Coach Has a Busy Time

(MM) (humil)

There is so much for Coach to do at the end of the semester. Those boys who don't pass phys-ed are going to need lots of special training over the holiday break. Shit, they might not get a break at all. How good of Coach to give up all his free time for the welfare of those ungrateful little cocksuckers.

He has other work to attend to as well. He has to snap some pics of his boys for the school yearbook. He and his pals have a special yearbook that the average school student and faculty never get to see. This yearbook is a tribute to Coach's fine work with his boys and their development. That special yearbook, although it comes out in spring, has to be organized now, so Coach is busy taking pics. He took several nice shots of some of his boys in the shower. He has one he snapped of one his boys where he gave him a brewski after a winning game. You see Coach can be nice.

And then there are the twelve boys who really looked forward to getting home mostly so they could spend the holiday fucking cunt. Well, Coach knows that shows a complete lack of discipline so he has been kind enough to insist that all twelve boys stay with him over the holidays that way he can strictly monitor their activity. He has the boys sleep bare-assed, two to a bed — sometimes four to a bed — that way they learn to be comfortable with the male body and to control their own dirty nighttime sexual thoughts. Any boy who throws a boner during the night is made fun of and punished in the morning.


If any of his special boys are caught talking to girls, they are punished severely. It’s the only way to make nice young gentlemen out of horny, lustful, cock-controlled, teenage punks. Coach especially has trouble in this area with the eighteen-year-old freshman boys. They are so used to fucking themselves silly during their senior year in high school that it’s very difficult to impress upon them the need for self-control. Coach knows boys need some release of sexual tension. So he carefully monitors the milking of his boys. He often has six or seven of his friends attend a milking too just to observe. Sometimes, the boys are really humiliated, but that’s good for a boy too. Coach measures the amount of each sperm load. The boy's scrotum is measured before and after the milking and weighed.


The boys know that Coach has little time for a private life because he devotes so much time to his boys, so they help him out as well with their mouths and assholes. They know Coach is a real man and no mere milking will satisfy him. He needs to fuck, as all real men need to fuck. It’s amazing how the boys' minds are reshaped by Coach. So you can see this is a very busy time of year for our favorite coach.