Cade's Story

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A palimpsest based on a story by Master Dave
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Cade's Beating

Three sharp knocks on the door were the signal. Cade got up off the bed and tugged nervously at his skirt and pink posture collar. The thin ten-year-old was dressed in a skirt so short as to show occasional flashes of his pink panties, and a skimpy top that showed his belly and stretched tight across his small but perfect chest.

Cade opened the door to find his seventeen-year-brother standing there, as expected. Ever since Dave had raped him of his virginity a year ago, Cade had been his cum dump whenever he wanted. Cade loved it when Dave used him, but Cade also had no choice. Dave would punish him if he disobeyed. Dave required him to dress for him every night and to wait for him in case he wanted to use him.

Dave walked into the room and grabbed hold of the young boy roughly. Cade gasped, looking down. Cade had always been a very submissive boy, but his rough rape had made him completely subservient to Dave. Dave roughly kissed Cade on the mouth and reached up his skirt to fondle his perfectly round, panty-covered ass. The damn cock whore was hard and wet already.


A year ago, Dave had entered Cade's room at night to take him. He'd had his eyes on his younger brother for a long time, catching occasional glimpses of him as he exited the shower. His body was maturing nicely, and every time Dave saw his younger brother he got a hardon. He knew Cade was a complete virgin, never even been kissed, which turned him on even more. When Dave came into the room, Cade was only wearing a t-shirt, and Cade’s soft, creamy legs instantly brought Dave’s cock to attention. Dave shut and locked the door, announced his intentions, and threw himself upon his younger brother. After fondling him extensively, Dave tore Cade’s t-shirt off and raped him hard for half an hour. His mouth couldn’t take it all, which Dave didn't like, but still better than anything he'd ever experienced. He pulled out and came all over his younger brother’s face, then left.

He returned an hour later still horny and found Cade crying on the bed, his violated mouth sore and his face covered with dried cum. Dave told him Cade was now his fuck hole, and then he took his brother’s ass. The boy eventually began to enjoy it as Dave roughly pinched his nipples and slapped his ass. As Dave stroked his younger brother’s dick, Cade came for the first time, delighting Dave as his tight ass squeezed another full load out of his older brother’s cock. From then on Cade considered himself Dave’s property and became increasingly submissive and obedient.


Dave roughly stroked Cade's hairless dick from behind through his panties. Cade entire body below his neck was bare and hairless. Dave reached up, grabbed Cade’s small pert titties, and stroked them roughly through his tight top. Cade was not wearing a bra, as his titties needed no support, though Dave often told him he would soon have titties any girl would be proud to have.


"How’s my little fuckhole tonight?" Dave asked.


"S...sir, I am k...kinda horny. I hope that’s okay," he replied, blushing and timidly refusing to look at his older brother.


Dave smiled. "Kneel and suck," he commanded


Cade responded with a quick, "Yes Sir!"


Cade undid the button on Dave’s pants and pulled his older brother’s clothes off. He stood naked in front of him, towering over the four foot, fifty-pound boy as he knelt submissively in front of him. His skirt rode up as he knelt exposing his inner thighs and showing the pink panties with pink and white bows and lace trim he often wore. Dave smiled as Cade licked his lips and grasped his older brother’s cock in his hands and began stroking it before licking the tip.


Cade looked up at Dave for approval as he began to suck his older brother’s cock. Dave smiled down into Cade’s eyes, and he quickly plunged the length into the boy’s mouth. Dave was feeling very horny tonight, and his cock grew as the ten-year-old boy took nearly its entire length into his small mouth. Smiling, Dave grabbed the boy's soft shoulder length brown hair and pushed his mouth down onto his cock, gagging him. Cade's eyes, full of fear, flew wide open and stared up at Dave as he choked him, his pretty face turning purple as he took his entire length. Dave held him there, enjoying the feeling of his throat until he felt Cade was running out of air. He grasped Cade’s hair and pulled his head off roughly, laughing as his younger brother coughed for air. Dave was in a sadistic mood. He pulled Cade’s tight top off and dragged him by his hair over to the bed, dumping his gasping body on the floor next to the bed.


Dave opened a drawer in Cade's desk and retrieved a few tools, including a riding bat, cane, and a pair of chained nipple clamps. Cade stared at him nervously from across the room, fear in his eyes. It had been some time since Dave had hurt him, and the marks from last time had almost faded completely. However, he remembered his last beating and the emotional marks remained.


"Ooh, Sir, please, no sir!" he whimpered.


Dave merely laughed, his cock pointing rock hard.


Cade trembled with fear, causing his small body to tremor nicely. Dave towered over him, reaching down to roughly fondling his chest, smiling at his fear and watching his nipples grow. Cade tried to crawl away from him but quickly found himself backed up against the side of the bed, unable to crawl any further, his legs spread from his attempts.


"Hands behind your back!"


Cade quickly complied, holding his hands together tightly just behind his butt. His chest thrust out naturally as he did this, and Dave took that opportunity to clamp the ten-year-old boy’s right nipple painfully tight. He gasped sharply as he ran the clamp's chain through a ring on his posture collar and back down to his other nipple. Cade winced in pain as the chain was adjusted to pull constantly on his two nipples. He lay trembling with his back pushed against the bed, his tearful eyes wide with fear, his hands clasped tightly behind his back, his legs spread enough to expose his creamy inner thighs and provide a clear view of the growing wet spot on the crotch of his pink panties.


Dave grabbed the riding bat and struck his upper thighs hard twice, once on each side. Red marks emerged.


"You fucking little cock whore! You love this, don’t you, you dirty little fuckhole?"


Dave kicked the boy twice directly on the crotch of his panties. Cade gasped, and almost shut his legs, but caught himself when he remembered what would happen if he did.


"Stand up!"


Dave kicked Cade’s balls one more time, and he moaned and struggled to get upright quickly. As he hurried to stand, his nipple chain tightened, and he yelped in pain and gasped in pleasure. He looked down.


"Yes, Sir! I…I…I…love it when you abuse me, S…S…Sir!" the boy stuttered in response to his older brother’s earlier question while attempting to keep his hands behind his back and his balls pushed forward with legs spread wide, and nipple chain pulled tautly.


"Remove your skirt and give me your panties, Cade."


The young boy wasted no time in removing his skirt, then quickly stepped out of his panties. He gave the wet underwear to Dave, who inhaled the sweet smell. The boy little two-inch dick was hard and oozing pre-cum. Dave smiled and walked around him, checking him out. Cade was now entirely nude except for the collar and nipple clamps. He remained in the same pose, his spread legs affording an excellent view of his bare dick, glistening with moisture. Viewed from behind, his long shapely legs ended at a small, round, cute ass, white and creamy, and unmarked so far. Cade did not see Dave exchange the riding bat for the cane. He only heard a quick "swoosh" and felt searing pain as the cane contacted his butt. A thick red and purple welt appeared quickly, and Cade clenched his ass cheeks. But it was too late.


The second hit came even harder, and Cade began to cry. The third and the fourth had come in quick succession before Dave stopped to admire his work. The poor boy sobbed softly as Dave stroked his welted rear, and then he drew back and rapidly delivered six more, covering the ten-year-old boy’s ass and the tops of his thighs. Cade yelped and barely kept his balance with each one. Always obedient, his hands remained clasped just above his ass.. torture. Dave stopped briefly and walked close behind Cade, his cock touching his bruised ass from behind, and fondled Cade’s clamped titties roughly.


"Fifteen more" Dave whispered in his ear with a chuckle.


Dave grabbed his younger brother roughly and threw him down bent over the bed. His cock grew rock hard once again, as he saw his handiwork and raised the cane to take another stroke. Dave marked him ten more times, with maximum force on his back, buttocks, and thighs. His cock grew harder with every stroke as he listened to the poor boy’s sobs. After the fifteenth stroke, Dave ordered him to spread his legs wide, and he gazed upon his ten-year-old brother’s brutally beaten body before settling on the boy’s pink little asshole and balls. Dave smiled, rubbed his cock against the rosebud and plunged in.


Dave punched fucked the ten-year-old boy long and hard, enjoying his tight boy-cunt as well as the sensation every time his body touched Cade’s bruised ass cheeks, and his entire body clenched down on his older brother’s cock. Dave moaned loudly, building into an orgasm as his cock thrust in and out of his ten-year-old brother’s tight hole. Cade turned to stare up at his older as he began to spasm and cum from his vicious fucking. His fuckhole tightens around Dave’s cock, and Dave smiled as he shot his huge load into his brother’s massaging boy-cunt. He pulled out and had Cade clean his cock with his mouth while he removed the nipple clamps and posture collar.


Dave grunted as he slipped his clothes back on, then left Cade prostrated over the bed nude, legs spread, cum dripping slowly down his legs, as he slipped back out the door.


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