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The Arrival

Buck couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the three young men climb off the county prison bus chained to the other eleven new tenants of the Sylvan County Work Farm. Aubrey Donavan, Braxton Taylor IV and Parker Strandish were the sons of some of the of the state’s oldest and richest families. Buck had graduated from high school with them just two years ago and had been working as a guard at the farm ever since.

Buck Reminisces

The sight of the three brought back a rush of bad memories of his school years. Buck’s family was one of the county’s poorest. His father drank up every cent he could lay his hands on while Buck’s two sisters, his mom and him got by on odd jobs, welfare and the charity of the church. His 4 years at Donavan High School had been an endless set of run-ins with these three. He had been their personal whipping boy.

He met them the first day of school. He was walking down the hall staring at all the girls when he ran square into Strandy. Brax grabbed him and pushed him against the lockers.

“What do we have here, white trash in Christmas wrapping”?

For the first time in his life, Buck had new jeans and a new button up shirt. Buck was a truly good-looking boy with very dark hair. He was already 5’ 10” and growing fast. Puberty made him nervous because he had no one to talk to about how things were changing. Even with his size, he was no match for the three of them.


“Where do you get off pushing me, trailer trash!” said Parker.


He said he was sorry but Parker said with a laugh, “That’s not good enough”.


Aubrey and Braxton grabbed his arms and Strandy went for his shirt. In one yank, all the buttons popped off the cheap Target shirt. Next, he went for the jeans. A quick jerk pulled the button off and broke the zipper. Parker then pushed them down around Buck’s ankles leaving him momentarily covered by a much worn pair of Y-fronts.


With a shout, these too joined his jeans and the three boys ran howling down the hall. Buck stood in shock as twenty people checked out his three-inch cock and small patch of pubes. After pulling up his shorts and pants, he ran out the back door of the school and all the way home. 

The Present – Three Years

The last three days had been a nightmare for the three college students. As a fraternity rite of passage, they had found and had sex with an underage mentally retarded waitress from a small café next to campus. They thought everything was cool until she turned up pregnant and State Social Services got involved.


Contrary to promises from their lawyers, the jury was not impressed with their money and arrogant attitudes. Neither was the judge when she sentenced the three nineteen year olds to three years labor at the county farm. They found themselves climbing off a bus into a very rough looking farm surrounded by a high fence topped with barbed wire.


They were still dressed in the very expensive suits they had worn to court and were chained at the wrists and ankles to eleven other young men who obviously were not members of The Pinehurst Country Club.


Guards, who held back a throng of current residents, surrounded them. The prisoners seem to take a particular interest in the three well-groomed boys. The group was marched to an inner fenced area where they were told to stand at attention and wait in silence. A couple of words from a young black tough brought an immediate response in the form of several shots with a nightstick.


After an hour in the blazing noon sun, a very tough looking man in uniform came out of the farmhouse. “Welcome to Sylvan County nursing home, where any amount of time always seems like a long time!”


He turned to the sergeant and said, “let’s see what we got.”


The chains were removed and the order was given. “STRIP!”


As Parker looked around the inner fence, it seemed the entire camp had turned out for the show. As Brax and Donovan started to loosen their ties, the crowd erupted. The fourteen men slowly removed their clothes and folded them into the boxes that had been placed before them. When the first bare white ass came into view, the black inmates cheered. It took a few of guards sticking their nightsticks between the trio’s legs to convince them their boxers also belonged in their boxes.


“Let’s get your hands on your heads and those legs spread wide. This is gonna take a while”, said the captain. “When your name is called step forward and do as you’re told.


“Rafael Dibbs”


A large black youth stepped forward saying, “Das me.”


The stick to the groin blinded him with pain.


“Guards are always addressed as Boss and a prisoner never speaks to a guard unless he’s answering him.


“There are only three answers, `Yes, Boss’, `No, Boss’ or `I’m too stupid to understand, Boss’, is that clear”.


The fourteen men immediately shouted “Yes, Boss”.


Rafael stood and was roughly inspected by two of the younger guards. Their plastic gloved hands were through his pubic and armpit hair and then he was told to grab his ankles. Aubrey watched as the black haired guard with the large hat unceremoniously rammed his finger up Rafael’s ass. 

The Present - Braxton

The three boys watched the parade of humiliation for forty-five minutes when the Captain called, “Braxton Taylor the fourth”.


“What the fuck’s that for, because your dick’s only a fourth of an inch long?”


“Yes, Boss”, Brax answered, responding too late to the name but instead to the Captain’s crude comment.


Brax was an exceptionally good-looking strawberry blond who was in excellent shape. What pained him now though was that the Captain was right. His cock was very short, barely visible past his red pubes. He stepped forward, put his hands on his head, spread his legs and closed his eyes. He felt two sets of hands roughly cover his body, noticing one pair squeezing his balls and then giving his short prick a stiff tug.


A moment later a voice that shocked him whispered in his ear, “Hi Brax, welcome to my house.”


His eyes snapped open and there, two inches from his face, was the face of a boy he and his friends had taunted relentlessly during high school. Buck Saunders was standing before him and he was wearing a guard’s uniform.


“Buck, what are … ooof”, a club landed squarely in his gut, knocking him down breathless.


“That’s Boss and I didn’t ask you nuthin’“. 

Buck is Shaved

Brax lay there in abject terror. How could this be happening? The boy whose life he had made one long taunt was now standing over him. Brax immediately thought back to the tryouts for football their sophomore year.


He and Strandy had made the team the year before after a little pull from their folks. This let them in early on the initiation rituals and much to their pleasure Bucky Saunders was up for halfback. He was an easy target as insecure as he was when confronted by his betters. They made him shave himself when the team shaved all the other newbies and they forced him to stay hairless throughout the whole season. Twice, when they weren’t happy with his shave they threw him naked out of the locker room at lunchtime and kept him locked out for almost 15 minutes. 

The Present - Braxton

A muddy boot landing in front of his face brought him back. He also felt the tip of a club press one of his nuts against the ground.


“Why don’t you give that a couple of good licks to show us how sorry you are for speakin’ outta turn?”


As his tongue slowly crept out between his parched lips, he felt life as he knew it come to an end. Buck looked down on the sweetest sight he’d seen in his twenty years. Here, licking his boot was one of only three people he truly hated. After four good swipes of Braxton’s tongue along the side, he pressed a little harder with his stick and offered him the sole.


After an extended pause he told the prisoner to stand and get back into position. The guard’s hand went back to Taylor’s groin and he bent over as if to look closer.


“I’m not sure Captain, but I think this one’s got crabs.”


Brax knew this couldn’t be true, but he heard the captain shout to separate him from the rest.


“You’ll have to check his ass after he’s treated”, said one of the sergeants.


He was roughly pushed off to the side and told to stand with his hands on his head and his legs spread wide. Two mean looking Hispanics were called in a row and then the captain barked, “Blueberry Donovan, get that tart ass front and center.”


“Yes, Boss”, Aubrey, said weakly as he shuffled forward.


Donavan was the quietest of the three and was also a bit more of the follower. It was often him though that kept things going against Buck once the other two got started. Right now he was as embarrassed as hell as he stood in front of the two junior guards with both his hands covering his privates.


“Hands on your head, boy, you ain’t got nuthin’ we ain’t seen before.”


Aubrey felt like vomiting. He had no idea why, but he had a hard on. As his hands slowly went up, Buck was the first to notice his predicament.


“Well, well, look who’s really happy to see us” as he briskly bounced the stiff prick on his nightstick. “Why don’t you turn around and show the boys how much you like being here with them?”


Buck spun him around, grabbed him by the hair and pushed the club up against his asshole. The pressure on his hole forced him to arch his back and also added to the throbbing of his cock. As he closed his eyes in shame he could hear the distant pleading of Buck’s voice from somewhere in the past. 

Buck Naked in the Alley

Aubrey could still hear Buck begging not to be left in the alley in the middle of downtown without a stitch of clothes on. The whole football team had gone out to celebrate their narrow win over Hanford High because of an interception that Parker Strandish had returned for an eight-five yard touchdown.


Earlier in the game, Buck had fumbled the ball and the opposition had taken the lead. The boys were celebrating at the Galaxy Diner when they saw Buck and his friend, Roger, ride by on their bikes. Aubrey quickly sent one of the cheerleaders out to flag them down and invite them in. Buck was hesitant, but Roger thought it would be great to spend some time with the school’s in crowd. When they entered a series of boos erupted and Buck knew he had made a mistake.


Roger was already half way across the room so Buck had no choice but to follow him to ask him to leave. By the time Buck had reached him, Strandy and Brax were already heading outside with four other teammates. When Roger and Buck got back outside they found their bikes were gone.


Aubrey came out behind them and said he’d seen some kids take them and run down the alley next to the diner. They ran down the alley, but found themselves at a dead end.


Out of the shadows they heard Brax say, “looking for something, third string?”


Buck and Roger turned to find the alley sealed by seven football players.


“What do you guys want?” said Roger.


“We’re here to give you guys a helping hand,” Strandy said.


Brax added, “Yea, we helped ourselves to your bikes and now we’re gonna help your pal Bucky with his pass reception.”


“What do ya say boys? I think those pants would make a good ball. We can wad them up inside his tight whities.”


In less than two minutes, Buck was naked from the waist down and the boys were playing keep away with his clothes. Roger was yelling for them to leave Buck alone when Aubrey chimed in and said, “what, is he your boyfriend or something?”


This led to a chorus of gay bashing. Parker and Brax grabbed Buck and shouted, “Show us your stuff.”


Roger’s pants were pulled down and the two were pushed together. Aubrey whispered in Buck’s ear, “either you kiss his dick or you both go home nude and the video Tucker’s been shootin’ over there will be all over school tomorrow.”


When Buck looked up and saw the camera he panicked and went ahead and gave Roger’s cock a small peck. Everyone howled as the kiss was caught on film. The teammates started out of the alley leaving a stunned Roger with his pants and drawers around his ankles and Buck with nothing but a sweatshirt and sneakers.


Buck screamed at Aubrey, “you promised you wouldn’t leave me like this if I did it.”


This brought the fleeing boys to a halt. After some whispering by Aubrey, they turned and walked back to the two partially nude boys.


“Your right”, said Donovan. “We did promise not to leave you like this”.


With that, they pulled off his shoes and socks and yanked off his sweatshirt, shredding it in the process. Buck was left lying on the ground completely nude and the boys took Roger with them when they ran so he couldn’t help his friend.


As the boys left, Roger in tow, Buck begged to no avail not to be left naked downtown at 6:30 on a Friday night. He found a plastic bag filled with garbage that he emptied and after tearing a couple of holes, put the bag on like diapers. He then started to run for home.


As he rounded a corner in the park, he ran square into a pack of middle school skateboarders. They all started laughing and wouldn’t let him go. They started tugging on all sides of his bag and in a very short period of time he was naked again. Threats about payback forced the punks to send him on his way with several stinging slaps to the ass.


He ran hard for the trailer park and as he entered through the back, two Rottweiler dogs gave chase. As he crashed through and slammed the flimsy door he was greeted by giggling from his younger sister and her two freshman friends.


The Present - Aubrey

Another push on the club brought Aubrey back to the present.


“Tell `em how happy you are to see `em”, said Buck.


“What,” questioned Aubrey?


“You heard me, tell the boys how much it turns you on to be here with ‘em.”


“I’m glad I’m here,” he stammered.


The club came close to sliding in. “That ain’t what I said, tell ‘em and tell ‘em loud,” Buck hissed.


“As y’all kin see, it really turns me on to be in jail with you.” Aubrey screamed.


He broke into tears as he heard Buck say, “It looks like we got another case a crabs.” 

The Present - Parker

And he was pushed off to stand next to Braxton. Strandy knew he was next because everyone else had been called, but when the captain yelled, “Parker Strandish”, he stood frozen.


It was too much for him to absorb that after what he had gone through in the last three days he had been delivered into the hands of a piece of trash that in a former life had been an endless source of amusement. A painful kick in the ass propelled him forward towards Buck Saunders and he heard the sergeant shout “you deaf, boy?”


Parker found himself staring into a pair of ice blue eyes that read of a combination of joy and sheer loathing. As the panic rose inside, a nightstick cracked squarely between his shoulders, driving him to his knees.


“I asked you a question, boy. ARE YOU DEAF," screamed the sergeant?


“N N No Boss, I.. I.. I was too stupid to un..understand, Boss,” Parker said in a terrified voice.


He started to shake uncontrollably and a stream of urine sprang from his fear-shrunken prick. This is better than sex thought Buck as he watched his nemesis shake at his feet. 

Buck is Blackmailed

It had been a little over two years ago when their roles had been reversed. Buck was kneeling in front of Parker listening to the latest twist in his suffering at the expense of Parker’s imagination. It was the first day of their junior year and Buck had opened his locker to find an envelope addressed to him. Inside was the photo he had dreaded for almost a year, the record of his close encounter with Roger’s cock in the alley. Attached was a note saying “Be at my house at 8:00 PM Friday Strandish”


Buck arrived just before eight and rang the doorbell of the enormous home. Once Parker invited him in he expected to find Aubrey and Braxton, but they appeared to be alone.


“What do you want?” Buck asked nervously.


“Well Bucky, I thought you and I could do some things for each other.”


“What do you mean, do some things?” said Buck hesitantly.


“Well, I guess what I really mean is, I could tell you to do some shit and you would do whatever I tell you.


“You see, Bucky Boy that picture I got along with a few others from that roll make it look like you’re a faggot and we never did take to kindly to faggots here in Taylorsville.


“So I figured you might be interested in keepin’ them between you and me. I got the tape that night so I’m the only one who knows what was on it.”


Buck remembered the feeling of nausea that swept over him. His family already had a tough enough time getting by. His Mom would definitely to lose her part-time job at the daycare, his older sister was sure to lose her fiancé and his old man would probably beat him to death before he could explain.


“What kinda shit, I ain’t gonna do anything illegal.”


Parker chuckled,” Oh no, nothing like that. It’s just that we’ve had so much fun together over the last couple of years that I wanted to increase the frequency with which your face is red and my face is laughing.


“What do ya say? Either you do everything I tell you until January 1 or these pics are all over town tomorrow morning. You do it and the pictures are yours. I’ll give you two whole minutes to decide.”


Buck remembered racking his brain for some way out, but in the end he knew he would have to agree. His slow nod elicited a frank statement of “Cool” by Parker.


“You look pretty hot there Bucky, you’re sweatin’ like a pig. Why don’t you strip down to those dingy whities you always wear and we’ll talk about the future?”


Buck believed that up until today no one had experienced such a miserable time of life, but as he looked down on the quivering body before him he knew three people who were about to.


Thank god Strandish was good to his word and had returned those terrible pictures. Buck grasped him by the hair and yanked him to his feet. He grabbed him by the balls and said, “Hi Parker, remember me?” Over his shoulder he called, “crabs again, Captain” and pushed Parker off towards Donovan and Taylor.