Britches Down for Pa

M/m, anal, reluc, inc

It was a quiet evening in the late summer of 1867. Henry Stevens puffed on his pipe and peered over the top of his newspaper at the crude wooden table where his children sat doing their homework. He focused his gaze on his oldest son William, who was fourteen now and quite an attractive lad with dark hair and a face that was ruggedly masculine yet still somewhat boyish in appearance.

"Will," Henry said, prompting the boy to look up from his grammar primer, "let me show you the section of the barn that needs work tomorrow."


"Yes, sir," the boy responded respectfully. Will always did what he was told, although he was not particularly enthusiastic about what he knew awaited him in the barn. Will rose from the table and followed his father outside, and the two walked in silence to the building that sat a few hundred feet from their house.


Once inside, Will broke the silence. "You want my bottom again tonight, Pa?"


"You know it, son. Off with those britches and get your belly across that stack," Henry said, pointing at some bales of hay. "I'm gonna fuck you and good tonight!"


Will responded by downing his pants and bending over in the spot where his father often used him this way. He knew that his father shouldn't be doing such things. He had read about Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible and knew that his father's proclivities were an abomination before God. But one of the Commandments also demanded that he honor his parents, and he certainly could not refuse his father's lascivious demands.


In any event, Pa was a big muscular man who could easily whoop his ass if he put up any fuss, so Will had been obediently honoring his father for the past two years by presenting his young butt to him. He still didn't like it, but he had grown accustomed to it and no longer minded it.


Henry stripped his clothes off as he watched his son comply with his instructions. His cock throbbed when he saw the boy's firm little ass rise in the air. The kid was awfully tight and always made his prick feel real good. He had first developed a taste for boy ass while serving with General Stuart's army.


There were no women to provide sexual release for the weary and horny soldiers, but no shortage of strapping young lads from across Dixie. As the war dragged on and the Confederacy grew increasingly desperate, the new conscripts became younger and younger, and in the final year of the war Henry was regularly plowing into the assholes of thirteen and fourteen year old boys during the long and restless nights spent waiting for battle.


After Appomattox Henry returned home to his farm and the family he hadn't seen in nearly four years. Will had just turned twelve, and the boy provided a convenient outlet for his acquired pederastic desires. He had fucked the kid the first night he was home, in the same area of the barn where he was now getting ready to penetrate him once again.


The boy had cried and screamed that first time, and Henry was sure that his wife and the other children must have been able to hear them, but no one ever said anything about it. Henry's wife surely knew what went on in the barn, but she would never dream of interfering with her husband's relationship with his son. She knew her place, and that was one of the reasons that Henry loved her.


Henry walked over to his son and stared lustfully at the kid's inviting ass. He was fully erect now and the red crown of his cock protruded from his foreskin, ready for a hot incestuous butt-fuck. He spit into his hand and rubbed the saliva over his cock. Then Henry placed his left hand on Will's left ass cheek and pulled it aside, revealing the pink and brown hole that was Henry's ultimate target. Holding the boy's ass open, Henry guided his penis up to the hole with his right hand and nudged the head against the sphincter.


After tickling Will's hole with his cock head for a few moments, Henry pressed forward until the lips of the boy's asshole opened up to accept it. Once inside, Will's asshole quickly clamped down on the invading cock head and squeezed it tightly. Henry drank in the lewd sight of Will's ass swallowing his own father's prick, and then he thrust his hips forward to bury all of his meat deep inside the boy. Will grunted at the onslaught while his father let out an ecstatic moan.


With his penis deep up his boy's ass, Henry rocked his hips from side to side as he enjoyed the sensation that was spreading from his rod to his brain. He slowly began to pump in and out of the gripping ass, stopping when just the crown was left inside, and then plunging his cock back down to the hilt.


"You got a nice ass there, Will," Henry exclaimed as he continued to fuck the kid's rump.


"Thank you, Pa," the boy responded through clenched teeth.


"Yeah, a real nice ass. A fucking nice little ass!"


Henry reached down to grab the boy's hips so that he could pull Will towards his thrusts. He knew it wouldn't be much longer before he flooded the kid's guts with his sperm.


"Hmpf. Yeah, take it, Will, I'm gonna cream your ass good. Oh yeah, fuck, yeah, fuck! Oh fuck, here it fucking comes! Here it comes, boy, up your fucking ass, kid! Take your Pappy's seed you little girlie-boy! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah!!"


Henry howled as he emptied his nuts into his son's rectum. Will could feel the hot jizz shooting into him and was relieved that this episode was almost over. His father finally withdrew from his hole and gave him a sharp slap on the ass.

"Thanks, Will. You've done good. Now get back to your homework, then to bed. We git a lot of work to do tomorrow."