Chats with Sean

(Mmb) (anal, oral, scat, ws) (humil) (reluc)
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dale10: Hi, Sean. Thanks for the nice words about my stories. I’m glad you enjoy them. Where did you find them?

Sean: Dale10, I can’t believe I’m chatting with you, dude. You’re so fucking awesome. I found your stories by surfing the web. First one by accident, then I started to hunt for them like a madman.

dale10: Well, you not only found the stories but me as well.

Sean: I need to know are some of them true. Please say yes. Do you actually do that nasty shit to dudes my age and younger? Please say yes.

dale10: Yes.

Sean: Ha! I blew that didn’t I by asking you to say yes? Now I’ll never know.

dale10: Who knows, you might!!!!!

Sean: Holy shit, you mean that?

dale10: You never know.

Sean: I now have the hardest boner of my whole fucking life.

dale10: Too bad, I can’t see it. Care to share?

Sean: I have never done anything like that. I have a very plain pic on Facebook. I’m really pretty shy. Nobody knows about the secret me in my mind. Well, now, you do.

dale10: Are you really interested in the kinds of stuff in my stories? I can get pretty rough for a boy, and damned humiliating.

Sean: I’m still hard, so I guess, yeah!

dale10: Tell me about yourself.

Sean: I’m sixteen. High school junior in the fall. Don’t know what I’m into sexually, except I’m into your stories.

dale10: Ever fuck a bitch?

Sean: You want me to blow a load, don’t you? All right, no, I have never fucked a bitch.

dale10: Shame on you, seventeen and never fucked cunt. Other dudes are fucking cunt at thirteen.

Sean: Like I said, I’m shy. And I guess my school must be conservative.


dale10: No, you just don’t know what’s going on. Ever suck any dick?


Sean: Duh!!!!! No!!!! I have thought about every kind of sex when I jerk off, but that’s about it.


dale10: Have you thought about sucking on a nice big fat dick?


Sean: Yes.


Dale: Well, that’s a start, isn’t it? Have you ever thought about getting a big fat dick up your ass?


Sean: I have thought about all that junk and jerk off to it all the time. But I have never done much of anything.


dale10: What do you mean, much? What have you done?


Sean: I never told anyone. I jerked off with my best friend when we’re fourteen and fifteen a lot. We even jerked each other’s dicks.


dale10: Why didn’t you suck? It can be so much fun at that age.


Sean: I guess we’re too scared. We talked about how it would feel, though.


dale10: Is this dude still your friend?


Sean: Yeah, but he has a girlfriend now.


dale10: Why not invite him over and try for a dick suck. Has he got a nice dick?


Sean: I haven’t seen it in a while, but he did. It’s probably bigger now.


dale10: Why not go for it.


Sean: I’m so fucking scared.


dale10: Maybe, I can help you get over your fears.


Sean: Please. Please. Please. Please.


dale10: First, I need to see what you look like. Send me a pic.


Sean: There is nothing special about me.


dale10: But I want to see you.


Sean: Maybe you won’t like me then. The dudes in your stories are always hot.


dale10: Let me be the judge of that. Send me a pic. Now!


Sean: I look stupid. Here.


Sean sends head shot.


dale10: Sean, you’re a very nice looking boy. I must admit that, for a boy as nice looking as you are, I’m amazed that you’re not fucking at least a couple of times a week. If you think you’re gay, Sean, you could be sucking off half the football team with your cute face. I’ll bet the jocks would love to ram their sweaty dicks into your mouth.


Sean: If you keep up like that, I’m going to lose control. Do you really think the jocks would like me? I’m in choir and art.


dale10: I’ll bet some of those jocks masturbate their dicks thinking about you.


Sean: No way. 


dale10: Way! You’d be surprised. You got to go for it, my boy. Live a little.


Sean: Yeah, and get the crap beaten out of me.


dale10: This is a new age. Gay boys like you’re celebrities now. You’re the new “hot.” You just need to be not so shy. Tell you what, send me a pic of you right now chatting with me, but strip naked first.


Sean: You’re freaking me out.


dale10: Come on. You don’t need to show me everything. Just let me know you’re naked and let me see that you’re bare on top, but swear to me that you really are totally bare-assed. One thing you must always be if we’re going to be friends is honest with me. I can’t stand liars. So stand up, strip down and let that hard dick breathe. Then sit down and send me a pic.


Sean: My mom’s downstairs.


dale10: But she is not in the room with you, so she won’t get all wet in the panties seeing you naked. She’s probably got the hots for you too.


Sean: That’s sick. 


dale10: No, that’s the reality. Many moms wish their sons would fuck the shit out of them. Some of them try to sneak glances of their son’s dicks. Anyway, she’s not there, so strip down.


Sean: Okay, I’m naked. And my cock is very hard and a little wet.


dale10: Good boy. You should try to keep it hard and wet as much as possible. How often do you masturbate?


Sean: Usually, two times, sometimes three times a day, but I play with it a lot in between. I actually rubbed the crotch of some of my pants white. Talk about embarrassing. I didn’t realize it until one day I saw in the mirror that my jeans were all rubbed through at the crotch.


dale10: Nothing to worry about since that happens to lots of dudes your age. And you can be sure your mom saw it when she washed your pants. She probably finds dick leak in your shorts too.


Sean: Oh, God, that’s so embarrassing, what can I do?


dale10: Nothing. She probably sucks the cock slime out of your underpants before she washes them. Let her have some fun.


Sean: I don’t want to think of my mom that way.


dale10: I’m just trying to help you grow up and face reality. You say you love my stories. Well, they are about all the real sexual things that go on in the world, not sugar coated. I want you to write a bio for me, telling me all about yourself, your interests, your friends, and your family. Let me know all about you. Then I’ll determine if maybe we can even meet up sometime. At the very least, I can help you with our chats. I want you to feel free to tell me and ask me anything. Now send me that pic. Let me see how good looking you really are.


Sean: I don’t have muscles or anything. I guess I’m a nerd.


dale10: Some people prefer nice smooth bodies to bulky muscular ones, especially on a boy your age. Send me the pic.


Sean: Here. I hate my looks.


Sean sends photo showing naked upper body.


dale10: And I like them very, very much.


Sean: You do? Do you think anyone at my school would like my looks?


dale10: I can’t say, as I never want to tell you anything I’m not sure of and can be honest about, but I would bet they could and would and do. Then again, because you look very sensitive, perhaps it takes a more mature man to appreciate your looks. You might appeal more to slightly older dudes.


Sean: Have you really made boys do all that gross stuff in your stories?


dale10: Depends what you mean by gross.


Sean: Well, not just sucking and fucking, but you know toilet stuff  and being naked in public and stuff with animals and pain.


dale10: Yes.


Sean: Oh.


dale10: Does that scare you?


Sean: Yes.


dale10: So much that if you don’t want to talk to me anymore, it’s okay.


Sean: No. It scares me, but it also excites me very much.


dale10: That’s good to hear. That tells me you’re a very special kind of boy. I really like your pic. I’m going to masturbate looking at it.


Sean: I got to go for tonight, but may I please chat with you more tomorrow?


dale10: You know I’m a very busy man, and I get lots of fan mail from boys your age, but I really do like you. I’ll make time to chat with you because I might ask you to do some things for me. I also need to get that bio. I need to learn about you so I can trust you.


Sean: You can trust me.


dale10: We’ll see. Play with your dick for me.


Sean: If I touch it, I’ll shoot.


Dale10: That’s fine. Go ahead and shoot. However, in the future, I want you to control your orgasms. I want you to be able to build up your cum in your sacks for me. Control is a big part of sex.


Sean: I need lots of help when it comes to sex. You’re the expert.


dale10: We’ll see. Now, I want you to masturbate your dick. I want you to pump it until it shoots, and I want you to think about what one thing in my stories turns you on more than anything else does.


Sean: Oh, God, I’m cumming. I’m cumming so hard. Oh, shit, I never had a cum like that. I shot all over the keyboard. I got to get this mess cleaned up. Oh, thank you.


dale10: What did you think of?


Sean: I guess like making a kid do things in front of other kids from his school or at the mall. You know, making him dress, so he looked like a faggot or his dick showed or making him like lick toilets or something. It all turns me on, honest. You’re the man!


dale10: Have you ever tasted your sperm?


Sean: I licked a little off my finger once.


dale10: As you clean up your mess, I want you to lick some of it up, not off your finger. Put your face down to your desk, stick out your tongue, and lick it up. I’m going to go now and leave you to your work. We’ll talk more tomorrow if you send me a bio.


Sean: Don’t forget about me.


dale10: Oh, I won’t!