Card Games

Mb, anal, fist, oral, rim, scat, ws, bd, cbt, sad, tort, nc, rape
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Day 1

“I’m fucking bored,” said the man in the rear seat of the hatchback, as he took a deep drag on his cigarette. “I’m fucking horny and bored,” he said again.

There were three men in the car, and they were all in their middle twenties. The one who had just spoken was called Tim. He had blonde hair (probably bleached) as had the other two. The driver’s name was Kevin while the front passenger was named Gus. All three men were clean-shaven and well-built but not fat. They were all dressed in similar garbs of tight t-shirts, blue denim trousers, and heavy boots. Their t-shirts were stretched across their muscular chests, and their nipples could be clearly seen pushing against the thin material.

“I’m fucking bored,” Tim repeated.
Gus looked around and said, “I guess we all are feeling that way. I know what’s wrong we’ve had no boys to play with for a while.”
Kevin spoke up, “You can say that again. I’m as horny as hell, and I can’t remember when my cock was last up a kid’s ass. I need a boy pussy real bad.”
Tim laughingly replied, “You’re always in bad need of a fucking kid’s asshole. I agree though that it is certainly is time that we found ourselves a boy to play with.”
“Yeah,” Kevin said, “we’ve all got a week off from work. What say we find ourselves a young boy and play our card game with him?”
Both Tim and Gus immediately agreed to the suggestion.
Tim was quick to add, “If we have the boy for the week, then I vote that he’s no older than ten and preferably nearer five or six.”
“You’re really hot for very young boys,” Gus said, “I bet that if you could make us go along with you, the kid would be more like three. As for me, I say he should be seven or eight.”
“I’m with Gus on this one,” Kevin said. “I think that eight would be great although seven to ten would suit me fine.”
“I give in,” was Tim’s laughing retort. “Let’s keep our eyes open for a likely boy. We’ve got our sack in the back. I’ll reach over and get it, so we’ll be prepared.”
The hatchback did not have the back shelf that concealed the luggage area. Tim was able to reach over the back of his seat and grab the sack that was lying on the floor. The sack had two sets of cords attached to it in strategic positions as will be seen later.
As the car drove slowly along Gus said, “I think that we should leave the snuff cards out until almost the end of the game. Remember what happened the last time when one was selected on the second day. That kid would have lasted several more days if it had not been for that fucking card.”
Again, the other two men agreed. They all wanted to enjoy playing with the boy for as long as possible. They turned into a quiet road. It was a residential area with houses on either side of the tree-lined street.
“Look,” Gus hissed, “that’s a fucking boy playing on the sidewalk. He looks around seven years old.”
Just then, a lady came to the door of the house and shouted out, “Jason, come into the yard. I’ve told you not to play in the street.”
“Okay, Mommy,” the boy called back in a high voice. He started to pick up his large action man car as his mother went back into the house.
“Let’s grab the fucker,” Kevin said. “Get ready with the sack, Tim.”
As Kevin stopped the car alongside the little boy, Tim opened the car door and jumped out as the boy looked up. Before the kid knew what was happening, the sack was over his head and upper body, and he was bundled into the back of the car. Kevin immediately drove off as Tim shut the car door with the struggling boy lying across his lap. The whole abduction had taken less than thirty seconds, and the car disappeared around the corner with nobody about to notice anything amiss.
The boy’s cries could be heard although the sack muffled them. Tim now tied the first set of cords that were on the outside of the sack around the boy’s neck. The second set of cords further down the sack he tied around the middle of the boy’s body. The boy’s legs were kicking up and down as the kid lay on Tim’s lap. The man put his hand on one of Jason’s bare legs (the boy was wearing shorts) and slowly worked his hand up the leg, past the knee, and on until it was between the boy’s bare flesh and the material of his shorts. Gus looked around and saw what Tim was up to.
“No fucking around in the car with the kid. Put him on the floor and give him a kick to make him shut up. There’ll be plenty of time for him to scream and cry when we get the little bastard home.”
Tim laughed and pushed the kid onto the floor.
“Shut your noise up fucker or I’ll fucking stamp on your fucking head,” Tim said to his young victim.
The result of those kind words was for young Jason to scream even louder.
“Shut the fucker up,” Kevin ordered, “I don’t want that fucking noise while I’m driving.”
Tim raised his booted foot and kicked the boy hard in the ribs.
“Shut your fucking noise up bastard,” Tim snarled, “or next time I’ll kick your fucking head in.”
Jason immediately stifled his cries not wishing to get another painful kick.
The kidnapping had been carried out successfully. Not a soul had seen it happen and nobody had even noticed the car in the vicinity. The men were leaving the town as Jason’s mother went to her front door to call her boy indoors again. They were well out of the area as the frantic mother found her son’s action man car where the kid had dropped it when he had been abducted. They were nearing their own home where they lived together in a nicely appointed detached and secluded house when the frantic mother alerted the police to her missing boy. They were putting the car into their garage and removing the boy to carry him into the house when the police began to put out an alert regarding the missing boy.
Inside the house, they took the boy to a special room set aside for their pedophile activities. Tim was carrying the kid, and he dumped him onto the floor. Then he leaned over the silent bundle and untied the cords before pulling the sack off the kid. Jason, disheveled and blinking in the intense light, lay on the floor at the feet of the three men. He had a mop of brown hair, the most adorable deep blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and lovely ruby red lips. The boy’s teeth were small and very white, and he had a firm looking chin. To finish off his appearance he had a pert upturned little nose.
Jason managed to gasp out in a squeaky and frightened voice, “Where am I? I want my mommy.”
Kevin spoke to the boy. “Forget your mommy, Jason. You’re going to play a game with us. It’s a game of cards. I’ll tell you all about it later but first we men must get undressed.”
“I want to go home, take me home,” the boy wailed. Then amazingly he added, “How do you know my name? I don’t know you.”
Gus spoke to the boy this time. “Stop that fucking noise and don’t ask to go home again. This is your fucking home now. We know all about you including your name. Now, shut the fuck up while we get undressed.”
The three men bent over and removed their heavy boots. Then they removed their socks. Next, they all simultaneously removed their tee shirts. Jason’s eyes were wide open as was his mouth as he lay looking up at the men who were standing around him as they stripped off their clothes. He could see that Tim’s chest was covered in black hair, Gus had virtually no hair on his chest, and Kevin had a light covering of fair hair. All three men had wonderfully defined pecs, and their nipples were large and standing erect. Then, again all together, the men unfastened their leather belts, unzipped their denim trousers and let them drop to the ground around their ankles before they stepped out of them.
As the boy lay on the floor with the three almost naked men towering above him, he was petrified with fear. All he could see were three men standing above him. Their underpants were tented as their hard cocks tried to break loose from the restrictive fabric. The men had gathered in a tight knot around the boy, and their tented briefs appeared like a roof over the terrified boy’s head. He started to wail and cry.
“I WANT MY MOMMY,” the boy shouted. “I WANT TO GO HOME. TAKE ME HOME TO MOMMY NOW,” he screamed in fear.
The men laughed as they made a looser circle around the kid.
Gus replied to the boy, “You can beg for your mommy as much as you like. You’re ours now, you little fucker. You’re what we call a sex toy, and you have a tight little boy-pussy that we intend to stretch quite a bit. Now, bitch, just shut up and enjoy yourself.”
Young Jason did not understand much of what the man had said. He continued to cry as he observed the men carefully.
The three now slowly lowered their underpants. Gus had a pair of red jockey shorts. Kevin and Tim were both wearing y-fronts. Kevin’s were blue while Tim’s were black. As they lowered them over their hips, hard erect cocks came into the boy’s view. Jason had never seen anything like this before. He was so startled that he ceased to cry as the underpants were lowered. The men’s big hairy balls could be seen swinging below their giant cocks. They quickly dropped their underpants the rest of the way down their legs and stepped out of them. The three men now stood around the boy completely naked. Jason looked with wide-open eyes at the men’s big cocks. He could not drag his eyes away from the sight of something he had never seen before.
Kevin had the most massive fuck rod of the three. The erect cock was nine inches long and uncircumcised. A hairy bush, a light yellow in color, surrounded his balls, which were like two golf balls in size. His magnificent cock head was leaking pre-cum, and a drop dripped onto Jason’s upturned face.
Next in cock size was Gus. His cock was seven inches long, circumcised, and with a nice bag below holding his plum-size balls. He had a brown bush although, in truth, the bush was quite sparse. His cock head was dry although the cock was hard and throbbing with excitement.
Finally, there was Tim’s cock. It was only six inches long, but what it lacked in length it made up for in thickness. It must have been four inches thick and was uncircumcised. His balls were large, about the size of tennis balls, and he had a very heavy bush of black hair.
Jason just could not get over the sight of these naked men. He had never seen a man’s cock before, not even his father’s since sis father, being a bit of a prude, made sure that he was always covered when his boy was around.
Kevin now spoke to the boy. “Okay, Jason, it’s your turn now. We can’t play cards until you’re undressed so take off your shoes and socks.”
The boy started to snivel as he sat up and began to remove his footwear. After a couple of minutes, he was barefoot.
“Now, take off your tee shirt,” Kevin ordered. “Stand up to take it off.”
The boy got to his feet and started to remove his yellow tee shirt. As he pulled it over his head and dropped it onto the floor his abductors feasted their eyes on his bare upper body. He had a slender body with thin arms. He was too young for his muscles to have started to develop and his chest was, of course, entirely hairless. He had two tiny pink buttons with teeny tips. These were his boy nipples. His belly button stood out from his body. It was like a small knob.
“How old are you, Jason?” Tim asked as he licked his lips at the sight of his half-naked victim.
The poor little boy, choking back his sobs, replied in a quavering voice, “Seven, mister. Please, I want to go home.”
All three men smacked each other’s hands in triumph.
“Just about the ideal age, I guess” was Gus’s reaction and the other two men nodded in agreement.
“Okay, now off with your shorts,” Kevin said.
“Just a moment,” interrupted Tim, “let him stand on the table while he removes his shorts and underpants.” As he spoke, Tim lifted the four-foot tall boy onto the table.
“Now take off your shorts,” Kevin ordered again.
“Do I have to?” Jason whined. “I don’t want to take all my clothes off in front of you. It’s not nice.”
“Fucking shit,” Gus snarled. “Listen, you little bastard, we’re all fucking naked, and you will be the same. Now get those fucking shorts off before I knock your fucking head off.”
Young Jason was shocked by the man’s words, not the foul language that he did understand, but by the sheer ferocity in the man’s voice. It chilled the kid to the bone. Without wasting any more time but still sobbing, Jason unbuttoned the waistband of his shorts, unzipped them, and let them drop around his ankles. He then stepped out of them. The boy was wearing a pair of yellow briefs. They looked small on him. His white legs were scrawny but a delight to the men’s lustful eyes. They could hardly wait for the boy to remove his briefs.
Tim spoke this time. “Take off your pants and hand them to me,” he said in a hoarse voice.
Tears ran down Jason’s face as the boy in a pleading voice said, “Please, mister, don’t make me take my underpants off. Please don’t make me show you my willy. My daddy will be angry if he knows that I have got undressed in front of you.”
Tim’s voice shook with lust as he answered the kid’s request. “Get your fucking underpants off right now, and fuck your bloody daddy. You belong to us now, and it does not matter what that bastard thinks. You will do what we tell you. Now, get those fucking underpants off at once.”
As Tim shouted those last words at the top of his voice, young Jason quickly obeyed. He rolled his briefs down over his hips, down his legs, and around his ankles. He stepped out of them, picked them up, and handed them to Tim. Tim grabbed those yellow underpants, still warm from the boy’s body, and held them against his nose as all three men looked at the naked boy standing on the table in front of them.
Jason had a tiny cock; soft it was only one inch long. He was much too young for his balls to have dropped. His scrotum was tight against his body. Of course, the kid had not got a single hair on his body which was soft and white. His buttocks were small and not yet fully developed, but they looked adorable to the men’s eyes. His little crack concealing his anus was crying out to be explored by a boy lover.
“God, he’s beautiful,” Kevin said in a strangled voice.
“Fucking ripe for the plucking or should I say fucking” was Tim’s coarse reply.
“Shit, fellows,” Gus said, “we should have some terrific fun with this fucker. He’s innocent, a virgin, and just the right age and size for us all. I’m in love with the bitch. I can’t wait to start playing games with the little cunt.”
Jason was standing on the table naked in front of the leering men. He felt embarrassed and tried to hide his tiny pecker by placing his hands over it. Tim knocked the boy’s hands away quite roughly and said, “Don’t fucking hide your cock, bitch. It belongs to us now. Your whole body is ours as you will soon find out.”
The boy stood on the table a miserable little wretch. Tears rolled down his cheeks, and he started to sob his little heart out. He kept repeating time after time, “I want my mommy. I want my mommy. I want my mommy.”
Kevin said to the crying boy, “Listen, fuck pig, you can cry as much as you like. We all love it when you little bastards cry. Now, I will tell you this one last time. Do not mention your fucking mommy again.”
Then Kevin turned to his mates and said, “Come on, let’s get the fucking card game started. I can’t wait any longer.”
“Good idea,” replied Tim. “My cock can’t stand much more of this waiting about.”
Gus lifted the boy from the table and told him to sit on one of the chairs. The three men sat at the table with him after Tim had gone to a cupboard and produced what appeared to be a pack of playing cards. He addressed Jason.
“Now, cunt, this game is simple,” he said. “I have a deck of cards here. Each card has a picture and a written instruction. You get to draw a card from the pack. Whatever that card tells us to do we must do.”
Gus waited a moment to let his words sink into the confused boy’s brain. Then he continued to brief his young victim.
“You can shuffle the cards before you draw one. Do you know how to shuffle cards?” Gus asked.
Jason nodded his head and said, “Yes.”
“We have no idea what the card will tell us to do. It may be bad for you, or it may be good, but whatever it says, we perform it. You will be choosing what we do to you so you cannot blame us for what happens.” He waited again for a few moments and then passed the cards to the boy. “Shuffle the deck, draw a card from anywhere in the pack, and then read out what it says. You can read I hope. If not, you’ll lay the card face up on the table.”
The frightened and unhappy boy mumbled, “Course, I can read. I’m not a dummy.”
“Wow,” said Tim, “a bit of spirit. That’s what I fucking like, kid. I love boy bitches that try to fight back. I really love showing the cunts who the master is.”

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