which Coach works, and seems to be obedient, and if the kid is adorable, (Coach only accepts attractive, handsome boys) Coach approaches the parents. Now Coach loves it if the boy comes from a broken home. He especially loves it if the single parent is poor, an alcoholic, or uses drugs or medication. He offers to let the boy live at the high school in one of the dorms, freeing up the parent. He also says because the school is very well endowed, he will be able to give the parent a stipend and can also get discounts on medications and even things like food and clothing. He plays each parent differently. If the family has a mother and a father, Coach might talk about how the boy being at private school will ease the financial burden of the family. And then you must remember that we are talking about a very famous school here. A college prep high school that does indeed pride itself on the number of full scholarships it gets for its star athletes.

From these interviews, Coach gets his new batch of boys. Fourteen years old and eager to succeed. They will flourish all right, but in areas of which they never dreamed.

Coach now conducts a physical exam of the new boy. For this exam, the boy is bare-assed of course. From this moment on, the boy will be examined at least once a week. Coach believes he must be on the lookout for any strains, sprains, or anomalies in development. Coach’s assistants and various “experts” that Coach brings in from the outside will also examine the boys. In fact, almost every day, some outside “expert” in boy athletics will want to see, feel, and thoroughly examine a boy throughout his four years at the school.

Coach knows that boys of this age are developing sexually and are often shy and overly concerned about their changing bodies. Coach, therefore, spends a great deal of time examining a boy’s growing penis and scrotum.

At this very first exam, Coach will measure the boy’s dick, both soft and hard, which embarrasses the boy terribly, but it is an excellent chance to see how obedient the boy will be. If a boy makes too much fuss, he is dropped from the program. What is difficult for the boy at this first exam is that there will often be five to ten other sports therapists and coaches present to watch. The circumference of the boy's dick is measured flaccid and hard, as well as the length. He is usually truly humiliated when he is first asked to masturbate his dick up to an erection. Coach tells him of course not to be nervous and that it is a normal part of life. Coach takes photos of the boy flaccid and with his hard-on. He feels the meatiness of the boy’s prick, and then he weighs the dick on a small sensitive scale. He tells the boy that his dick and balls will be measured and weighed every other day to make sure he is developing properly. Then the boy’s velvety soft hairless scrotum is handled and weighed. Each nut is measured. Various others present will also want to handle the boy’s dick and nuts.

Then the boy will be asked to masturbate to orgasm, and his cum will be collected in a jar for testing. While he is masturbating, the boy's nipples and balls will be further measured to determine changes in size during masturbation. Coach informs the boy that at his school, they have a stringent masturbation policy for boys in athletics, but that will be explained to him at a later time. He does hold the boy’s balls and tell him that the juices in his nut sack play an essential part in his physical development and athletic skill.

“Control these juices, my boy, and you control your future as an athlete and student,” Coach says while rolling the teenage nuts in the sack.

After the boy cums, his sperm is labeled and taken away. Then the boy is asked to piss for them to be able to collect a urine sample. Of course, he must piss with all of the coaches and assembled guests watching.

The boy’s chest, waist, arms, legs, and feet are then measured. He is made to open his mouth and Coach prods and pokes around inside with his fingers. He asks the boy to suck hard on his fingers to determine if the boy has proper suction. Coach works his fingers in and out of the boy’s mouth and even prods deeper into his throat to determine the kid’s gag reflex. He feels the boy’s lips and asks the boy to stick his tongue out as far as he can. The tongue is measured. The boy may be very confused at this point, as his “potential” at something or other is jotted down, and the coaches often laugh with each other. Then the boy is made to turn around so everyone can see his ass. Coach doesn’t much care for flat assed boys unless the kid has some other redeeming quality. He likes a boy with a tight and high, well-curved ass with a nice deep crack. He believes that at thirteen or fourteen, the ass potential of a boy is already established. Coach feels the ass globes of the boy, and if the boy has any light dusting of hair on his ass, Coach makes a note that it must be removed permanently. Also no hair on the balls, in the ass crack, or around the hole itself. This is a major rule at the school.

The boy is now asked to spread his ass cheeks and bend over. Others gather close. Coach asks the kid if he has ever undergone a rectal exam by his doctor. Some say yes, some say no. Oddly enough, Coach does not put on any rubber gloves for his rectal examining. He feels the outside of the ass pucker as he gently prods the corrugated hole feeling the sponginess of the ass lips. A camera projects a large image of the boy’s asshole onto a big screen. The boy can see it. The boy is instructed to try to clench and unclench his asshole as if he is taking a shit.

Coach uses these terms as he does not want to make a boy feel awkward with medical terminology, and also because he wants to get the boy used to the somewhat raw randy banter of the locker room. He coach insists that his boys curse and swear as much as possible in the locker room. He often says he wants the word fuck or fucking in every sentence.

Now he inserts a finger into the boy’s asshole. The boy’s breathing grows loud and labored. It seems to fill the room. Coach says he is testing for hemorrhoids or other problems. He will sometimes work a second finger in alongside the first. He examines the boy this way for ten minutes or so. Then he pulls out and cleans his fingers. The teenager is instructed to lie down on an examining table. His feet are placed into stirrups like on a gynecologist’s table so that he is made to keep his legs spread wide. The area of the table under his ass is raised. This way, his asshole is on full display for everyone.

You may think that any sane person boy or man would object, but you would be surprised at the indignities dudes will go through if told to follow orders. Look at the humilities the armed service makes young men endure. They have to line up or sit in large rooms naked with each other while waiting to be examined. They have to sit and shit next to each other in community latrines. Is this ignominy necessary? It certainly doesn’t save money. It is designed to break the young soldier, to consider himself as less than human. Boys and men will often follow orders to ridiculous ends.

Each of the visiting coaches and doctors (including the Governor and the Superintendent if they are free) will now examine the boy’s spread ass. The teenager may not understand why, if he is being scrutinized to see if he is healthy enough for the school’s athletic program, so much attention is paid to his cock balls and asshole, but he has no choice but to submit. After all, he doesn’t want to flunk out at this point. Each time he is examined, daily and weekly for hundreds of visiting coaches and sports medicine people, he will be required to spread himself in this humiliating position. Not only is he on display, but they all poke and prod at his asshole. Sometimes several examiners at once have a finger up him at the same time.

“I hope he learns the rules of hygiene and cleanliness back there.” Someone might comment. “I mean, except to wipe and wash, what rules of ass hygiene does a boy that age know?”

“Oh yes, indeed,” Coach says. “One of the first rules for any boy on my teams is to douche with a soap and water enema three times a day. Each of my boys has his own enema bag with his name on it. In fact, they help each other administer them. It builds camaraderie.”

After the boy’s first exam, Coach will further determine if the kid is material for his “special program.” The boy will be asked to exercise naked, doing jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, and various other things.

“Don’t be shy. We often do our practices in the nude, as the ancient Greek athletes did. It’s healthy to be proud of your body.”

Coach will take photos of the boy’s bouncing dick and balls. Remember this is all happening to a boy of thirteen or fourteen.

“Get a boy young, and he is yours forever,” Coach often says.

If a boy is accepted, the new rules are spelled out for him when he arrives at the school. These rules are for the boys on the sports teams only. The other boys in the school are considered lesser creatures. The boys who are not day students are shown their dorm, adjacent to the Coach's house. Some boys are asked now and then to spend the night at Coach’s home, and this is considered a great honor. In the dorms, the boys sleep two to a single bed. They sleep naked. Coach tells them only sissies and fags wear pajamas or underwear to bed. The single beds are quite narrow. The boys use no covers on their naked bodies. Television cameras record their sleep, and the videos are often passed on to others concerned with physical hygiene and development in young males.

Many of the junior and senior boys take freshman boys under their wings as “special friends.” Boys are forbidden to indulge in any sexual activity, of course, unless it is part of a supervised "bonding program.” Coach approves of this as long as their private activities are monitored.

The new boys are loaded with down rules and regulations. I will list just a few of them here.

  • When the morning bell rings, the boys get out of bed and stand at the foot of the bed to greet one or more of the coaches. Each boy is to have a full erection at this time. On the first day, Coach explains that erections are normal and healthy. A healthy boy gets hard often during the day. He must not be ashamed of this. In fact, if a boy is not hard in the morning, something may be physically wrong with him.
  • Next, the boys stand at the foot of their beds and masturbate for ten minutes. THE BOYS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CUM. Coach stresses that a boy must learn to control his sexual desires and impulses. His body must serve him. He must not crumble at the whims of his teenage lust. Therefore, Coach's boys will be asked to masturbate for long periods of time during the day and evening. They must show that they have stamina and control. They are not allowed to cum.
  • Boys who excel at sports and academics will be milked by one of the coaches or even by other boys during prescribed weekly or monthly milking periods. For lads who are used to jerking off three or four times a day, this may prove challenging at first, but the coaches will be happy to counsel and help any boy who has difficulty.
  • For boys who cannot control their masturbation and shoot unapproved loads, specific harsh punishments may be required. If a boy persists in breaking the rules, he may be dropped from the program. (No boys cut from the school ever complains to authorities or parents. The how and whys of this may be explained at some future time.)
  • After they masturbate, the boys shower three or four to a stall and are asked to wash each other to increase good fellowship and caring for each other. It is at this time they douche for the first time in the day.
  • They then shit and piss in one of four toilets, which are not in stalls of any kind. They are right out in the middle of the room. This is to teach the boys not to be shy about bodily functions. The same is true in the locker room. There, there are stalls but no doors. The urinal is a long trough. Videos and pictures are taken by automatic cameras of the boys pissing and shitting. Boys are only allowed to piss and shit naked. This is why they must get permission. They must strip naked and then stand in front of the trough. They may not touch their dicks when they piss. They are encouraged to piss and shit together, so they may chat and visit while doing it.
  • The Coach's boys then dress for school. Dorm boys eat a specially prepared breakfast of vital nutrients and protein in the dorm kitchen. Many of the boys at first don't like the flavor and consistency at first saying it tastes like wallpaper paste mixed with piss, but Coach reminds the boy that health foods and drinks are often designed to help a boy's body, not please his palate.
  • Coach's boys wear no underwear under their gray flannel school uniform pants. Coach says boys should learn to hang free and that it is better not to strangle the genitals in underwear. The boys complain that with all the masturbation exercises they must perform, their teenage cocks are often hard at school and even leak in their trousers. Coach laughs and says that it is something they have to learn to deal with.
  • Boys must get permission to go to the toilet during the day. This is because several years ago, one of the coaches discovered that some of the boys were masturbating to climax in the toilets between classes. Of course, the boys were expelled.
  • Coach's boys are forbidden to date girls or hang around with them, or even speak to them except when working on class projects. This is terribly hard on many of the boys, especially the sixteen and seventeen-year-olds. But by then, the athletes who remain in the program are well trained and have othr outlets for their hormones.
  • Each day, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:p.m., the boys have sports practice. Some (like the swim team) also practice in the mornings. At six, the boys eat dinner and then study before going to bed. During the sports practice, Coach's boys take a twenty-minute break to masturbate their dicks. During this session, to increase bonding, the boys will be asked to masturbate each other, often also inserting a finger up an asshole to help stimulation. The boys are reminded that there is nothing gay about this, it is merely to help them develop healthy mental and physical attitudes. Of course, the boys are not allowed to cum, and some intense teamwork is often required for one boy to clue in the other when he is close to shooting his load. During the boy's homework period at night from 7:00 to 10:00, he will also take a forty-minute break to masturbate. Boys who live at home, of course, do this in the privacy of their bedrooms. Boys, who live in the dorms, do this together. Often the coaches help the boys, showing them how to stimulate their nipples or balls.
  • Some boys may be selected to go to Coach's home for individual tutoring. Some also may be asked to entertain the Governor, which is a real treat as the boys are often given expensive gifts. The Superintendent of Schools often sends the boys back black and blue or with belt marks on their bodies, and some of them walk funny for a few days, but Coach reminds a boy that success easily attained is not worth much.
  • Sometimes dick measuring and so on is performed by one boy on another. It is only natural for boys of that age to want to impress other boys with the sizes of their genitals. They even mark any penis growth on a chart that hangs on the locker room wall. Sometimes to encourage the boys, Coach will undress and allow the boys to handle his massive dick and measure it. The boys love to feel such an impressive hunk of fuck meat. Coach will often tell the boys stories of his fucking adventures with men and women, boys and girls. He is open about the fact that he believes one should not limit his activities to just one sex. He calls it being “well rounded.” The boys are shocked to hear this at first but soon are taught to think differently.
  • All of Coach's boys greet fellow teammates with tongue kisses. Coach points out to the boys who are shy at first that this is in no way faggy. Men in Europe are not afraid to kiss other men. Real men kiss all the time, so he teaches the boys to greet each other in the locker room and the dorms with sweet long tongue kisses. New boys of fourteen or under are required to tongue kiss for two full minutes to get them over any shyness. Lots of the older boys are anxious to kiss the younger new boys as a way of welcoming them.
This is just an introduction to the Coach and his work with teenage boys. Many of these boys carry these lessons on to college and out into life. A large number of the Coach's boys never marry for some reason. They often devote their lives to helping other boys.