Coach Builds a Winning Team

(MmB) (humil)

Coach knows that to have agreeable, submissive jocks to shape and train into the kind of boys he wants, he needs to start early. By the time the boys get to high school, they have already picked up so many bad habits that Coach's job is almost impossible. Bad habits like jerking off thinking about girls, talking to girls, and being cocky, arrogant studs.

So Coach has formed a close relationship with one of his former students who now teaches gym at a middle school. He has instructed the teacher to start the boys' training early. In return, Coach offers scholarships to the boys to his wealthy private high school, and even to well-known universities.


So what does Coach encourage for middle school boys? Well, lots of naked workouts, so the boys get comfortable with their bodies. Boys of that age are so timid about their not yet developed dicks and balls. You know Coach's philosophy break a boy early, and he is yours for life. He encourages lots of really heavy humiliating and degrading sexual hazing. A new boy on the sports team gets stripped bare ass naked outside on the playground in front of girls and guys. He must walk around without covering himself showing his dick to everyone. Boys as young as ten and eleven are made to masturbate for hours on end, and of course, because they cannot shoot yet, they can be kept suffering for a long time. True, they have dry cums, but that’s all part of the fun. The boys are taught that working their dicks is healthy and normal, as long as a boy doesn’t have a cum without permission from Coach.


They are taught to help each other out. Sexual education is also part of Coach's plan. And while the boys are forbidden to speak to girls or hang out with them as it distracts them, they are taught that is perfectly normal to seek comfort and physical pleasure from a buddy. Coach teaches butt fucking early on even though the boys again, may not cum without permission. Coach wants the boys to start to build their lives around other members of their own sex so that during the long hours they will spend training for sports teams they feel satisfied and happy being with other boys. Coach humiliates and degrades boys to break them so he can rebuild them to be better jocks. He explains this to them early on that any bullying and abuse they may get is for their own good.


They have to learn to follow orders without question no matter what it is. Coach is their ultimate master. They must follow his orders even if it goes against their parents' wishes. Coach must become everything to them. This kind of loyalty needs to start in fifth or sixth grade. Only certain boys, of course, are picked for this special training—boys who have the right potential.


Coach likes to train cute boys as well as physically able ones. He feels that cute boys help a team’s profile and moral. He also wants bashful boys, as they have none of that cocky, arrogant teen and pre-teen attitude. Of course, once in a while, if a cocky boy has talent, Coach will enjoy breaking the boy personally.


Even in fifth grade, the boys are put on a stringent regime. They may only piss and shit at certain times. They sleep with plugs up their asses to develop discipline. They have to learn how to orally and anally service the older high school boys. That kind of pecking order is essential in the development of a well-oiled team spirit.


Coach allows the older boys to abuse the younger boys quite severely, as he feels it helps relieve pressure and takes the minds of the older jocks off of their pain and humiliation. Sometimes Coach will give a reward like TV privileges to the high school jock that most creatively abuses a middle school boy. Coach believes that unless a middle school boy has substantial black and blue marks on his body from getting the shit kicked out of him, he's got it too easy.


Boys are often tied bare-ass naked in the school showers and whipped with belts and wet towels. Coach makes sure the boys don't hold back but really let each other have it. If a boy holds back punishing another boy, then he is punished even worse. You would be amazed at how quickly the boys not only adapt to this kind of lifestyle but also actually enjoy it. It thrills them to be able to be sadistic to each other. This quality is in all boys' natures, but Coach can bring it out and use it to make the team better.


Coach makes the boys march around the locker room bare-ass naked with hard-ons. And he makes fun of the boys with the smallest dicks. The boys with the smallest dicks are called pussies and cunts, and they are told they had better work on stretching their cunts for dicks, as they can never be men themselves.


Toilet plungers are shoved up the asses of these sissy boys. And, of course, eventually, the high school boys fuck the tender, tiny, pale asses of the young sissy boys but only cum when Coach permits. That’s usually after a winning game.


Now and then you read about a scandal of teen and pre-teen torture erupting in some school or other because of hazing. Why is Coach safe, when his teaching methods are so extreme? Two reasons. His boys are loyal .and his teams win! A school can turn a blind eye to many things if they help the school image and bring in donations.