Caleb's Day

(MmB) (anal, oral, scat, ws) (cbt, humil, tort) (nc) (inc)

I wake up with my thirteen-year-old boner rubbing against the bed sheet. The sensitive dickhead is leaking all over the place, but I don't want to jerk off, because Mr. Jenkins at school will probably want me to masturbate for him before the first hour, but I'll get to that later. It seems right away like it might be a good day. Well, better than average anyway. That is mainly because I hear my dad fucking my brother in the room next door. I know it's Noah because he always makes a high whimpering sound when he plows him. He kind of cries in tiny little bursts. Dad also fucks him so hard I can hear the sound of his big balls slapping against his ass. At least that means that Dad won't be fucking my ass this morning. That leaves Lester. But the thumping I hear coming from another part of the house, the master bedroom, tells me that Lester is fucking Elijah, my ten-year-old brother. Lester is my dad’s friend and drinking buddy who just got out of prison. Lester is six foot five and black as coal. His body is covered with homemade, or rather prison-made tattoos.

Well, this is the second victory of the morning, and I have not even gotten up out of bed yet. If Lester is fucking my ten-year-old brother, then he won't be coming into my room with his fucking huge, eleven incher dripping for some thirteen-year-old boy ass. Lester, from the way he tells it, never used to enjoy boy ass and mouth, but being in prison taught him to enjoy sex where he can get it, and boy does he do that. Now my dad, on the other hand, loves boy ass and mouth. He is just a dirty fucking sadist and loves to hurt me for his own pleasure. That started way back when I was eight. Hell, I have been living with it so long, I know how to deal with it. What I don't like, well, one thing I don't like is when he makes me fuck my ten-year-old brother, Elijah. I feel bad enough for him that Dad and all of his friends use him on a daily basis. They are all bunch of fucking sadists as far as I am concerned. It's not just sex. They love to hurt him and slap his balls and make him crawl for them. They whip his ass and then fuck his asshole and mouth at the same time. They run an electric current through his dick and balls. They piss on him and shit into his mouth and all kinds of nasty things I don't even want to write about.


And we have no choice but to take it. Dad always told us, if we made trouble, he would hurt us. Fuck, he hurts us anyway.


Well, for my thirteenth birthday, he made me fuck Elijah. I had to fuck my brother in the ass. I had to shoot my load up his hole, and this freaked him out, as he was sore from the ass fucking Lester had given him. Well, not necessarily, it could be from the party last night where Dad let fifteen guys fuck the shit out of Elijah. So, for my thirteenth birthday, he had a bunch of his buddies over to watch me fuck my ten-year-old brother. It was gruesome. I had to prance around naked with them all slapping my dick and balls thirteen times each and then my baby brother had to suck my dick hard, which never takes long, even if it's your brother you're going to fuck. Shit, when you are thirteen, it's always hard. Elijah cried and told me it was all right and that he loved me. The guys laughed. I cried too and for some reason said I was sorry, but the whole thing wasn't my fault.


The point here is I had to fuck him for my thirteenth birthday. And now, just for sadistic fun, he makes me fuck him two or three times a week. We're used to it now, so we don't mind so much, but I'd still rather not.


Now, I am of two minds about fucking Elijah. I mean, my mind hates it because I know he hates it, but my thirteen-year-old boy body can't help respond to his sweet, ten-year-old, undeveloped body. Dad and Lester seem to never tire of making me fuck Elijah while they watch. "Young Love in Blossom" they call it.


But it's all a tradeoff, isn't it? Elijah would rather have me fuck him than Lester or Dad because my dick is smaller, and I fuck much gentler. Of course, they make me piss in his mouth and do nasty things like shoving a cucumber up his asshole, but he knows I don't do that of my own free will. His life is much worse than mine, so I guess I am pretty lucky.


This particular morning, I am not totally lucky. As I am padding to the bathroom to shower, Lester gives a holler for me to get my ass into the Master bedroom. I should explain our bathrooms to you. You might be interested. They have no doors on them. We have to shit and piss with anyone who passes watching. Dad likes it that way. We also have to be bare-ass naked around the house at all times. Even though I grew up that way, I still get embarrassed, somehow even more now that my dick is growing pretty big. Dad says I'll have a nine incher like his. That's one of the reasons Mr. Jenkins likes to watch me jerk off, but more about that later.


I am called into the Master Bedroom by Lester who is just finishing up fucking my ten-year-old brother. His fucking dick is so huge, there is just no way will it not hurt anybody he fucks. My poor asshole stays open for almost the whole day after he fucks me. And I ache all the time back there between Lester and Dad's big dicks. Not to mention Coach Adams. I wouldn't have Coach Adams and the high school varsity football team fucking my ass if it were not for that fucking Mr. Jenkins.


So, there I am standing bare-assed at the foot of the bed, watching big black Lester pull his slime covered eleven-inch hunk of fuckmeat out of my ten-year-old brother’s asshole, although I can see how swollen his lips are that he's been there too. He turns around on the bed, a big toothy smile cracking his dark black face.


"Clean me up, Faggot!" he growls, in a not really unfriendly way. It's just the way he always talks. 'Clean me up...as opposed to what? Cleaning him down? Well, clean him down might be more appropriate since I got to lick his ass-slopped dick clean and then lick all the cum and ass drippings from his enormous ball sack as well. Lester likes to be clean. Rather than a shower, he likes to make Noah lick his body clean. I don't mind telling you, it's one of his least favorite things in the world to do. One of my least favorite things to do is coming up next.


After I get the black fucker all shiny and clean and swallow all the cum and ass slop, which tastes like shit, and that is no joke, Lester tells me to get to work and get my ten-year-old brother clean. That's right. I have to lick and suck my brother’s asshole clean. I must suck Lester's spunk from my ten-year-old brother's asshole.


"Morning, Caleb," my ten-year-old brother says, a sweet smile on his face. I do love him. I have apologized hundreds of times for our miserable life. I stroke his dick while I suck his ass, and he likes that. I love my baby brother. Then Lester grabs me by the hair and yanks me away from my brother.


"I gots to take a wicked piss," he growls.


"I'll do it, Lester," I say, trying to save Elijah from the horrible task, but Lester is having none of that. He slaps me so hard my teeth rattled.


"I wants the boy to do it! You just do as you are told!"


He positions Elijah’s face in front of his humongous, flaccid cock. The cockhead is like an apple. Elijah opens his mouth as he has been taught to do. He dares not close his eyes, even though if piss gets in them it really stings. Lester would tell you it's Elijah’s fault for not taking and swallowing all the piss in his little face-cunt of a mouth. When Lester pisses, it really gushes like water from a fucking fire hose. His piss stream is much stronger than Dad's.


Speaking of Dad, I hear him coming down the hall. I also hear Noah whimpering. Dad is walking down the hall with his dick buried up Noah's asshole, with him bent over walking in front of him. His dick and balls are swinging to the rhythm of the "fuck walk."


"We have a party in here?" Dad asks with a bright smile on his face. "I'm about ready to unload, so Caleb can suck my scum out of his brother's cunt and clean my cock too."


By the time Elijah has finished swallowing all of Lester's steaming yellow piss, my dad has shot up Noah's asshole. Now, I have to admit, I don't much care for sucking the globs of my dad's cum.


It's been a good morning. Our morning sex session is almost over, and nobody has gotten whipped with a belt, nobody has gotten pins or thumbtacks stuck into them, nobody has gotten a bottle or other objects shoved up their asshole, nobody has gotten a ball beating. A pretty fucking good morning.


Dad makes Noah, and I shower together. We actually enjoy it now. Noah is my twin brother. It brings us closer. Then we get dressed and rush off to school. Dad packs our drinks and sandwiches for our lunch. We don't like them, because as a kind of joke, Dad uses the cum of his buddies and makes us cum sandwiches and fills our drink bottles with piss. And we don't dare toss them out. Oh, no, Dad has a way of knowing when we are lying when he asks us if we ate our lunches. Dad seems to know everything. I long ago stopped trying to fool Dad


At school, Noah trots off to see his kind of boyfriend, Matt, while I report to Mr. Jenkins' office. Mr. Jenkins is the school guidance counselor. Somehow, he got me to confess to him some of the things that went on at home. I guess I stupidly thought he might be able to help. He warned me that my brother and I would go to reform school and my father to prison. That sucks! So, I was fucked up once again. Mr. Jenkins likes young boys. He likes young boys very much. He has the perfect job.


In Mr. Jenkins' office, I am forced to strip bare-ass naked. Mr. Jenkins tongue kisses me and slops spit down my throat. He also loves to spit into my face and watch it dry. I am made to climb up on his desk and play with my prick and balls, and asshole. He loves to make me bend over, spread my ass cheeks, and stick fingers up my own ass for him. I tell Mr. Jenkins that I have an important English test today, and I need to look over some material, but he couldn’t give a shit. He makes me stand with my legs spread and masturbate my dick for him. Sometimes he takes photos which he shares on the internet with friends. Some days he makes me shove a big dildo up my ass and fuck myself for his pleasure. But most days, I jerk off until I shoot my load on the desk or on the floor. And then I have to crawl around and lick it up. Mr. Jenkins is teaching me to be neat. Then he bends me over his desk or takes me to his couch and fucks me like there is no tomorrow. He is by far the roughest fucker I have ever known, but his dick is not all that huge, so it doesn't hurt as much as Lester.


The pattern varies, but only slightly. Some days, Mr. Jenkins will make me squat and shit his cum out of my ass and then lick it up. He calls me "Fucking Faggot" while I do it. I don't know where he got that from, but it seems to have grown in popularity as now lots of the boys in school also call me a fucking faggot. Thank God, I will move on to the high school next semester, and hopefully, all of this will be over. Some days he makes me go to classes with a thirteen-inch rubber dildo with a thirteen-inch circumference up my ass. I fucking hate that. Not only does it hurt like hell, but it is just plain uncomfortable. And on top of that, some of the jocks in my grade found out about it, thanks to Coach Adams, and so they take me into the toilets between classes and make me show then if I have a dildo up my ass or not. I also have to suck them off and lick out the urinals. Most of that rough stuff is because of Coach Adams. He is a fucking sadist. How I hate Mr. Jenkins for telling the coach about me.


Coach Adams loves to take a belt to my ass. He enjoys burning my ball sack with his cigar. He gets off on twisting and stretching my tits until they are all red, raw and standing out like fucking bitch teats. He does nasty things just for fun, like putting me in a gym locker and leaving me there all day, with a cum-filled condom in my mouth. Stupid stuff. Stuff that makes no sense to you or me. The worst is that he lets eleventh and twelfth-grade varsity football players fuck me and makes me suck them off. And he lets them play stupid games with me too, like "Slap Caleb's Ball Bag!" and "How Many Fingers Can You Get up Caleb's Boy-cunt?" Last week, that fucking coach actually hung a ten-pound weight from my balls and made me dance that way. They thought it was hysterically funny. I did not!


And poor Noah is in for a bad time as well, because his "boyfriend" Matt is a really nasty jock. I know because he fucks my face and ass. He is the meanest boy in twelfth grade, and he intends to share Noah’s boy-cunt with the entire varsity basketball team. Imagine having thirty eleventh and twelfth-grade boys fuck you!


Oh, well, I have other problems to worry about. Coach Adams is having a poker party this Friday night, and he wants me under the poker table licking the dicks and balls, and assholes of the players during the game. He says I’ll be the toilet, so the guys don’t have to leave the table during the game.


Well, all in all, today was not too bad a day. My asshole is only slightly inflamed, my lips are only a little swollen from sucking dick, and I did well on my English test.