(BB) (anal, oral) (inc)

John and Jim finally closed the door of the bedroom they shared and sighed a sigh of relief. The two thirteen-year-old twins stood there looking at each other with twinkles in their wide, mesmerizing eyes. They were beautiful boys, indeed.

“God, I thought Dad would never let us leave the dinner table. He can be so fucking boring sometimes. Who gives a shit about what is happening on Wall Street?”
“Even Mom was getting bored, and she’s always polite and nice to him.”
John smiled at his brother. “She’s nice to him because he’s probably going to fuck her brains out later tonight. Who wouldn’t be nice if they knew they were getting nine inches of meaty dick up their cunt?”
It was Jim’s turn to smile. “Should we watch? I especially love when he gives it to her in the ass! She almost dies from the pain, but she still loves it!”
“She’s like you. She was born to be submissive, and you got that from her. That’s why you love it when I sleep all night with my prick up your hole. Remember how you hated it at first, and how I made you do it, and now your cunt itches if I don’t fuck it every day and sometimes twice a day.”
Jim giggled like thirteen-year-old boys do, even though they are developing into something more mature. “You love to get cock plowed just as much as I do. I see the way you look at Billy Johnston in the locker room. He’s got the biggest dick in the school, and you would love it up your fuckhole.”
“Christ, Jim, who wouldn’t? I drool just looking at that huge swinging hunk of fuckmeat. I wish I had a prick like that. Then you would really feel it when I fuck you. You wouldn’t walk straight.”
“Yeah, sure, and my screams of pain would bring Mom and Dad running.”
“I’d only fuck you balls deep when they weren’t home, silly.”
Now, both thirteen-year-old boys started to shuck their clothing as fast as possible. The kicked off their shoes and sent them flying, peeled off their socks, which landed on the floor, desk, chair, and lampshade, dropped their pants and slipped off their tee shirts. Now their thin, smooth, soft, pale bodies were on display in the moody light of the bedroom. It was beautiful how their shaggy hair hung over their eyes, mirror images of each other. Their necks were slender and delicate. Their shoulders were still boyish and bony, and their chests were just starting to develop. Each boy had soft pink nipple nubs, which were just a bit sore from the way they chewed on each other’s every night. They loved to suck and nibble on each other’s nipples. It was romantic for them. Both boys had flat tummies and narrow waists. Not a hair anywhere yet visible. They had not yet started to develop armpit bushes or stomach hair which would trail down toward the groin. They were like young gods.
Jim winked at John, and both boys peeled off their white jockey briefs. Two six-inch erect dicks bounced out, and John sprayed a bit of pre-fuck leak. These boys had been horny all through dinner. In fact, at one point, while Dad was going on, John had reached down and started to masturbate Jim through his pants.
The boys had to be careful. They played with their dicks all day every day in school, and they had to watch their trousers for signs of dick rubbing on the material. Jim once had a large white area at the crotch of his jeans where he had rubbed the material thin from playing with his fucker all the time.
There they stood naked. They had the most beautiful asses one could hope for—so soft looking, but yet small, tight, and round—on teenage boys. Perfect ass globes with nice deep cracks inside which rested pink assholes, just a bit swollen from all the ass fucking they did to each other.
Jim giggled again and flipped his jockey shorts up with one of his big teen feet. The underpants hit his brother in the face.
“You like that smell, bro?”
“You fucking shithead, now you are going to get it!” John screamed and ran at his brother, dick bouncing and plump hairless teenage balls swinging.
Jim squealed and tossed a pillow at his twin brother, but he was not quick enough, and John caught him and spun him onto the large be they shared. Then he bounced himself onto the bed and straddled his brother.
“I’m going to fuck a fucking baby into your belly tonight. I’m going to plant my seed and make you fucking pregnant. Then you’ll have to go to school with a big bulging belly.”
“Yeah, you wish. You wish guys could get pregnant! Then you could show off, just like Billy talks about that sixth grader he got preggers.”
“Fuck, I don’t know how she could even take all that dick at her age. He must have split her open. Well, with my dick growing the way it is, I’m gonna be like Dad for sure. And then I’m going to split you open with my fucker! They’ll have to sew your asshole shut.”
John sat on Jim’s slim chest and started to masturbate his erect dick which was leaking onto his brother. Jim was beating his own meat.
“John, do you ever think about sucking Dad’s cock?”
“Jesus Christ, that’s perverted, Jim!” Then John giggled. “Course I do. I think about him sucking it a lot. I mean, he has a hell of a cock. You know how all of our friends surreptitiously look at his cock bulge and about how they wish they could see its magnificence.”
“Do you suppose most dudes our age think about sucking their dads?”
“Sure, if their dads are as hung as ours. Lick the pre-cum off the head of my dick. It’s getting all over.”
Jim lifted his head and stuck out his tongue. He scooped up the dick leak from the head of his brother’s cock. His pink tongue swirled around the knob of his twin brother’s cock.
“Emmm, that sure tastes better than Mom’s pot roast,” Jim mumbled.
“Do you think Dad is going to fuck her in the ass tonight? He sure has been into that lately.”
“Holy fuck, how can she take that big dick of his?”
“Boy, are you dumb sometimes. Girls are born to take dick! Their cunts and asses can stretch to take the biggest dicks even when they’re really young. God made them that way.”
“Thath Groth,” Jim slurred with his brother’s cockhead in his mouth.
“Later tonight, after Dad finishes fucking Mom and they go to sleep, I’m going to put you in the bathtub and piss all over you.”
Jim spat his brother’s dick out of his mouth.
“You know I don’t like that.”
John smirked. “I don’t give a fuck what you like and don’t like. You’re like Mom and Mom has to do whatever Dad wants. You know he puts her in the tub and takes a leak on her face every few nights. So I can do it too if I fucking want to!”
He slapped Jim’s cute face with his hard dick, leaving pecker tracks on his brother’s cheeks and lips.
“Not only that, but tonight, Jimmy, my bro, you’re going to open your fucking mouth and I’m going to take a nice long piss right in your mouth, and you’re going to swallow it.”
“I can’t; I’ll puke.” Jimmy protested as he jerked his dick, feeling his brother’s teenage dick rubbing on his face.
“Mom doesn’t puke, does she? And you know how much Dad pisses. His piss is like water shooting out of a firehose. Shit, I’d let Dad piss on me.”
“You would, John? You’d let him piss on your face and everything?”
“Goddamn right, his dick is so fucking beautiful. I’d drink his piss any time.”
“You’d probably drink Billy Johnston’s piss too and beg him to make you pregnant!” Jim teased, and for his efforts, he got bitch-slapped by his brother’s hard dick until he begged for mercy.
“Just for saying that, I’m going to shove my dick down your fucking throat and take a piss that way! Get your fucking pussy open for me.”
Thirteen-year-old Jim took his hand off his dick and reached between his thin legs to finger his asshole while John leered at the mirror image of himself.
“I love your hot tight pussy, Jimmy Girl. I love it to death. One day soon, I am going to take a piss up your pussy!”
“You’re the fucking most perverted kid I ever met!” his brother tittered.
“You’re fucking right. And I’m going to try out all of my perversions on you, my loving, devoted brother. Now, lift your legs and spread them so I can shove this leaking fucker up your ass-cunt!”
Jim laid there, legs up and spread wide, big feet in the air, toes curled, while his twin brother rammed his six-inch dick as hard as he could into his thirteen-year-old asshole. Jim squeezed his eyes tightly shut from the pain.
“Owww…not so hard at first. It really hurts.”
“It’s supposed to fucking hurt. You heard Dad tell Mom that. Why do you think he puts those clamps on her nipples? It’s supposed to fucking hurt like hell.” John bounced on his brother's upturned ass, so his dick lodged balls deep in the rectum. “Oh, shit, that’s wonderful. I know that no cunt in our school could possibly have a pussy that feels this good. If they pass gay marriage laws, I just might fucking marry you and fuck you forever.”
“That would be so cool, John. Ouch…you hit a really tender spot. It really hurts really bad!”
“There? There, is that it? Is that the tender spot? I got to fuck it really hard then, so you really feel it. Shit, you are making noises like a fucking pig. Better not squeal too loud, little pig, or you’ll bring Dad up here.”
“I wish we could suck Dad’s cock every morning before school. That would be so hot.”
John was getting worked up. He pulled back until his dick was almost out of his brother’s ass-cunt, and then arch his slender back and thrust his hips forward so his fuckmeat would ram in once again. Jim had his knees up to his chest now and had rolled back so his ass was high and his brother was over him. One of Jim’s hands jerked his hard penis, while the other pinched his brother’s nipple.
“Ugh! Ugh! Tomorrow night, I get to fuck you!” Jim groaned.
“We’ll see. We’ll see little brother. I may just feel like keeping you as my girlfriend from now on. I might fuck you morning, noon, and night. Maybe I’ll get some bras and panties and shit for you to wear when we’re here in our room! Don’t forget that you’re going to lick my shitty dick clean after I cum up your ass! I won that bet on the baseball game, and you have to pay up!”
“I never said I would lick your shitty dick clean. I said I would lick your dick!”
“You lick my dick every day and night. You even lick it in the boys’ can at school, so what the fuck is special about that. No, you said you would lick it after I pulled it out of your shitty ass! I warned you about keeping your asshole clean!”
“I do keep it clean. As clean as you keep yours.”
“Then what the fuck are you complaining about? It won’t be too shitty in that case. Oh, mother fuck, I am going to cum! Take it, you fucking bitch. Take my load, you cocksucking piece of toilet shit! Take my jizz up your worthless whore pussy!”
It was a beautiful sight. John was arched up over his brother, his toes digging into the bed to give his orgasm more force as he buried his dick in his brother’s asshole. His balls pressed into his brother’s crack. Jim was almost passing out from pain and pleasure, clutching the bed sheet with one hand and frigging his thirteen-year-old dick for all it was worth with the other.
“Oh, fucking bitch, take it!”
Shot after shot of boy cum scalded his brother’s rectum. Jim howled, and his prick unloaded, sending an arc of cum up onto his brother’s face. Both boys laughed with glee. The cum draped across John’s nose and ran down onto his lips. He licked at it and swallowed what he could. Then he leaned his head down, and his twin licked his cum from John’s face. John felt his prick pulsing in his brother’s asshole.
“Jesus, motherfucking Christ, that’s great. Now. I’m going to pull out, and you’re going to lick it clean, just like you promised. I always pay up my debts!”
“Oh, all right, all right! I’ll lick your fucking shit-streaked fucker!”
“Who knows, Jim, maybe you’ll like it, and you can start to eat the shit right out of my ass!”
“Oh yeah, it will be a long time before I try that!”
Jim wrinkled his nose, a glob of his cum on his lower lip.
“We got time. We got plenty of time!”
Both boys collapsed in laughter.