(MmB) (anal, oral) (rape)

"Mine next! It's my turn!"

Aaron strutted forward and grabbed the kid by the back of his hair. The boy winced in pain but managed a few more bobs on Jake's pale, up-curved cock before turning and taking Aaron's throbbing black dick in his mouth. The kid was a rosy-faced, effeminate, fourteen-year-old freshman, and he'd been abused since his first day of high school. His knees hurt from kneeling on the concrete floor of the locker room, but he endured it because he knew if he fought them and tried to stand up again, they'd beat the shit out of him.

"Uuuh," Jake groaned.

A rope of jizz erupted from his cock and splattered against the kid's face and hair. The boy felt the hot sticky goo hit his nose and forehead, but didn't acknowledge it, he just kept sucking on Aaron's swollen cock head while Jake shot three, four, five more loads of sticky cum all over his face.

"Clean this shit off."


Jake grabbed the boy's hair, yanked him off Aaron, and shoved his pink cock head back into the boy's mouth. Jake milked his stiff boner pushing the remaining jizz out his piss slit into the boy's mouth.


"Swallow that shit, faggot. Open your mouth, show me your tongue."


The boy swallowed and stuck out his tongue and showed it to Jake.


"You're a good faggot boy," Jake said.


"Hold up, you ain't done yet."


Aaron pulled the boy's hair and jerked him back over to his own cock again.


"You gonna suck this cock till I nut in your mouth, got it?"


The boy nodded and opened his mouth so Aaron could go back to fucking his face. He could feel Jake's cum starting to drip down his face and began to wipe it away, but Aaron stopped him.


"Don't touch that spunk boy. I like it there. That way you know you're just a spunk boy. You’re our bitch boy, and we can do what we want with you."


"Got it, faggot?" Jake backed him up.


"Ain't that right, Ty?" Aaron shouted.


"That's right, man," Ty replied in a lazy Southern drawl distilled through five generations of poor white trash.


Aaron's black cock slide back and forth through the boys parted lips until he grunted and pushed the head into his mouth, launching a spray of cum against the back of his throat. The boy didn't move as Aaron's cock dumped the rest of its thick load onto his tongue. He just swallowed the acrid spunk then opened his mouth to show Aaron it was gone.


"Yeah, that's a good boy. I know you like to swallow it, don't act like you don't."


"Yeah, he likes it, look at his face."


Ty had stepped up to stand in front of the boy.


"And lucky for you, my nuts are full too."


Ty dropped his jeans and underwear, grabbed the boy by the back of the head and smashed his face into his dangling cock and balls. Ty lived in a trailer park about a mile from the school and judging from the funk wafting off his nuts he hadn't showered in days.


The boy took Ty's long, limp dick in his mouth and sucked it, as it quickly grew hard.


"Suck it! Suck it, faggot!" Ty shouted at him.


Ty pulled his stiff cock out of the kid's mouth and smacked the kid hard across the face with it, splattering Jake's remaining cum all over his cheeks.


"You like that, don't you. This is your master, so you do what he wants. And you suck his balls too, boy."


The boy just shook his head in obedience. The boy took Ty's hairy, smelly nuts and gently sucked on them before Ty rammed his cock back into his mouth.


"Stand up, take off your clothes," Aaron commanded the boy.


He ignored him, but then Aaron smacked him hard across the back of his head.


"Take off your mother fucking clothes," Aaron growled.


The boy stood up and took off his shirt, but as he started at the top button of his shorts he stopped. Tears began rolling down his cheeks.


"Don't fucking cry, boy." Ty got in his face. "Drop 'em!"


"I can't!" cried the boy.


"Fucking do it!" Jake screamed at him.


"Don't make me take off my clothes," the boy blubbered.


Aaron smacked the boy’s face.


"Take ‘em off, or there's gonna be more of that shit."


The freshman dropped his shorts, then his white briefs. He tried to cover his privates, but there was no hiding his erection.


"Don't cover that up," Ty said. "We know you like it. We all got dicks here. We can all see. We got four dicks here, but only got one mouth."


"And just one pussy," Aaron added.


"And just one pussy," Ty seconded.


"Just one pussy," Jake agreed.


The boy felt weak and powerless as the three upperclassmen crowded around him. Ty was nineteen, and should have graduated, but had been held back. Jake and Aaron were both eighteen-year-old seniors and played football. Anyone of them could have easily beaten the shit out of the scrawny freshman. Together they were going to destroy him.


Ty put his hands on the kid's shoulders and pushed him back down on his knees.


"Open your mouth, I wanna blow," Ty said matter of factly.


The boy opened his mouth and tilted back his head as Ty furiously jerked his long cock. The first load landed directly on the boy's tongue. The second hit him in the eye. The third and fourth fell on his lips and the fifth hit low on his chest.


"Suck it! Clean it off!" Ty said in a cool parental tone as he guided his cock back into the kid's mouth. "That's a good boy."


The boy was sucking the rest of the cum out of his dick and barely had a chance to swallow before Aaron hooked his hands under his armpits, hoisted him to his feet and pushed his face against the wall.


Aaron growled into the boy's ear, "I knew I was gonna turn you out the first time I saw you."


Aaron licked the back of the boy’s neck.


"I’ve been watching you."


Aaron pushed the boy forward, bending him over, but the boy resisted.


"No, please don't. No!" the boy squealed.


"Quit moving around."


Aaron grabbed the thin, boney boy by the back of the neck and pulled one arm behind him rendering him powerless.


"Please don't. I don't want to do this. I really, really don't want to do this."


The boy’s pubescent voice cracking in between sobs. But Aaron's cock was stiff again and starting to poke the back of the boy.


"Get me the lotion," Aaron called out to Jake, who brought over the thick body lotion. The smell of cocoa butter filled the room as he smeared the thick stuff all over his cock and the boy's asshole.


"Please, I've never done it. I don't want to do it like this. It's going to hurt."


"Quit moving around, and it won't hurt."


Aaron aimed his slick dick at the boy's tight clenched asshole and pushed.


"Ahhh! Stop!"


But the boy knew it was too late, Aaron's cock felt like a sword piercing his ass. It was happening, and he couldn't stop it consequently he just tried to relax and breathe.


"Damn!" Aaron swore. “This dude's asshole is tight."


"Give it to him, man. Fuck that's hot," Ty said while stroking his stiff dick.


"How does it feel?" Jake asked


"Feels like my dick's in a mother fucking vacuum cleaner. Shit’s tight."


The boy was bent over, his hands against the wall for support. His erection had diminished to a limp, numb nothing. All he could feel was the burn in his ass and Aaron Washington's black cock working back and forth in his rectum. Aaron started quickly thrusting in and out of the boy.


"That's how to fuck," Ty said, getting excited. "Let me get some of that."


Aaron pulled out, and the kid didn't even bother to stand up, he just waited for Ty to grease up his dirty redneck cock and push it in. Ty's cock was fatter and a good two inches longer than Aaron's, and it the boy’s ass burned like fire as he was penetrated again, but the boy bit his lip and took the whole length with barely a whimper.


"Ohhh, sweet Jesus, this is hot." Ty panted. "Fuck pussy—this boy's asshole is hotter than any bitch."


"No, that ain't true. Ass ain't better than pussy," Jake said.


"Are you sure about that? You try this out and tell me that again."


Ty pulled his long dick out of the freshman and slapped the boy's bare butt.


"You holding up alright?"


"Yeah," the boy, his face sticky with tears, whimpered while still bent over.


Jake came up behind the boy, looking nervous like he was buying a car he wasn't sure about.


"There ain't even no hair on him."


Ty sighed with frustration.


"He's a freshman dumbass. Don't worry, he can take it."


Jake was nervous, his dick only about half hard, and it took a few attempts for him to pop it into the boy's tight hole, but once he did he let out a groan.


"Ahhh...fuck…this is unreal."


"Better than pussy?" Ty asked.


"Better than pussy," Jake confirmed as he gave a thumbs up.


"You ain't even fucking him. Give it to him."


Aaron coached him along. The tight wet ring of the kid's ass brought Jake's dick to a full, hard erection and he pushed it in, grinding his nuts against the kid.


"Take that faggot."


Jake smacked the boy's ass and laughed. Despite all his bravado, Jake had never fucked before. Not sure what to do, he started to fuck the boy in imitation of his favorite porn, hard and forceful, pulling out his cock all the way and slamming it back into the fuckhole balls deep. The kid cried in pain with each re-entry, but, eventually, his ass started to give up the tension, and the anal ring just hung open, a wet, puffy, gaping hole for Jake's eager cock. The pain eased off as his ass became numb.


"This feels so fucking good. I don't know how long I'm gonna last."


His virgin cock could barely contain its load.


"I can't wait no more. Shit..."


Jake grabbed the boy’s shoulders and squeezed down on him.




His cock jumped and blew its gooey sperm up the boy's asshole.


"Fuuuck. My cock fucking hurts."


Jake pulled his wet, wilted cock out of the boy.


"Alright, I gotta do this, get outta my way."


Aaron took Jake's place behind the boy and pushed his dick up the boy's ass.


"Ugh!" the boy grunted as the black cock stretched his ass open again.


Jake's cum lubed up the boy's ass well and Aaron's fat black cock slide in and out with ease.


"Now, this is how you do it right here."


Aaron took long powerful strokes then started power fucking the boy as fast as he could. He pounded him over and over again, riding the poor boy's ass hard, punishing him with a brutal fuck. Aaron could feel the cum building up in his balls but before he could let it go the boy collapsed to the ground.


"Goddamnit! I was about the blow."


The boy was curled up on the cold floor.


"I'm sorry, I can't stand anymore."


"I ain't done yet," Aaron growled.


"I can't, my legs cramping. I'll do anything else."


Aaron waddled forward bowlegged, his cock leading the way, and stood in front of the boy. Without even thinking the boy got up on his knees and took Aaron's slick cock in his mouth. The taste of cum, ass and cocoa butter mingled together on his tongue.


"Taste that ass."


Aaron tilted his head back and took a deep sigh. The boy bobbed his head up and down trying to get Aaron to cum, but Ty wasn’t having any of it.


"I already got my dick sucked today. I'm gonna fuck."


Ty announced before looking at Aaron.


"You gonna fuck too."


He turned to Jake.


"You already fucked you don't count."


Ty took the boy and pushed his face down to the concrete floor, so he was buckled over with his ass pointing up to the ceiling, and lowered himself onto the boy plunging the entire length of his shaft into the boy’s ass with one quick motion.


"Aaahhh!" the boy screamed like a girl.


Ty lifted up then punch fucked the boy's raw hole for several minutes before turning back to Aaron.


"Time you finished up, man."


Ty pulled his long cock out of the boy and stepped aside so Aaron could take his place. Aaron pushed his cock into the hunched over boy until his nuts were pressed against the boy's backside. The warm inner flesh of the freshman enveloped his cock, and within minutes his black balls started to fill again. He chanted while working his cock in and out of the boy.


"Oh, yeah, I'm about to nut. It's gonna be big…fuck…yeah...this is big…fuck…FUCK!"


Aaron dug his nails into the boy's soft skin, and his nuts tightened up as he unloaded his seed into the boy.




Aaron stood up his wet cock starting to sag. He high-fived Ty and strutted back to Jake.


"Dude, Coach is gonna kick our asses, we gotta go," Jake pleaded.


"Shit, it's four o'clock," Aaron realized, looking his phone.


Jake and Aaron threw on their clothes as if nothing had happened, their minds now focused on practice, nearly forgetting the boy.


"Thanks for the ride, fag boy. Hope my dick wasn't too big for ya." Aaron said swatting the boy on the head. "You coming, Ty?"


"Nah, I ain't cum but once."


"Finish up then, bro. You don't want blue balls. I got the faggot slicked up for ya." Aaron said over his shoulder, as he and Jake unlocked the door and let themselves out of the locker room. As the door closed behind them, Ty turned back to his victim.


"Just me and you now kid." His face turned more menacing than before, his black eyes narrowed like a wolf's, and he licked his lips.


"Please, my butt hurts too badly," the boy pleaded.


"Don't worry, I'm gonna do it slowly," Ty said his voice slow and measured.


But the boy just shook his head in defiance. He spoke this in barely a whisper, solely for the boy.


"The thing is, I know you want a big dick up in you. It's all over your face. I can tell that by the way you walk. The whole school knows it."


Ty walked toward the boy and offered him his hand, lifting the naked boy off the ground and slowly turning him around. The boy was too exhausted to struggle, and he allowed Ty to clutch him tightly. Ty was kissing the boy’s shoulders, caressing him, loving him while his long dick pressed up against the boy's back while his firm grip held their bodies together. Ty fingered the boy's blond hair and whispered into his ear. Ty's hands worked up and down the boy's smooth chest.


"It's okay that you're gay. To tell you the truth, I'd rather fuck a boy like you than any of the bitches anyway. So why don't you stop fighting it and just give it to me?"


"All that other shit, that's for show. But now, I want you to fuck me. That's right. It's all up to you now."


He slid his hand down the boys soft, smooth ass and slid one finger into his raw hole.


"Your cunt's wet now. I think you're ready to make love to my cock."


They stood in an embrace, the boy lulled into submission. Ty positioned the tip of his cock against the boy's hole but didn't push forward. He took the boys hips and pulled the boy backward easing him onto his cock.


"Come on now. Back it up to me. That's a good boy. Ease that fuckhole right onto my dick."


The boy was unable to stop himself and allowed his hips to be led back. Ty's big knob pushed open the battered hole and pushed further into the boy. Ty reached around and caressed the kid's nipples, then worked his way down to the boy’s cock. The young, soft cock began to grow hard and sensitive again, regaining its adolescent length and thickness.


"It feels terrific, doesn't it? Giving me your pussy?"


The boy felt guilt when he arched his back so Ty could better ease his long shaft into his ass, and guilt again when he pushed back without Ty's guidance. His shame was for giving in. Shame that despite the humiliation he'd suffered he could not stop his body from acting out the involuntary motions.


"You're doing good, baby boy. Just let my cock rest in your ass a minute. We're gonna do it slow now."


For the first time in his young life, the boy had reached the point where all sense of self-control was gone, where doing the right thing didn't matter and all that is left was animal desire. He was in heat and needed Ty.


"I can feel you like it now. Your ass is really supple now. Real relaxed. You ain't fighting it."


Their bodies pressed together, Ty inside the boy, holding him in place. The kid reached around and pulled his smooth ass cheeks apart to open up his fuckhole and show Ty he submitted. Ty's eight-inch cunt-buster felt like it belonged inside him, it made him full and complete, and he pushed his ass further back grinding until he felt Ty's large nuts resting below his hole and he knew that there was nothing left to give. The boy could taste the salty cum on his tongue, and it mixed with the gamey stink that filled the locker room. He began moving back and forth humping Ty's cock fucking him with his ass.


"That's right, faggot, ride my cock."


Ty braced the boy's hips as the kid threw his wet, sloshing, ass back, over and over again, the repeated slapping making Ty's unkempt bush and furry scrotum wet with seeping cum and cocoa butter.


"Uh…uh…uh…" the boy grunted with each deep push of his ass.


"Bend over! Give me your ass, fag. Come on, give it up. Let me take over."


TY pushed the boy's face down and started fucking him back. Ty grinned with satisfaction as the boy gave up his ass like a desperate addict. His boy-cunt was warm and buttery, broken in, moist with Jake and Aaron's cum loads. Ty's cock felt like a steel rod protruding from his body. The wet friction of the boy’s abused asshole electrified him.


Ty licked two fingers, reached around, and placed them on the boy's slender nub. He rubbed back and forth only a few times before the boy stopped humping and gasped as his ass began contracting. The length of his rectum grew rigid and clamped down on Ty's thick cock in a series of rapid spasms that rippled down Ty's shaft. The boy’s ass pulsated in uncontrollable spasms as he orgasmed.


"Uh..." The boy groaned in humiliation and pain as cum dribbled out of his dick and onto the cold floor. He panted, exhausted, waiting for the orgasm to fade. His raw ass pulsing with a hunger for Ty's seed, the boy started humping back again.


"Fuck me, queer boy. Fuck me, and I'm gonna cum in your ass. You want that?"


The boy was whimpering in shock as his ass was being brutally pummeled.


"Come on, fuck the cum outta me. Come on, now."


The boy fucked back at full steam, and Ty started fucking forward, their bodies meeting with force until the entire length of Ty's cock, now impossibly hard, began to tingle and swell in the boy's snug fuckhole. His balls retracted into his body. He couldn't hold back the sperm any longer. When the seizure came over him, he slowed down and held on to the boy's hips binding them together so he could let his cock take over.


"Uh…Uh…Uh…" Ty grunted with each spit of his cock.


He held the boy, panting, unable to move, He splattering the boy's insides with sticky cream.


"Oh, my fucking god…Fuck me..." Ty cried afraid to move his swollen, hypersensitive cock.


When he finally did, he moaned, "Uuuhhh... "


After he withdrew his cock, Ty didn't waste any time getting dressed. Careful to avoid eye contact with the boy, he pulled his jeans up over his semi-stiff cock and left the locker room without a word.


The freshman was left alone. A haze hung over him as he came down from the orgasmic high and woke up to the reality of what he'd done. He wanted to magically teleport home, to his own room, to his own shower so he could cleanse the stink away of the bullies that clung to him like a sticky slime.


A stream of semen dribbled down his leg and pressure built in his bottom. He was suddenly aware that all the sperm had built up in him and that he needed to find a toilet immediately. He scurried, naked, as he said a prayer that he would be made invisible.