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So I just finish fucking the shit out of this bitch I been seeing. I like them young, and I like them virgins when I screw them, so I can really bust open their cherries. I love to hear them scream as I slam my big dick into them. I'm nineteen, but I like a cunt of about fourteen or fifteen. I got no trouble getting them because I am one fucking hot stud. Everyone seems to want me, chicks, faggots, even some straight guys.

I guess it's my rough, tough attitude, my hot bod, and my big dick. I pick up some sweet, young, virgin cunt and get her to fall madly in love with me. Then I fuck her brains out. I stretch her cunt good, not only with my dick but with my hand, bottles, and candles, anything you can think of. I also fucked her asshole. I get her to love me so much that she will let me do any fucking thing I want to her.

I like the really goodie-goodie religious types, you know from uptight Christian Right Wing families. I love to fuck them the best. I try to get the little bitch preggies, then I dump her. Just like that. It's so much fun to watch her face when I tell her I only wanted to fuck and don't really love her. I love to see their naked titties heave when they sob.

Oh, yeah, my name is Brick. Well, that ain't my real name, but everybody has called me Brick since eighth grade. You see I had this huge dick already in eighth grade and was fucking cunt way back then. Well, the guys in the locker room took to calling me Big Prick, .only they couldn't say that in front of teachers or no one, so they changed it to Big Brick, but everyone knew what they meant.

I guess I'm something of a bully too because I made lots of weaker sissy boys in the school suck my dick and take it up the ass, way back as far as eighth grade. I'm not ashamed to say sex is my life, and I think about it all the fucking time. I was never very good at school, so I went less and less and made money on the streets, letting dirty, fat, rich, old faggot farts suck my dick and eat my balls and ass. I love to have my ass eaten. It’s probably the best God damned feeling in the whole fucking world.

Anyway, about this particular day, I had just finished fucking this fourteen-year-old bitch I was currently seeing. It was in her house, in her bedroom. Her parents were gone someplace, I don't know where the fuck where. Anyway, I fucked her really hard. She was screaming like crazy, I would put it in her cunt, then her ass, then I would pull out and shove it in her mouth. Then slap her face with it, then shove it back up her pussy.

She kept telling me how much she loved me but asking me why I had to be so rough with her. Ha! Because it was fucking fun, that's why. I had busted her cherry about two weeks earlier and was about ready to dump her. She still wasn't pregnant, though, and I wanted to dump enough baby batter into her, so she would never be able to forget me.

So, I had just blown a load up her cunt, and she was twisting and turning on the sweat-soaked bed, saying I was so big, which I am. I pulled my dick out of her real fast and laugh when I heard the "POP," but just then I hear another sound. Someone is outside in the hall. I jump from the bed and dick and balls swinging I make it to the door and throw it open to see the bitch's twelve-year-old brother running down the hall. Well, I am after him like a shot. I grab the little shit by the hair and yank him back toward the bedroom.

"Stop! Please, stop!" he screams. "I won't tell anybody, I promise!"

Well, when Bethany sees her little brother, Jace, she freaks out and tries to pull the sheets up over her leaking pussy. That pussy was really stretched out. I throw the little fucker onto the foot of the bed.

"So you like to watch us fuck, do you? Huh? Tell me, have you watched us fuck before?"

He doesn't answer, just cries, so I yank his hair again, pulling his cute twelve-year- old face up.

"Answer me, Asswipe. Have you watched us fuck before?"

"A couple of times. Oowwwww! Please, Brick, I won't tell anybody."

"God damned right you won’t. And just to make sure, you're going to join in the fun. Get your fucking clothes off!"

His lovely eyes grew wide. He was actually prettier than his fucked sister, at least at this point. It was through Jace that I met Bethany. Jace kind of worshiped me like lots of the little kids did. All the young kids thought I was way cool. They all knew I had an enormous dick too and fucked lots of girls, so they kind of idolized that too.

They asked me all about it, and I often told them which girls were the best fucks. I’d fucked plenty of their older brother’s girlfriends too. I love to fuck the girls of other guys. It's such a fucking conquest when they tell you how much better you fuck than their boyfriends. My favorite thing is to fuck young newly married chicks.

After I fuck them, I know that they will never be satisfied with their husbands again. Mostly because I make them do all kinds of dirty nasty things, and secretly they love that, bitches love to be made to eat dirty ass for example. How do I get newly married brides into my bed, or rather into their own beds?

It's simple. I seduce them and then get rough if I have to. They fall for it every time. I know how to push the buttons to get the cunts juicing. I love it when I am fucking some bride of two months or so, and she moans that I have to go because her husband is coming home any minute, and I keep fucking her while taking my time. And then I shoot a huge load into her, with no condom and when I leave, I see her husband’s car pull up seconds later. I know that she still has my fuck slop in her pussy.

So, little Jace is looking at me like, "what did I say?" So I say it again and add a slap to his soft face.

"Get your fucking clothes off now!"

"Brick, don't do this," Bethany says.

She holds the sheet up over her tits like some God damned 50's movie, but I am having so much fun, I don't care. Jace strips down to his underpants, he has this really smooth, thin, hairless body, a boy's body that is real cute. He is shaking from fear.

"Get the fucking underpants off, Cuntface!" I yelled.

I’m swinging my dick at him, so my balls bounce. Now Bethany is crying, so I give her a slap. I guess they call it abuse. I just call it rough stuff. I love rough stuff. It gets me horny. So my dick starts getting thick again. Jace peels down his underpants, crying like a little, sissy boy.

"Ha, look at that, Bethany. Look at that little peanut of a prick he's got. Shit, mine was over twice as big at his age."

Jace puts his hands over his dick, but I slap them away. I like humiliating him. There he is bare-ass naked in front of his older sister.

"Get up, stand on the bed, show your sister what a funny little prick and balls you got!"

I drag the kid to his feet on the bed.

"Please, I don't want to show her. She's my sister."

"Your sister loves dick. She can't get enough of it, right honey? She's a big fucking slut. She's got her eyes on the lump in the pants of every dude who passes her. Isn't that right, cunt?"

"Brick, please, you know I only love you. I only look at you. You're the only boy I ever did anything with."

"Yeah, but think about all those big, juicy dicks at school. I'll bet you'd love the entire football team to fuck you, one huge cock after the other."

She was crying pretty hard now.

"It's not true. I love you. You know I love you."

"If you love me, prove it. Take down the sheet and show your little brother your tits."

"For the love of God, Brick, don't make me do that."

She was trembling. I was the only one in the room not shaking, except for my fat dick, which was shaking and dripping.


She looked at me like her puppy had just died and then lowered the sheet to show her fine udders.

“Now you can look at them all you want, Jace. Look at those big, puffy nipples. See how stretched they are? That's because I suck on them and chew them all the time."

The little fucker acted all shy and still cried, but he ate up those udders with his eyes. He loved every fucking minute of it. I slapped his hands away from his crotch to see his little dick standing up nice and hard.

"Ha, look at that Bethany, baby boy has a boner looking at his fucked slut of a sister."

They both stared at each other.

"Take the sheet away and show him your pussy."

"Brick, send him away. Let’s be together, just you and me. Please."

"Look, Bitch, don't make me get rough with you. Remember when you didn't want to stick your tongue up my asshole, what I had to do? Remember how that wine bottle felt up your twat? Now you don't want a repeat performance, do you? Show your cute, little brother your pussy."

She lowered the sheet and showed him her freshly fucked, leaking cunt.

"See, Jace? See what a beautiful cunt your sister has. I love fucking her cunt. It's pretty stretched out now, but it was exquisite when I first fucked her. Look at your sister's cunt, Jace, and jerk your prick for me." He protests and I slap him again, and then he stands there on the bed and jerks his dick while looking at Bethany's cunt.

"Spread your legs, Bethany, let him get a good view of your fuckhole."

Shit, my dick is about to explode. I run one hand down little Jace's back while he jerks off, and I feel the round, smooth cheeks of his tiny ass. Holy shit, would it ever be fun to fuck that! I can't believe how good his ass feels in my hand.

"Spread your cunt lips and show Jace the inside of your recently fucked dick ditch."

Fourteen-year-old Bethany spread her legs wider and then peeled back her twat lips so we could both look inside. She was sobbing really hard, and tears were dripping down onto her tits.

"Now here's what I want you to do for us Jace, my man. I want you to get down on your hands and knees and stick your head down there and eat my cum out of your sister's snatch."

The kid freaked. He tried to make a break for it. He jumped off the bed, but I grabbed him and dragged him back. I threw him over my lap and slapped his beautiful ass globes until they were dark red. He screamed, and Bethany screamed at his pain.

"When I tell you to do something, I fucking expect you to do it," I yelled while my big, fat hard-on rubbed his tummy and crotch as I whacked his cute, little ass.

I spread the ass cheeks to reveal the virgin boy ass pussy. It was tiny, pink and perfect. It was then that I thought about dumping Bethany and making little Jace my new girlfriend. Why the fuck not? At that age, boys are still half girls anyway, and he was a thin, little, sissy boy. He would make a God damned good cunt. He bawled that he would do whatever I wanted, and I flipped him off my lap, his little tummy streaked with my dick leak. I threw him on the bed and slammed his face into his sister's twat.

"Eat out all my cum, get every fucking drop."

While he ate her, I positioned him on his hands and knees, ass nice and high, and then I knelt behind him and rubbed my fat dick knob on his ass crack. He moaned, and Bethany cried, but she was getting turned on from his tongue. Shit, his face was almost up inside her cunt.

"Get every drop of dick snot, way up inside. If you miss even a drop, I'll beat the fuck out of you."

I hissed, pushing my cockhead at his pucker. He tried to move away, but I grabbed his slim hips and pulled him back toward me. I wet two fingers and worked them into his ass. He started to scream and pull away.

"Bethany, hold his head in your cunt! Do what I say, or I swear to God, I'll hurt him bad."

She pulled her little brother's face into her pussy and watched with horror as I rammed my prick head into his virgin asshole. His small body bucked like a wild bronco, he twisted and heaved, she held his face in her cunt, and I held him around the waist as my dick went up into his rectum inch by inch. It was one of the tightest fucks I'd ever had.

I looked down to see his toes curl in pain. Jesus, it was fun. I fucked into him balls deep, and then pulled out until only the head remained in his asshole. Then I fucked in again, and out again, and then started to pump damn hard and as deep as I could. I moved my hips around so the cock would stretch every single part of his inner ass. He was wailing into Bethany's twat, and she was so turned on, she had an orgasm.

It didn't last long, the kid's ass was just too fucking perfect. I shot way too soon. I prefer a long, painful fuck. I like it when the fuckee pleads with me to take it out, to go slow, and not to fuck so deep. But I was just too turned on.

Still, I didn't feel too bad. I knew that this was only the start of little Jace being my new pussy boy, my twat, my girlfriend. Oh, the disgusting and humiliating things I would do to him. Oh, the fucking fun of it all. As I drew my sloppy dick from his stretched out boy-cunt, I imagined making him dress like a girl and taking him out in public.

I imagined getting a gang of big black dudes to fuck him until he couldn't walk for a week. This little girlie/boy knew nothing about sex, .but he was about to learn. Oh yes, he was about to learn.