Car Fuck

(MB) (anal, oral) (humil) (nc)

He was eleven, and I really wanted to fuck his little virgin ass. And he was such a sweet, fucking little bitch. There is nothing like a slender, little, eleven-year-old blonde boy.

I was on the road and had not fucked in two days. You know what it is like when you don't unload your balls in a boy for two days. Your cock gets to feeling really heavy and thick in your pants, and your swollen balls get all uncomfortable.

He was walking down this road, his little ass swinging, tempting drivers as they passed by. Oh, later he protested that he was all innocent and wasn't trying to be a cock tease at all. Of course, I knew that was bull shit. The fucking boy hole wanted and needed it. He could cry all he wanted and tell me it was too big, but I know he was out on that road looking for cock.

Anyway, being the good citizen I was, I stopped to pick him up. He was not thumbing for a ride, but he came with me anyway, another sign he was a fucking cock whore. My cock was rock hard in my jeans, and I saw that he noticed it at once so while we rode and chatted, I squeezed it every now and then just so he could see.

He was just eleven, and his name was Trevor. Wouldn't you know, a fucking dream name on a little, blond cuntboy? His name wouldn't be Ralph or John, oh, no, fucking Trevor. His name would be COCKSLUT by the time I finished with him.

He said he was on his way back from a movie in town. I asked him which film, and he said the new Fast and Furious. I suspected that he masturbated himself during the whole film, looking at all those muscle dudes and so on. Probably had his eleven-year-old dick out of his pants and in his hand and everything.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he blushed and told me he was too young to have a girlfriend. That opened things up a bit. I told him lots of boys at eleven were fucking girls I told him it was normal for a boy of eleven to fuck cunt every weekend. He fidgeted in his seat real cute like. He had nice full cocksucker lips. He told me none of his friends "did that."

"None of your buddies fuck cunt? I'll bet they do, and they just don't tell you because if you don't, they feel sorry for you. Or maybe they know you're gay."

It dropped like a bomb. Trevor stared at me, his pomegranate lips open in awe.

"I'm not gay, Mister. Honest," he said as if he were for the first time putting together my hard cock, him next to me, and the conversation.

"I don't know. You're eleven already, and you've never fucked cunt. That sounds gay to me."

"I really am not gay. I just am not so into girls yet. None of my friends are."

He was getting tense and defensive. I'd have him crying in a minute.

"Relax kid, you don't have to defend yourself so much. It just makes you sound more gay. Do you have any brothers?"

He pouted real cute. I know he was about to ask me to let him out of the car, then he changed his mind and answered my question.

"Yeah, Dean, he's sixteen."

"I'll bet he fucks girls all the time."

"Yeah, but he's sixteen."

"Makes no difference. Either you fuck cunt, or you don't. If you can, and you don't, then chances are, you are a faggot. Hey, kid, I don't mind. I got nothing against fairy boys."

My cock was about ready to tear through my jeans. He was getting so nervous, he about burst out of his seat belt.

"Have you ever sucked cock?"

He didn't answer.

"I'll take that as a no. Well, Trevor, you are about to suck your first cock. And it is a really nice, big one too."

He then did ask me to stop the car.

"If I stop this car before I am ready to, you are going to be a very, very sad boy. The best thing for you to do is to be a good boy, and just go along with this. In an hour or so, it will all be over, and you will be on your way."

I had pulled off the main road by now. I was not exactly sure where the hell I was. But nothing really mattered except getting my cock in that sweet eleven-year-old mouth and asshole.

"Please, Mister, I don't want to." He was almost crying already. What a fucking turn on.

"Now, Trevor, you may think you don't want to, but I am an educated adult, and I know better. You not only want cock. You need cock. You need it so that you can stop wondering if you want to fuck girls or be a faggot boy. It's a question a boy of your age should already have asked himself."

"I told you, I am not gay, and I don't want to be."

Tears were now in his big blue eyes. Fuck he was adorable.

"Yes, but on the other hand, you are not a girl fucker, so I'm going to help you decide what you want."

"Please, Mister, don't hurt me," he begged, suddenly crying full out, big fucking tears rolling down his cheeks. I almost came right there.

"Trevor, take it easy. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm on your side here, buddy. You are going to suck my cock and see if you like it. Then I am going to fuck you in the ass. There will be some discomfort sure, as my cock is quite large, and your little eleven-year-old asshole is probably tiny unless you have been sticking things up your asshole. Have you been sticking things up your asshole?"

"No, Sir!" He was trembling now. I thought he might piss himself. I liked that he had called me sir. That was nice.

"Don't piss yourself. If you do, I will beat your ass with my belt until it's bloody. I want to be your friend. So just relax. Here, why not open my pants and take my cock out?"

"Oh, please, Sir, I want to go home. Are you gonna' kill me?"

"Don't be stupid, Trevor. I'm not even going to hurt you unless you give me cause to. Now be a good boy and take my big cock out of my pants. I am leaking all over the place."

"I’ve never done this," he tentatively said, tears dripping from his chin.

"That's great. I like to teach boys. Think of me as a kind of teacher. Now if I have to ask you again, then I'm going to get angry. You don't want that, Trevor. You want me to stay your friend. So come on and get my cock out."

Jesus Christ, his hands were soft. His fingers were like velvet on my fuck meat. Much, much softer than the sixteen-year-old I had fucked a couple of days before. And I loved the way his hands shook. It was almost like I had my cock in a vibrator cushion. He held my huge leaking fucker in his hands like it was glass, and he was afraid he would break it. I almost laughed out loud. He was scared to get my cock leak on his hands too.

"That a boy, Trevor. See, it's not so bad. All dudes got cocks. Your dad has a cock. Your big bro has a cock. How often do you masturbate, Trevor?"

"I don't do that," he said quickly, and I just as quickly slapped him, hard. He pulled back, freaking out from the sting on his soft cheek.

"All boys your age masturbate, Trevor. It is a fact of life. So don't fucking lie to me. Don't ever fucking lie to me! Now how often do you fucking jerk your meat?"

"Oh, please, I don't know. I, I—"

He was falling apart in front of me.

"Answer the fucking question, Faggot. And you better tell me the truth."

"Like, every day, I guess," He whispered it like he was confessing to a sin.

"See how easy it is when you tell me the truth and are a good boy. Rub my cock a little up and down while we chat."

I was driving further and further off the beaten track. Trevor looked around wildly, realizing he was lost.

"Now, tell me, do you do it once every day or more than once?"

"Oh, God, I...please, Mister...more than once, I guess."

I did laugh.

"So you play with your fuck meat every fucking day more than once, but you don't fuck pussy. You sound like a fucking Faggot to me."

"I think about girls that way," he said defensively.

"Trevor, that doesn't mean shit. You probably think about the little boys in your gym class at school too. In the locker room bare naked, dicks and balls hanging there, the room smelling of eleven-year-old fuck meat."

"No, honest, I don't. Please take me home, Sir. Or just back to the highway. I’ve been good."

"Trevor, how can you say you've been good? You haven't done anything yet. How about showing me how good you can be? How about you giving my cock a kiss?"

That hit him like a fucking brick. His eyes opened like coffee cup saucers.

"Go on now, don't make me angry again. Just give my big, old, leaky cock a gentle kiss."

He froze.

"I...I....please...I can't."

"You certainly can, Trevor, or I will have to slap you again. And this time, I will slap you hard ten times on that sweet, little face of yours. I'll give you ten seconds to kiss my cock."

You can imagine how I felt. I knew that I was going to have this beautiful boy's eleven-year-old lips on my cock. I felt like a kid on his first date. Finally, he leaned down and gave my sticky cockhead a quick kiss. He sat up and made a face. His lips were slick with my cock leak.

"Do you call that a kiss, Faggot?" I said with a gentle laugh. "Come on buddy, I need you to kiss my cock, A nice, long, sexy smooch, like you would if you liked girls and it was some girl's mouth you were kissing."

I grabbed him by the neck and brought his head down to my crotch until I felt his soft, full lips on my cock head skin. I moved my prick slightly, so the piss hole was right at his mouth. Might as well teach the queer boy properly.

I spurted a little pre-fuck, and it coated his lips. I am sure he got some inside too. A boy's first taste of pre-fuck is special. This was going to be a very special day for Trevor. While I held his head down on my cock with one hand, I stepped on the brakes and then slid my other hand up under his tee shirt to feel his boy titties. This boy was entirely new to sex, and I suspected he had just reached puberty a few months ago. His skin was like fine silk bedsheets.

"Lick it a little, Trevor. Lick my cock for me," I murmured to him.

Trevor licked cock for the first time in his life. What a wonderfully romantic experience. The unfortunate bitch was so scared, I fear he didn't enjoy it much. He kept making sounds like he was going to gag or choke or something. I ruffled his hair and told him to relax. I turned off the car and sat there, enjoying his mouth on my cock.

"Do you know what a cocksucker is, Trevor? I am sure you've heard boys call other boys cocksucker. Well, I want you to be one. I want you to be a cocksucker for me. I want you to become my cocksucker. It'll be our secret. Nobody has to know. Just be a real good boy and suck my cock. Suck on it like you are sucking on a Popsicle, that way we can tell if you are a faggot or not. Queers really love the flavor of cock. You can decide if you really love the taste of my cock."

He actually wrinkled his nose at the idea. It was so fucking cute. Within minutes and a few more veiled threats, I had the little fucker sucking on my cock like a baby on a mother's teat. He took to it like a fucking duck to water. I don't mean by that that he enjoyed it, but his full, young, lips fit perfectly around my cockhead and his mouth was like a velvet glove around my leaking fucker. Of course knowing that I was humiliating and degrading him added immensely to my pleasure.

But this was just the start. After a bit, I pulled the boy’s slobbering young face pussy off of my cock, wiped the spit and pre-fuck off of his cute pussy face, and looked him in the eyes.

"That was not bad at all for a first time cocksucker. You could make lots of new friends among the jocks at school if you just showed them your skills. Now, I've shown you my cock, so how about shucking down your jeans and letting me see your eleven-year-old dicklet?"

"Please, please..." again and again.

"Is that the only fucking thing you can say? I am getting bored, Trevor. And when I get bored, I can get nasty. Now open up your jeans and pull them and your underpants down to your ankles. Don't be shy, you are among friends."

He sniveled and hemmed and hawed, but eventually, he tugged his pants and undies down, and I got my first glimpse of his eleven-year-old pisser and nuts. It was pretty average and boy-like, a nice, pale dicklet with a pretty, pink head hanging above nice soft sack. I ordered him to spread his legs wide, so he had to remove his jeans and underpants. He still had on his white socks, and I thought that was sexy. I fingered his dicklet and told him I wanted to see him hard. He told me he was too scared to get hard, so I played a little game of slap the boy's nuts. After that, he pumped his dicklet until he had a delightfully stiff hard on for me. It was really cute.

"I would love to play with you all day like this, Trevor, but I really have to be on my way soon, so it's time to fuck your sweet little ass."

He collapsed again in tears.

I got out of the car and took off my pants so the little bitch could properly appreciate the size of my cunt buster. The I ordered him to lie on his stomach on the back seat of the car.

His small tight buns were so fucking cute, I snapped a photo of them for all of you. His hole was so minuscule that at first, I was certain I would never get into it. But I was persistent.

I started with my finger, then a tire gauge that I had in the car. Then two fingers, with him moaning and crying all the while his boy hole was still resisting. It was so damned tight, and he kept telling me it hurt too much. I got a nice big wrench from the trunk and worked that up his asshole. That loosened him up considerably. I made him suck the wrench clean just to teach him to have better hygiene.

"You just never know when you are going to be fucked, Trevor, so you need to keep your shit chute clean every day. I make my boys clean themselves out three times a day for me so if you taste shit when you suck the wrench clean, it's your own fault. See, I'm not such a bad teacher after all am I? Now suck my fingers clean too."

I had three fingers up him in no time, and I knew it was time for my fucker. I took one little boy ass cheek in each hand and spread them wide apart. The eleven-year-old, tiny, pink, hairless, tight boy hole winked at me. It was breathtaking. I grabbed his underpants and told him to bite and suck on them to help him with the pain. You see, I am not a heartless monster.

And then I fucked him. I worked the head in, holding his buns apart. Then I forced another three inches in.

He screamed through his underpants.

I fucked another four inches in and then I pulled back out until only the head was in.

He stammered, gurgled and begged me to take it out. He said I was killing him. I assured him he was in no danger. He stuttered that it burned so bad he was dying.

I fucked in harder this time. Almost there. I felt as if there was some obstruction, but at eleven he should be able to take all of me, so I reared back and slammed into him balls deep. He grunted, and his body slid on the car seat. He flopped around like a fish on dry land, little boy arms and legs everywhere. I felt like I was fucking a rag doll. A rag doll with the most wonderful fuck hole on earth.

I fucked first with long hard strokes to get him nice and open, and then I did some quick, short jabs. His breathing came in short ragged jerks. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him to me, my cock buried to the hilt in his eleven-year-old ass. I called him an ASS FUCKED BOY and a CUNT. I reached down and jerked his little pecker while I fucked him.

Then I dragged him over and, sitting with my legs outside the car, I fucked him sitting on my lap. That way I could bounce him on my impaling cock. He made ragged groaning noises, and I could tell he was passing out from pain. I slapped him to bring him around. Then I spit in his face, and ordering him to open his mouth, I gobbed into his mouth. It was really quite romantic.

I carried him on my cock around to the front of the car, and I laid him on the hood. I fucked him that way for a bit. He was limp and out of it by this time.

Finally, I was ready to cum. I pulled out, flipped him over and shot my fuck sauce all over his cute, little face. I grabbed his small, sweet face in one hand and pried his mouth open so I could shoot the remainder into his mouth. His first real taste of cum. What boy can ever forget that?

Then I held him in my arms and soothed him, telling him it was all right and he would be okay. I told him I was going to let him go and that he could be home in a few hours.

I advised him not to tell anyone about what had happened, or they would think he was a faggot for sure.

"Imagine how the kids at school would treat you if they knew you were fucked in the ass and the mouth."

I advised him it would be better to keep the incident to himself.

"If in days to come, you find that you did like it and want more cock and more cum, you might consider asking your brother. When his girlfriends are on the rag, he might enjoy fucking his little faggot brother in the mouth or ass."

I smiled and smoothed his hair. He looked terrified. I told him it was all over and he was free to go.

"Just one more little thing, give me your clothes. I want you to go home naked."

He was dumbstruck. He looked darling with, spit and cock slop and ass juice running down his legs from his asshole, and his beautiful face covered with tears, shot, and ropes of cum.

I made him take everything off including his socks. When he was totally bare-ass naked, shivering with humiliation and shock, I sent him on his way.

He was quite lost, and it would take him hours to get back to any kind of civilization. By then, I would be in the next state with the real license plates on my car.