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It’s Johnny’s first summer camp. As a concerned parent, you want to make sure his initial camp experience is not only filled with adventure and fun, but it is a comfortable one as well. At fourteen, Johnny is going to make lots of new friends at camp, not only other boys his age but also older boys and counselors and even some adult administrators. Johnny is going to want to impress the counselors, administrators and older boys with his willingness and cheerful agreeability.

Some first time experiences are going to be a bit uncomfortable for Johnny. For example, all ten adult counselors who are in their early twenties are going to want to connect immediately with so charming and handsome a boy as Johnny. Before his first day is out at Camp Asscuntata, Johnny will be receiving personal attention from his own cabin counselor as well as from the other counselors.
You know how boys out for a good time are. For Johnny’s first day, a Welcome Gang Fuck will be organized. Johnny, who is a big boy fourteen, as well as some other new boys as young as twelve will be made to feel welcome by getting fucked in the ass by all the counselors and adult administrators. Then, of course, as the new boy, Johnny will be ass fucked by the other boys in his cabin. In fact, Johnny will be the official cabin cunt boy the whole summer, and as such he must willingly be available to any or all of the other ten boys who share his cabin. The boys will draw straws to see which bed he will sleep each night, but they also have the right to fuck him any time they wish. They merely need to say, “Assume the position, Cunt!” I can’t tell you how much this will teach Johnny about friendship and bonding with other males. Let’s face it; boys of this age, having to spend an entire summer away from the opposite sex, have to find some way to unload their big fat boy balls.
Of course, in the days following his arrival, Johnny will be taught how to properly suck cock, eat out ass, drink piss, and more. Don’t worry about your boy getting into trouble. With so much to do, he won’t have any time to mess up. Johnny’s day will start as he gets a morning ass fuck from the boy he has spent the night with. Then he will lick the boy’s dick and balls clean and climb out of bed. Two or three other boys will be waiting to fuck him in the ass. While he is getting ass fucked, he will have to drink the morning piss of all the other boys in the cabin. His tummy may swell up, but he will soon learn to take it all. Of course, the cabin counselor has first dibs on both Johnny’s ass and mouth at all times. Our counselors are very strict and somewhat sadistic with the boys, as we feel it turns out a better teenage boy.
The boys march to the communal shower where they wash each other. As a new boy, Johnny will drop to his knees and clean the peckers and sacs of the other boys with his mouth. He will soon learn the taste of soap is not so bad. He might also get ass fucked a few times while in the shower. Boys this age are randy all the time.
The boys will then dress in their tiny white camp shorts and flip-flops and proceed to the dining hall. As a new boy, Johnny will remain naked. In the dining hall, the boys sit on long wooden benches at tables, except for the new boys. This being Johnny’s first time at camp, he will eat his meals out of a doggie dish placed on the floor. He is not allowed to use his hands. Think of this as a kind of healthy initiation.
New boys also have special activities. While other boys swim, hike, and play sports, Johnny will have classes in Cocksucking Technique, Scrotum Licking, Asshole Sucking, and other useful things. These special classes are taught by our young, handsome, well-hung counselors. They are very strict. Do not be surprised if Johnny writes to you that he had to suck ass from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon with only a few breaks. This teaches a boy discipline. Although we love all our boys, don’t be surprised also if he is punished if his ass sucking lacks energy or flags in the slightest during these long stints. He will shift from counselor to counselor to get used to different ass flavors. Also, the counselors will intentionally maintain different levels of ass cleanliness so that Johnny gets a variety of tastes.
During these long ass sucking, ball licking, or cock sucking classes, Johnny will be required to masturbate non-stop. However, he must learn to cum only when allowed. This is such an important thing for young boys to learn. After all, they can’t go jizzing whenever they please. So Johnny will be made to jerk off at all times, allowing himself only a five-minute rest once every four hours. So that his young dick does not get bloody and raw from so much wanking, he will have to learn to maintain a light touch. Our counselors will help him of course, teaching him many different masturbation techniques.
New boys at the camp must also learn to control their bathroom needs. They can’t just go running off to the toilet whenever they wish. To help them, we allow certain bathroom times. The new boys kneel around a metal tub, and all piss together. We find this to be an excellent group activity. When a new boy needs to shit, it becomes even more of a bonding experience. Boys must always shit in pairs. They squat over pails and shit and then wipe each other’s asses clean. They use leaves instead of toilet paper to learn better how to rough it in the wild. Then to make sure they have done a good cleaning job, they must lick each other’s assholes.
As you can see, our camp has a pretty intense program for helping boys grow into responsible adults. We also have special learning games designed for our new boys. A new boy will sit on a small platform with his legs bent at the knee and spread wide. This exposes his balls. His dick will be taped up against his groin to keep it out of the way. Then the older boys will take turns throwing tennis balls at the new boy’s fuck sack. A direct hit is, of course, worth the most points. If a boy is recalcitrant about participating, we tie him down and use baseballs instead of tennis balls. The aim of some of our older boys and our counselors is quite good.
In the evenings around the campfire, the new boys entertain the campers. For example, thorns and nettles are scattered on the ground, and the new boys are made to dance barefoot on them. It is quite humorous to see their dicks and balls bounce and jiggle as they hop painfully from one foot to the other. We play other games like sticking five or six wooden kitchen matches in a boy’s pisshole and lighting them. Then we ask him questions which he has to answer correctly before the matches burn down and singe his cockhead.
Since Johnny will be a new boy at camp, there is no need to pack much for him. The less clothing, the better. We like our new boys to have a jock strap, a pink silk posing pouch (which you can order from our website) and a pair of flip-flops. Also, as many tubes of KY jelly as you can fit in a suitcase. Each boy is only allowed to use as much as he brings with him. After that, he will have to endure dry fucking, and since most of our new boys are fucked fifteen to twenty times a day, I suggest sending along a case or two of the lube. You might also send along some alcohol for cleaning wounds, as some of the new boys will have their nipples and dickheads pierced. We also pierce many of their tongues and insert silver studs. It makes them lisp really cute like faggots, and also really improves their cocksucking. We think of this as a kind of Indian ritual ceremony to bring a boy into manhood. Each boy should also bring an eight-inch black rubber dildo. You can choose the exact style that you wish, as we like the boys to trade off with each other and share. He’ll also need a two-gallon enema bag and hose.
Make sure if you have a boy who has started to develop body hair, it is completely shaved off before he arrives at camp. Make sure the pubic area is clean, that there is no scrotum hair and no hair around the asshole.
We have sent you a bottle of Viagra. Make sure your son takes two Viagra a day for one week preceding his camp experience. Do not let him masturbate for two weeks before he leaves for camp. Keep a close eye on him, as this is very important.
A DVD entitled Your Son at Camp will be made available for you so that you can relive your son’s exciting summer for years to come.
I am sure Johnny and other boys like him, will have a summer that they will never forget!