Coach is Always There for You

(MB) (anal, oral) (humil)

Wouldn't you know it? The first week of the new semester, freshman Andy Collins broke his leg. He slipped at swim practice. Coach felt so sorry for the poor boy that he went over to visit him every single day when the kid's mom was at work, and he helped the boy with his therapy.

First of all, he assured Andy that even though he couldn't swim on the team, he was still a spiritual part of the team, so he had to support them spiritually. So, of course, any kind of dating or sex was out of the question. Coach still wanted the boy to jerk himself into a hard dripping erection ten times a day and maintain the erection for at least ten minutes each time but without cumming, of course. This would teach the boy self-control and also build a healthy body and mind.


He could also see that the boy’s thigh and ass muscles were getting lazy, so he knew some anal stimulation exercises were in order. He used his fingers on Andy at first but then progressed to a nice big cucumber from the fridge. Andy protested that it was not only too big, but that it was icy cold and hurt badly, but the coach told the boy not to be such a sissy. Coach instructed the boy to work an ice-cold cucumber up his asshole for twenty minutes six times a day. He told the kid that since Andy couldn't do any real exercises that he had to do these special bed exercises to keep in shape.


He gave the boy five days to be able to suck his own dick. He also forbade the boy to use the toilet and insisted that he shit and piss into a bedpan. He made Andy give him a detailed demonstration, which really embarrassed Andy. But not as much as when coach told him that Andy's younger brother would be responsible for emptying and cleaning the bedpan. Andy's brother was also one of the coach's boys.


Coach also could see that Andy needed some special medication to help him recover more quickly. He gave the boy boxes of laxatives and Viagra. He ordered the kid to take double laxative doses for a week. And he also told him to take two Viagra every day. Coach then allowed Andy to thank him by sucking his big, sweaty dick until he shot a healthy load of protein down the schoolboy’s gullet. Now that's a coach who cares.