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I woke up in the middle of the night with a belly-thumping hard on that was so powerful it hurt. You know the kind that is so insistent it stretches the skin of your dick tight and pulls your balls up into a painful knot. You feel like you are carrying around a fucking canine prick. I hadn't had one of those in a long time. And it just came on me, bam! No erotic dream or nothing.


If Becky were still alive, she'd be down there in an instant sucking on the big fucking thing. She was the best God damned cocksucker you could ever find. That bitch loved the taste of dick. In the sixteen years of our marriage, I never once cheated on her or even thought of cheating. Why would I? I loved her, and she loved my dick. Just like you read in porno stories, some nights she’d sleep with my fucking cock in her mouth all night. That woman never got enough of my dick. She said I had the most beautiful prick in the world. Well, I hate to brag, but it is pretty damned perfect. Nine inches long and thick as a beer can. Jesus how the faggots at the gym drooled over that cunt buster. I would walk naked around the locker room, just getting a kind of thrill at how they stared at it, and a laugh knowing they would never get it. But now Becky would never get it anymore either. She was dead. She passed about six months before this episode I am recounting to you. Cancer took her. I was suffering loneliness so you can't imagine. But at least I had Bret. Bret is our sixteen-year-old son. Well, was our sixteen-year-old son, because I don't see how the cocksucking faggot can be a son of mine. Maybe Becky cheated on me or was raped or something and didn't want to tell me. I don't know, and it sure hurts not knowing, but I know that I would never sire a fucking cuntboy faggothole!


So, I woke with this fucking raging, throbbing painfully hard on. My hand went down automatically to beat off, and then I had one of those fits of depression that wash over me ever since Becky passed away. I thought, "Why the fuck bother? Go take a shower, make some early breakfast and head off to the trucking company where I work."


I crawled out of bed, my dick slapping my hard, hairy belly a few times and leaving some cock leak there. I almost had to laugh at how pathetic I was. I would probably have to go to a whorehouse to take the edge off sooner or later so that I could function properly. I didn't even know where a whorehouse might be. Call an escort service I suppose. Well, I had to do something about my throbbing fuck meat. I slipped on a pair of white boxers and my jeans and threw on a sleeveless flannel shirt. I kept the house a bit on the cool side, even though it was winter to save on energy bills. It's a big old house. Becky wanted a big house, and so she got one.


As I was padding on bare feet toward the bathroom, I heard a funny sound coming from my son's room. It was the unmistakable sound of fuck meat slapping on flesh. A shit eating grin covered my face. Don't tell me the kid had a cunt in his room and was fucking the shit out of her! That boy of mine. I had visions of him fucking half the girls in his high school. No steady cunt for him, no, my boy loved to play the field, fuck them all! I stood there in the hallway shaking my head. Why the fuck didn't the little jock tell me he was bringing over cunt to fuck? I would have given him privacy. Shit, I could have stayed over at a buddy's for the night.


No son wants his dad wandering around when he is busy stuffing the cunt of some cute, little, fourteen-year-old cheerleader! The grin on my face grew wider. "Whoa, buddy, you are getting ahead of yourself!" The truth could be there was no little high school twat in my son's room at all. Maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part. My dick head pushed up past the waistband of my underpants. Dirty old fuck that I am. Sure, I was faithful to my wife. But I couldn't help admire some of the fresh young pussy at my son's school. What red-blooded man could?


Maybe there was no cunt in his room at all. Maybe the boy just had a good old-fashioned meat beating session! Maybe my son was flogging the hog! Looking at some fresh, young, cunt on the internet, and dreaming of fucking her. Maybe he was chatting with some fuckable twat at school, telling her how she was going to be able to suck his big, fat, jock dick between classes at school in a few hours. That could be it. Maybe his hand was slamming up and down, dick leaking all over the place, big, fat, teenage balls bouncing on his chair as he exchanged emails with the cheerleader cunt flavor of the month. That-a-way Bret. Go to town on that fucker. Dad is behind you all the way!


I was going to head straight to the bathroom, but something drove me down toward my son's room. The door was open, and the light poured out into the hallway. I heard my son grunting and groaning while furiously typing. My smile broadened. At least my son was getting over Becky's death. His hormones were helping him. I decided I just had to take a peek at my pride and joy. The truth is, I wanted to see if the sixteen-year-old jock was hung like the old man. I had seen his meat of course at the gym and knew it to be thick and heavy, hanging over a huge bag, but I had never seen it erect. I mean, kids don't exactly relish showing the old man their hard cocks, now do they?


I chuckled and quietly made my way toward his room. He must be having a hell of a time with some young twat. He was groaning and moaning, and the sound of slapping prick flesh grew louder and louder. I remembered fondly my teenage days of jerking off over every cunt I met who had big tits and a cute face. It didn't matter if I had a steady fuck or not. I could cum four times a day in those days and did most days. I was fucking one girl and jerking off over dreams of another. Ah, youth.


He never even saw me, he was so intent on beating that thick fucker of his. He does have a thick one; I have to admit. Like father like son, except he can't be a son of mine, because he is a cocksucking, faggot, pussyboy, cunt hole queer! My smile froze on my face, and my life changed forever.


There he sat in front of his computer all right. He was wearing a short sleeve pullover because the room was a bit cool, but he was bare-ass naked from the waist down. He was on the computer, and he was spanking the monkey for all he was worth. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. His hand flew up and down the over eight incher. Tiny sprays of pre-fuck spurted out, and some of it flew as far as the computer screen. He always was a fucking handsome and that hadn't changed. He kept his hair short and clean cut like most young jocks. He had a really handsome face, although no sign of a beard yet. His body while not real muscular was well-toned and strong in a lean sort of way. As his hand twisted and tugged at his fat prick, I saw that his balls were huge and bloated looking. I remembered him asking me if I could buy him a larger jock strap because the one he had was too small and his nuts kept falling out.


Everything was perfect, except for one thing the image on the computer screen. It was not of a cunt, but of a muscular guy, beating his fuck meat. At first, it didn't register. I thought the picture would change, show that the dude in the photo was fucking some young twat. Maybe it was some hot porno flick that my son was beating off to, some video where a young teenage girl has to take twenty-swollen dicks or something. However, the image didn't change, and then I saw my son type something. I leaned in to get a look.


"I got my cam on my fuck meat now. Can you see me beating my huge, swollen dick for you, Ken?"


I blinked and leaned in closer. My lips moved as I read what my son was typing.


"I am so fucking hot for you, Ken. My pre-fuck is leaking all over my fucking bedroom. My dick is about to explode. Oh, Ken, I wish you were here. I need to suck on your big, fat cock and lick your balls and asshole. I need you to fuck me, Ken. I need you to fuck me hard!"


Bret leaned back, whacking his pussy prodder, waiting for the answer to his message to appear. Except it wasn't a pussy prodder at all. It was a fucking homosexual, faggot dick!


I think I stopped breathing. I know that suddenly the room spun and I couldn't see clearly. My whole life, or what was left of it since Becky died, came crashing down on me. For some reason, my dick was rock hard and leaking too. My son. The light of my life, writing to some faggot on the internet about sucking his asshole.


"Can you see my dick leak?" My son arched up in his chair so his computer cam could pick up his throbbing slab of teen fucker. "Oh God, Ken, I need cock so bad. If I don't get real cock soon, I am going to die. I want to run away and come to where you are and just suck your dick and get fucked all day and night!"


That was enough! MY life was in shambles. I raged into the room and hauled back and slapped my son as hard as I could upside the head. He spun out of his chair and fell to the floor, screaming like the fucking pansy he was.


"You fucking homo! You useless piece of shit. You are no son of mine, Fucking piece of crap!"


I kicked him with my bare foot right in the swollen nuts. He curled up in a tiny ball sobbing and wailing. I glanced at the computer screen, hoping the cam was picking up on this.


I leaned over the keyboard, my dick leaking like a fucking faucet and typed, "I am going to beat the shit out of my son, and then I am going to find you and kill you for turning my boy into a fucking queer. You can bet your fucking life on it!"


On the floor, my son had curled up into a fetal position, so I kicked him right in the asscrack catching him good too. My toes went right into the crack between the muscular young globes and caught him right on the hole itself. He moved about six inches across the floor.


"Dad, dad, listen, please. Dad, I need to tell you. I wanted to tell you, but I was scared. I didn't want to hurt you. Dad..."




I reached down and pulled the shirt right off the boy's torso. Just yanked it up and off, leaving him totally bare-ass naked on the floor beneath me.


"Dad, please. I'm sorry. I’m so sorry. Dad, I'm gay. I've known it since I was about fourteen. I can't help it, Dad!"


I reached down and grabbed him by the teenage dick which was quickly wilting. I grabbed the dick and balls and let me tell you it was quite a handful. I dragged him across the floor by his genitals. He screamed, arms and legs flailing.


"One, don't tell me you can't help it! Before you became a faggot, you should have rather cut off your dick and nuts first! Two, don't call me Dad! I would never have fathered a fucking faggot cuntboy! Either your mother was whoring on the side and not telling me, or she was raped and didn't want to hurt my feelings by telling me. You cannot be a son of mine!"


I am a strong guy, and I picked the boy up by the prick and balls and then dropped him on his head. He slammed into the floor. My dick has never been as hard, painfully hard. I looked around the room and saw my son's baseball trophy on his desk; a tall, thin gold plated figure of a batter. Tears filled my own eyes as I thought how proud I had been of him. I grabbed the trophy off the desk, knelt down, slapped my son's flailing arms away, spread his ass cheeks and rammed the trophy up his boycunt as hard as I could!


His screams were enough to wake the neighbors, but what the fuck did I care. He lay there on the floor trembling and twisting, the large trophy sticking out of his slightly bleeding asshole. His hands clawed toward it like bird claws but didn't touch it.




I picked up my naked foot and set it down on his face. I pressed his head against the floor and worked my big toe into the full young lips of his teenage mouth.




The naked boy on the floor beneath me began to slurp on my big toe noisily and then on others that I shoved into his mouth. Soon I had his mouth stretched around all five toes. He was choking, but I didn't care.


"Show me how good you suck, homo-boy. You probably suck all the jocks at your school, don't you? Is that what you do? DO YOU FUCKING SUCK THE COCKS OF ALL THE JOCKS AT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL? AM I A FUCKING LAUGHING STOCK BECAUSE MY SON IS A FUCKING COCKSUCKING HOMO FAGGOT FREAK?"


I reached over to where my son had slung his jeans over his chair and pulled his wide leather belt out. Then I raised my arm and brought the leather lash down hard on his naked torso. He screamed around my toes and twisted on the floor. The belt left a long thick pink welt across his stomach and chest.




I brought it down again with all my strength, this time trying to catch him across the pecs and his big, pouty, pink nipples. I caught one tit, and he howled in pain and rolled over, sending the baseball trophy deeper into his cunt! Fresh screams filled the room.


Suddenly the room was unbearably hot. I ripped off my flannel shirt, tore down my jeans and underpants. My cock slapped up against my belly, sending pre-fuck across my pecs. Shit, that hadn't happened since my high school days. I brought the belt down, and a wide, pink stripe appeared on one ass cheek and his hip. I grunted in dissatisfaction. I reversed the belt in my hand so that I could bring the buckle down onto his pale, smooth body. My toes in his mouth still pinned him to the floor. He was biting them in agony, but I didn't even care. My pain fueled my anger.


He was trying to talk with my toes in his mouth. Trying to beg me to understand. The tears pouring from his eyes mixed with the snot running from his nose and the spit drooling from his cute young mouth around my toes. He needed something else in that mouth to teach him a lesson!




The belt buckle connected with his scrotum and his body rose up off the floor with torment! I laughed with glee. Direct hit! Right in the fucking babymakers. No babies for this faggot!


I pulled my toes from his mouth, and he coughed and spat up and curled into a ball again. I reached down and grabbed him by the ears and hauled him to his knees.


"You want to suck dick? Huh, you fucking pervert degenerate. You want to suck dick so bad? Well, then, suck on this!"


I battered his closed lips with the blunt head of my leaking dick, my balls swinging and slapping his soft, smooth face from time to time. He looked up at me with pleading puppy-dog eyes. But he should have thought of the consequences before he decided to take on the life of a fucking pervert! My cockhead beat at his lips, leaving a trail of pre-fuck coating them like lipstick. I slapped his face with my dick, and a trail of cock snot soon glistened and dripped from his nose and cheeks.




His face did have traces of Becky in it, and I flashed back to the thousands of times she had sucked my dick in our marriage. God, I loved to have my dick sucked. Well, I now had my private, personal suck machine! Little faggot Bret would be doing the dick draining honors from now on! I twisted his ears, so he opened his mouth in pain, and I rammed four inches of cock into the face hole!


"You fucking bite, you are dead! You understand?"


He grunted, his mouth stuffed with dick, and spittle spurted out of the corners of his mouth. I still had five inches of prick outside of his mouth, but that would not be for long. I grabbed the back of his head and slammed my fuck meat right down his throat with no prep whatsoever. Becky had been superb at deep throating me, but she always had a chance to work it down there. I gave this little shit no chance. I hoped I was tearing his fucking throat.


I felt his tongue flapping against the bottom of my dick stalk as I shoved nine inches of cock down his throat. I buried his young face in my thick, black pubes and his chin in my hairy scrotum. I rammed his throat until his face turned blue from lack of air, then I pulled out, and he gulped down some oxygen, and then I slammed it balls deep again. This went on for ten minutes until he was nothing but a limp faggot rag in my grasp. I was holding him up by his ears, fucking his pussy boy face! Now and again I kicked out with my barefoot, catching him in his useless teenage dick and scrotum. The sounds we were making now were quite inhuman, perfect for a faggot piece of shit! I yanked my dripping dick from his mouth, which stayed open in the form of a large O.


I grabbed him around the waist and flung him onto his bed. I climbed on and ripped the baseball trophy from his cunt. Ass-slime and blood spattered the bed sheets. I lined up my dick, and plunged balls deep up into his new formed pussy! The sound he made was like a young animal dying! His hole was remarkably tight for a faggot. Even the trophy hadn't loosened it up. So he evidently had not been taking much dick up his ass. Oh well, he was probably still in the sucking stages of fagdom. I'd loosen that hole up for him. While I fucked him for all I was worth, hips smacking his ass globes, balls swinging and colliding with his, pre-fuck and ass slime and blood squirting out on each in-thrust, I eyed the kid's baseball bat in the corner of the room. Later in the day, after I'd had a chance to rest, I decided to see how much baseball bat the faggot could take up his pussy. I guessed fifteen inches or so! He was chewing the bed sheets in pain, sweat now pouring off of both of our bodies as I fucked his teenage asshole.


"This is how it is going to be! From now on, you will be serving me, you fucking homo! We are going to spend the day taking some nice photos of you. Photos of you sucking dick, and drinking piss, and taking cock up your cunt. Photos of you with your trophy and your baseball bat up your pussy!


“Then we are going to go over the list of kids at your school and send the photos to every jock in the fucking school! I am also going to post the photos on all the queer websites I can find. We'll have to lie and say you are eighteen, but who the fuck cares. And any faggot who writes back in answer to our postings gets to fuck your pussy and mouth for free!


That's right, girly-boy. You are going to become a fucking faggot cumdump! You are going to suck and get fucked by every God damned dick that wants you. I'll send your photo to straight biker sites, asking them to beat the shit out of my faggot son! I'll put your fucking pictures into every locker at the gym, and then make you go with me, and pass you around to any guy who wants to use you! I'll take you down to the inner city and let gangs of nigger thugs rape your fucking ass for free!"


And I did all those things and more! I had that boy fucked until he lost his fucking mind. Went nuts! He sucked and was fucked by over five thousand dicks in about fourteen months. He was tortured, burned, pierced, tattooed, and made to fuck and suck dogs. I found a new interest in life - abusing faggots.


I finally had my mindless son committed to a state mental hospital. His asshole was so large it could take two fists with no trouble at all. His teeth were half pulled out because it felt better when he sucked dick. His nose had been broken twice.


I bribed two burly interns with a healthy yearly bonus if they promised to keep the fucking faggot brat well fucked and in constant agony. I believe they are doing a good job because his health has declined. Apparently, he has special meals in his padded room. Meals consisting of shit and piss!


Do I have any regrets? Shit, yes. I wish I could have made his agony last longer. I wish I could have kept the blubbering imbecile around longer. But I got my eye now on a fourteen-year-old pansy who wears gay slogans on his tee shirt at the mall! I am making plans!