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Unknown Author

My name's Charlie. I decided I wanted to tell you folks about who I am. Why? Because I want to; I want you all to know about me. What the hell, you don't know my last name or anything about me, so if I tell you about some of the things I have done (or may have done) what the hell can you do about it if you don't like it?

I caught little Johnny on his way home from school one day. He's a good-looking boy that caught my eye. Once he had my eye, he got my dick’s attention too. I got hard as a goddamn rock when I saw his cute, little ass all wrapped up in those tight jeans! Johnny is eight years old and just at the right age to start turning heads if you know what I mean. If you aren't a man and attracted to the young’uns, you probably don't understand.


I watched him for about a week, got to know his route home from school, who he talked to and played with, the stops he made. I saw that he had to go by the edge of a heavily wooded park on his way home and he often walked home alone. All I had to do was wait behind the trees for him to come by alone. The day that I got him, I stepped out of the woods and just grabbed him. He was in the trunk of my car in a heartbeat, and I was well on my way away from his home and family.

I don't have a home or even a home base. I travel around and do odd jobs here and there to live. I have other ways of making money too. None of them legal. When I see a boy I want, I take him. I have no fear of being caught as I am not in any one place long enough nor do I hit the same place twice for a young one anyway.


I stopped at a motel that rented cabins, about four hundred miles from little Johnny's home. I rented a secluded cabin and drove on up to it. I hauled Johnny out of the trunk along with my "little bag of tricks." He was scared, and he was damn mad. Can't say that I blame him, but hell, he shouldn't have been walking alone. I carried him kicking and screaming into the cabin. No one was around to hear his screams. Once inside I threw him on the old bed in the corner. He crawled up into the corner of the bed and cried.


I smiled and told him, "We're going to have some fun, Johnny. Just you and I. You're going to learn a lot of new things in the next day or so. Hell, you might even like what I am going to do to you!" Though I doubted that, I said it anyway.


I undressed slowly, watching his eyes grow large and full of fear. Fear, I could smell it on him, and soon I would taste it. I dropped my pants, shorts and all and stepped out of them. Johnny caught sight of my cock. I am proud to say it is rather nice, you know, long and thick. I measured it once, and it came in at nine inches long and six around. As I said, I'm proud of it! Johnny's eyes got huge when I grabbed my cock and began to pump it as I approached the bed.


"This big ol’ cock is for you Johnny boy. You're going to suck it like a lollipop, suck it and drink the hot cum you make me shoot. Then I'm going to shove it up your butt and fuck you good and hard. Now come over here boy, get those sweet lips on my cock!" I said as I grabbed at him. He scrambled away from me. "Damn it! Get over here! Get over here and suck my cock!" I yelled at him.


I hated it when they didn't have enough sense to do as they were told! He got off the bed and ran to the door of the cabin. I got there as he opened it and slammed it shut again. I grabbed at him, and this time I caught him. I picked him up by his collar and lifted him straight into the air. I am, by the way, a rather large man by any standard. I am six foot five and weigh two-hundred and forty pounds, and not an ounce of fat anywhere. I keep myself fit. As I held him in the air, I grabbed his clothes and began ripping them off. I wanted him naked. I wanted to see his tiny boy cock to see what I was getting. He yelled and kicked at me, and some of those kicks landed and actually caused discomfort. Nothing compared to what he was about to feel though. Now that I had him naked I grabbed his little cock and balls and squeezed. He screamed, and I laughed.


"Now see what you made me do? You forced me to squeeze your little jewels because you don't want to suck on my cock. Now, are you going to do as I tell you to do and open your mouth for my cock?"


He shook his head no, and I squeezed his little balls again.


"I can keep squeezing your balls boy, or you can take my cock in your mouth. It's up to you."


He didn't respond right away. He could hardly breathe with the pain in his balls. I began to squeeze them again.


He screamed, "No!! Don't hurt me! I'll do what you want me to do!"


I released his balls and let him drop to the floor. I grinned at him and said, "Then do it, open your mouth and slide it over my cock! Don't even think about biting me, I'll kill you if you do!"


I watched as he opened his mouth as wide as he could and took my throbbing cock between his lips.


"Umm yes, that's nice. So sweet! Oh yeah, that's the way. Get that mouth on my cock!"


He slid his mouth over the head of my cock, and I swear my knees got weak watching him do it! He's a beautiful little boy!


"Now, start sucking on it. Come on you can do it. Suck my big ol' cock! Suck it for me!"


He began to suck. I groaned. I put one hand on his head and just held it there as he started to bob up and down on my cock. I grabbed my cock with my other hand and began to jack it off. He gagged as my pre-cum began to flow and he got a healthy dose of it on his little tongue.


"Now it's not that bad boy! You'll learn to like it, trust me, you will have to learn to like it!"


I began to pump my cock into him, feeling the cum boil up in my balls.


"Suck boy! Suck harder, harder! Suck my cock you little bitch boy!"


He damn near choked when I pulled his head down and thrust into his mouth, letting my hot load go into his throat.


"Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! What a little cock sucker you are! Umm yes, good! Good little cock sucker! Drink it, drink my cum boy. Swallow it down!" I told him.


I kept shooting and shooting, filling his mouth, making him swallow it and filling his belly. I kept right on cumming for I don't know how long until my cock went soft between his little lips. He had cried the whole time. I liked that. He would cry a great deal more before I was finished with him! My cock was soft, and he still kept his mouth on it, still kept sucking. In a matter of a minute, I was getting hard again. It always happened this way, the first time I was with a new boy, my cock would get hard this fast again and again for the first day or so. I just kept pumping into his little mouth enjoying the sight of his delicate, sweet, little lips wrapped around my member. I let him suck for another couple of minutes then pulled my cock from his mouth.


I wanted much more than the ordinary blowjob. Hell, any bitch on the street would do that for the right price. No, I wanted much more from little Johnny. I grabbed him by his hair and pulled him to his feet. I ran my hand up and down his cute, little boy body. He flinched when I cupped his balls. I didn't squeeze them this time, not yet. I pushed him to the floor on his tight, little, virgin ass and told him to stay there. He was scared enough that he stayed. Opening the bag, I'd brought in I took out a very large hook with a screw end. He watched as I went to the doorway to the bathroom and screwed the hook above the door into the jamb. I took a length of rope from the bag, and then took both of his hands in one of mine and pulled them high over his head. I tied them together then lifted him up and put the rope over the hook above the door. He now hung there, his feet clear of the floor. I could reach out and spin him around if I wanted to.


Huge tears dripped down his cheeks as he hung there watching me. He didn't know what was coming, but he knew it wasn't going to be fun for him. It was, however, going to be fun for ME. Taking a small whip from the bag, I stood in front of him.


"Johnny my boy, you are mine," I said softly as I raised the whip high and brought it down upon his bare little hip.


He screamed. I raised the whip again, and yet again, laying it on his soft tender, oh so sweet, boy skin. I raised a welt with each stroke. He screamed and wiggled, and this turned his body so that I never knew exactly where the whip was going to strike him next. My cock grew harder with each stroke upon his tender flesh, each red rising welt causing my heart to pound faster, his screams and cries of pain thrilling me.


The whip caught his back, his ass, his thighs, his chest, and tummy. He was covered with red stripes from the kiss of my whip. I leaned in and ran my hand over the welts, feeling their heat, the pre-spunk liquid flowing freely from the tip of my cock. He still screamed, even without the stroke of the whip, cried and yelled for his mother and his father.


I kissed his tear stained face and whispered, "I'll be your daddy, Johnny. I'll certainly be your daddy. What do you want daddy to do for you?"


He cried harder and stuttered, "let…t…t m…m…me go hooommme!"


I laughed and covered his lips with mine. I tried to force my tongue between his teeth, but he would have none of that until I whispered to him, "Open your mouth and suck on my tongue when I push it into your mouth. Do it, or I will whip you harder than before, and again, if you bite me, I will kill you!"


He opened his mouth, and I thrust my tongue into it deeply. I felt it as he gingerly sucked on it lightly. I moaned. I tongue fucked his mouth for a full minute before pulling away from him. I raised the whip, his eyes grew large with fear, and he screamed, "NO!"


I brought the whip down right on his tiny, boy penis. He choked on his scream and before he could get his wind, I laid the whip upon that tiny member again, harder. I caught one of his balls with that stroke too, and poor little Johnny passed out from the pain. I dropped the whip and moved to caress him. I held him in my arms, easing some of the pressure on his arms. I held him, his ass pressed up against my cock. While he was out, I slid my cock between his butt cheeks and lubed it with pre-cum. I pushed my cock up against his pink, puckered bud and began to push. He stirred, and moaned. I pulled him back hard against me as I thrust my hips forward.


He screamed the most satisfying scream I'd heard in a very long time when my hard fat cock broke into him and entered halfway in that single thrust. He screamed and struggled. I could feel his asshole as it tried to push my cock out. I loved that feeling. I held onto him tighter and pushed harder, feeling the rest of my cock wedge itself deep inside his once virgin asshole. I could still feel the heat from the welts the whipping had given him. He was screaming, struggling and I was beyond any control. I held him against me with one arm and began fucking his ass hard. Drawing almost all the way out and then taking great pleasure to ram my cock deep into him again. His ass what so hot and so tight! I reached around with my free hand and grabbed his little pecker. I began pulling on it, squeezing it, in time to my thrusts in his ass. Regardless of the pain and humiliation he felt, that slim, little rod began to grow hard in my hand like I knew it would.


"Umm Johnny, you like this! You really like this! Your little rod is all hard! You like being fucked up your butt, don't you! You liked that whipping and now you like your butt fucked! Umm yes, Johnny! Don't you worry, I'm going to fuck you real good. I'm going to fill your belly with all my cum, Johnny!"


Just as I said that I started to cum really hard. I groaned and squeezed Johnny’s tiny pecker harder than before, and when he screamed I dumped my whole wad as deep into his belly as my nine-inch cock could go!


I was exhausted, and he was nearly passed out again. I figured it was time to let him rest, but first I wanted to make sure he understood there would be no mercy on him. I stood before him, my limp cock in my hand.


"Hey Johnny, I got a surprise for you!"


Then I pissed. I aimed my cock at his face and pissed on it, watched it run down his cheeks, over his lips, and down his chest. I had to piss really bad, and by the time I was done, I'd given him a good, hot golden shower.


"Next time I fuck your butt you can lick my cock clean and drink my piss. What do you think of that Johnny?"


He gave no answer, and I realized he was out. I took him down from the hook and lay him on the bed. Taking more rope from the bag, I tied him tightly to the bed. He was going nowhere, not as long as I desired to fuck him anyway.


The kid slept like a log. He was out of it. I know it was because of the shock he felt at being so abused. Even as I lay beside him and watched him sleep, he still sported the red welts of the whip. My cock hardened at the sight of him. I couldn't help it. He was beautiful with those welts! Even his little rod was swollen from the squeezing and the "kiss of the whip.” It was much larger right now than it was before. As I watched him, I wondered if he thought of sleep as an escape from his new reality. I got up from the bed, and even then he didn't stir. So much the better. I reached into my bag of tricks and came up with a piece of fine nylon cording. I sat down on the bed and reached for his small pecker. He finally stirred as I lifted his little balls and ran the cord under them, then up and over his little rod.


I leaned down and licked his little rod, then sucked it into my warm mouth. I sucked him, sliding my mouth up and down, catching his balls between my lips too. His little cock got hard all right! He was beginning to come slowly awake. I think he was enjoying my mouth! I spit his cock out and crossed the ends of the cord and tied them, pulling tight. He came fully awake with a yell. I pulled the cord tighter still. His cries of pain made my cock throb, and it was so hard again!


He tried to wiggle away, but he was firmly tied to the bed. He wasn't going anywhere. He couldn't even turn away from me. I tied a knot in the cord and saw his little pecker and balls tied up tight. I know it hurts. It had to hurt. That was after all the name of my game. I loved the sight of his hard, little rod all tied up! He couldn't lose that little erection if he tried!


Once again I leaned down and caught his cock between my lips. I sucked hard, and he screamed! His cock was so sensitive! So sore and abused! I loved it! I sucked him a little more than climbed on top of him. I slid my huge cock up and down against his, sort of like fucking it. I loved the feel of his hardness against me, and the cording grated deliciously up and down my shaft as I rubbed our cocks together.


I reached down and untied his feet, then lifted his legs up over my arms. This exposed his sweet, little asshole to me. I smiled and pushed my cock against it, and he cried harder.


"This is what fucking is about Johnny. We both know you like my cock in your butt. It made that little pecker of yours hard a little while ago. Don't you love having your little cock all trussed up for me? Sure you do!"


I thrust against his asshole, and my cock slid in. I had no mercy on him as I began to pound into him as hard as I could as fast as I could. I put his right foot on my shoulder and used my free hand to grab his little pecker. I began pulling on it, squeezing it, and he screamed.


"Umm yes! That's it, Johnny. You let me know just how much you like my cock up your butt! The louder you scream, the more I know you love being fucked in the ass!" His cry was instantly choked off, and I grinned. "Bet I can make you scream Johnny. I'm sure I can make you scream so loud, I'll have no doubt that you like my cock fucking your butt!"


He still had huge tears in his eyes, but he was fighting not to scream. I thrust into him deeply, fucked him hard, relentlessly, and still, he did not scream. I was enjoying this! My cock began to throb painfully, and I knew I had to cum soon. I smiled at him and yanked on his hard, tied up little pecker while squeezing it at the same time. He screamed so loud I heard his voice go hoarse! I shoved my spewing cock up his ass as far as I could and held him on it as I filled his guts with my cum for the second time that day! When I'd emptied my balls deep in his little belly, I pulled from his ass. I straddled his face and shoved my cock at his lips.


"Lick it. Lick my cock and clean it up. It's your shit on it, use your tongue and clean it up!" I told him.


He made a face, but his tongue came out, and I felt it touch the tip of my cockhead. I held it for him, pushing it into his mouth, rubbing it all over his tongue. As I watched him lick his shit off of it, I started to piss. He made a face and turned away from me. I grabbed his head and pulled his mouth back to my cock.


"Open your mouth and drink my piss, Johnny! Open it! NOW!" I screamed at him. "You don't open your mouth, and I will grab that little prick of yours and pull it right off!"


He finally relented and opened his mouth. I watched as my piss filled his mouth. I saw him swallow it some of it running down his chin. When I was done, I patted his head.


"That's a good boy, Johnny. You are learning!"


I climbed off him and released the cord from his dick. He screamed as the blood flowing to it made it sting and hurt almost as badly as the whip had. I tied him to the bed so he could move to get comfortable but that was all. He fell asleep right away. I let him rest awhile. This was not easy to do, as it didn't matter how much I'd already cum, I wanted him again anyway. My cock maintained a steady semi-hardon as I watched this beautiful boy sleep.


As he slept, I drove to town to the store. I realized that we hadn't eaten for almost twenty-four hours and that wasn't good. I picked up snacks of all kinds, but nothing that looked like it was for a kid. I left the store and stopped to make a phone call. When I got back to the cabin, Johnny was awake and trying to get loose of the ropes. His eyes grew wide when he saw me, and he started to cry.


"Relax Johnny, I just went to get us something to eat. You are hungry aren't you?"


He nodded, and I tossed him one of those pre-made subs and a bag of chips. I took him a can of soda to wash it all down. I watched as he ate eagerly. He ate as if he was starved! I guess all that sex and fear can do that to a kid.


An hour after he ate I was on him again. I loosened his feet, turned him over onto his stomach, and pulled his ass up in the air. He was already screaming before my big cock found his little butthole and began to sink in. I entered him rather easily having stretched his ass out on my cock twice already. I didn't say anything. I just began slowly pumping in and out of his tight, little ass as my fingers dug into his ass cheeks leaving indents on his flesh. God, but my cock looked so good ramming him! I kept the pace slow, and he cried a lot less. I didn't care if he cried or not right now, I was enjoying the feel of his asshole gripping my big cock. I was getting near to cumming when there was a knock on the cabin door. Three hard raps and one soft one.


"Come in," I called out not even bothering to draw my cock out of little Johnny's asshole.


I knew who was at the door. I grinned at the man who walked in and said, "Mack wasted no time. He must be hard up for new little slaves, eh?"


The man smiled back and said, "Yes, I think he is."


I asked, "Do you have the money?"


All the while I was still fucking Johnny's asshole. The man nodded affirmatively and rubbed his cock beneath his jeans.


"Hey, if you want some of this, feel free man! Mack doesn't care who fucks them or how so long as he gets 'em and they are more alive than dead!"


The man dropped his pants faster than a fire can spread and was on the bed. He gripped Johnny's head in his hands and ordered him, "Open your mouth, little boy, you’re going to suck some cock!"


Johnny didn't open his mouth right away, and I reached down and fondled his little balls.


"Open your mouth and suck his cock Johnny, or would you rather I squeeze these little balls of yours again?"


Johnny cried, but he opened his mouth as wide as he could, and the man slipped his cock into it. I watched as my little boy lover nearly choked on the cock now pounding into his mouth. I rammed my cock into his asshole harder, faster, grinding up against him. It didn't take long, and both the man and I were ready to cum. When my cum started, I reached down and squeezed Johnny's little balls hard. He jerked and jumped, his ass going mad with the need to get his balls away from me. His scream was stifled by the big cock in his mouth, but the vibration made that cock spew into his mouth. Johnny got a hot load of man cum in his mouth and ass at the same time.


We pulled our cocks from Johnny, the man put his pants back on and handed me some money.


"Mack will be pleased with this one. I know he will."

I untied Johnny, threw him his tattered clothes, and told him to get dressed. He did quickly for one who had been so cruelly fucked. When he was dressed, the man picked him up and carried him out. I shut the door behind them. I no longer wanted little Johnny and didn't care where he was taken or even what might happen to him. My  mind was already on a little boy I had seen when I made the phone call.