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No, please don't," little Tyler folded his hands in a begging position as he pleaded, "Please!"

"Then you better do it or David is going to take that knife and gut that thing like a fish."


Tyler looked over at his new puppy David was holding in his hand. The poor thing seemed so helpless and scared - kind of like him. He hadn't even come up with a name that he liked for him yet and he was about to watch his sweet little puppy tortured to death by some punks.


All he had wanted was some alone time since he ran out of the apartment when he came upon an abandoned school. His mother had recently gotten Tyler a puppy in the hopes that it would somehow make up for his abrupt life change. It hadn't, although he loved his new puppy.


Tyler did everything he could to make his mother suffer for what she had done over the past few months, but would take it all back to have his mother rush in and save him. One of the last things his mother told him was that he had enough time to adjust and that he needed to straighten up before he got into serious trouble. The kind of trouble his mom was talking about was nothing compared to the trouble he was in now.


"He ain't going to do it David! Cut its stomach open!"


"No! Okay! Okay, I'll do it, just don't hurt him." Tyler's voice was shaky, weak, and dry. He couldn't believe that despite the horror of this moment he would even think about how thirsty he was.


All three boys were about fourteen or fifteen and looked like city-made roughens. Unknown to Tyler, they always hung out at the old school. Although no one else really did, thanks to their spray painted graffitic warnings. They made it look like gang territory, even though only three of them hung out here. They were in what undoubtedly used to be a classroom. It had been vandalized so badly that it looked like a miniature tornado had ravaged the place.


Tyler had always had the spirit of an explorer, as long as it was a place worth exploring. There was as much broken glass as there were broken desks and most of the original paint had long since flaked off, leaving an almost creepy effect. Tyler had no idea that this was one of their favorite rooms when he wandered in. The boys had heard his talking to the puppy as he came down the hall and hushed themselves, knowing they were about to have some kind of fun. He was saying something about still having to come up with a name for him. They were about to burst out and grab him when he came in of his own accord.


The boys instantly pushed Tyler into a nearby corner, snatching his puppy from his arms before he knew what happened. Now they were blackmailing him to strip. He would give anything to never have come to this awful place. The thought of his puppy being tortured was too much for him.


Tyler had paused too long, his brain dazed-out as a defense mechanism. He felt like he had frozen time as he stared at his helpless puppy being held hostage. Then the boy they called David pressed the knife into the puppy's stomach, puncturing it just enough to make the innocent canine yelp out in shock and pain as it wiggled in a futile attempt to escape. One of the dusty beams of sunlight that pierced into the room through a cracked window seemed to spotlight the small spot of blood on his puppy's tummy.


Tyler snapped to, his soft eyes moistening as the true reality of the situation hit his. "Wait! Okay, I'm doing it!" Without a moment to lose, he slowly lifted his shirt up high enough for the boys to see his thin torso. A tear of frustration swam down his cheek as he watched the boys gawking at his tight, preteen body.


The three boys bellowed out in laugher as the little boy pulled back in humiliation. He turned his blushing face to the side as another shameful tear fell from his other eye and seemed to race the first one to the bottom of his chin. As he looked to the side, he could not help but notice some colorful graffiti that said, Eric, David, Terrance - Brothers to the End. He knew there was no way they could be real brothers.


They looked nothing alike and were all about the same age so it must be a guy thing. He knew their faces and now he must remember their names for when it came time to tell his mother and the police about all this. He knew it had be their names because the one that cut his puppy was called, "David" by the leader. He could identify all of them, he thought. They won't get away with this.


"How old are you, oh-dickless-wonder?" David asked.


"Twelve," Tyler replied.


David looked like a scientist that had just made the discovery of a lifetime. "Really?" he declared in matter-a-fact tone, "Twelve years old and wandering around looking to get your queer ass fucked."


The other two boys snickered. Tyler looked at them with confusion. He wasn't sure what to say. He wasn't even sure what David meant by that.


David crossed his arms triumphantly "What's your name, queer boy?"


"T...Tyler," he said.


"Well, 'T-Tyler', take your shirt off."


"Please don't make me do that."


"Unless you want your dog for dinner you'll God damn do what I say. I swear to fucking God that if you don't then we'll cut your dog's dick off and make you eat it."


"Yeah," the third boy said, "Korean style sushi."


They all laughed again. Tyler had little choice. He slowly removed his shirt and held it until the leader made him throw it on the glass-coated cement floor. As soon as it fell, Tyler wrapped his arms around his waist and slouched over his shoulders in modestly until he ordered his to straighten up and stick out his chest.


"That's better. You're pretty hot, even if you don't got no tits. You're fucking tone as hell." David walked right up to him and started rubbing and pinching at Tyler’s nipples while Tyler stood as still as he could. He tried his best to fight back anymore tears. He hated them and didn't want them to get anymore satisfaction out of this then they were already getting.


The boy could see how much they were enjoying it all and he knew that this wasn't going to end with the mild nipple torture that he was now enduring, but he thought that it wouldn't hurt to try. His denial didn't last for long.


"Alright, you got what you wanted. Now let my puppy go," he said.


"Got what we wanted? What makes you think we got what we wanted?" he said with a sneer. "Take off your jeans. Now!"


Tyler didn't bother making an issue out of it. He knew there would be consequences if he hesitated too long. He looked downward and watched himself unbuttoning his pants and lowering his zipper. Slowly he lowered them passed his hipless pelvis and shut his eyes tightly so he wouldn't have to see those awful boys, but it didn't help much. He could see their faces in his mind's eye.


The shit-eating grins they must have right now. After he slowly pulled them all the way down passed his shoes and socks, he stood back up and opened his eyes to see the boys staring at his white briefs. He waited for a comment that never came.


The leader pointed near his shirt on the floor, "Kick your pants over there. And keep going," he ordered.


He tossed his pants and hooked his fingers around the waistband of his tighty-whiteys and pulled them down. Nobody had ever seen him nude since he was little and this new humiliation felt like it was drowning him. Tyler did not wait for him to tell his where to put them. They silently landed on the floor beside the rest of his clothing and he immediately covered his hairless dick.


The leader raised his hand in a classic gun shape. "Stick 'em up!"


Tyler just stood there.


"I said stick 'em up, fag or you know what'll happen."


Standing there in nothing but his shoes and socks, he gradually raised his hands in the surrender position, completely mortified.


The boys all laugh at his again. The third boy laughed the loudest and said, "Hey, he don't got no hair neither!"


"No shit, dumb ass," said the leader, "he’s a little boy, he ain't got no pubes. I think he likes us. Do you like us, fag?"


"Like you...?" he repeated timidly.


"Yeah, you know," then he got right up in Tyler's face and rubbed his little hard cock. The twelve-year old gasped out and dropped his arms, half out of fear and half out of the surprising unwanted tingles that blasted through his dick. The tears welted up in his eyes like a dam that was ready to burst and his chin wobbled a few times.


"Hey guys, He's leaking! This fuckhole is just asking for it! Now turn around, I want to see your cunt."


"My cunt...?" Tyler asked.


"Yeah, your ass, you dumb shit! Do it!"


The crimson faced, frightened boy turned around and the leader stepped back to get a better view.


"Look," said David. "He's got a fuckin' great boy-cunt. Let's fuck him! Make him bend over, Eric. Let's do it!"


"Be patient, dude," said the leader. "We will."


So the leader's name must be Eric, which would make the third boy Terrence. "Bend over, faggot."


Tyler knew there was no way around it, and slowly and steadily, he complied.




Soon, his front half was hung down just past his waist.


"Good, now spread those sexy little legs of yours," he demanded. The little boy obeyed, it wasn't far enough apparently.


"Wider, God damn it."


He scooted his feet farther apart.


"Wider," Eric said again. He spread his legs up more.




He knew what Eric wanted and Tyler submitted. He spread his legs until they were well passed his shoulder width.


"That's a gooood fag," Eric said.


Glistening tears slid down Tyler’s face as he refused to turn his head and look at them. That only made him more surprised when he felt several hands and fingers feeling his ass, dick and balls - roaming around in circles and sliding up and down. Finally, one penetrated his tiny, tight, virgin asshole


"Well, well, well. No wonder this slut is wanting some cock so bad. He still has his cherry."


"Not for long," said David.


He heard all three of them chuckle.


"Okay, turn back around, fuckhole," Eric ordered.


Tyler hated the colorful little nicknames that Eric kept using on him, but he obeyed without complaint and saw him now rubbing his hard-on through the front of his pants. Although Tyler did not completely understand what it was, the boy obviously had an erection. He did know something about penises and enjoyed jerking himself off, but he had not yet fully grasped the why.


Then Eric commanded Tyler to climb up on the teacher's desk and to lie on his back. The boys came up to him and he shut his eyes and turned his head. One of the boys, probably Eric, grabbed his ankles and hiked his shoed feet up so his legs were spread widely, then he pushed his knees apart so he looked like a frog lying on its back.


"Mm, oh, hell yeah, look at that little fuckhole just waiting for some cock. Well, don't worry; we'll give it to you."


Tyler opened his eyes when he heard a zipper sound and looked at them. Eric was taking out his five inch dick. It was hard as iron and bent slightly upwards, like a small banana. He wasted no time as he leaned into Tyler, lining it up with Tyler’s virgin boy-cunt. Eric spit on his dick and Tyler’s hole and started pushing it in immediately, but Tyler's ass was relatively dry and even with his legs spread so widely, Eric had trouble getting his dick in.


Eric began pushing in harder out of frustration, harder and harder, until Tyler’s preteen asshole let his prick slipped in, ripping Tyler’s sensitive rosebud. Tyler squealed out and could no longer hold back the tears. Tyler blubbered uncontrollably in agony as Eric tore his ass open in a brutal fucking. He covered his face in shame and Eric would not have any of that. He wanted to see Tyler’s expressions as he busted Travis' cherry. Roughly, he grabbed Tyler by his tiny wrists, pinned his hands near his shoulders and kept on banging away with a spaced out dumb look on his face.


"Oh, fuck yeah, you stupid little queer boy - you love this shit, don't you... ah... you fuckin' fag. You're tighter than my little brother, you horny little fag."


Tyler did not answer him. He only sobbed harder. Eventually, familiar feelings of masturbation-like tingles rippled through his two-inch dick, but he ignored them and focused on the fact that he was only passively letting this boy rape him in order to save his puppy.


"Ah fuck...you’re a fuckin' tight little fag - I'm gonna shoot in you cumhole... ah..."


Eric roared out shamelessly as his warm, white teenage semen blasted into Tyler. Finally, he tapered his pace down and pulled out. "Fuck, you guys. He got so God damned hard, he’s leaking like you wouldn't believe. He loves this shit. Okay... next."


David was the next to come up to Tyler. As he was taking his hard cock out, Tyler saw his puppy roaming around on the other side of the room near some glass shards. At least he was safe for the moment. David grabbed him by the ankles and forcefully flipped his over so that his legs were dangling off he desk.


Like Eric, he only opened his fly and left his pants on. Leaning into Tyler, he pressed his prickhead to Tyler’s delicate entrance and pushed it in. "Oh God-fuck! He really is tighter than your brother, man and that faggot is only nine. Fuck, I can barely get it in."


Tyler bit his bottom lip as David inched his prick inside Tyler’s fuck tunnel. Tyler kept waiting for it to stop, but it did not take his long to realize that this boy was bigger than Eric - bigger and wider. A good six inches pushed into his constricted passage and his reflexes forced his ass muscles to clench tightly around it. "Ah fuck, this homo is squeezing my cock. He does love this. Milk it, you fuckin' homo - hell yeah."


Without another word, he plowed Tyler’s ass, sawing it back and forth with a skin-slapping noise. Tyler moaned out. He had managed to stay relatively quiet during his first rape, but since David was bigger and thicker, he could not help being vocal. The boys seemed to take his whimpers as a sign of enjoyment.


"Listen to him! Ya' getting it good, huh, you cum-dumpster," said Terrence. "Can't wait for my turn."


His boy-cunt was now making slurping sounds that now seemed to echo mockingly in the hollowed classroom. As David fucked him, he felt something that he did not want to feel right now any more than he wanted to be raped. An orgasm was approaching. It was nothing that he could have help. David was hitting Tyler’s little fag button. The betrayal of his body was more than Tyler could take. He took it as a sign he was enjoying it, he did not understand the physical stimulation. His tears hushed as he bit his bottom lip and concentrated on not cumming. Perhaps it was from never having sex before and therefore it was something totally new, but it felt like it would be a big one. Trying to stifle his moans and whimpers had little success.


"Oh yes, this fucking fag is getting off on this shit," said Terrence. "Look at his face."


"Fuck yeah, his little clitty is leaking like a faucet," moaned David. "Oh God, I'm gonna fuckin' blow!" He moaned out like an animal as he increased his thrusts, bringing Tyler right to the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm.


"No," Tyler thought, "I can't. I don’t like this."


David quickly slowed his pace and held his cock in Tyler cumming in his ass. When he pulled it out, it was like yanking a cock out of a cum-filled bottle. The two boys' juices came dribbling out Tyler’s dilated hole and ran down his legs. Tyler stayed where he was; knowing that trying to get up was hopeless.


Much to his degradation, he let himself continue to be exposed and actually wished that the third boy would hurry up and stick it in just so they could not see his cum-leaking asshole anymore. He was unsure of which indignity was worse. At this point, he just wanted to get it over with.


"Want some more?" asked Terrence. "Well, here it comes, fag." Enough time had passed so that his approaching orgasm had receded. He was relieved when Terrence put his young cock in his and it was the smallest of them all. His asshole was sore and he was glad that this was almost over. With only his zipper open, Terrance shoved his prick in and wasted no time. Grabbing Tyler around his waist, he lifted Tyler’s ass up slightly and adjusted Tyler so that his knees were on the desk.


Tyler pressed his head down to the cool desk and his arms bent at the elbows resting near his sides and head. Tyler was in the most sluttish and submissive doggie style a boy could be in. The horny boy yanked Tyler into him while he clumsily humped him from behind. His cock was no bigger than four and a half inches and not very thick, which only made it more surprising when Tyler’s orgasm built straight back up to where it was. He must resist. He whimpered and pressed his open palms on the dirty desktop.


"No," he thought, "go away!"


It did no good. He could not wish it away. He could not deny that because of its smaller size, there was no pain at all - only pleasure. Panting, as much out of frustration as feeling that delicious pleasure, the orgasm hit him like a tidal wave. The shame and humiliation only seemed to add to it for him and he could hide it no longer. He began to cum harder than he ever had before. Tyler blew his load. For just a few seconds, he was no longer being raped.


For just that brief moment, he was getting off and loving it. He screamed aloud without the slightest hint of embarrassment as he instinctively gripped and dug his tiny fingernails into the desk, clawing like a cat in heat and he felt as high as any drug could have ever gotten him. Tyler screamed in pleasure as his dick pulsated and his body gyrated helplessly. He was still in the middle of his colossal orgasm when Terrence exploded a lustful array of sperm into his rectum. It was only then that Tyler felt the shame of what had happened to him. The way he acted only added to the humiliation of his taboo orgasm.


When it was over, Terrance had slowed to a stop and left his boner in Tyler’s ass. "Hang on a sec," said Terrence. Almost immediately following that, Tyler felt a warm liquid sensation filling his asshole. "Ahh, hey guys, I'm pissing up this fag’s ass." The boys all laughed and it only added to his shame, tipping his emotions back to a tearful disgrace. Terrance pulled out and the young boy tried to hold the piss in, but his well fuck asshole was wide open and piss drained out and down his legs. The boys laughed again.


With all of their dicks put away, they allowed Tyler to get dressed, still chuckling and making comments about what a fag he was for getting off from his fucking. As if he was not mortified enough, Eric had one last thing to say to his as Tyler shook the tiny pieces of glass out of his clothing.


"Now cunt, we're going to keep your dog and if you don't come back tomorrow, we're going to cut it up and mail the pieces to you one at a time."


"You can't do that," Tyler said, holding his shirt over his body. "You said you give him back to me if I did what you wanted."


"No I didn't. I just said that we would cut him up if you didn't do what we wanted and we won't. And now what we want is for you to come back tomorrow for more. You haven't even sucked our cocks... well, not yet you haven't."


"Please..." Tyler begged.


"Aw, you don't have to say please. We'll let you suck our cocks. If your puppy lives long enough, we may even let him fuck you too. I could tell by how hard you came that you can't get enough. I think I've even got the perfect name for this mutt. How does Fag-Buster sound to you, queer boy? We'll call him Buster for short. My parents said I could have a dog. I think I'll let him practice on my fag brother. He loves cock too. We'll get him trained for you, faggot."


Tyler truly hated life.