Clay's Swimming Teacher

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It’s not easy being a single dad. When my wife left and left me with my five-year-old son, I was first devastated and then determined to be the best father I could. I wanted love in my own life, but I even put aside dating and looking for a new woman for myself, so that I could be there for my son. Fortunately, I had a perfect job and could often work from home. I was at the computer when my eight-year-old son ran in from his swimming lesson, slamming the door behind him and headed for his upstairs bedroom.

“Hi, Tiger, how was swimming? I asked.

“Great, Dad. I learned all kinds of neat stuff.”
He was up the stairs in a flash. I only caught a glimpse of him, bare legged and barefooted in his baggy swimsuit, his torso pale, thin and naked, a perfectly beautiful little eight-year-old boy.
“Great, I want you to tell me about it,” I shouted after him.
Then I heard a knock at the screen door. It was a gentle, somewhat hesitant knock. I turned my head to see the tall, muscular frame of Sean, Clay’s swim teacher, through the mesh of the door.
“Hi, Sean, come on in.”
Sean was twenty-four and a really personable young man. He was a college grad just starting his own web design business. As a side job during the summer, Sean taught swimming to some of the kids in the neighborhood. He opened the door and entered. He was dressed in only his own baggy swimsuit, and it looked a bit wet. The lessons were taught in the Anderson’s pool two houses down. Sean was really well built. His chest rolled with muscle, and his shoulders were broad. He had an intelligent college grad kind of all American face, with perfect teeth and a cocky smile. He was well spoken and polite.
“Could I talk to you for a minute, Mr. Morgan?” he asked me.
“Sure thing. What’s up? Did Clay spray that Johnson girl with water again?”
I couldn’t help but smile. Such trivial things became important neighborhood business. Sean grinned his handsome smile.
“No, nothing like that. This is kind of personal.”
He sat on the couch, big naked feet spread, his body almost a work of art. I turned in my computer chair and faced him.
“Shoot. What can I help you with?”
“I’m going to be blunt, Mr. Morgan and come right to the point. I have been agonizing over this for weeks now, and the only way to deal with it is to be upfront with you. Mr. Morgan, how do you feel about gays?”
That threw me for a loop. Thoughts raced through my head. Was this well-built stud gay, and was he trying to hit on me? I was only twenty-seven years old, just three years older than he was, so I guess it was possible he was attracted to me. Still, I had never given him any indication at all that my interests went that way. I mean, I had been a married man.
“Eh…I feel okay about gays. I am heterosexual myself, always have been. I’ve never had a gay experience, but I certainly have no prejudices against those who desire that kind of thing. I even believe in gay marriage.”
I could see him physically relax.
“That’s great, Mr. Morgan. That makes me feel so much better about what I have to tell you.” He took a deep breath. He looked down at his feet, and it was then that he notices that his swimsuit was getting my couch wet. He stood up. “Oh gosh, my suit has gotten your sofa all wet.”
I smiled. “That’s okay, it’s just water.”
“Yeah but, chlorine and all. I better take my suit off.”
Before I could say anything, he peeled down his swimsuit and with one large foot kicked it toward the door. My mouth dropped open. I swear to God, in all my years I have never seen anything like the dick on Sean Weathersby. I have of course seen penises on the internet. I have seen the occasional Negro penis with comments on how this or that stud was hung like a horse. I have only seen these, I might add on straight sites where the dudes were fucking well-built babes. I have never indulged in gay sites of any kind. But here this tall, muscular young man stood before me with a dick the likes of which I had never seen. I would not have believed such dicks existed. It was as thick as his arm, filled with wrinkles of cock flesh and it hung over seven inches flaccid. The balls were equally massive. Did Sean catch me staring? If so, he said nothing but sat back down on the couch. He must have been used to getting stares at school or at the gym. I noticed that when he did sit down, he spread his legs quite wide and his dick and balls hung over the edge of the couch. I became terrified for one instant that he was going to hit on me. What would I say? How could I gracefully get out of this? I knew my son, and the other kids idolized this guy. I didn’t want to cause any kind of trouble.
“Well, the thing is Mr. Morgan, I’m gay. It’s taken me quite a few years to admit that even to myself. In high school, I fucked a lot of girls. And it wasn’t until college that I realized my attraction was to other dudes.” He looked down. “Gosh, sir, this is more difficult than I thought it would be.”
What was I to do? I certainly didn’t want to encourage him. But I didn’t want to hurt his feelings either.
“How can I help you?”
“Well, sir, “His face was so earnest, so youthful and honest. “The thing is that I think I’m in love.”
I shifted nervously in my chair.
“Is it someone I know?”
I looked at his large toes curling in my rug. He had those beautiful perfectly arched feet that you see on some athletes. As his chest rose and fell, I felt my eyes drawn to his full pouty nipples, not in a sexual way, but in appreciation of what a fine specimen of manhood he was. He was movie star handsome, no doubt about it.
“Yes, sir, it’s someone you know.”
He shifted his body, and his fat dick wobbled and shook. It was really quite grotesque in its girth and heft. How could any high school girl ever take that? I wanted to ask him but refrained.
“Someone in the neighborhood?” I asked praying he would not say it was me.
He looked me in the eyes, his own dark, and flashing. He wrinkled up his cute nose as he tried to summon his courage.
“Sir, I have to be blunt. I’m in love with Clay.”
I blinked.
“Clay who?”
He blinked.
“Your son…Clay.”
You could have scraped me off the carpet. Did I hear right? Was I dreaming? I was too stunned to be angry. My mouth moved, but the words had difficulty forming.
“You are in love with my eight-year-old son, Clay?”
He tiled his head to one side in a gesture that made him look like a kid himself.
“I know it’s crazy. I know it’s unconventional. But love is love. I have been in love with him ever since we started lessons in June. At first, I tried to ignore my feelings. I told myself to screw my head on and behave like a responsible adult. I punished myself. But nothing helped. It got so bad that every time I even just saw him in his swimsuit, I would get the most painful hard-on. And when I had to touch him, to help him with his strokes or stuff, I would be in agony. His soft, smooth, thin little body drives me nuts. And his ass! Mr. Morgan, do you know what your son’s ass does to me?”
His look was now one of pleading, of one who seeks understanding and compassion.
“Sean, I don’t know what to say. You are twenty-four. My son has just turned eight!”
He hung his head and wrung his hands.
“Like I said, I know it’s unconventional.”
“Unconventional? It’s perverted is what it is. You can’t be in love with a little boy.”
He blinked and gulped. Were those tears in his eyes?
“I thought you said you didn’t mind gays.”
“Gays? I don’t mind gays. You are saying you are in love with my eight-year-old son!”
“He is very mature for his age. And you know that because of the internet and stuff, kids know much more now at a young age than ever.”
I stood up. I didn’t know if I wanted to hit the dude or what. I looked down at him sitting there with his huge prick swinging.
“Do you hear what you are saying?”
“Please, sir. Try to stay calm. This is not easy for me either. I didn’t want to go behind your back, and every time I let my hand slide inside Clay’s swimsuit to feel his beautiful smooth pale ass cheeks and his deep little crack, I felt guilty.”
I sat back down. I didn’t know what else to do. I jaw hung slack, and I must have looked like an idiot.
“Look, sir, this is a new age and a new time. Things happen much faster now than when you and I were kids. I have strong feelings for your son, and I think I can be a terrific influence on him. I want to take him out and show him things. I want to help him with his school work, and if you will let me become a part of your family.”
“You want to date my eight-year-old son?”
I tried to get it through my head. I swear I did.
He smiled, and his face brightened.
“I feel that it’s much more than just dating. Your son is special to me. I have had to face the reality that I am not only gay but that I like my partners to be young. Quite young in fact. This is a burden that I will have to live with. I want to do the right thing. I think that Clay will be able to make me quite happy, at least until he reaches thirteen or so when I may lose interest in him physically.”
“You’re saying thirteen is too old for you?”
I shook my head, trying to clear it.
“Well, and I’m being candid with you, sir. I hope you realize that. I trust you. When a boy’s balls drop, and he starts to develop hair on his body, I kind of get turned off. I think you can understand that. And I assume that as Clay matures, he will develop other interests and attractions as well. I would never want to keep him from meaningful life experiences. But if you will give your permission, I can have four good years with him, and with you and him as a part of your family.”
“And what would that entail, becoming part of our family?” I was curious to know what he meant.
“Well, I would like to move in here with you. I would share Clay’s room with him.”
“You would sleep with my eight-year-old son? Have sex with him?”
 “Isn’t that a normal part of any meaningful relationship. I mean I have a really powerful sex drive. I need to have sex three or four times a day. I go nuts if I don’t.”
“So you would live here and have sex three or four times a day with my eight-year-old boy?”
He nodded. Was that a blush I saw on his handsome face? He looked at the floor again.
“Well, this is part of the problem, sir. This is where the difficulty comes in. As you can see, I have a huge dick. Quite honestly, I have trouble finding adults who could take it. I lost more than one girl and boyfriend because of the pain I caused trying to fuck them. It’s not my fault. I didn’t ask to have such a fucking big dick and balls. But I have this healthy sex drive and tell me honestly, Mr. Morgan. Don’t I deserve sexual pleasure just like anyone else?”
As he spoke, his massive hunk of fuckmeat began to erect. It grew even thicker and longer. I could honestly not believe my eyes.
“Well, certainly you deserve a happy sex life but...”
“I knew you’d understand and see it my way. I knew you were a first class guy. I swear to you, sir, I will be so good to your son. And as far as sex is concerned, I will go easy. I admit that sometimes when I fuck that I get carried away, and I get too rough. But I promise you, things will be different with Clay. I will go real easy with him at first.”
“You’re going to fuck my son? You are going to fuck my eight-year-old son in the ass with that enormous dick of yours, is that what you are saying?”
The big dick was over ten inches long now and leaking on my carpet. I could not take my eyes off of it.
“I’m going to need your help at first, you know, as his father. You may have to calm him and hold him down. I know that no matter how gentle I am, my dick is going to hurt the kid like hell. I mean, look at this fucker, it’s as big as my forearm. I won’t fuck him balls deep right away, I know that I have to work his little intestines and bowels gently to accept it, but there is nothing I can do about the thickness of my fucker. He’s just going to have to learn to take it. That’s where you can help. You can talk to him and soothe him.
“You know how little boys are. He may even change his mind temporarily about how much he loves me, you know, when the pain gets too extreme. But if you can help us get over that hump, I know he will be devoted me once again. And I swear to you, sir, that before I even try to shove my dick into his sweet little asshole, I will stretch the fuck out of it with my fingers and maybe some cucumbers or whatever to get it loose enough to take me. The honest truth is that I was scared shitless that once you saw my dick, you might not let me date Clay.” He smiled that innocent little boy smile, but his big fat cock throbbed and leaked. He looked down. “Sorry, I tend to leak a lot.”
I know now that I was in shock.
“I don’t know what to say, Sean. The thought of my sweet little boy getting ass fucked by that dick terrifies me. You could ruin him for life.”
Sean shook his handsome head.
“I promise I’ll go slowly. The same with cocksucking, I’ll start Clay out just on the head. You know, tonguing the piss slit and tasting my fuck leak and stuff. He can lick my dick while I work fingers in and out of his asshole. And you can supervise the whole thing to make sure I don’t get too carried away. It’ll probably be a week or more before I actually get my dickhead into his rectum. I keep telling myself, I got to go slow. I don’t want to fuck this up. Your son really means everything to me. You can watch me fuck him all you want to make sure I am doing things right.”
I pictured this muscular hunk plowing his massive prick into the tiny ass of my eight-year-old boy.
“What about Clay? How does he feel about all of this?”
“Oh, you know how little boys are, sir. One day they love something, and the next they don’t. I’m going to need your help. He was fine when I kissed him and shoved my tongue down his throat. He giggled and laughed, and we swapped spit. Yesterday at the Andersons, he went into the bathroom to pee. I went after him. I hauled out my big dick and started to piss next to him into the toilet. Of course, he was shy, but he couldn’t take his eyes off my big fat horse dick. Like father, like son, huh?” he winked at me, catching me staring at the big pink fucker. “Anyway, he was fine with that. So just for fun, I started to piss on him a little. You know he is so small that he can suck my dick standing up in front of me. So my dick was face level, and I just turned and pissed right into his face. Well, he did not like that at all. He started to cry, and it took me thirty minutes to get him to calm down.”
I now imagined the big dick pissing right into my son’s face.
“I am not surprised.”
“So I am probably going to need your help when it comes to stuff like piss games. I love to piss up a kid’s ass. Nothing like it. When they are really young, and you get a good piss going, their little tummies swell up like they’re pregnant. So what do you say, sir? May I please date your son, Clay?”
He reached down and started to stroke his fucker. He smiled. For some reason, I felt my own dick erecting.
“I can watch you fuck? To make sure you play safe.”
“Anytime you want, sir. In fact, you can join in. As to playing safe, I don’t use a condom if that’s what you mean. It ruins the feel of the little boy ass lining on my dick skin. I’m sure you understand.”
I swallowed.
“Eh...how exactly would I join in?”
“Any way you like, sir. You can suck this big fucker if you like. Or you can shove your dick in Clay’s sweet little mouth while I fuck the shit out of his ass and then we can change places. I’m not the jealous type, sir, as long as it’s his father. We can put him in the bathtub and both piss on him together. All kinds of fun stuff.”
I must have been silent for five minutes. Then...”Well, I suppose you’d better go and get your stuff if you are going to move in here.”
He stood, his fuckmeat bouncing and throbbing.
“You won’t regret this, Mr. Morgan.”
And do you know what? I have not!