Busting Bobby's Balls

Mm/B, humil, tort
A palimpsest based on a story by lws8512

Bobby is a fifteen-year old boy with enormous genitals. The men in the story, led by Bobby's own stepfather, take it upon themselves to torture and humiliate Bobby, primarily through pummeling his gigantic testicles. Unrealistic so suspend your incredulity and enjoy.

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Bobby stepped off the school bus and began to shuffle slowly towards his home at the end of the long driveway. At fifteen years old, Bobby was a smaller boy, five feet in height and weighing just a little over seventy-five pounds. He had short black hair and brown eyes.


It was snowing heavily and quite cold out, but Bobby was in no rush to get home. He knew what was awaiting him, the same thing that had awaited him every day for the past four years. Bobby’s life had dramatically changed at the age of eleven when his mother died. Earl, an extremely strict man and disciplinarian and Bobby’s only parental figure had, then and there, decided that Bobby was mentally ill. Pulling a few strings at the hospital at which he worked, Earl had Bobby, an intelligent boy, classified as having severe mental retardation. This had allowed him to have lifetime custody of Bobby, which he told Bobby in private would allow him to “cure him” of his sissy attitude. Secretly, Bobby wondered if it was because of his femininity or his freakishly large genitals.


As Bobby neared the house, he could see his stepdad waiting for him on the porch. Sitting next to him were two of the neighbor boys, Alex and Cody. Alex was a tall, beautiful, blonde with piercing blue eyes. Beneath his thick winter coat, he was a skinny boy with light skin. The other boy, Cody, was shorter and brunette. While Alex was conventionally beautiful, Cody was cute and energetic. Cody was not as skinny as Alex, but Bobby had always admired Cody’s body. Earl was also a brunette. At just over 40, his face, while attractive, was also creased with age. However, his body put both of the teenage boys sitting next to him to shame. He was 6’0”, an inch taller than Alex, with huge barrel chest, defined abs and a narrow waist; he was a stunning man.


“Hi, honey,” Earl greeted Bobby, “your friends Alex and Cody braved the cold today just to come see you and help you with you therapy.”


“Hi, Bobby,” both boys said in unison with big smiles on their faces.


Earl moved Bobby’s “therapy program” outside, because Earl had said it was becoming too messy inside. When it was nice out, it was not uncommon to have the two boys over to serve as aides in Bobby’s therapy. The neighbor boys always wanted to help.


Bobby assumed his “therapy position,” grabbing hold off the metal railing on the side of the porch and spreading his legs. Earl pulled down Bobby’s thin sweatpants to reveal Bobby’s shame. Trapped behind his legs, in a homemade humbler Bobby had gotten for Christmas two years past, were two bulbous, dark-purple testicles.


Earl released the humbler, causing Bobby to gasp in pain as blood flowed back into his gigantic nuts. Hanging halfway to his knee, Bobby’s testicles each looked like fleshy grapefruits. There was not a hair on either orb, or anywhere on his genitals. Earl, an extreme clean freak, could not stand pubic hair. If he found even a single hair, there was hell to pay.


Strapped to his right leg with two belt straps, reaching almost 2/3rds the way to his knee, was Bobby gigantic, erect penis. Bulging with veins and a dark shade of purple from lack of blood flow, Bobby’s fifteen-inch cock looked horrific. The member was not only long, but had matching girth, having a greater circumference than a typical baseball bat by several inches. Stuffed in his cock-hole was one of Bobby’s plugs, which was used to, as Earl put it, “stop my little man’s leaks.” According the package the plug came in, it was indeed meant for human insertion, being designed as anal plug. Earl had simply put it to a different purpose or rather a different orifice.


Earl left Bobby’s cock tied to his leg, but took out the big, black plug. As usual, Bobby’s cock instantly began to drool. It was hardly surprising, as aside from Bobby’s once monthly release, Bobby was never allowed to cum. For that matter, he wasn’t even allowed to touch his genitals without permission.


With his pants at his ankles, Bobby was freezing. However, the cold was currently the least of his worries. Now that everything was prepared, Bobby’s therapy could begin.


“Well boys,” Bobby heard Earl say from behind him, “which one of you would like to run Bobby’s session today?”


“Alex can,” he heard Cody say. “He’s better with him than I am. I’ll just watch.”


“It’s nothing to feel bad about,” Earl responded. “You’ll get better with practice. The important thing is your trying to help Bobby, which I am so thankful for…Well Alex, why don’t you begin? It’s really getting cold out here.”


With those words, Bobby gritted his teeth. Having been taught not to turn around, Bobby stood there, sweating despite the cold weather, waiting for the inevitable. Despite the thousands of times Bobby had gone through this, it never became any easier.


Alex chose to take a running start, so he heard it coming. And then, it was there. Alex’s knee cap met Bobby’s right testicle with a thud. Although it occurred in a quarter of a second, Bobby could feel, through his agony, exactly what was happening. The kneecap smashed directly into his nutmeat, sending a jolt through his body. The pain increased when the now flying orb met his pelvic bone. As the final crescendo, Alex’s knee, still swinging upward, met with the meaty sphere, mashing it nearly flat against Bobby’s pelvic bone. Being a veteran, Alex then performed a half-second long grind, to added effect.


Bobby whimpered. Alex giggled. Cory clapped.


Then the assault continued in earnest. Repeatedly, Alex drove his knee into Bobby’s dangling balls. Half way through, in order to maintain balance, he grabbed onto Bobby’s shoulder, allowing the assault to continue. After three minutes, and what seemed to Bobby like three years, his attack halted and the three men examined Alex’s handiwork.


“That was very nice,” said Earl.


“You really did a number on that right nut,” Cody added.


“Looks like I did,” Alex said with a giggle.


“Yes, it looks quite swollen,” Earl said sweetly, “You did a good job. Would you care to continue? Perhaps you could focus on the swollen area?”


“Of course,” replied Alex, “anything to help Bobby.”


Bobby had been using the break to cry quietly. Daddy had ingrained in him, early on in his therapy, that “nobody likes a crybaby.” Crying was a sign that he needed more therapy.


Alex stepped up to his target and sized it up. Bobby’s mangled right nut was now hanging lower than his left and swollen a great deal larger. Planting his left foot, Alex drove the tip of his winter boot straight into the back of Bobby’s dangling nutmeat, sending the swollen testicle flying into the porch railing. The second kick caught Bobby’s right nut directly on the bottom, shooting it into his pelvic bone. The third kick again caught Bobby directly from behind. This time it was done with the bottom of the boot, and Alex made sure to follow through, mashing the tortured orb between the bottom of his boot and the metal railing.


Bobby really did not remember much about kicks 4 through 139. He would not have known there were 139, except for the fact that Cody was quietly chanting the numbers.


At 139, Earl stated, “Well, I’m getting cold and you boys must be chilled too. How about one more and we call it a night?”


“Of course, Sir,” Alex said, positioning himself for the last kick.


“Wait!” shouted Cody, meekly adding, “can I help on this one?”


“What did you have in mind?” asked Alex.


“What if you did a running kick? You know, like a karate kick.”


“I don’t know,” said Alex. “It’s just going to slip away. Trust me, it wouldn’t be any better than a normal kick.”


“Well I was thinking,” Cody paused. “…Well, what if I held it? You know, held it tight so you could get a good kick in.”


“Awesome!” Alex said, as his eyes lit up.


“Boys, boys,” Earl interjected. “I know you just want to help Bobby, but I don’t know if this is a good idea. One of you could get hurt.”


“What if Alex misses,” Earl went on, looking at Cody. “You could break a finger.”


“Please Sir,” Both boys said in unison.


There was an awkward silence, which Earl finally broke stating, “I just pray neither of you gets hurt.”


Earl sat back down on the bench and both of the boys planned their stunt. Bobby was already in so much pain that he barely knew what was going on. His cock however, the engorged, purple monster strapped to his right leg, belayed another story. As Bobby genitals never received any sensual, physical contact, his meaty cock had come to crave any contact at all, no matter how brutal. Even as the two boys were planning the imminent destruction of his right testicle, Bobby’s cock was straining against its binding and drooling uncontrollably, so that a pool of semen had formed at Bobby’s feet.


Cody finally got a good grip on Bobby’s right testicle, which had come to resemble something of a mangled, flesh-covered football. Alex got in position on the other end of the deck.


“Ready?” Alex asked.


“Just don’t miss,” answered Cody.


Alex came storming down the length of deck like a bull. Approaching his target, he leapt into the air just like some kung-fu movie, eliciting a gasp from Earl. Cody stood his ground and Alex’s aim was sound. Alex’s right boot slammed directly into Bobby’s trapped testicle with the weight of his whole body behind it, before Alex fell unceremoniously on his ass.


“Oh dear!” cried Earl. “Are you ok?”


“Just fine,” answered Alex with a smile while getting to his feet.


“Look!” cried Cody.


Bobby lay face down on the deck, trying to stifle his sobbing. The boys weren’t interested in that, however. Imprinted deep in the meat of his mashed right nut was Alex’s boot print.


All three men broke into uncontrollable laughter.


As the laughter subsided, Earl said, “Well I think it’s time we head in. Bobby do you have anything to say?”


“Thank you,” whimpered Bobby.


“You’re welcome!” The boys responded, followed by a series of giggles.


“Come along Bobby!” called Earl impatiently. Bobby crawled over and Earl brutally crammed the black anal plug back into Bobby’s cock hole.


Bobby began to slowly crawl to the entrance of the house. Daddy had always taught him to crawl when guests were over. However, even if he had been allowed to stand, he probably couldn’t have at the moment. Bobby slowly pulled himself into the house, his mutilated right testicle dragging on the ground behind him.


Earl turned to the boys, put a hand on each of their shoulders said, “Bobby really is lucky to have friends like you.”