Cayden's Taste Test

A palimpsest based on Candy's Taste Test
(mB) (humil)

They were up in Cayden's bedroom after school while Cayden's mom was at work. Jason always liked it when Cayden's mom was home because he was a vain sixteen-year-old jock stud who loved the way the horny, widowed bitch stared at his bulging crotch. But, he had to be careful. After all, it was the prime ass of ten-year-old fifth grader, Cayden, that Jason wanted and whom he was fucking the brains out of. Oh, don't get me wrong, Jason would love to fuck both mother and son, but that might take some fancy footwork or dick work, not that Jason wasn't up to it. He had gotten eight girls pregnant and fucked over a hundred.

Cayden’s mom thought Cayden was too much of a sissy and needed a male influence in his life since the death of his father two years ago. The ladies at the supermarket and the salon showered her with praise that her son had that cute hunk and star athlete of the high school, Jason Krause, as his big brother mentor.

Jason was six foot three inches of muscle, cute as hell and with a nine-inch dick. All the girls in the school talked about what a fine ass Jason had, what muscular globes. Cayden was not much larger than an eight-year-old kid at four foot one and fifty pounds. He was still developing, although he did have a very cute, little dicklet and marble-sized balls.

He loved anything kinky, dirty and nasty. He was one of those kinds of guys. He'd made Cayden blow him in the car while driving over to his house from school. He drove around for a while, pulling his car up next to school buses so the kids could look down and see the lovely, petite, blond-haired boy with his faced buried in Jason’s crotch. He loved to humiliate faggots. It was almost as much fun as fucking them in the asshole and mouth.


He'd gotten his first cock suck from Cayden on their first outing in the summer, and he'd fucked him on the third. After all, he was the star athlete of Central High, and every girl in the school wanted to be seen with him. Cayden immediately had status.


The first time Jason fucked him, Cayden thought he would die. Jason’s dick was so large, and he'd never even seen a cock before. Jason did really love him, and he said he loved him more than any girl he had dated and that, if Cayden loved him, that he had to suck his cock and let him fuck his boy-cunt. Cayden knew that he loved Jason, so he allowed it. His mother warned him that he had better not cause any trouble and to obey Jason and so Cayden did.


He didn't like Jason’s sadistic little games, like when Jason had made Cayden remove his underwear and shorts at a party and then raise his shirt whenever they met one of Jason’s football player buddies so Jason's pal could see Cayden’s little clitty. It was embarrassing as hell, but Jason said it made him proud and he wanted to show off how beautiful Cayden was. Later, when they all been drinking and Cayden had been fed alcohol by Jason, he had him sit on a table and spread his legs in front of about fifteen guys.


When he'd refused at first, he'd asked him bluntly if he wanted him to be his big brother or not. Of course, he did. He loved him. So he'd done it. He'd had to show his titties too. Most of the guys were fucking older cunt, and they laughed and called Jason a pedophile and a cradle robber. Jason smiled and kissed Cayden in front of them which made him feel proud and good, and he told them he liked young, fresh meat.


Now, in Cayden's room, as he neatly put away his school books and stuff, Jason got a wicked gleam in his eyes.


"Do you really love me, Cayden?"


"Oh, Jace, you know I do."


He looked at him and smiled that cute, little, boy smile.


"Did you think about what I said, you know about getting the tit implants?"


"I read that it can be dangerous for a boy my age."


"That's great for you, but what about me. You are so fucking selfish, Cayden. What am I supposed to do in the meantime, twiddle my thumbs, give up girls to go around with a boy who ain't got no tits?"


"I'm sorry Jace. It's just that I'm a boy. I don’t want tits."


"Well, I'm getting fucking sick of having nothing to grab onto and suck. All the other guys are dating cunt with humongous udders. They all brag about it and laugh at me. I told you I know this doctor who would do the operation so that there would be no problem. They give you shots in your tit-sacks and even in the nipples, so they get all rubbery and big like sow udders. Christ, that would be so kewl! And then, they put this shit in the tits to make them feel full and look enormous. I'm making an appointment for next week."


Jason wasn't going to mentor Cayden for more than a few months, by then he would be too stretched out and used up for him, but he wanted to leave him with huge, grotesque tits if he could. It would be so God damned funny. He was so small. He'd look so fucking hysterical walking around with a size fifty-two bust. And this doctor he knew had a real sense of humor too. He'd do it for Jason if the jock let him ass fuck Cayden. No problem.


Now, Jason sat on the bed looking sad. Cayden's eyes teared up. He was a lonely boy since his dad died. He couldn't stand it if he lost his big brother.


"I'm sorry Jace, I'll do whatever you think is best."


Jason looked at the ten-year-old boy.


"Will you prove to me that you love me?"


Cayden’s eyes opened wider. He hated these tests, they were always something gross, but he was so insecure, and Jason loved him so much.


"I guess."


"You guess? Boy, did I pick the wrong little brother to love. Here I do everything for you, and you can't even prove you love me."


"I'll prove it. What do you want me to do?"


Jason rested his hand on the smooth, ten-year-old cheek and looked into his eyes. He was so, so adorable and delectable.


"It's a test to see how much you really love me."


He got that naughty boy smile on his face again. He reached down into his gym bag that he brought to his room and pulled out his dirty jock strap. It was filthy, and Cayden could smell it immediately. He wrinkled up his cute, pug nose. The stink of the dirty, sweaty jockstrap filled the room.


"I've worn it for three weeks without washing it. I jerked off into it six times and even took a piss through it. What do you think, pretty gross, huh?"


It stank horribly, but Cayden was nevertheless fascinated by the prick pouch of his big brother. He looked at the stretched out pouch area that was enlarged out of shape by Jason’s huge dick and balls. His big brother had the biggest cock in the school. He was so proud that Jason was his big brother and loved him, although he hated taking it in his ten-year-old ass and having to lick his big brother’s gigantic nuts.


"It smells horrible. Put it away," Cayden said, not wanting to look at the yellow-stained, stiffly-caked jockstrap.


"If you love me, you’ll clean it for me," Jason said with a smile, holding it out in two fingers as if he were sickened by having to touch it.


"Is that all? Well, put it in the hamper."


His smile got larger.


"I want you to clean it with your mouth. I want you to suck it clean for me."


Cayden’s face grew pale, and his jaw dropped. He knew Jason wasn't kidding. This was so like him.


"I can't. I'll get sick."


"Come on, you've sucked my dick and licked my balls every day, so what's the big deal?"


"Jace, it’s gross. It’s horrible. Why would you want me to do something like that?"


"I told you, to prove your love. Besides, it will be hot to see you sucking on my dirty jockstrap. Fucking hot. Lots of little brothers do it for their big brothers."


"They do?"


"Sure, it's kind of like a test little brothers have to pass to have a big brother from the football team. You have to admit we are the hottest guys in the school."


He smiled shyly and held out the filthy fuck-strap to Cayden.


"What if I throw up?"


"That's okay, I'll forgive you. Besides, it will be damn funny. Here."


Jason's big dick was rock hard in his pants. Cayden reached out and took the scum-encrusted jock pouch in his tiny fingers. The smell was unbearable.


"I, I don't know if I can."


"Come on, baby, do it for me. Then I'll take you this weekend to that movie you wanted to see."


Jason smiled at Cayden and brushed a lock of his blond hair away from his cute face.


"Do it for me."


"He brought the elastic cock-pouch to his lips and touched them to disgustingly filthy jock. He gagged, but then stretched out his little, pink tongue and licked. It tasted salty and bitter and all kinds of things.


"Go on, baby, suck it."


Jason started to play with his swollen cock in his pants. The lovely, little boy opened his mouth and inserted the sickening dick pouch. He began to suck on it. He gagged a few times, and Jason laughed and laughed. After the initial taste, it really wasn't so bad. It didn't get much worse. Well, a little bit when the dried cum became sticky, wet and then slimy from the moisture. When the flavor of piss grew really intense, Cayden made an ugly face that Jason thought was hysterical, but Cayden kept on sucking, as spit, and a bit of cum dripped from his chin.


"That's right, cocksucker, suck that prick pouch. Get all the good dirty, sweaty dick flavor. Taste my big, sweat-slick balls, ball licker. Oh, what a fucking cumdump you are. What a fucking cock hungry whore. Eat that cock slop, dick breath. Suck out that dick snot!"


The strangest thing happened. Cayden felt his dick tingle and grow hard. He was getting turned on by Jason. It always happened this way. At first, he was humiliated and degraded by Jason’s antics, and then suddenly he felt all sexed up and turned on.


"Suck the ass straps too. They were deep in my ass crack. They probably have ass crap on them."


Cayden hated having to lick and suck Jason’s ass when they had sex, but he told him all the cumdumps did it. He even told him any girl would suck his ass, but Cayden was the only one (he thought) who got to lick and suck it. Actually, Jason was fucking four other girls from school at the same time. He liked to play around.


"Is your clitty hard and wet, Cayden?"


He couldn't answer as he was sucking on the jockstrap.


"Is your clitty wet? Answer me, nod your head, faggot."


Cayden nodded.


"Show me, raise your shirt" He lifted his shirt, the jock strap hanging from his mouth and showed him the big wet stain on his pink, satin panties that Jason forced him to wear.


"Jesus, you’re a barnyard whore, you know that? What a fuckhole. Shove some fingers up your cunt for me."


Cayden was too embarrassed. He shook his head no.


"Do it, cumdump. Get some fingers up your dick ditch and do it now!" Jason yelled.


For some reason, it was then that Jason decided he was indeed going to fuck Cayden's mother. Maybe have them both at the same time and even make Cayden suck his cum out of his mother’s cunt.


Cayden moved the leg band of his pink panties to one side to reveal his tiny, hairless dicklet. He worked some fingers between the puffy ass lips and forced them up into his boy-cunt. His dick grew harder as he worked his fingers into his asshole.


Jason laughed.


"Beautiful. Okay, now stop sucking on that filthy jockstrap for a minute and listen to me. I played a little trick on you. Just a little joke. You know I love you very, very much, but I just played a tiny joke on you. Get as much jock strap in your mouth as you can. Good. You look like a little piggy like that. What joke did I play on you, you want to know? Okay, because you are a good little prick pouch sucking piglet, I'll tell you. Guess what? THAT'S NOT MY JOCKSTRAP. IT BELONGS TO TYRONE, THAT BIG BLACK KID ON THE TEAM!"


Jason rolled onto the bed laughing and pawing at his crotch, Cayden gagged and gagged and felt the puke rise in his throat and had to swallow it again because of the elastic cock cover in his ten-year-old mouth. Big tears rolled down his cheeks.


"You been sucking on that black dude's scum encrusted jockstrap that he's worn for two months without washing. We were all kidding him about it. And, I made a bet with him that I could get you to suck it."


Jason shipped out a digital camera and snapped some photos of the little boy sucking on the jockstrap and crying while his fingers were still up his asshole.


"How did his big black dick taste, faggot? That's what you get. It serves you right for not remembering the taste of my cock. You should have known it wasn't mine from the flavor and smell. Now, guess what? I want you to find mine."


He picked up his gym bag and tipped it upside down. Twenty-four dirty jockstraps tumbled out onto a pile on the floor.


"Here's the whole team. I want you to suck everyone until you find the one you think is mine. For every wrong guess, your get balls whacked, and I take photos for the guys on the team."


He unzipped and lowered his pants and cum soaked boxer shorts.


"Here, I'll even let you taste my dick as much as you want to compare flavors. So come on, Cunt Cayden, start sucking."