Break In at Zach's

mB, anal, rape
Billy Hillis

Zach is a twelve-year-old boy, blue-eyed with honey-blonde hair done in a Justin Bieber style. He is five foot tall and weighs in at eighty-five pounds. He lives with his mom in a two-bedroom apartment in a bad part of town. There's a liquor store on the corner and a pawnshop next door to him. The building they live in is four stories tall, and they live on the second floor. It's all his mom can afford. She works two jobs to pay all the bills as Zach’s father left when he was five. The bedrooms are in the back and face the alley. There's a bar across the alley from the bedrooms. Zach is used to the loud, rowdy noises that go on most nights after closing time and usually sleeps right through it. He went to bed this evening in just his underwear with a light sheet pulled over him as it was a hot August night and the apartment only had one small window air conditioner in the living room. It wasn't long before he was fast asleep.

Sixteen-year-old Denzel has been out partying all night but has had no luck with the ladies this night. He looks up at the apartment building across the alley. There is only one light on way up on the top floor. He decides to do a quick burglary and see if he can find enough cash to buy some weed. He could certainly use it since he could not get laid. He quickly grabs hold of the old fire escape and hoists himself up. He tries the first window he comes upon and pries it open. Denzel rummages through the dresser drawers finding no cash or anything of value.


“Damn, all I need is twenty-five dollars for a little weed,” he thinks to himself.


He lingers over a picture of Zach’s mom that is on the nightstand.


“Now, dat’s one fine-looking white bitch! Too bad she ain't home.”


He reaches down to adjust his crotch before moving out into the living room. Finding nothing there, he looks in the cookie jar in the kitchen.


“Damn this bitch ain't got nothin'.”


He proceeds to the last door and enters Zachs' room. Zach is sleeping on his tummy under the covers. Denzel approaches the bed.


Hmmm, she has a lovely little daughter. Let me just pull these covers back.”


He is now looking at Zach’s rounded brief-clad bottom. He touches it. This fuels his horny, lust-crazed state and he pulls the briefs down a bit exposing the pale white flesh.


“Damn fine ass! I wonder if she's ever had sex? Dun matter I got to get me some!”


He smacks Zach’s ass and shakes him.


“Wake up! Wake up, bitch!”


His dick is in control now. This little girl doesn’t stand a chance to fight him off! Zach slowly wakes up and rises onto an elbow while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes to see a six foot, light brown skin teen with tightly braided cornrows. He smells of cigarettes, alcohol, and cologne.


“Huh? Wha? Who are you?”


“Ah, shit you're a boy! I was lookin' for some money, but your poor ass momma ain't got a cent here. Dun matter now. If you do what I say, I won't hurt you!”


“Okay. Just don't hurt me okay? We don't have any money.”


“Dat's alright. You got something else I want. The first thing you can do is get up here and dance wif me.”


“That's what you want? To dance with me?”


“To start with, kid.”


Zach gets up, and Denzel turns the radio on. The boy starts to dance, but Denzel grabs the boy and pulling him so he can slip his arms around the slender boy.


“Slow dance, kid, a little bump n grind.”


“Zach. My name’s Zach.”


“You can call me D, Zach.”


Zach does not know what a bump n grind is but by the way Denzel is bumping against him and pushing himself into him; he figures it out. It was kinda weird 'cause Zach thought it would be something Denzel would want to do with a girl, not a boy, but he is not saying anything because he does not want the teen boy to hurt him.


“Damn, it's hot up in here.”


Denzel takes his shirt off. He has tattoos on his arm and his chest. He pulls the pubescence boy to him again, wraps his arms around him and starts swaying back and forth.


“You're a good dancer, Zach. How old are you?”




“Cool. My neighbors got a twelve-year-old faggot. He's a sexy little thing too. Your body’s probably much like his.”


“You think he's sexy?”


“Yeah. He’s always showing off his little body in tight jeans or shorts. Gets me all excited and makes me wanna do things to him.”


Denzel’s hands slide down Zach’s back and over his bottom. He feels the hands on his butt flesh.


“How did my underwear get pulled down in back? Zach wonders.


He does not remember that! His face turns a hundred shades of red, and it feels as hot as the hands do on his exposed flesh. He doesn't know what to do. The teen boy had broken into his house and threatened to hurt him if he didn't do what the teen boy said, so he just stands there and lets Denzel feel his bottom and tickle his butt crack with one of his long fingers.


“Mmmmm. You're getting me excited too. Feel this!”


Denzel takes Zach’s hand and places it in between them on his crotch. His jeans are sagging down both in the front and back, so the boy’s hand was on his boxers. There is a big lump there, and he moves the boy’s hand up and down on it.


Zach is surprised at the size of the lump in Denzel’s boxers. Zach’s cock gets hard in the morning sometimes when he wakes up, but it's not this big!


“I want you to dance for me, Zach. Dance like a little sissy boy.”


“B…b…but I'm not a sissy boy!”


“You gonna be my little sissy tonight! Remember you promised to do what I said. You don't want me to hurt you, do ya?”




“Then dance! Dance sexy for me. Shake those hips, sissy boy!”


Zach does his best to do what Denzel wants, but he is not much of a dancer. He gyrates his hips and flails his arms around hoping that will keep the teen boy happy.


“Now, turn around and shake that butt for me! Mmmm, Mmmm. Yea,’ shake that butt, sissy boy. Pull your panties up and then down and flash that sexy white ass for me!”


Zach is shaking it and flashing the teen boy over and over. It is so naughty, but if it keeps the teen boy happy and not hurt him, he is going to do what the teen boy wants.


“Now, back that ass up here. Yeah, that's it. Closer! Closer, little faggot. Yeah! Shake dat ass for me. Shake it like you wanna make some money, faggot!”


Zack backs right up to the teen boy. He is shaking more out of fear than for the teen boy’s enjoyment. At least, Zach has his underwear pulled back up now, which makes him feel better.


“Faggot, you got a beautiful butt. Ya know what I need now? A lap dance. And I got the pole for you to ride!”


Denzel’s hands slap the boy’s buttocks repeatedly like he was playing the drums.


“Let's get those panties down!”


Zach feels his underwear being yanked down until they are at his knees.


“We gonna need some lotion for my fuckstick! You go to the bathroom real quick and see if your momma’s got some lotion in there. And be quick about it. And don't even think of running off. I'll track ya down and kill ya. Then your momma would be all alone. Now, go get it!”


Zach runs to the bathroom and looks for some kind of lotion. He wonders why Denzel needs it for his fuck stick. Zach finds some skin lotion and hopes that will be what the teen boy wants and takes it back to the room.


“Here's some lotion...”


Zach stops dead in his tracks. The teen boy is sitting there with his cock pulled out. The black cock, darker than his skin, is enormous. All Zach can do is stare.


“Come on, you little faggot. Get that lotion on my fuckstick. Get is nice and slippery.”


With a shaking hand, Zach squeezes some lotion on it and rubs it in. So this was his fuckstick! Zach still doesn't get it. This whole night has been crazy. He is beginning to think D is crazy, but that only made him feel he had better do what the teen boy says.


“And what was the teen boy’s fascination with my butt?” Zack pondered.


The teen boy’s hands are all over it the whole time Zach is putting the lotion on it.


“Oh, you little cock whore, that feels good! Look how shiny and slippery it is. I'm ready for my lap dance now! Let's get those panties off.”


He places the boy in front of him, grabs his underwear, and yanks them the rest of the way down and off!


“Oh, dat’s a pretty white ass. Sit down on my lap, fuckhole.”


Zach does not know where to sit. He does not want to sit on that! The teen boy’s big hands guide him down, and he feels the big black cock rubbing against his butt. The teen boy lifts him up and down sliding his hard cock along the twelve-year boy’s crack. The crack is getting covered with the lotion letting it slide easily between the ass cheeks.


“Damn, you gettin' me all excited! You ready to be a girl for him, Zach? I'm gonna lift you way up and let you come right down on my cuntbuster!”


“Nooo, D! Nooo!”


Up Zach goes and then the teen boy guides him, lining the virgin butthole up with his cock! Zach feels the pressure as the teen boy continues to lower him onto it. No freaking way is that going up there! He does not want to be a girl, and then he feels the blinding pain as the huge cock pops in! Zach does not like being Denzel’s girl.


“It's in, fuckhole. Ride dat big fuckin' fuckstick! Watchin' my big, black cock stretch your tight white pussy gets me so excited! Fuck you're tight and hot. You're virgin ass going to take it all.”


“It hurts, D. Stop! Take it out.”


“Ain't gonna do dat. I'm riding your fine ass 'til I nut!”


Denzel fucks the blubbering twelve-year-old, white boy’s virgin ass good and hard. He knows the white boy is gonna want a cock up his ass all the time after this — big, black cock!


“Oh, yeah, you just what I needed. A tight, white ass to bust my nut in! Fuck this is good.”


Denzel is brutally slamming Zach down on his massive cock, grinding his cock into the boy’s ass balls deep. Zach can feel the teen boy’s sweat on his back and his breath on his neck, and with one last lunge into his aching, raw asshole, the teen boy’s cock swells, and Zach felt the teen boy’s cum filling him.


“Oh, shit, cumdump. Here it comes! I'm cumming in your tight, little, white ass! Get all that nut cumdump. You were good for a first fuck.”


Slowly Denzel pulls his cock out and smacks it against the boy’s rear end before standing up and tucking it away. He helps the boy put his underwear back on and get into bed.


“You done good, Zach. You did just what I told ya. You keep your mouth shut about this or I'll be back.”


And just like that, he is off into the night. Zach plays back what has happened over and over again before finally falling into a troubled sleep.