Brother's Little Cocksucker

(mb) (oral, ws) (humil, tort)

I was sleeping soundly when I felt his big, wet, cock knob pushing at my lips. I opened my eyes and found him standing next to my bed. He has a muscular body, hard and good . He's sixteen now and has been working out since he was a little older my age now, which is ten. I don't like to be waken in the middle of the night, and I guess I am a little grumpy, because I turned my head away, leaving pecker tracks on my face.

"Not now, Mike, I'm sleeping."

I was sure that our ma, sleeping down the hall could have heard the slap he gave me. It rang through my bedroom and stung my face.

"Turn your face toward me now, Fucker!"

What choice did I have? I mean, he is six years older than I am, and besides, I small. I am also the shy quiet type, whereas Mike is stud and show off. He is very physical, you know, into sports and shit, while I am more into books and the computer. I must have been feeling brave, because I tried to crawl away from my big naked brother, so he grabbed me by the back of the neck and threw me down and ripped my pajamas off my body, leaving me naked too.

"Mom is going to be so pissed with you. You tore my pajamas to pieces."

Mike laughed. His adjusted and his dick bobbed in front of my face, leaking and dripping


"You're just going to have to make up some story of how you them. I beat the shit out of you."


He could too. And he often did. I pretty much had to do whatever Mike wanted. And I knew what he wanted now.


Mike fucked a lot of girls. He was a real stud, as I said. even took girls away from other guys, then fucked the girls, then dumped them. He even got ten girls pregnant and bragged about it.


Well for some reason, Mike got a big kick out of making me suck his dick clean after he had fucked some cunt. Of I hated it. It was bad enough to have to be your brother's but to have to lick cunt juice off a 's dick. Well, that was just plain gross. I hated the way his prick smelled after he fucked. Not at all like it when he made me suck him off sometimes in the shower. I didn't mind that so much.


Mike always reminded me that I was six years younger than he was and an accident to mom and dad. I never felt totally wanted, even though was to me, especially after dad died. Still, I knew I was a burden to her. She left Mike of me. He took care of me all right.


He even made me suck the dicks of his buddies. Some of you may not think dick sucking is such a bad thing. I mean chicks do it all the time. But for a boy to have to suck off his older brother and his I mean, which of you would like that? Not a day goes by when I don't have to suck eight or ten cocks. And some of his buddies aren't very clean. Their dicks stink I have to lick their balls and assholes too. I hate licking big sweaty ball sacks or having to tongue out a dirty asshole. My 's friends think that is the most fun in the whole world. They complain that they can't get cunt to suck ass, but who cares when they have me.


Mike yanked me by the hair to the edge of the bed. He stood in front of me, all naked and sweaty, and very handsome. He jerked my head toward his huge prick which glistened with fuck slop and cunt juice and was rock hard.


"You know Bethany Ann Myers? That little girl in the eighth grade? this is her virginal on my dick. I thought you might want to taste it."


He laughed again and pulled my head into his groin. My face mashed first against his thick pubic he rubbed his dirty dick all over my nose and mouth.


"She screamed bloody murder when I rammed my into her virgin snatch. First I made her suck though. Shit, you should have seen the look on her cute little like I was kill the bitch. I told her to suck it real so it was and wet when I fucked her. She's only thirteen, but what a fucking slut she will be when I get through with her. I figure I'll bust her asshole next will be the lucky boy to lick my dick clean then too."


I almost gagged at the thought.


"After I fuck her about twenty times and get her all nice and sloppy and loose and cock crazy, then I'll turn her cunt and ass over to my buddies. Who knows, maybe when you get old enough, I'll even cut you in on the pussy I fuck. That's if you do a real good job as our cocksucker until then."


His cock knob pushed at my lips, and I knew it was useless to resist. I opened my and the fat, stinking prick eased its . I could taste cunt and sweat and cum. Flakes of cum that had dried on the dick stalk got wet again from my saliva and became sticky. Stings of stretched from my top lip to my and I struggled to take more and more of Mike's huge dick in my mouth.


He was never satisfied until he deep throated me. He told me that was what it was called. To me, it was just called pain! His dick is larger than my wrist around, and he shoves it all the way down into my throat. And Jesus, I am only ten years old for fuck's sake. He made me shove bananas and cucumbers down my throat to practice, so I would be able to take him. I hate it. My body, kneeling on the bed, my face impaled by his fat hunk of teenage . I sucked. I made loud noises while I because he loved me to make piggy noises. I had to the best tasting thing in the world. If I didn't, he'd slap the shit out of me. So, there I was oinking and snorting away, slobbering over my brother's .


When the dick was slick and spit clean, he pulled out and forced my lower to clean his big swinging balls. That was another part of my job. Ball licker. Testicle cleaner. Nut sack slurper. They smelled sweaty and rank, probably from all the fucking he had done. What I loathed was having to lick his balls clean after he had sports practice and on purpose didn't shower. He would say he was saving his sack sweat for me.


"Come on, clean the cunt blood, pussy slime and dried cum off my ."


I've often wondered if other kids had older brothers like Mike. I mean, I've seen kids at school with their older brothers on days when the high school kids are allowed to bring little brothers and sisters to visit, and they don't seem to like I am. I have to carry Mike's books in school for him on those days. I have to stand real still while he hits up some young cunt.


Once, he even made me lay down on the bathroom floor at school, and in front of his he took a piss on me. Right on my face. Then he invited all of them to piss on me too. It stank awful. And it tasted worse, cause he made me open my mouth and take it in.


At home he makes me wash his car and clean his room. Sometimes he makes me suck on his dirty underpants. He orders me to get the skid marks out of then by sucking on them. Once, he brought home twelve rank and filthy jock straps from his school buddies and made me suck then all clean. I don't dare get him angry, or he does nasty stuff to me, like making me clean toliets with my tongue, eat the garbage or dog food. He loves to beat me up and sometimes whacks me on the naked ass with his belt or beats my balls with a ruler.


I licked his big, wrinkled nuts, feeling the balls inside the bag respond to my licking of his scum-covers balls from his Friday night fuck. His big, fat, leaking dick beat a tattoo against my forehead. I could feel it leaking into my hair, and then the slime running down over my ear.


"Come on Asswipe, get down under those nuts. Clean me real good down there."


He lifted one leg and put his bare foot on the bed. I licked the area down beneath his nuts where the smell was the strongest and the taste the .


"That's a good brother," he said.


Shit! He paid me a compliment . Something was up.


Then he stepped back, gave his two hard pumps, and he shot a huge load all over my face. I knew better than to turn away. I had been taught to always receive a cum blast my face and open mouth.


"You are one lucky boy. I was going to fuck your virgin boy-cunt tonight, break you in, but you got me so turned on, I just had to blow, and now I am totally wiped out.”


He ruffled my hair and then wiped the cum into my nostrils, between my lips, and even into my eyes.


"Don't worry, little, brother, I will fuck your sweet boy-cunt any day now. You'll be a cunt before you are eight. And I know how much you are looking forward to that."

He turned and walked from my room, his ass globes rolling, the sexiest human being I have ever known.