Charlie the Cocksucker

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Five-year-old Charlie looked up at his daddy's big fat leaking cock. A big part of his job was to take care of Daddy's Dick. He was a beautiful, blond haired, little angel with the sweetest face, all bright blue eyes, button nose and a race of freckles. Everybody loved him – all of Daddy's friends that is. You see, since Mommy left them, he had to help Daddy out by doing some special chores. Taking care of Daddy's big cock was one of them. It had been one of Mommy's jobs and now that she was gone, it was one of Charlie's jobs.

Charlie sat on the floor naked between his Dad's big feet and looked up at the huge cock as it dangled over the edge of the chair. He watched the way strings of pre-fuck hung from the pisshole and slowly made their way to the floor. Part of his job was to lick up all the pre-fuck. Daddy was so handsome with his dark curly hair and all his muscles. Both Charlie and his daddy were bare-assed naked. Daddy wasn't always naked around the house, sometimes he wore sweat pants or boxer shorts, but he got naked when he wanted his big fat cock taken care of, which was about five times a day. Charlie was always naked. Daddy and his friends liked to see him that way except, of course, when Daddy took him out to the mall, to a movie or to a restaurant. Then Daddy allowed him to wear a lovely, pair of Daisy Duke shorts, a crop top t-shirt with drop arm holes and sandals, which made him feel like he was naked. Daddy liked his little clitty and boy-cunt to be bare at all times. Daddy did not allow him to wear any underwear. and got a kick out of having him wearing his shorts sagging enough to show his clitty root and the top of his ass crack to strange men at the mall or in the park.

Daddy had carefully explained to Charlie that if he wanted to stay with him, he had to help him earn money. How else could he pay for rent and food? He did not like to work, it took him away from his little boy and besides, he would rather stay home, drink beer and watch TV. Charlie did not go to school either. He was what was called "home schooled." That way he could stay with his big, strong and handsome Daddy.

Charlie got up on his knees, making sure to keep his legs apart a bit. Daddy taught him to keep his baby clitty always on display. When Daddy's friends were over and Daddy allowed him to visit with the big people, he had a special chair just for him. It was a wooden armchair. He would feel so special sitting in it. Daddy taught him to sit with each of his little legs up and over each arm of the chair so his clitty was on display and his little asscheeks spread open so that his tight boy-cunt was visible. He had no idea why men liked to look at his asshole and dick so much or why they loved to play with them too. It was weird, but he was only five, so what did he know?

Charlie leaned in and opened his little mouth. He stuck out his pretty, pink tongue and scooped up some of the dripping pre-fuck.

"That's a good, little, fucking faggot!" His handsome dad said while his big toes curled with pleasure. He loved nothing better than to watch his little boy make a total fucking slut of himself.

Now Charlie licked up the string of pre-fuck until his little tongue touched the huge, pink cockhead. He began to lick Daddy's cockhead. At first, he had hated the taste, especially when it tasted a bit like pee or sweat, but Daddy had been patient with his little angel and taught him how to be the very best cocksucker in the whole world.

He told him he was a much better cocksucker than his mommy had been. When he was a very, very good boy, Daddy allowed him to sleep with his cock in his mouth all night. What a special treat that was. Of course, it wasn't easy for him. Daddy's cock grew to almost ten inches hard and it was as thick as a beer can. It was much larger than the cocks of most of Daddy's friends. A few of the black gentlemen had dicks that big, and some, a very few, had dicks even larger, but Daddy had the best cock in the whole world.

Until a few months ago, Charlie had had no idea how important cocks were or that it was a boy's job to take care of them. Charlie mentally kicked himself. Daddy had taught him not to call himself a boy. He was a faggot. Daddy had taught him that the correct name for boys like him was Faggot. Daddy was always right. All of Charlie’s friends called him Faggot, Cockditch, Cumdump or Fuckhole!

Daddy also read to him, really good books about little faggots his age who took care of their daddies and other nice gentlemen. Daddy had explained to him, that in order to help bring in money, he had to lick and suck the cocks of Daddy’s friends too. They paid Daddy to have him lick and suck their cocks because they did not have sweet, little boys of their own.

Daddy was twenty years old, but he had friends who ranged from sixteen to seventy. So many friends. Charlie did not know how someone could have so many friends. Silly Daddy even forgot some of their names because he had so many. He would have ten or fifteen of his friends over almost every night for Charlie to cocksuck. Charles didn't mind except when their cocks were stinky. Some of them wanted to piss in his mouth as well as do their cream. He did not like swallowing piss, but Daddy was helping to teach him by pissing in his mouth several times every day now. He called it, "Total Cock Service."

"Total Cock Service" also included licking and sucking on the big balls of Daddy and all his friends. He always knew he was doing a good job sucking on his big dangling balls when he would shout, "Oh God, what a fucking whore!" or something else like that.

"Total Cock Service" also included something else – something that Charlie did not enjoy. He had to lick and suck ass! He did not mind Daddy's ass so much since he had gotten used to it. Daddy often sat and watched TV at night while his little darling boy licked and sucked his twenty-year-old, hairy asshole. Charlie had gotten used to the taste and smell, after all, it was his loving Daddy's asshole but he did not enjoy having to lick and suck the assholes of all of his Daddy’s friends. He had to lick and suck ten to fifteen assholes a night, some of them not very clean. Daddy told him it was part of his job and he had to do a real good job so that Daddy made lots of money. He told him he had to be a potty mouth as well as a cumdump.

Daddy taught him all of those fun words. He taught him what to call a man's thing. It was a cock, cuntstuffer or fuckmeat. Daddy loved to hear his little angel beg his friends to, "Please let me suck your fuckmeat." How his Daddy’s friends laughed at that and ruffled his golden hair. They smiled and called him a "Little Cocksucking Cumdump."

One of their favorite games was to have him not swallow their cocksnot but to shoot it all over his sweet, little face. They really seemed to enjoy that. Sometimes at special parties Daddy would have for his friends, twenty to thirty naked men would stand over his face and jerk on their big cocks until they all shot their cocksnot all over his face and naked five-year-old body.

Then to the delight of all his Daddy’s friends, Daddy would take a soupspoon and scoop all the fuck sauce off his face and body and feed it to him. As far as Charlie was concerned, it was a pretty, stupid game, but it made the men so happy. He did not like the taste of fucksauce, but he was getting used to it. Daddy made sure all his food had some cock cream in it. That or some piss. Daddy said he was teaching him to like the kind of food a "dirty, cocksucking, cunt-faced fag" should like. Daddy also taught him to eat his meals hands free out of a doggie dish on the floor.

Daddy said, "Fags are not be allowed to eat at the table with men."

Don't get me wrong, his daddy was very, very good to him. In the morning when he was eating bacon and eggs, he would shove a piece of bacon up his asshole and sit there at the table, with his big balls and cock hanging over the edge of his chair, one leg up on the table to open up his asshole, and allow his little angel to eat the bacon out of his shithole. There was also a box in the hall, in which many of Daddy’s friends brought over used condoms and deposited them in the box. It was Charlie's job to suck all the condoms sparkling clean. That was quite a job for a five-year-old boy. Sometimes there were thirty or forty cum filled dirty condoms in the box.

Just last week, Daddy and his little boy had been taking a walk through the park, when Daddy spotted a scum-filled yellowed, filthy, dirty, condom on the grass.

"Honey, why not be a good boy," Daddy had said, "and clean that condom?"

Charlie did not like the look of the stretched out cock sheath, but he always obeyed his daddy. He picked it up, put it over his little tongue as his Daddy had taught him and sucked on it for over an hour until it was gleaming.

In the last few weeks as well, Daddy had told Charlie that it was time to go to work on his asshole. Time to turn it into a cunt, a fuckhole and cumdump for his Daddy’s friends. So every day, he and some of Daddy’s helpful friends poked their fingers into his tight, tiny boy-cunt. They told him they were stretching it for cock, but Charlie still thinks it is a joke, as their cocks are much too large to go into his little asshole. They do make him put a carrot in it. They have him "Fuck your dirty cunt with a carrot." At a party last week, they made him stick one large carrot in his boy-cunt. It hurt, but they all applauded him and made his feel "special."

Daddy explained to him that it was very important that he fuck him before he was six. He hugged him and said he had never fucked a five year old. He told him he would be very gentle and help him every step of the way.

He told him that for his sixth birthday, he was going to have a huge party with seventy-five – maybe even a hundred of Daddy's friends and they were all going to fuck him, so of course, Daddy had to get him ready. To be honest, Charlie is a bit scared of all of that, but he trusts his Daddy. For now though, he would rather just stay Charlie the Cocksucker.