Brett and My Son

(Mb) (oral)
A palimpsest based on Brett and My Daughter

Brett was nineteen the first time we sat down and had a man-to-man talk. He was cutting our lawn, had been for almost a year, and we had gotten chatty. Finally one day, he took the bull by the horns so to speak and asked if he could come in and have a talk with me. Brett was and is a studly hunk. He loves to show off his body, and always cuts our grass and trims our shrubs wearing just a small pair of athletic shorts. Even though I am straight and have an eight-year-old son, I would find myself standing at the window for hours watching the young man working outside. His muscles rippled, and his body glistened. He was an arrogant, cocky kid who seemed afraid of nothing. I am a professor at a university and don’t have much respect for guys who don’t even finish high school, but Brett had a kind of animal magnetism that fascinated me. Maybe it was that he was such a perfect specimen of the male animal. So one day he came in, all sweaty, flopped himself into a chair across from me, accepted the beer I offered him and changed my life forever.

“Mr. Stanton, I wanna talk to you about something that may seem a little strange to you at first, but I beg you to hear me out. Since working on your lawn, I have gotten to know your son Logan pretty damned well. I mean, he’s always hanging around and teasing with me and watching me.”

I stiffened at once.

“If he is bothering you in any way, please say the word, and I will forbid him to go near you. He is a well-behaved boy, but it’s not easy to raise a child by yourself as I have had to do, and sometimes he gets into trouble.”

Bret shifted in his seat, the sweat running down his chest and dripping from his shorts. He flicked something from his nose, took a swig of beer and shook his handsome head. He reached down and scratched his naked belly.


Fuck no, it’s nothing like that. In fact, it’s just the opposite. He’s a great kid. Really pretty. Really nice. Fact is I like him a lot.”


Well, that’s a relief. Then what is the problem?”


He drank his beer from the bottle. I used a glass. When he drank, he kind of sucked at the lip of the bottle, and when he held it, his hand kept moving up and down the neck.


This is kind of hard to say, sir, and I hope you don’t take it the wrong way. I would really like to spend more time with Logan. He seems to like me, and I really get along well with him.”


Well, that’s very nice of you Brett. If ever I need a babysitter, I will be sure to remember that.”


No sir, I don’t want to see him as a babysitter. I want...I want to date him, sir.”


Brett shifted again in the chair, the leg opening of his shorts moved, and I saw the head of his big pink cock creep out.


Did you say what I think you said? You want to date my eight-year-old son?”


Sir, he may only be eight, but he is really mature in so many ways. We have really good conversations. And he is so fucking beautiful.”


Brett had an inner strength about him that was intimidating. He leaned forward, and his dick slipped out of the shorts even more. It was enormous and full even in its flaccid state. He stared at me.


Don’t you want your son to associate with guys who would really love and respect him? I think so highly of him. I go nuts at home at night, thinking about him in those little shorts he always wears.”


Young man, my son is eight years old. He is a child. You’re what, eighteen?”


Nineteen. But age doesn’t matter when two people really care about each other. You must be intelligent enough to know that. We’ve talked, and he feels the same way about me.”


I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to appear a conservative relic or old fashioned.


Mr. S. I have thought this over carefully, and I am going to do this whether you approve or not. I would prefer it if you did approve, as it would make things a whole lot easier.”


I would have sworn he was rubbing his teenage dick while he spoke. I almost choked on my beer.


“Well, I don’t mind you getting to know my son, but when you say date him, exactly what do you mean?”


He smiled and leaned back in the chair. Now his dick was half erect and sticking way out of the leg hole in the shorts.


Well, sir, I admit that I am a highly sexual individual. I like sex on the first date. But considering his age, I would only demand a blowjob on the first date, and maybe some finger fucking.”


This is very difficult for me, young man. He is, after all, my little boy. My only child.”


I understand that, sir. That’s why I want your approval. Little boys all have to grow up sometime. And soon the jocks at his school will be showing him their cocks and want him to play with them, and fingering his tiny little boy-pussy. Wouldn’t you rather see him learn the facts of life from someone who would truly love and respect him and take care of him?”


Well, I have to admit, you do have a point there. At least this way, I could keep an eye on things.”


Absolutely. You could even watch if you wanted to. Now, we would probably fuck on the second date. I have to admit, sir, that I have been dreaming about your son’s smooth hairless little ass for some time now. I can’t wait to shove my dick deep into him and feel my balls slapping against his ass cheeks.”


I’m not sure you need to be so graphic, young man. I am a bit sensitive where my son is concerned. The idea of you putting your penis into him at his age is a bit shocking to me. May I ask, exactly how large is your penis when erect?”


He smiled proudly.


“Almost ten inches. Lots of the teenage girls I fuck are really freaked out by it. They scream and cry that they just can’t take it. I also have to admit that I tend to get carried away and I fuck pretty hard, but I promise to try to take it easy with your son. I love him so much. After the second date, I will probably be sleeping over a lot if that’s okay with you. I figure you’d rather have him getting fucked in your own home, than in the back seat of a car or something. I like to fuck about three or four times a day. Have you ever ass fucked a bitch, sir?”


Ugh…no, no I haven’t. My sex life has been rather vanilla, to say the least.”


Oh, you really ought to try it. It’s so much fun shoving your big dick up into the ass of some young screaming bitch. They feel like they are being split apart. I’ll let you watch me fuck Logan’s ass anytime you want.”


I…ugh...I really think...how soon do you want your first date with him?”


Oh, tonight, sir. No time like the present as my dick is just about ready to explode.”


I frowned, and a tear ran down my cheek.


“You will remember that he is only eight years old?”


He smiled that arrogant, toothy smile.


“Of course, sir, how could I forget it? It’s the youngest cunt I’ll have fucked. I had a ten-year-old over in Mapledale last year. Man, he was really tight. But I expect Logan will be even tighter. Oh yeah, sir. Before I forget, can you make arrangements to homeschool him? I really want him around the house so I can fuck him anytime I feel the need. Shit, maybe I’ll just move in here with you guys. That will make things a whole lot easier.”


His big fat dick was leaking now, long strings of pre-fuck that trailed down onto the seat of the chair and then onto the floor.


And, oh yeah, just a few little things, I really want Logan wearing panties, pink lacy ones. I feel he is always ready for my dick that way. It’s kind of silly, I know, sir, but it’s a thing I do. I always require the little sissies I date to wear panties. I guess it comes from the fact that I often like to show my buddies the cunt of the bitch I am dating. I wanna tell you; my buddies can’t wait to see Logan’s cunt.”


You intend to show the asshole of my eight-year-old son to your friends?”


Brett got a solemn, dangerous expression on his handsome face.


Hey, dude...what the fuck are friends for, anyway? I got no secrets from my buddies. If they want to fuck his boy-cunt, then they can!”


I couldn’t keep my eyes off his big dick. He saw me looking and smiled.


Looks to me, sir, like you’re a bit of a faggot, you can’t seem to stop drooling over my prick.”


Don’t be stupid. I was married and everything.”


He laughed.


“Lots of closet fags are married. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. And I love to walk around the house buck ass naked, so you’ll get all the thrills you need.”


With that, he stood up and peeled down his shorts. He kicked them with one big foot, and they flew up and hit me in the face. I could smell sweat and piss and cock and balls. I almost fainted. My dick lurched and grew hard in my trousers. He stood there laughing, legs spread, his enormous balls swinging.


If you are a good boy, professor, maybe I will even let you in on some of the fun.”


Then he turned his head.


“Get in here, Bitch!”


My eight-year-old son ran into the room. He was so beautiful. His long hair. His sparkling eyes. His delicate pale skin. He looked at Brett lovingly and then down at his big, throbbing, wrist-thick dick and orange-sized balls. I could see at once that my son was under Brett’s spell. He adored him. Brett walked over to my son, took him by the back of the head, and slammed his pretty little face into his dick.


Suck, Bitch, consider this our first date. I can’t fucking wait until tonight; it’s too far away.”


I stood there with a hard-on, watching my precious eight-year-old son licking and sucking on the sweat-slick dick of a nineteen-year-old thug. He had to struggle to get the cockhead into his tiny mouth. He licked at the swinging nuts like some animal.


You...you could have at least asked him to blow you,” I said, trying to salvage some shred of dignity.


There is only one place for a sissy boy’s mouth as far as I am concerned, and that’s below my waist on either on my asshole or my dick and balls, except, of course, for when he licks out my sweaty armpits. I don’t go for all that romantic shit. Well, what are you standing there waiting for, professor? Get that hard dick out of your pants and start frigging it. I know you want to.”


As I watched the nineteen-year-old thug molest my eight-year-old son, I reached down and unzipped and began to play with my swollen cock.