Carson's Catastrophe

(MM) (humil)

Eighteen-year-old Carson found himself shackled to the bed, which was a totally new experience for the high school senior and captain of the football team. I lounged naked in the bed next to the boy, and every time I touched him, he winced and trembled as if I were a leper. You see young, handsome Carson was one hundred percent all girl fucker. As he said, he did not “mess with fags,” which technically was not true because “messing with fags” was what got our lean muscular jock into this position in the first place. Carson and his high school buddies did fuck cunt every chance they got, but once in a while, when they were high or drunk, they went out trolling for “faggot.” When the boys found a suitable candidate, they humiliated and degraded the homosexual and then made him suck their dicks. According to Carson, there was nothing “gay” about it. It was just some good-natured teenage boy fun. They got their teenaged rocks off, and the faggot got some nice young male sperm to suck and swallow. Big fucking deal.

But it was this activity that put Carson into my hands during the Christmas holiday. He got a bit too stoned and thought he might score some cocksucking on his own. My friends and I had been watching his activities. We had scouted his home, watched him fuck his current fourteen-year-old girlfriend in his car, and watched through his bedroom window as he beat his big boy fuckmeat while he scoured porno on the internet. And now we had him.


Carson was a beautiful hunk. He had just turned eighteen. His body was perfectly toned from playing sports. His face was open and handsome in an all-American boy kind of way. He had perfect white teeth and sparkling clear eyes (when he wasn’t stoned or drunk). His arms were well muscled, as was his firm chest and hard young belly. He sported large nipples, the kind that would be fun to treat to nipple clamps and sandpaper. His body was pretty hairless except for a small trail going from his belly button down to his triangular shaped prick bush. His small ass was round and hard and looked like a pair of soccer balls. The ass crack was deep. For a high school boy, Carson had a magnificent dick. His cock hung five inches flaccid and was quite thick even in that relaxed state. When aroused, it erected to over eight inches of pounding teen-boy fuckmeat, which also grew as thick as salami. Beneath the dick hung a pair of nuts the size of hard-boiled eggs. He was the envy of every boy in the school. Carson would strut proudly, bare-ass naked, around the locker room, and even the coach was envious of the boy’s fuckmeat.


And Carson was a cunt fucker of the first order. He loved to date and fuck young virgins, and being the handsome captain of the high school football team, he had plenty of young cunt thrown at him. In fact, recently scouts from various universities had come a calling, promising Carson that if he attended their colleges and played football, they would provide for him all the young pussy he could handle. They even implied that they could get really young cunt for him if that was what he enjoyed. Carson mulled over that delightful thought while he beat his prick in bed at night.


Carson seldom kept a girlfriend long. After he fucked her (preferably taking her virginity) and taught her how to suck dick and balls and ass (Carson loved to get his ass sucked), he would fuck them for a few weeks, eventually fucking them in the ass as well as mouth and cunt, and then he would dump them and move on to a new conquest. He honestly thought of it as bringing pleasure to lots of different bitches. He didn’t even concern himself with how betrayed and hurt the girls felt after falling in love with him and giving him their most precious treasure. Fuck it! A cunt is a cunt, right?


Consequently, I felt little guilt over taking advantage of young Carson. He woke up to find himself stripped bare-assed naked and shackled to a bed. Oh, he put up quite a fuss at first. He threw himself and spit at me. He tried to bite me when I leaned down to suck on one of his pouty nipples. He bared his even white teeth and growled, turning me on even more. He was amazingly hunky when violently angry. His twisting, straining, young body, now covered with sweat, glistened as he attempted to free himself from his bonds. Alas, it was hopeless, and he was helpless. Helpless and mine. I ran one hand down his tummy and toyed with the prick hair trailing toward the pubic bush. He bucked and twisted, trying to escape my probing fingers.


“Stop it, you fucking homo! I’m not gay. Now let me go. I swear to God, I will kill you.”


Those were only a few of the choice words that spewed from his full young lips along with lots of teen boy spittle. I reached lower and hefted his huge nuts. He really had a package for a teen—no, excuse me, he had a sizable package for any male. I’m certain it was quite painful for some of the younger cunts to take his cock up inside of them. Carson had gotten two freshmen girls pregnant. He bragged about it. What a darling fresh-faced athletic young stud he was.


“You really need to calm down, Carson, so that we can talk. We have lots to talk about, but I won’t chat about your predicament until you relax a bit.”


I circled my fingers around his flaccid dick stalk, initiating another round of twisting and name-calling. I loved watching his toes curl as he strained at his shackles. He had big wide jock feet that there beautifully arched. I could have fallen in love with eighteen-year-old Carson, but alas, it was not to be.


“What the fuck are you doing, faggot? You let me go, right now! I swear to God I’ll—”


I had enough of his impolite references to my sexual predilection, so I punched the teenage fucker hard in the nuts. That shut him up for a few minutes. My God, his scrotal flesh was soft, still like the ball sack of a little boy, but very large, of course, to hold the egg-sized sperm nuts. I calmly watched the waves of pain coursed through his body from his gonads, as he squeezed his beautiful eyes shut in pain.


“Carson, this doesn’t have to go this way. I don’t want to hurt you. But you simply have to stay calm, so that I can explain the plan to you.” I gently lay my fingers on his lips, and the fucker tried to bite me. That earned him a hard slap across the face. “Carson, you have got to learn some respect. If you do not, this will not go well for you.”


He must have gotten the message because eventually, he quieted down.


“Now, Carson, let me explain to you what is going to happen here tonight. You have been a very naughty boy with the girls, Carson, a very naughty boy indeed. You brag on Facebook how you started fucking cunt at fourteen. You tout that you have fucked over two hundred bitches. You lay them and leave them with no concern for their well-being or their feelings. You post naked pictures of the innocent flowers you corrupt all over Facebook. You ruin the reputations of sweet young things. You’re a real son of a bitch, Carson.


“You and your high school friends are also guilty of fag-bashing. You bragged on Facebook how you and your pals forced a gay freshman boy to suck you all off in the locker room at school. Not only that, but you made him repeat the exercise three times a week for three months.”


I reached up with one hand and stroked the boy’s sweat-slick hair. It was the sweat of fear. I ran my fingers through his lovely hair. He tried to turn his cute face away, but there was no place for him to go.


“So what, the kid wanted it. I saw him staring at my dick. He wanted to suck dick, so we gave him a chance.”


“Oh, yes, that’s how you teenage thugs justify your actions. Well, no matter. Let me explain what’s going to happen to you tonight. Tonight, Carson, you’re going to get fucked in the ass.”


That was just the tip of the iceberg, but it drove Carson into a frenzy of physical protestations. The bed shook with his attempts to free himself. How beautiful his teenage muscles looked straining at his bonds. His biceps bulged, his tummy fluttered, sweat dripped from his cute young ass as he arched his back.


“Carson, you need to listen. You’re going to be ass fucked tonight. Not just by me, but by ten of my friends. Well, they’re not really my friends; I wouldn’t want to lie to you. They’re ten gentlemen that I assembled for this event. The eleven of us are going to turn your tight young virgin teenage asshole into a gaping cunt. You’re going to be ass fucked, Carson, by eleven men. I’m sorry it has come to this, but I’ve been kind of obsessed with you for months and months.


“I got yearbooks from your high school. I clipped photos of you from the local papers. I staked out your house and took pictures through your bedroom window of you beating your huge teenage fuckmeat. You are extremely beautiful Carson and incredibly selfish and self-centered. I followed you to the health club, and I watched as you pranced naked around the locker room, getting off on how the gay men there drooled over your young muscular body. You got off on it, Carson. You tempted those men on purpose. I saw it.


“You would pick out some gay man and then prance over and strike up a conversation with him while he changed. You would stand there naked, scratching your big swinging nuts or your ass, knowing the poor man was suffering. You did it over and over again to man after man. You got off on it, and I saw it, Carson. When you padded naked into the toilet area, you would only go when there were several men in there, and you would stand well back from the urinal with hands on hips so that everyone could see your huge dick pissing. Shame on you, Carson! It’s not right. A big-dicked boy like you should not be allowed to cock tease innocent men.


“So, Carson, think of tonight as payback time. You’re going to be fucked in the ass by eleven men, one after the other. Most of them will want to fuck you twice. Your asshole is going to be stretched and turned into a cunt. Stop struggling and listen to me. I’ve assembled these particular gentlemen because one, they all enjoy ass fucking teenage boys, and two; they all have enormous penises.


“I want this experience to be special for you, Carson, so I put together a fuck team that can do your young jock ass justice. Every single one of these men has a dick over nine inches long. Well, to be honest, mine is only eight and a half, but the others are all over nine, and some of them are eleven and twelve inches. As you can guess, the twelve inchers belong to African- Americans. I do hope you don’t have any feelings of racial prejudice, but if you do, they’ll be fucked right out of you.


“Wait until you see the dicks on my black brothers. There’re truly impressive. Most girls have a hard time taking them. And then there are a couple of really hunky Latino dudes with nice thick foreskins on their eleven-inch pricks. Anyway, as I said, it’s a great group of guys, and they’ve all promised to fuck you as hard as they can.


“Carson, if you won’t lie still, I shall have to get out the Taser, and I do not want to do that. The best thing you can do it to accept your fate. Accept the fact that you’re going to be turned from a healthy young high school jock into a screaming, squealing, cunt-fucked bitch. The hardest part, of course, will be taking the first few dickheads into your rectum. I’ll help you by letting you snort some poppers now and then. Taking dickhead into your tight puckered asshole the first time, or even the first five or six times can be excruciating. That’s especially true if the men fucking you don’t give a shit about your comfort but only want to plow boy pussy. And believe me, Carson, these men will not care about your comfort.


“So, the first hurdle for you is to be able to take the first few dick heads. They will stretch and tear at your ass lips and rectum, but not to worry, Carson, boys younger than you have withstood this ordeal.


“Carson, are you crying. Oh my, it’s so sexy to see a tough jock teenage boy reduced to tears. I don’t think there is a more beautiful sight on this earth than that of a cute teenager sobbing his young heart out. Are you feeling remorse now for all the young twat you fucked?


“Where was I? Oh yes. After your hole gets used to the dick head, the next thing you really need to worry about is the depth of the fucks. These men all have huge dicks as I said so they will fuck you deep into your bowels. They won’t settle for anything less than a balls deep fuck; they’re funny that way. Part of the fun for them is to make a bitch really scream. And Carson, tonight you’re going to be their bitch! They’re not going to use condoms so that you can feel the full force of the fuck and sense their sperm splattering your guts, but don’t worry, I’ve had all the men tested, so you’re perfectly safe. A bareback fuck is an extraordinary experience for a boy of your age that I’m sure you will never forget it.


“So, as I was saying, the men are all going to want to fuck deep and hard. I’m sure there’ll be moments when you’ll feel like your insides are exploding, at least for the first few fucks. The dicks on these men are also really thick, so at the same time they’re fucking deep into you, they’ll be stretching your inside canal. Many people say that the width of a dick is more important than the length. I notice that your handsome teenage pecker is quite thick. Have any of the girls you fucked complained that your meat was too thick?”


While I spoke with him, I gently massaged his nipples and his fuckmeat, trying to arouse him a bit, but he was just too scared.


“Now, to keep the experience pure, we won’t be using any lube except your own spit. That means in order to lube up the dicks for a more natural fuck, you’ll have to become a cocksucker. I know that it’s difficult for a straight boy of your age to accept. The idea of taking a cock into your mouth must really repulse you, but it’s for your own good so that the fuck goes smoother and easier. And, oh, yes, these are very demanding dudes, so they’re going to want you to clean off their dirty dicks after they fuck you as well. You’ll have to lick and suck the shitty dicks clean. As more and more dudes dump their sperm up your ass, the dirty ass juice taste will be replaced by a cock slop taste, and cleaning the spent fuckers will become easier. And look at it this way, a boy of your age can get used to almost anything, right?


“Oh, Carson, I know this is not easy for you. Just hang in there, and it’ll all be over by, oh, by about noon tomorrow.


“Do you have any idea how amazingly beautiful you look straining at your bonds like that, your smooth pale, muscular teenage body arching up. Oh, I can’t wait to get started.


“I’m going to fuck you first, Carson, to get things going. Since my dick is smaller than the other guys’ cocks, I’m really doing you a favor. Believe me, taking eight and a half inches of dick is much different from taking twelve inches. So, I am going to re-shackle your legs up over your head to expose your pretty little teenage rosebud to me. Throughout the evening, you’ll be fucked in various positions, but let’s start this way.


“My god, boy, you sure do cry hard. Maybe, I can lube my dick with some of your tears. Here, let me wipe my cock over your cute young face. I promise you, Carson, this is a night you will never forget.”