Boy Rehab Center

A palimpsest based on Teen Rehab Center

(MmBb) (anal, oral, rim) (humil, tv, tort) (nc) (beast, inc)

Dr. Stewart was giving Dr. Carlton a tour of the facility. Dr. Steward was a thirty-five-year-old black man, six-foot, four inches tall with a very nicely developed muscular body. His large hands and feet were those of a former college athlete, and everything else about him complimented their size. Dr. Carlton was a thirty-eight-year-old specialist in teenage manic-depressives.

“Each quadrant holds eight students aged between eight and eighteen years of age. They all come from very fucked up home lives, so we pretty much have free rein with them. Then, of course, we screen them carefully to make sure they are real messes mentally and real cute physically. They are literally signed over to us. Anyway, as you will see, eight patients live in each room.

They wear white pajamas at all times. The diaphanous pajama material reveals lots of cute boy flesh underneath. This, of course, humiliates the boy cunts and that is what we want. You can see the nipples quite clearly, for example, as well as the shadows of cocks and the curves of luscious teenage ass.
The little shits are kept totally fucked up on medication, so they don’t know what the fuck is going on and they are much more submissive. We moderate the drugs enough, of course, so that they can feel the total humiliation and embarrassment of their condition and, of course, of their therapy. We tell them that our treatment is designed to put them in touch with their inner beings including their sexual being. We convey to them this is the source of their emotional disorders. We tell them we will strip them bare of their hang-ups and take down the emotional walls they have built. That’s not all we strip, of course.
“You will see that there is a single toilet in the center of each room. Students must shit and piss in this toilet, and to make them more comfortable with their natural bodily functions, they must first strip off their pajamas and then, when totally naked, they must shit or piss only with at least three other students watching to monitor. The boys are so bashful and sensitive about their bodies, so this provides a never-ending source of entertainment for us.”
Dr. Steward laughed a large even white-toothed grin. His long fat black dick gave an eleven-inch lurch inside his slacks.
“The toilet does not flush, but has a pot beneath that is emptied by one of the students each day. This is to teach them not to be afraid of natural bodily functions. It also teaches the fuck sluts humility. You will also notice Dr. Carlton that there are only four very narrow single beds in each room. The patients sleep two per bed; it’s a very tight fit and teaches them mutual dependency and trust. At first, they’re terribly shy and embarrassed, of course, but they soon adjust. They switch beds and partners each night so that they all bond as friends and helps them to break down stereotype identifications. Of course, to keep their daytime pajamas clean of natural teenage nighttime secretions all patients sleep completely naked.”
Dr. Carlton raised an eyebrow. “Let me get this straight. You might have an eighteen-year-old boy sleeping naked with a thirteen-year-old boy in a single, narrow bed?”
Dr. Steward laughed. “Not might. We do; it’s very healthy for them.”
“Don’t you have...er...incidents?”
“You mean don’t the horny boys fuck the shit out of the little cunts? Well, a boy here wouldn’t think of touching another boy sexually without permission. They are terrified of being given electric shock therapy, which is a good tool for teaching obedience. Also, they get plenty of fucking as you will see since we use extensive sex therapy to help these disturbed young boys. Sometimes, of course, a boy is required to fuck his bed partner as part of his treatment. Ah, here’s the room we want.”
Dr. Stewart led his new colleague into one of the patient rooms. Ten chairs had been set in a circle, eight of them were occupied by stunning young boys all dressed in identical white pajamas. Dr. Carlton looked over at the narrow beds lining the walls of the room and the white seatless toilet in the center of the enclosure. The walls were decorated with posters spouting self-help slogans like, “Today is the start of the rest of your life.”
Dr. Steward smiled in a warm, friendly way at the patients who mostly looked at the floor and with their body language indicated a degree of apprehension and discomfort.
“Good morning, my young friends, we have a guest today, a very famous doctor who is going to observe our self-help session. So, where did we stop yesterday, who shall begin? Steve...Steve, why don’t you start? Why don’t you share with Dr. Carlton here what brings you to our hospital? But before you begin, why don’t you make yourself more naturally comfortable and take off your pajamas and relax.”
Steve, who was fifteen, knew the routine. He was tall for his age with a beautiful head of dirty blond hair that was leaning toward brown, as the boy grew older. The boy had a handsome, angular face, full lips, and big blue eyes. He unbuttoned his pajama top and removed it revealing a nicely developing teenage body and a chest with two nickel sized pink nipples. His tummy was flat with a tiny trail of hair going into the pajama trousers. He curled his size nine and a half feet for a moment, digging his naked toes into the carpet, then he unbuttoned and slid down his pajama pants. He showed nice strong teenage legs, very smooth, and a tight well-rounded bubble butt with a deep ass crack. In front, his flaccid dick hung five inches with a fat wide head, over two smooth egg-sized teenage balls. He was very well-hung for fifteen.
“There, that’s better, isn’t it? Now, sit down and tell us why you were committed to the hospital.”
The frightened boy, jerky as a young colt, sat on the metal folding chair. He crossed his legs and put his hands over his genitals.
“Ugh, ugh, ugh, what do we tell ourselves about shame and how bad it is? We need to learn to be proud of ourselves. Now, now, Steve, get in the proper sitting position.”
Dr. Carlton thought poor mixed up Steve looked as though he might puke, and if anything it made him even more fuckably cute. Steve sighed, a great deep lost sigh from somewhere deep inside himself where the little boy still hid and then spread his legs wide and lifted them to place his heels on the edge of the chair, so he had to kind of slouch down showing everyone his cock and balls and asshole. His eyes got a very faraway look about them. Sexy as hell.
“Good boy, Steve, now suppose you tell us why you are here.”
“I...eh...I...fucked my brother,” the fifteen-year-old mumbled.
“We can’t hear you, Steve. Louder, please.”
“I...oh…Jesus...I fucked my little brother.” He screwed his face into an anguished knot.
“How old is your brother, Steve?” The boy did not answer. “Steve?”
“He’s…ah...he’s only six.”
“So you shoved your big fat teenage dick, which measures seven inches hard into your six-year-old brother’s asshole, is that right?”
“Oh…god…please…do I have to talk about it?”
“Talking is teaching. Teaching is healing. We teach ourselves to heal. Why did you fuck your little brother in his tiny innocent six-year-old asshole, Steve?”
“I…eh...I don’t know...Oh, shit...I don’t know. I was angry at everyone. I was...I was just angry…I guess.”
“So it was more anger than lust that caused you to stick your cock up your brother’s ass-pussy until it was stretched out like a whore’s cunt and he had to be taken to the hospital. Steve, I want you to break down barriers for your own good. For your wellbeing, I want you to masturbate while you talk to us. Masturbate your brother fucking teenage penis while we speak but don’t cum.”
The boy’s large eyes became even larger. His lips trembled.
“Do I gotta?”
“It’s either that or shock therapy.”
The fifteen-year-old boy’s hand went down immediately to his healthy prick and began to tug at his dick flesh. His other hand rubbed his lovely big balls.
“That’s good, Steve, don’t be shy in front of the other kids. Sex is natural and healthy. If you had beat your fuck slab at home three or four times a day, you might never have sullied your brother.”
Several other boys in the group had hard-ons tenting up their pajamas with wet spots making the thin white material almost transparent, not to mention the two doctors whose dicks were leaking like fucking faucets.
“Tell me, Steve, did it feel good to have your cock in that tight little boy rectum?”
“I don’t even know how it felt…I mean…I like girls…I’m not a homo or anything.”
The boy was pumping his dick, which had swollen up nicely and had a big fucking head. It must have hurt his little six-year-old brother something fierce.
“First of all, Steve, you don’t know if you have latent faggot tendencies. We’re here to determine that. How many kids in this room think Steve might be a faggot? Good, you all raised your hands. Keep pumping, Steve. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with homosexual feelings. However, they must be nurtured.”
“I’m not queer, and I don’t wanna be,” Steve said sharply. His young face looked dark and mean.
Dr. Stewart looked across the room from Steve at a boy seated opposite. He was ten.
“Jesse, I wonder if you would help Steve explore his sexual confusion. We need to see if he really prefers his six-year-old brother’s fuck-puffed asshole to a nice girl twat. So would you undress for us and please play with your pussy for Steve.”
Jesse, a really adorable, sweet looking boy stood up and undressed. He had well-developed nipples for one so young. Nice girlie udders as the doctors often laughed, with pink-colored nipples. His prick and balls were hairless.
Dr. Stewart explained to his companion, “Jesse has his own set of problems, don’t you, dear. He comes from a moral dilemma facing lots of boys nowadays. He has been taught that homosexuality is bad, that he should like girls, and that sucking dick and getting fucked like a cunt is wrong. Of course, this conflicts with the fag’s natural feelings and creates disharmony. At nine or ten years of age, most fags start to need cock really badly.
“Now, the selfish, fucking fag refused to let a very popular, very handsome sixteen-year-old jock at school dick him. Jock boy would even have settled for a nice wet blowjob and ass suck. Well, understandably, jock boy beat him up and raped him anyway. His father declined to prosecute the popular jock boy knowing that his son was at fault, so he ended up here. Now, the cock whore is learning that the true use for his twelve-year-old body is as a cumdump, a fuckhole and that he is never, ever to refuse any cock ever again. Any guy who wants to plow his dick ditch gets to fuck him, and he has no right to refuse. Hopefully, this will put some healthy balance into his life. Jesse, how many times have you been fucked this morning?”
The boy was naked now and sitting on the chair, feet up, legs spread so that his puffy, boy-cunt was wide open for all to see.
“Eight times, sir,” he said shyly.
“And did you like those big fat cocks plowing into your dirty little dick ditch, you little fuckpig?”
“Yes, sir, very much so, sir,” he said quietly.
“Jesse resisted at first. He was afraid of cock.
“And it’s not your fault, honey. You were raised in a screwed up society where values and ethics have gone to hell. You’re just a victim, but you must take responsibility for your life into your own hands.
“So we had to give Jesse lots of shock therapy before he complied. In fact, I had to take a personal hand in his therapy, didn’t I, Jesse? I had to fuck you over and over with my big black nigger dick before you learned to accept the fact that you were born to be a scum sewer and fuck slop hole.”
“Yes, sir, thank you, sir,” the boy said, eyes downcast, tears running down his cheeks.
“My pleasure. I love helping young boys get healthy. Now, spread your pussy lips real wide for Steve and show him the inside of your fuck canal.”
The twelve-year-old boy sat there on the metal chair, legs up and wide, pulling his ass globes apart so that his pink inner asshole was on display for the fifteen-year-old masturbating boy.
“There, now do you like that sight, Steve? Do you like bare-naked boy-twat?”
“Oh…yes, sir…very much, sir.”
The teenage boy pumped his prick faster, sprays of pre-fuck squirted across his tummy and legs. His boyish chest heaved, and his nickel-sized tits looked like they were about to explode. Sweat ran from his teenage boy armpits down his torso to his slender hips. Sweat dripped from his exposed asshole.
“Steve has not been allowed to fuck or even cum since he came here two months ago. Don’t cum now, Steve, or its shock therapy for you. Don’t you dare cum! You have to learn to control your sexual urges. Now it’s possible that you are straight, Steve, and that your little brother is just a whorish little cock slut and actually seduced you without you realizing it. Lots of six-year-old boys are nothing but little whores. Maybe your little brother was just a cock crazy little dick slut. Did he like to watch you shower and stuff?”
“Oh...yes, sir...he did...all the time.”
Steve was really spanking the monkey now. His hand was flying on his teen prick, his balls bouncing and dancing in their fleshy fuck sack. The other kids were watching with great interest, even little Parker who was only eight.
“It’s very possible the little boy cunt was asking for it and got exactly what he deserved. Your mistake was you should have made sure he didn’t bleed and then threatened the little bastard that if he told anyone, you’d kill him. That way you could have enjoyed fucking him for years without anyone knowing. He could have become your sex slave, and when you didn’t get a good piece of ass from some dumb high school twat, you could always ram it into little brother’s fuckhole. You could have been even more popular by sharing his boy-pussy with your buddies, but you blew it when you ripped him open and then felt guilty and apologized. It's normal for a boy to need to fuck, and it’s normal for him to get a bit carried away now and again. It’s not good to feel guilty though. Now, stop beating that fuck slab!”
Steve took some time to come out of his masturbating. His fat toes, white and bloodless from the pressure, were curled around the edge of the chair. His chest heaved. He blinked as drool ran from his mouth, but at last, he removed his hand. His big boy penis was red from the self-abuse and looked fierce and swollen beyond belief. The dick bounced and throbbed as pre-fuck bubbled from the piss lips. The nuts moved around in the sack, pulled up tight to the dick root and then relaxed again. His chest heaved. He wanted to cum so badly.
“Jesse, finger fuck yourself for us. Show us that you are now comfortable with your sexual slut nature.”
The twelve-year-old boy plunged three fingers into his ass-cunt and started to roughly jab them inside. His other hand began to tug at his little pricklet.
“That’s a good spunk trough. I want you to get fucked twelve more times today, Jesse, and if you do an outstanding job, you can have television time tonight. I’m really proud of you, honey.
But, Steve, it’s also true that you might harbor secret homosexual drives that you don’t know about, so we have to determine this. So, while we proceed with this session, why don’t you just crawl around the room and lick the balls of all the boys here including Dr. Carlton and me, of course.”
The boy’s face was bright red, and tears welled in his eyes.
“Oh…fuck…sir do I have to?”
Steve made a real sick expression that in turn made Dr. Carlton’s prick jump and spurt pre-fuck. The anguish of a teenage boy was the single thing that pleased him most in the whole world.
“I’m getting very tired of you, young man, always questioning my suggestions. I expect instant compliance, or you will find yourself back in shock therapy today!”
The other boys in the room took off their pajama trousers and sat back down. Chad, an eighteen-year-old muscular athlete type, had huge balls and Steve started on those, licking the big fuck sacks with swipes of his tongue. Chad instantly sprang a nine-inch hard-on. Chad had a handsome, cruel face. He had sold drugs to grade school boys and then fucked them after they were hooked and they had no money. The big-dicked teen boy had also fucked his baby brother repeatedly for two years. He had a strong, smooth body with well-defined jock muscles, bulging arms, large pec slabs with quarter-sized tan nipples, a six-pack for a stomach and a healthy ass. On his head, he had unruly curly black hair. His cruel motherfucking face was fiercely handsome.
“Chad, while Steve washes your nuts with his tongue, suppose you tell us how you’re feeling. Are the therapy and medication working?”
Chad curled his pomegranate lips into a sneer. “Yes sir, I think so. I don’t feel at all bad about fucking my brother anymore.”
“That’s very good, Chad. You have nothing to feel guilty for since it’s natural to want to fuck your fag brother. In fact, it’s healthy; the filthy cock whore should have made his fuck hole available to you and your friends whenever you wanted. That’s what a loving brother would do. They were selfish, Chad. It’s a man’s right to fuck any boy-twat he wants to, and the little dick ditches have to learn that.”
“Oh…fuck…you’re so right, Doc.” Chad smiled broadly. “Hey, this little pansy is getting my prick all stiff with his fucking tongue.”
“Well, we need to do something about that. Chad, why don’t you take little eight-year-old Parker to one of the beds and fuck the shit out of him right now? If you really ram that big teenage dick of yours way up into his stomach and make him squeal like the stuck pig he is, I’ll make sure you get some great drugs tonight.
“Parker, get your slutty little cunt bare-assed and onto that bed now!”
Parker was very small for eight. He was so sweet looking with a round face and big trusting eyes. Parker’s father was in prison for fucking him. But Jesus, what straight guy wouldn’t want to fuck a hot little sissy boy like that. It was so unfair. The fucking sissy slut walks around in tight little shorts shaking his ass at daddy, and then when he acts on his natural urges, he is the one who gets punished. Well, Dr. Stewart and men like him were setting things right.
Chad grabbed the little boy and threw him on the bed. His dick was now over nine inches long and thick as a Coke can and fuck slime ran from the piss hole. His fucking brother had hardly been able to take the big fuck club. He had seriously split open his twelve-year-old brother’s asshole, but Parker had been fucked repeatedly, and so Chad knew the little fuck hole could accommodate him, even though it would hurt the little faggot terribly.
“Steve, get over there and lick Chad’s balls while he fucks the little cumdump.”
Dr. Carlton was amazed. “Does this kind of stuff go on every day?”
“Every day, all day, we immerse the patients in a world of sexual lust and degradation. These boys are turned into nothing but fuck animals.”
Chad had rammed his big prick brutally into the little boy’s tight asshole. He was the kind of boy who grunted when he fucked as he called his fuck partner every nasty name in the book.
“Come on, you fuck slopped, cock whore, fuck back Take my dick, you shit sucking piece of trash. Take that dick, bitch!”
The cock was unmistakably too large for Jesse’s little boy-cunt, and he was actually impaled on the prick. On the out strokes, his ass lining was dragged out all pink with the gigantic thick slab of fuckmeat. The sobbing little slop bucket choked and gurgled as he was fucked deep into his intestines.
“That’s what you get, you fucking bitch, for not being nicer to your daddy. And remember, you fucking cumdump, tomorrow you get fucked by your friends the Great Danes.”
“The eight-year-old fuck whore is dog fucked?” Carlton asked.
“Oh, yes, twice a week he is ass and mouth rutted by the greasy long fat pizzles of ten Great Danes. It’s teaching him to respect cock, all cock. How dare the twat-faced faggot think he can refuse the dick of his own father. After all, he fucked him into the world. Ram that bitch harder, Chad. Steve, lick those swinging nuts.”
Dr. Stewart turned his attention to a beautiful twelve-year-old boy who sat with his hands up around his feminine face as if he was ashamed. Unlike the other boys, he was not wearing the standard white pajamas. He had a lacy red bra holding his little B cup tits and lacy, sheer thong.
“Now, Luke, tell us all the good news you found out this morning.”
Luke started to cry, and huge tears rolled down his soft pink cheeks. It was darling.
“I...I…I am…am…am to be cas…cas…castrated.”
“Let’s give twelve-year-old Luke a round of applause for losing his prick and balls. Soon his little chest will be all bloated with double D tits. Won’t that be cute?
“Dr. Carlton, I should explain. Luke, sweet little Luke, was caught dressing in his sister’s clothes. He hated his little boy body, feared it to be more accurate. He couldn’t face being a little sissy boy. Making his asshole a pussy scared him terribly, so we put him on a steady diet of big black dick. I had his ass fucked by fifteen men a day, each of them over ten inches in length. They also taught him to respect cock by spitting in his mouth, pissing in his mouth and up his ass, and making him lick their asses and eat shit. Isn’t that right, Luke? And now he likes cock just fine. Don’t you, honey?”
“Yes, doctor,” said the boy.
“And now, he’s a little sissy boy. Aren’t his little B titties adorable? He’s so small, I’m sure it’s going to be very painful growing double D tits. Anyway, he’s twelve now, so I feel he can have D cups before he’s fourteen, and by sixteen he should have full double D’s. We intend to help his mental health by making him into a little trollop his father wants to be.
“But my big black dick could use a little attention, so why don’t we take a short break now, kids. Why don’t you go and have some lemonade? As soon as Chad finishes unloading in Parker’s cunt, they can have some too, and Steve can finish licking our balls after the break. While we break, I think I’d love to have Luke suck my big black dick. Come on, dickhole, get that hungry mouth cunt over here and slurp up some good nigger slop. Dr. Carlton, help yourself to some ass. Please, don’t be shy.”
“Well, I have to admit, I am kind of taken by that young chink over there.”
“Chen? Oh my, he has a nice tight little nine-year-old asshole. You can actually feel your dick in his stomach when you fuck him. Chen, strip down and get your bare little boy-cunt over here for Dr. Carlton to inspect. Chen came to us a virgin. His parents were tortured to death by some rednecks. We decided he needed sexual therapy to get him to trust others. He sucks dick like a little pro now. Look at that darling little mouth. It’s hard to believe he can deep throat. Asians are usually small and look really young for their ages. That’s why he looks about six or seven. Yes, he knows how to please a fat throbbing prick with his mouth and ass, but it took some time, didn’t it, Chen?”
Dr. Steward pulled back his large black hand and slapped the small Chinese boy hard across the face.
“We’re trying to help Chen build up his resistance to pain. He’s had so much in his young life. That’s why his little balls are all stretched out like that and ringed. He gets ball therapy for an hour a day. I want those nine-year-old boy balls to hang down six inches by next month. How are you feeling today, you little slope head?” Dr. Stewart spit a huge gob onto Chen’s sweet little boy face. “Chen needs lots of abuse to make him strong.”
“Well, maybe I could whip his ass and dildo fuck him tonight, but right now, I’ll settle for a nice cocksuck.”
“That’s fine but hurt him at least a little while you get sucked. He has to learn to associate sex with pain if he is ever to be healed.”
Dr. Carlton considered Dr. Stewart’s request.
“Well, how about if I stuck pins in his titties, and also his micropenis and tiny sack while he licks and sucks my prick?”
“Sounds fine to me, can you stick some nice long ones into the soles of his feet too?”
The two doctors relaxed in their chairs, trousers around their ankles as little sissy boy Luke and Chen sucked on their big bloated pricks. Chad shot a massive load of cum into eight-year-old Parker’s boy-pussy while Steve continued to slurp on the sweaty fuck sack of the rutting teenager.
There was a lot more therapy to come after the morning break.