Christmas Altercation

(MB) (anal, oral, ws) (humil, nc) (inc)

Danny stomped into his bedroom on his fine big naked feet and slammed the door. Okay, I am not the easiest guy to get along with, but then neither is he. It’s amazing that we have gotten along as well as it is for these three years since my brother and his wife were killed in that auto accident and I took their nine-year-old son in to live with me. I tried to be the perfect uncle and guardian. I didn’t fuck him for almost three months. Not that the little slut wasn’t ready for it. Danny was hungry for cock from day one—cock and love. Having a twelve-year-old boy for your lover is not the easiest thing, as I say, especially when you are forty-five and set in your ways.

Danny was really pissed—again. He used to cry when he got angry with me, but not so much now. He’s a big boy now, five foot two, slender, boyish body, black hair, pale, smooth skin, pomegranate lips and flashing eyes, a real beauty. At school, he’s only in the sixth grade, and already the cunts are beginning to drip for him. “Oh, Danny, come and eat over here at our table. Danny, can you come to the game on Saturday?” Shit like that. Of course, other than a polite social conversation in the classroom, Danny is forbidden to have any involvement with the boys or girls of his school. He knows it is too dangerous to our relationship. He has no phone calls and no friends over. He has no need for kids his age. He has me.

I opened the door to Danny’s room. He was lying bare-assed on his bed pouting as usual. He seldom used the bed for much else since he slept every night in my bed with my dick in his mouth or ass most of the night. I enjoy the warm comfy feeling of my cock in an ass or mouth while I sleep, so I’d trained him to keep me in one of his holes all night even while he slept. His ass mounds, hard and young with skin as soft as velvet, looked particularly tempting now with him stretched out on the black bedspread. I walked to the bed, sat next to him, and stroked his ass cheeks.


“What’s the matter, Danny. You know I love you. You know you’re the only thing in the whole fucking world I love.”


“Oh, sure,” he said.


A mouth full of spit drooled out onto the pillow. He had been crying for the first time in ever so long. Good. It would do him good. Crying keeps boys young and vulnerable. Suddenly, he flipped over on his back, and I got a hardon staring at his lovely pink nipples, his flat tummy, his few sprinkles of pubic bush and his just developing prick and balls.


“You say you love me. Then why do you always have to go and ruin it? Don’t I do everything you ask? Don’t I go bare-assed around the house all the time just because you like to see me that way? Don’t I sit with heels up and my legs spread all the time just because you like how sexy it looks? Jesus, Dale, I even eat my meals out of a doggie dish on the floor sometimes because it’s a turn on for you. I do everything you tell me to. I never shit or piss without you or one of your friends watching. I love you so much, and you just treat me like shit.”


“What did I do now?” I asked pretending innocence.


“What did you do?”


He wiped the tears and spit from his face with one hand. My fucking god he was beautiful. Is beautiful.


“You told me you had this really good friend who had lost his lover and was really sad and suicidal, and would I please, please, let the guy fuck me to help him out. I am so stupid to always agree to this kind of shit. Turns out the guy was a seven-foot-tall black man who not only fucks my ass with his twelve-inch cock until I can’t walk, but pisses up my ass and in my face, slaps me around, and sticks pins into my ball sack.”


“Danny, I can explain all that. The guy got a little carried away is all. He thought you were so beautiful; he couldn’t control himself.”


He sat up. His smooth pale skin reflected in the Starwars lamp.


“Fuck that!” he said.


I encouraged him to use foul language whenever possible as I think it is charming on a young boy.


“That isn’t the worst part, and you know it. After he’s through with me, and I am laying there sore and covered in piss and crying, I find out he isn’t even your friend. He doesn’t even know your fucking name. He’s some dude you met in a bar.”


“Danny, that doesn’t mean he isn’t my friend. We had a really nice conversation. I even bought him a drink. So you helped to make some lonesome dude feel good by giving him a little boy pussy. So is that so bad? Are you getting that spoiled and selfish that you can’t make somebody else feel good?”


“Dale, that’s the fourth guy you let fuck me this month. The fourth strange guy. You’re just getting your kicks from this, and you know it. And I love you so fucking much.”


“Danny, I love you too. You know that. Sometimes, I want you to experience other guys so that you don’t feel I am keeping you selfishly for myself. I want you to have other experiences so you can choose me willingly. It’s for your own good, for the good of our relationship.”


“Yeah, sure, but you don’t let me talk to kids my own age. You bring drunken guys home to fuck my ass, and your buddies are always fondling me and sticking their fingers up my hole and stuff, and that’s okay, but I can’t even talk to a boy or girl at school.”


Now I eased a finger, then two into his moist warm asshole. He spread his legs for me, looking up into my eyes.


“Danny, you know how I feel about that. You have been through a lot these last few years since your mom and dad died. I feel strongly that friends your age might corrupt you. Besides we have lots of fun, don’t we?”


“Yeah, when you aren’t doing something rotten to me like setting me up with this mean black dude. And then the worst part, I come home, dragging my fucked out ass, hardly able to walk, stinking like piss cause he wouldn’t let me shower, and what do I find here at home? I walk in, and you’re naked in bed, fucking the ass of a nine-year-old boy!”


I am finger fucking him now and playing with his nipples. His legs are up and open.


“Danny, I can explain that. This friend of mine is having trouble with his son, so he asked me to discipline the boy. That’s why he was tied with the gag and all. I didn’t expect you back so soon.”


“Your eight and a half inches is up the tiny ass of a screaming nine-year-old kid gagged with my dirty underpants. You’re telling the kid what a good boy he is to take all that dick and how much you love him. What the fuck am I supposed to think.”


I’m finger fucking him good and deep now.


“Aw, Danny, you know I only love you. I was just trying to get the kid to relax. I was helping out a buddy. He wants to fuck his son. He loves him like I love you. He wants a beautiful relationship like we have, and the kid is just a total bastard about it. He won’t suck cock or anything. I don’t even like the kid. He’s too skinny. You know I love only you.”


“Then why did you make me suck your cum out of the nine-year-old boy’s asshole?”


“Because I thought it would make a great picture for the website, and it does. I gotta make a living somehow, Danny.”


“Don’t you make enough money on the live webcam you have on me all the time? I get no privacy.”


“Here let me get a third finger in. Danny, you have lots of friends all around the world who love you very much and want to watch every little thing you do. The webcam has only been up for three days, and already I’ve gotten thousands of responses and requests for things for you to do. Use your sphincter muscles, Danny.”


“Yeah, that’s another thing. I read some of those requests. They’re really sick. Some of those guys actually want to see me have sex with a dog. That’s the sickest thing I ever heard of.”


“Yeah, I wanna talk to you about that Danny, but we’ll wait until after the holidays.”


While I love to fuck Danny dry and watch him squirm around like a butterfly on a pin, this wasn’t the time or place, so I put some spit on my dick and then pressed my big cockhead against the button of his boy-pussy.


“Remember when I first fucked you? You thought that was really gross and sick. Sex is like that, Danny. Lots of things seem really freaky and far out until we actually try them for a while, then we really get to love them. Like drinking my piss. Remember how you got sick and threw up at first and cried and cried. Now you drink a nice big glass of healthy piss each morning before school and have learned to like it.”


“I don’t like it. Easy, go easy with your cock. You always fuck so damn rough. I don’t like the piss. I drink it because it makes you happy and it’s your piss, and you tell me if I really love you I’ll drink your piss.”


“Keep your legs up and spread like a whore. That’s better. But you gotta admit that it doesn’t taste so bad anymore. My, my, I think your balls are getting bigger, Danny. At this rate, you’ll have fucking bull balls by the time you are fourteen. And your dick seems bigger too. I think it’s time to get out the old measuring tape again and take some new pics for the website.”


I fucked him as deep as I could until my big nuts slapped against his boy flesh and then I pulled out and sat on his chest and fed him ass slick dick.


“You know I love you, Danny. You take everything too seriously. You’re too sensitive, that’s your problem. Relax your throat. You’re the best, the very best cocksucker I ever had, Danny. I’m going to give you your Christmas present early. Well part of your present anyway, the boys on the internet want to see you fuck your ass with a nice big dildo so for Christmas I got you that thirteen-inch black one that we looked at. You know the one you said looked really scary. I figure we can do a special Christmas show on the webcam this afternoon.”


Danny tried to protest as he always did that the dildo was far too large and also that he didn’t like having to do things like that on the internet where thousands of guys could see him fuck his little twelve-year-old ass, but he only made gagging sounds since my prick was down his throat drooling pre-cum into his stomach.


“And you know, what I want for Christmas, Danny, I hope you don’t let me down. I want a really romantic sex video of you and Al’s boy. You know, six-year-old Marky. I know you hate to do that kind of stuff with little kids, but I would really love a very special video, one where you really fuck the kid nice and hard and piss in his mouth and all the fun stuff you can think of. You can be so creative when you want to be. Al says the little boy thinks the world of you and kind of idolizes you and will do whatever you say. So please, please, Danny, if you love me, call Al and surprise me with a special really kinky video. That would prove to me that you really love me.


“God your mouth looks beautiful around my dick. I wish you never had to grow up. I just know this is going to be the best Christmas of all.”