Carter's Spanked

Mm, spank, humil

A palimpsest based on a story by Master Chris

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I lay in my bed wearing my long t-shirt, unable to sleep. I tossed and turned, remembering my father's voice saying, "Carter, put your hands on your head." Each time I remembered it, I shivered. I remembered again and again, over and over, what it felt like to stand, naked in the corner knowing that he was watching me.

Finally, long after midnight, still unable to sleep, I got out of bed. I stood in the middle of my room for a moment, not sure what to do. I listened as carefully as I could for any sound of my father. No, he had clearly gone to bed a while ago. The house was silent.


Quiet as a mouse, I tiptoed to the living room. My heart was beating so loud, I was sure it could be heard throughout the house. Even with the lights out, the streetlight sneaking through the curtains was enough to make out the layout of the room.


As quietly as I could, I pulled my t-shirt over my head and let it fall to the floor. I was now left wearing only my white, cotton briefs, before I could debate it much more, I pulled them down too. I was once again naked.


Many were the time that I had been spanked and then put in corner of this room. I knew this corner well. I leaned forward and pressed my nose right into the corner. I was bare again, showing my naked back and bottom to the room. I imagined my dad looking at me again, sitting in an easy chair and letting his eyes roam up and down my naked body.


I had only been in the corner a minute or so before I turned around and faced the room. I put my hands on top of my head and clasped them firmly together. 'Elbows back, Carter', I imagined him saying and I pulled my elbows far back to more fully display my developing, pubescent body. At first, I had moved my feet a tiny bit apart, then much more, knowing that I would be told to spread myself and put myself on display to my father.


It was exhilarating. I could feel my breath coming in short gasps. I do not know what the connection was, but imagining I was being observed made me blush as deeply as I had earlier in the day. I could feel the flush of heat move down my face and onto my bare chest.


Suddenly I held my breath. What was that a sound in the house? I leapt forward, scooped up my t-shirt and briefs and ran to my bedroom. I threw my briefs onto my bed and yanked my t-shirt over my head. A second later, I was under the covers listening with both ears while holding my breath. It was a false alarm. I was the only one awake and I let my breath out in a slow sigh.


I began to stroke my firm prick until my cum blasted from my prick. I was experiencing thoughts and feelings I could not explain. What was I doing?