Coach Trusts His Best Boys

(MmB) (anal, oral, rim, ws) (humil)

Coach Anderson believed in entrusting his best seniors with lots of responsibility. Therefore, he encouraged them to handle the hazing of the new boys by themselves. He emboldened them to unleash their most sadistic streaks and completely fuck up the new boys physically and mentally as long as the boys were so fucking scared they didn't dare tell parents or school officials. Coach placed lots of trust in his varsity boys that they could instill such fear that the poor ninth-grade boys were shocked into compliant silence. Other than that one sacred rule (no one tells) Coach urged his favorite boys to be as rough and cruel as they could possibly be with the new boys. If a senior boy wasn’t cruel enough to a freshman, (didn’t piss in his mouth, for example), Coach would take the senior boy for some specialized training.

Take the typical soccer team initiation. The senior would tie the freshman boy just enough to humiliate him and then in front of all the varsity players proceed to strip the boy and fondle him to erection. The poor freshman was shy about being naked in front of others anyway; so this was pure hell. The varsity captain would make crude jokes about how small and useless the fourteen-year-old boy’s dick was and how he could never fuck a girl. Pictures of the erected prick were taken, and the freshman was told that they would be passed around to every girl in school.

If the boy broke down and cried or begged, the older boys really had a good time. Coach would sip a beer and watch all of this with great pride. His boys were learning how to treat pussy boy faggots. Those that were men would come out of it stronger. Those that collapsed were cocksucking, faggot, fairy, pussy boys all along; they just didn’t know it. Coach always believed that fourteen was the perfect age to humiliate a boy. They were just becoming aware of themselves as sexual beings and feeling very inadequate anyway. It was a great age too as far as sweet, soft cocksucking lips were concerned and an appealing, soft, round fuckable ass that was still smooth and hairless.

You could humiliate and degrade a fourteen-year-old boy so badly that he would shake and piss his pants just from meeting a senior in the halls of the school. It was fucking hysterical. Some terrified freshmen had tried to get away by changing schools. So each boy was warned that if he dared to try that, he would be dealt with in ways he didn’t want to contemplate.


After the boys were masturbated almost to cumming, he was made to get down on his hands and knees, and the varsity captain would begin to finger the boy’s asshole telling him how much like a pussy it was. When the asshole was nice and loose, an eight-inch dildo was shoved up into it. After the freshman had the dildo embedded deeply in his ass (and worked in and out for about five minutes), each of the varsity members masturbated into the big team goblet. Then the freshman boy of the day had to drink the dick snot. If the boy puked, he had to lick up his vomit as well. The boy was instructed that until further notice he had to keep the dildo up his pussy all day in school — every day. Of course, the pain was almost unbearable, and Coach had a blast watching the tortured look on the little boys’ faces.


Freshman team members were forbidden to talk to any girls ever. They were also forced to flirt with, wink at and blow kisses at the senior boys. The freshman boys were required to write long love letters to the dicks of the senior boys describing in great detail what they wanted the seniors to do with their fat, thick cocks. They had to carry the senior boys' books and bring them food and candy.


Each freshman team member was given five varsity students dirty jock straps to clean each week. They had to clean these by sucking on them, and whenever there was not a teacher present, (except coach, of course), they had to have a dirty jock in their mouth and be sucking on it.


It wasn't until later in the hazing that the boys learned the delightful art of ass sucking. It was not at all unusual for the varsity team members after a rough game to relax at the home of one of the boys or at Coach's house knocking back some beers and watch some girlie porn while they sat their sweaty, naked asses on the faces of the freshman boys. Sometimes freshman boys were kept sucking ass two or three hours at a time, and if they didn’t do a good enough job, they were punished.