Boy Rape

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The man was standing in some bushes watching a boy doing tricks on his mountain bike. The boy had no idea that he was being watched. Behind the man was his white van, hidden from anybody passing by in the lane by bushes and also hidden from the boy on the bike, also by bushes. The area was wasteland and there was no human habitation nearby. At weekends and during school holidays it was a haunt for youngsters to play on. Their parents were happy as it meant that the kids were in no danger from traffic and, as there were always plenty of children around, they were pretty safe from the attention of perverts.

But this was not a weekend and it was not school holidays. It was a normal school day and a working day for parents so, apart from the boy and his watcher, the place was totally deserted. This was exactly what the man had expected. He had been pleasantly surprised to find a boy playing on his own on the wasteland.

The watcher was 30 year old Wesley, who preferred to be called Wes. He was almost six foot tall and had brown hair and almond colored eyes. Clean shaven, he was muscular and clad in a denim shirt and denim trousers. He was wearing a pair of trainers, Adidas was the trademark.

The boy that Wes was watching was 10 or 11 years old. He had long black hair that was blowing in the breeze. He was wearing a dirty yellow T shirt, horrible khaki colored long shorts, the ones that reached to below the knee and were real baggy, and a pair of blue trainers. He was quite slim and seemed to handle the bike expertly.


Wes had yet another careful look around and there was nobody about. Then he heard a crash and a yell and saw that the boy had fallen from his bike. He started to sit up and examine his knee. Wes strode out from the bushes and up to the boy who looked up at the man with a guilty look on his face.


"You alright boy?" Wes asked.


"Yeah thanks, I've just grazed my knee on the pedal but I'll be alright" the boy said as he started to stand up.


Wes reached out and picked up the boy's bike and then grabbed the kid by the scruff of his neck.


"You're coming with me kid" Wes snapped at the boy who was trying to struggle from his grasp, "you know that you should be in school now not bunking off to play with your bike."


"Let me go, let me go" the struggling boy panted but he was no match for the much stronger man who dragged him into the bushes together with the boy's bike.


The whole incident had lasted less than two minutes and not a soul had been around to witness anything.


In the bushes Wes dropped the boy's bike onto the ground. Then still holding the struggling boy by his T Shirt with one hand Wes opened the rear doors of the van with the other. Then he picked the kid up around his waist and threw him into the back of the van. He jumped in after and closed the rear doors. Before the boy had realized what had happened Wes had grabbed one of his legs and snapped a manacle around the ankle. The manacle was attached directly to a metal ring welded to the side of the van. The boy tried to kick the man away with his free leg but Wes simply grabbed hold of it and manacled that ankle to a second ring on the side of the van. He picked up a pair of handcuffs that were lying on the floor, grabbed hold of the boy's flailing left arm and snapped the handcuff around his wrist. Then he grabbed the boy's other arm and forced them both around the kid's back and snapped the other handcuff onto the boy's wrist. Now the kid was sitting on the floor of the van with his ankles manacled tightly to the side of the van and his wrists handcuffed behind his back. It was at this point the boy started to scream.


Wes tore off a strip of duct tape and placed it over the boy's mouth and his screams were reduced to muffled noises of protest. Then Wes stuck a woolen hood over the kid's head. It had a hole in it and Wes worked it around until the boy's nose was stuck out through the hole. The kid could now breathe but he could not scream and yell and neither could he see a thing because the hood came down and rested on his shoulders. Finally Wes picked up the free end of a rope, the other end of which was attached to a ring welded to side of the van opposite the boy's feet. He pushed the boy down onto the floor and tied the rope tightly around the kid's chest so that it was underneath his armpits. This prevented the boy from sitting up or from rolling about. Wes jumped down from the van, picked up the mountain bike and chucked it into the van. Then he threw a blanket over both the boy and the bike, closed the rear doors of the van and locked them. He had another quick look around, saw nobody, got into the driving seat and drove away from the scene at a sedate pace. He came across no other traffic and no other person until he finally joined a main road.


Wes was a local man and it only took him 30 minutes to reach his home. He lived in what had once been his parents farmhouse. His mother had died when he was 21 and his father had died 5 years later. Wes had no wish to become a farmer so he sold all of the agriculture land but kept the house and walled in large gardens. At the time he sold, agriculture land fetched a premium and, as there was 2,000 acres of it, Wes finished up a rich man. He now lived on the income from the wise investments that he had made. To get to his house Wes left the main road and traveled two miles along a graveled track through open fields. The track led directly to his house. The grounds were surrounded by a high brick wall which had been built at the same time as the house. Inside, high bushes helped to screen the house from any nosy parkers. The grounds were extensive and even a farmer working in the adjoining fields would not have heard any screams that might have been coming from the house.


Wes opened the high iron gates, drove in, then he closed and locked them. He drove up to the house which could not be seen from the gate. Then he got out and unlocked the rear doors of the van. The blanket was still over the boy who was lying quite still although muffled noises could be heard coming from beneath the blanket. Wes pulled the blanket off the boy and then jumped into the back of the van.


"Now fucker" Wes snapped, "I'm going to release your ankles. Don't fucking struggle or you'll really be fucking sorry."


Then Wes released the manacles from the boy's ankles. Immediately, despite his wrists still being handcuffed and the fact that he could not see because of the hood over his head, the youngster started to kick out with his feet. The man clenched his fist and drove it hard into the boy's solar plexus and the boy bent double as he lay on the floor. He was totally winded but, with his mouth gagged, could only draw air in through his nose. For some moments he was in dire distress as Wes calmly went about the business of removing the rope from his chest.


"I warned you cunt" Wes remarked in a calm voice as he bent down to pick up the boy. "Now you know what to expect if you try to fuck me around."


Then Wes quite easily hoisted the boy over his shoulder and climbed down from the van. He walked to the door of the house with the boy over his shoulder; the kid's hooded head was hanging down Wes' back whilst the man held the boy's legs firmly against his chest. The boy was still struggling to get air in through his nose, the effects of the punch not having worn off yet. Unlocking the door Wes entered his house with the boy and closed the door behind him. He walked down a passage and opened another door at the end. Then down a flight of steps and yet another door. On entering through that door Wes was now in what looked at first sight like a bed/sitting room.


There was a large bed, a table, sofa and armchair. Two more doors led off from the room. A closer look would have revealed a few odd features. Metal rings sunk into the walls. Ropes hanging by pulleys from the ceiling. A padded bench with metal rings on the sides and on the legs. The same types of rings on the table legs and on the bed posts. A rack on the wall holding a couple of whips, a cane and two or three leather belts. There were many other odd things in the room, far too numerous to mention.


The room itself had no windows but was brightly lit by electric lights which reflected off the plain white walls. The floor was tiled and had no carpets.


Wes walked across the room and dumped the boy unceremoniously onto the bed. Then he raised the hood slightly so that the boy's mouth was now uncovered although the rest of his face was still hidden. Then Wes ripped the duct tape off the boy's mouth. The youngster began to take big gulps of air and then he started to scream.


"Let me go, let me go, what the fuck is going on?" the boy screamed.


"Listen good kid because I'm only going to say this once" Wes replied, "you'll shut that fucking noise up now. I only want to hear from you when I ask you a question. Anymore crap out of you and you'll wonder what the fuck has hit you."


The boy bit his lip as he lay hooded and handcuffed on the bed. He was really frightened and had no idea what sort of mess he'd got himself into. After the punch in his guts the youngster realized that the man would not hesitate to hurt him if he didn't do what he was told. So now he was trying not to scream and shout.


"Just a couple of questions" Wes said. "First what is your name?"


"Sam" was the short answer.


"That's a good boy" Wes said approvingly, "behave like that and you will have quite a good time here with me. Now then how old are you?"


"I'm ten" was the response as the boy tried hard not to cry.


"Okay Sam, now lie still whilst I get some of your clothes off you" Wes said.


Now the youngster started to tremble as he felt the man grab one of his legs. He really did want to kick out but was much to frightened of the consequences to do so. Wes pulled the boy's trainer off Sam's foot then he took hold of the other leg and removed that trainer also. Next he fumbled around Sam's waist as he found the stud button that undid the waist of the boy's shorts. Then he lowered the zip. This was too much for the poor boy who started to scramble away from his molester as best he could.


"Lie still you little fucker" Wes snarled as he grabbed the boy by his ankle and pulled him closer.


Then he took hold of the long legs of the boy's shorts and pulled them down. Sam was kicking his legs about but that rather helped Wes as it raised the boy's behind from the bed. The man had Sam's shorts off him and was holding them in his hand in no time at all. Now the boy was left wearing his blue boxer shorts. His smooth hairless legs looked very appealing as the youngster stopped kicking about.


"Let's get those boxers off now" Wes grunted as he grabbed hold of them by the legs.


"Oh no, no, no, for fuck sake stop" Sam couldn't help crying out as he felt his boxer shorts being pulled down his thighs, over his knees, down his legs, and finally off over his feet.


Now the boy was lying naked from the waist down. His T shirt did not reach much below his belly button so his lovely cock and balls were now revealed to Wesley's lustful gaze. The 10 year old boy's uncircumcised cock was a soft inch and a half in length. It rested on top of his lovely ball sac with the tiny red nob completely hidden from view by the foreskin. The lovely white hairless flesh that surrounded the boy's genitals only emphasized their beauty in the eyes of the man staring at them. Wes feasted his eyes on the wonderful sight, he licked his lips as he saw how perfect the boy's hairless thighs were. One of the reasons that Wes was attracted to prepubescent boys was the fact that they had no body hair at all. He just loved the feel of their smooth soft skin and could lay stroking them for hours. Now he turned the sobbing boy over so that he was lying face down on the bed. His handcuffed wrists could now be seen on his back. Wes pulled the boy's legs wide apart and Sam immediately closed them again. Then Wes gave the boy a sharp slap across his buttocks.


"Keep those fucking legs open cunt or I'll beat you half to death" he growled as he pulled Sam's legs apart once more.


Now the man stood looking down at Sam's firm white buttocks. Licking his lips with lustful anticipation he ran a finger from the top of the boy's arse crease to the bottom as young Sam's body trembled violently with fright. Then he pulled the boy's buttocks apart with his hands as he closely examined the boy's shit hole nestling quietly at the bottom of the crease. He saw the lovely brown pink lips that were closed tightly and ran a finger over and around them as Sam still trembled and shivered with fear. Wes just simply adored a lovely hairless boy's cunt. He usually got his tongue at work on it as soon as possible. In this case however he was in no hurry. He knew that he would be able to eat that adorable boy cunt for as long and often as he wanted.


"Wow Sam you're just what the doctor ordered" observed Wes jovially.


The boy was still sobbing but his body was still, he was much too frightened to move.


"Stop that fucking noise fucker" Wes said. "I'm going to remove your handcuffs now and then you can turn over and get your circulation flowing again. Don't try anything funny cunt" he warned, "or you will wish that you'd never been born."


Wes then removed the handcuffs from the boy and Sam turned over on the bed and started to move his arms about. The boy was still wearing the hood so could not see anything. He was also wearing his T Shirt although the bottom had worked it's way up above his belly button and Sam, his hands now free, used them to push it back down to his waist. The modest young boy wished that it would have been long enough to cover his cock and balls.


"Take off your T shirt Sam" Wes ordered smiling slightly as he saw the boy's modest behavior.


"Please mister don't make me do that" young Sam plucked up the courage to say, "please mister I want to go home, please le me have my clothes back and let me go home."


Wes didn't reply; he couldn't be bothered to argue with the boy. He flipped the kid back over so that he was lying face down once again. Then he quickly crossed to the rack and took down a bamboo cane and returned to the bed. The boy, still hooded, could see nothing at all. Wes raised the cane high and brought it swishing down through the air and struck young Sam a stinging blow with it across his buttocks. Same let out a shriek of surprised pain as the cane bit into his tender flesh.


"Take of your shirt" Wes ordered quietly to the sobbing boy "and stop that fucking crying now or it will really make me mad."


Sam, trying to stifle his sobs, turned over on the bed and sat up. He started to pull the T shirt up over his head and it looked as if the hood would come off as well.


"Don't let your fucking hood come off" Wes warned, "take it easy and get that fucking shirt off without disturbing the hood."


Then Wes helped the lad by holding the hood on Sam's head whilst the boy managed to get his shirt up and over his head. Then Wes grabbed the shirt and pulled it off the boy's arms and tossed it away. Now Sam was totally naked apart from the hood covering his head. He could not see anything and the only hole in the hood was the one through which he was able to draw in air.


Wes liked the look of the 10 year olds body. He had a nice smooth white chest and belly. His nipples were small, pink and standing erect. His rib cage showed up clearly as he was of a lean build. Without speaking Wes pushed the boy around on the bed so that he was lying crossways over it, face down. Then he knelt over Sam's back with his knees either side of the boy's body. He reached to the wall and took hold of a pair of handcuffs that was attached by a single chain to a ring in the wall. Then he pushed Sam's left arm out towards the wall and snapped one of the handcuffs around his wrist. The boy could not move because of the weight of the man straddling his body as Wes did the same with his right arm. Now the boy's arms were stretched out above his head towards the wall and firmly secured by the handcuffs. Wes then got off the boy and also off the bed. He grabbed the boy's legs and pulled Sam's body towards the edge of the bed until his buttocks were sticking over the side and his feet touching the floor. The chain between the handcuffs and the wall had been sufficiently long to allow this. Then Wes moved away from young Sam.


Immediately the 10 year old boy tried to scramble back onto the bed. He was finding it difficult with his wrists handcuffed as they were and being unable to see. Wes smiled as he saw the boy struggling. He picked up the cane and brought it swishing down through the air then strike the boy once again across his buttocks. As Sam screamed as loud as he could, his cries muffled slightly by the hood, Wes struck the boy a second blow with the cane across his buttocks. Now Sam was screaming and crying in pain.


"I have warned you not to piss me around" Wes said in a perfectly calm voice. " Now get back in the position that I put you with your feet on the fucking ground. Every time you do something to piss me off I will cane you across your fucking behind. And each time the number of strokes you receive will be increased by one. So fuck me around again and you will receive three strokes of the cane."


Still crying, Sam slid back towards the edge of the bed so that his buttocks stuck out beyond the mattress and his feet were back on the ground. Wes kicked the youngster's feet wide apart and then moved away for a few moments. He stood silently looking at the naked boy whose buttocks showed three red lines where the cane had bit into his tender flesh. Wes loved these quiet moments, a boy unable to see anything; having no idea what might be happening but knowing that he was entirely at a strange man's mercy. As he watched the boy wriggling slightly and trembling and shaking a lot Wes decided that he was going to rape the kid whilst Sam was still wearing the hood. He might even later make the hole in it bigger so that he could fuck the kid's mouth whilst the boy was still hooded. He thought to himself that doing that might be a lot of fun.


He knelt down behind the young boy, put the palms of his hands on Sam's buttocks and pressed them apart, then he stuck out his tongue and licked all the way up and down the boy's lovely ass crease. Sam shivered more violently as he felt Wes's tongue licking up and down the crease of his ass.


"Oh no man, oh no, please don't fuck around with me" the boy begged in a muffled voice, "please leave me alone and let me go home."


Wes stopped licking the boy's crease for a moment.


"That's fine Sam" he said, "I will enjoy hearing you chat with me whilst I'm fucking you. The more that you beg and plead with me to let you go the harder I'm going to fuck your lovely boy cunt."


Having reassured young Sam, Wes went back to licking that lovely crease making sure that his tongue spent plenty of time licking across and around the boy's beautiful brown pink cunt lips. Sam was grizzling as he continued to beg Wes to stop, his words still coming out muffled.


Now Wes licked his first finger and pushed it against the lips of Sam's hole. He pushed very hard and forced the boy's sphincter to open and his finger slipped into the tight hole. Sam gave a little wail of pain as he felt his hole stretch to accommodate the finger. Then Wes quickly removed his finger and pressed his tongue into Sam's boy cunt before the lips had time to close. Now he was licking the inside of that lovely tight boy cunt. He loved the taste of young boys shit holes and Sam's tasted particularly good. Wes let his tongue lick up and down and around the inside of that lovely tight hole as Sam wriggled and squirmed on the bed.


The boy was still sobbing, still shaking with fear and still begging the man to stop and let him go. Wes, of course, paid no attention to any of this; he was much to interested in eating Sam's tasty boy cunt.


Wes was no longer pressing the boy's buttocks apart, having got his tongue into that lovely tight hole he was content to keep licking the inside of it with his nose buried in the boy's crease. He was now stroking Sam's lovely smooth thighs. Wes enjoyed the feel of the boy's hairless smooth skin under his hand and liked the contrast of his hairy arms against that boy's smooth body. Then, still licking and slurping Sam's boy cunt, Wes put his hand around the boy's waist and felt for the youngster's little cock. He found it and started to fondle it and also to roll Sam's lovely ball sac in the palm of his hand. Then, using his thumb and finger, he started to rub the boy's foreskin up and down as he continued to feast on the kid's boy cunt. In less than a minute the boy was sporting a lovely 3 inch long stiffy.


"Well, well, well" Wes said softly to the crying and now, very embarrassed, young boy, "what's this then darling you must like what I'm doing because your cock is grown into a lovely fuck pole. I'm going to enjoy sucking that a little later."


"I hate you, I hate you, I'm not liking this" Sam sobbed through the hood, "I don't like it, I don't, I don't, I don't" the screamed in a muffled voice.


Wes, always on the lookout for a bit of fun and a little teasing continued to rub Sam's foreskin up and down his stiff little prick.


"You do so like it" he said with a laugh, "you do, you do, you do."


Young Sam just kept sobbing but could not reply. He was so unhappy and he wished that he had never bunked off from school.


Now Wes let go of the boy's stiff cock and moved away from him. He took all his clothes off and put them away tidily into a wardrobe. He had a lovely muscular chest covered in brown hair. The brown hair continued in a thin line down the centre of his abdomen, over his belly button and then merged with his much coarser thick brown pubic hair. He had a covering of brown hair on his thighs and legs. His buttocks were relatively free but wisps of brown hair peeped out from the crease dividing his two big firm buttocks. His cock, uncircumcised, was standing firm and proud. It was eight inches of hard manhood surmounted by a big mushroom shaped purple cock head that was leaking precum. Below this, in all nine inches' of boy fucking cock, hung a magnificent pair of balls. The two nuts could be clearly seen outlined in the sac and they truly looked formable.


Wes was ready to fuck the boy, to take this kid's virginity. There was one little pleasure he wanted to give the boy first though. He decided that, although it meant removing the boy's hood for a few moments, Sam deserved to see the cock that was going to take his cherry. Wes now climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of the boy. He knew that the first thing that Sam would see as the hood was taken from his head would be this lovely big man cock. Wes gripped hold of the top of the hood and pulled it off Sam's head. The boy blinked for more than a minute as the bright light blinded him. Then his eye sight adjusted and he was able to see clearly. He saw, right in front of his eyes, an enormous purple cock head leaking precum (although he did not know that's what it was, he thought it was piss) and could smell stale cum (again he did not know that the smell was stale cum) and it frightened the life out of him. So the boy started to scream as Wes smiled to see the look of fear in the child's eyes and to hear the noise the kid was making. He then pulled the hood back down over Sam's head so that the sight of the man's big cock was cut off from the boy.


"You liked what you saw boy?" Wes asked the screaming kid. "Just so that you know, I'm going to fuck you with that and it's all of 9 fucking inches long. Boy rape you can call it but I bet that you'll fucking love it by the time that I let you go."


Chuckling to himself Wes got off the bed and moved to the back of the screaming boy. He rubbed a generous amount of KY lubricant on his cock head and well down the shaft of his boy cunt fuck pole.


"Please don't fuck me mister, please don't put that big cock into me" the youngster screamed as his whole body shook with terror.


Sam wished desperately that he had not seen the man's huge cock. The boy felt Wes's warm body behind him then he could feel the man's strong hands spreading his buttocks and he felt that enormous cock head pushing against his shit hole. Sam almost fainted as he realized that he was definitely going to be fucked by this man and his enormous cock.


For a moment Wes paused with his cock pressed firmly against Sam's boy cunt. He moved his hands so that they were now gripping Sam by his hips. Then Wes pushed his hips forward as he pulled the boy into his groin. At first Sam's sphincter resisted the attempted attack but it was no match to the strong man cock trying to gain entry. It opened and Wes entered the boy. He gave a yell of triumph and pleasure as he felt the boy's shit hole tight around his cock head as it passed through the narrow ring.


Sam let out a shrieking scream as the cock forced it's way into him. He felt as if his ring was being split, torn to bits, as it was stretched to an almost impossible width by Wes' big cock head. The boy continued to shriek and scream as Wes forced his cock deeper into Sam's boy cunt. Now he had his cock head well up the youngster together with three inches of his hard shaft. And still the man pushed forward as he pulled the boy onto his thrusting cock. Four inches entered the screaming boy, five inches accompanied by never ending shrieks of pain, six inches as sweat poured off Wes' body and dripped onto Sam's back.


The man rested for a moment as poor Sam continued to shriek and scream.


"For god's sake stop you're killing me" young Sam shrieked at his rapist, "take your fucking cock out of my shit hole it's splitting me in half" the boy screamed.


As Wes rested he laughed at the boy's plight.


"Tell the truth you fucking little faggot" he laughed at the boy, "you love my cock up your fucking boy cunt and you want me to give you more. You're in luck you cock loving little bastard because I've plenty more cock to give you and once you've got it all then I'll really start to fuck you."


Then Wes bent his head over the screaming, pleading boy and kissed him on his sweat covered back. Without another word Wes carried on where he had left off. He started to push forward hard as he pulled the boy onto his thrusting cock. The man was not sure whether or not he would manage to get all of his cock up this ten year old boy the first time round, but he sure was going to try. Now he had forced his cock head and seven inches of hard cock into the boy's tight cunt. He loved the way that the entrance to the hole gripped around his cock like a vice; the lovely feel of the boy's warm back channel gripping the length of his cock in it's velvet like glove. Only an inch of his cock to go and Sam could feel Wes' big bollocks brushing against his buttocks as they swung freely beneath the man's thrusting cock.


The boy's muffled voice was now hoarse from screaming but still his protests rang out. The youngster had never known such pain as that which he was now undergoing.


One very hard heave forward and Wes had reached his goal. All nine inches of his cock was buried in the lovely warm tight boy cunt and his big balls were now squashed between his body and Sam's beautifully firm buttocks. The boy's shit hole had been stretched to breaking point but, miraculously, had not split and not been torn.


"Oh god boy you've got such a lovely tight cunt" Wes gasped out as his big cock throbbed inside Sam's guts. "I'm really going to have a great time fucking you now."


"You fucking bastard" the ten-year-old boy screamed hoarsely, "you're fucking killing me, oh god you're fucking killing me. Please, please stop now, please let me go home."


"Stop now boy!" Wes exclaimed, "don't be fucking stupid, the best part is still to come. Now you might just as well lay back, relax and enjoy the good fucking that you're going to get."


Then Wes started to pull his cock out of the screaming boy's backside. He made a very slow withdrawal enjoying every tiny sensation that he received from the boy's lovely cunt. When only his cock head was left inside Sam's body Wes drove the rest of his cock back in just as slowly as when he drew it out. As his cock slowly re-entered that lovely tunnel Wes let out a long sigh of pleasure. Sam's screams had died away to be replaced by muffled sobs and low cries of "don't" and "stop" and "please let me go". Wes started to slowly fuck the boy using the full length of his cock to travel up and down that wonderful love passage. Then gradually he increased his tempo, his thrusts in and out of the boy's body got faster; his balls began to slap harder against young Sam's firm buttocks whilst Wes moaned and groaned with sexual pleasure and kept gasping out "oh fuck that's good, oh shit your cunts just beautiful, so lovely and fucking tight."


As Wes' cock increased it's speed in and out of his body young Sam kept getting the strangest feelings, almost as if all his nerve ends were sparkling. His muffled cries of protest continued but they were not nearly as forceful as when Wes first started to rape him. The boy's body kept shaking as spasms of pleasure flooded through his young frame. He wanted to hate what was happening but, instead, he was beginning to enjoy the feel of the man's huge cock driving in and out of his body. It felt so good as it drove in and equally as good as it was pulled out. He kept getting jolts of pleasure that seemed to run right through his body from the tip of his toes to the top of his head.


"Oooh yeah, oooh yeah, fucking hell that's good" the boy started to mumble as Wes increased his tempo so that now he was slamming in and out of the boy as hard as he could.


"You like my cock don't you cunt you like the way you're being fucked don't you faggot?" Wes panted as he felt the boy's sphincter tightening and loosening around his cock each time he pulled in and each time he pulled out.


"Oooh yeah it's fucking good, oooh it feels so fucking good" young Sam moaned with sexual pleasure as Wes massaged the boy's prostate with his big cock.


"You want more cunt?" panted Wes as he now moved into top gear, "you want me to pound in and out of your fucking cunt don't you faggot?"


"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" cried the ten year old boy as Wes's cock took him to even higher peaks of sexual pleasure. "Oooh it’s so good mister, it's lovely, it's lovely, it's just fucking lovely" the boy screamed as his body stiffened all over and he had a dry cum; the first one ever in his life.


Wes guessed what had happened as the boy's sphincter tightened like a vice around his cock and Sam's body went into spasms. He waited a moment for the sphincter to relax and then started to drive in and out as hard and fast as he could. His balls were tightening, his cock was throbbing and he was going like an express train. His movements in and out of the young boy's body was so fast that his entire cock was being pulled out, including his big cock head. Each time that happened Wes drove straight back in again as Sam's cock hungry boy cunt remained wide open waiting for the man's fuck pole to return


"Shit, shit, shit" yelled Wes in the throes of organismic pleasure, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm fucking going to cum."


Then, with his cock as deep inside the boy as it would go, Wes started to shoot his load. His big balls had produced plenty of sperm with which Wes could fill Sam's body. The boy could feel the warm cream filling his intestines as Wes' throbbing cock kept spurting out little jets of the man cream. Then Wes pulled his cock a little way out and thrust it back again as he shot some more cum into the boy. Sam, by reflex action only, was making his sphincter tighten and then loosen, tighten and then loosen, around the man's big boy fucker. As the sphincter set to work it was milking every last drop of cum from the man and Wes was having the most marvelous sexual climax of his life. After cumming at least half a dozen times Wes' balls had been milked dry. He rested for a moment on top of the young boy as he tried to come back down to earth.


"Shit you lovely little fucker" Wes panted, "that was the best fuck of my life. I'm sure looking forward to doing it all over again."


Young Sam mad no reply as he felt the man withdrawing his cock from his boy cunt. The youngster was deeply ashamed and feeling very guilty because he had enjoyed the latter part of his rape. He could not understand what had happened to his body to make him want to be fucked by the man. He could not understand why he had felt on top of the world when his whole body tensed up like a coiled spring and then seemed to release itself through his young cock.


Wes was totally satisfied and happy with the way things had gone. Now he wanted his cock cleaned by his young victim's mouth but he did not want to remove the hood from the boy's head. He got a pair of scissors and took hold of the cloth material of the hood. He decided to leave the nose hole as it was and make a second hold beneath it where to boy's mouth would be. So he cut a narrow slit in the cloth and now could see Sam's lovely red lips.


"Now boy I want you to stick out your tongue and start to lick whatever it comes into contact with" Wes told Sam.


Then the man held his cum covered cock head right in front of the slit in the hood. No tongue appeared as the boy kept his mouth firmly closed.


"Stick out your tongue and start licking" snapped Wes.


Sam made no move to obey but kept his tongue inside his closed mouth. Wes grunted in annoyance and picked up the cane. Then `thwack' the cane cut into Sam's buttocks. The boy started to scream as the cane struck him again. Then, as Wes raised it for the third time the boy stuck out his tongue. However Wes continued with the stroke and the cane struck the boy another hard blow across his buttocks. And then a fourth blow landed as Sam shrieked out that he would do as he was told.


"Of course you will Sam" Wes replied complacently, "I know that, at heart, you are a good boy and that you really want to join in the fun. Remember though, next time you decide to fuck me around it will be five strokes of the cane across your buttocks."


Sam was crying but he could not see a thing. He stuck out his tongue but found nothing to lick as Wes was lying down the cane and then climbing back on the bed to kneel in front of the kid.


"Don't stick your tongue out for a moment" Wes said jovially, "for fuck sake boy you're a real randy little cunt and just cannot wait for my cock."


Young Sam, still feeling guilty and worried that the man had got the wrong impression and that he really thought the boy wanted to play with that big man cock, did not know what to say but he did withdraw his tongue. Then Wes held his cock head against the slit in the hood and told Sam that he could now poke out his tongue and start licking. The boy, not wishing to get any more painful strokes of the cane, quickly stuck his tongue out and it immediately came into contact with Wes' cum covered cock head. Then Sam started to lick and as he licked he swallowed. He now got the full taste of Wes' cum. He swallowed a little more and, though he would try hard not to admit it, he quite liked the taste of the man's slightly tangy cum. So he licked more enthusiastically all across and around the cockhead. His tongue managed to find Wes' piss slit and the boy had a feast licking all the cum out of that as Wes moaned and groaned with pleasure.


"Now boy suck my cock head" Wes hissed, "open your mouth and close your lovely lips around my fucking cock head and suck as hard as you can."


Young Sam did as ordered and started to suck Wes' big mushroom shaped cock head. The boy did not mind the taste of that head; in fact he was rather enjoying it. He knew that it was wrong and that he should be deeply ashamed but he just could not help wanting to suck for a little while longer. Wes just knelt there enjoying the feel of the boy's lovely hot mouth around his cock and the kid's red lips closed tightly around the base of his mushroom head, just where it joined the shaft of his cock. As he was lost in the most wonderful sexual sensations as the boy's mouth worked on his sensitive cock head Wes thought how great it was going to be when the boy had all of the cock down his throat. But that would have to wait until Wes' cock was hard again; for the moment he was content with the boy sucking his cock head. For thirty more minutes young Sam sucked and licked Wes' hard cock. The longer he did it the more he liked it. He loved to dip the tip of his tongue into Wes' piss slit and give it a good lick.


"Would you like me to fuck you again now boy?" Wes asked young Sam in a soft gentle voice.


For a moment the boy thought hard, he hesitated about his answer. One part of his brain was saying a great big "no thank you" whilst the other part of his brain was saying "go on say yes you know that you want his big cock up your cunt."


Wes did not try to hurry the boy into giving an answer to his question. He was enjoying the boy's lips around his cock as the ten year old continued to suck hard on his fuck stick. Then Sam removed his mouth from Wes' hard cock. He wished that he could see the man whose cock he had been sucking but with the hood on his world was one of darkness.


"Please mister could you take the hood off me first before I decide?" young Sam asked in a plaintive voice.


"The hood will come off when you tell me that you love me, that you love my cock and that you want to stay with me forever whilst I fuck the shit out of you" was Wes' helpful reply.


"Then I don't want you to fuck me" Sam answered in a decisive voice.


"Well that is a pity because I will have to play with you in a different way if we're not going to have a good fuck" Wes said.


He crossed to one of the cupboards and took out a length of cord then he returned to the boy who was lying silently on the bed. Around the bottom of the hood were several cloth loops and Wes threaded the cord through these. He did not speak to the boy as he did this and Sam, though silent, was breathing heavily. Then Wes pulled both ends of the cord together and it acted like a drawstring pulling the bottom of the hood tightly around Sam's neck. Then Wes tied the two ends together. Now there was no way that the hood could accidentally slip off the boy's head. Then Wes bent down and picked the boy up in his arms. He carried him across to the padded bench and laid him face down on top of it. Then he started to manacle the boy's arms and legs to the legs of the bench.


"What are you doing Mister?" the boy cried out in alarm.


"I'm going to play with you for a while darling" Wes replied in a pleasant voice.


Having made sure that Sam was securely fastened to the bench, Wes patted the boy on his buttocks which were still showing bright red lines from his caning.


"Now my little darling as fucking is not good enough for you I'm going to indulge one of my more peculiar whims" Wes said with a chuckle. "You see my dear boy I love hearing little boys scream when they are being whipped. So what I'm going to do is give you a pretty good whipping."


"No, no, no" shouted the youngster, "please mister don't whip me, fuck me mister but please don't hit me."


"The trouble is Sam that you don't yet know the rules of the game" Wes replied sadly. "Now you chose not to be fucked which meant that I could then do whatever else I wanted with you. I have chosen to whip you. You must, under the rules, receive at least 20 lashes of the whip before I can agree to you playing another game."


Wes kissed the boy gently on his back and stroked his buttocks.


"Now darling I'm going to be very kind to you. Because your ass has already been caned I will make sure that I whip you only on your back and shoulders. If you are a very good boy and keep count of the number of lashes that I give you, when I reach 20 you can opt to be fucked instead. You must count out loud Sam, now then boy do you know how to count up to twenty?"


Sam was blubbering from fear as he blurted out "course I know how to count, I'm ten years old and not stupid."


"Good" replied Wes as he crossed to the rack and selected one of the two whips, "just make sure to count out aloud. Oh did I forget to tell you darling?" Wes said with a chuckle, "if you lose count or miss a count then we start all over again. So that if, say, you have had 14 lashes and the next lash you say '14' again or don't say anything at all then we start from 1. See boy this can be a really exciting game don't you think?"


Then Wes, not waiting for a response from the boy, brought the lash whistling through the air to strike young Sam across his shoulders. The whip had a thin leather lash and it cut into the boy's soft flesh leaving a deep red line across his lovely white shoulders. For his part Sam screamed in pain but did not call out a number. Then Wes struck the boy a second time with the lash, this time across the small of Sam's back. Again the boy screamed but failed to call out as the whip cut into his flesh.


"You're not doing very well boy" Wes remarked, "although I'm certainly enjoying myself. So far, according to you, I've not yet struck you with the whip."


This remark of Wes' brought the screaming boy to his senses. As the lash cut into the middle of his back young Sam shrieked out "1" and then screamed in pain. The next lash landed almost on top of the spot where the first lash had struck Sam. The boy shrieked and hollered in pain but managed to gasp out "2" And so it went on with the lash whistling through the air, a crack as it struck the boy's flesh, then a loud scream followed by a faltering voice calling out a number "3", "4", "5". They had reached 16 and the boy's shoulders and back was a terrible mess of deep red lines across his lovely white skin. Some of the red lines were already turning into weal's and one or two crisscrossed with others. But this did not deter Wes who was enjoying himself immensely. He loved to hear young boy's scream under the whip or cane, especially when it was not being meted out as a punishment but purely for his own pleasure. His cock was throbbing with excitement and he was sorry that there were only 5 more lashes left before the boy could opt for something else. He used all his force this time and the lash bit so deeply into Sam's flesh that it broke the skin in a couple of places and a trace of blood could be seen. The boy screamed at the top of his voice, albeit muffled by the hood, and then, to Wes' bitter disappointment, he gasped out "17". The remaining three were administered the same way but young Sam managed to keep count until he said "20". Wes was not too unhappy about it; he knew that whenever he felt the urge he could use the whip or the cane on his little darling and raise the roof with his screams of pain.


Although Sam's screams had died away the boy was still crying bitterly. His whole back felt as if it was on fire and he knew that he could do nothing about it.


"Well Sam do you want me to continue this game? Would you like me to give you another twenty lashes, or maybe thirty this time? If not my boy, what exactly would you like me to do now?" Wes asked the sobbing youngster.


Sam slowly got his sobs under control; he knew what the man wanted him to say. The boy was no hero and anyway he much preferred to be fucked up the ass that have this monster whip him again.


"Please mister I'd like you to fuck me" Sam replied in a faltering voice full of fear.


"You want me to shove my big cock up your boy cunt and fuck the shit out of you Sam, is that what you are asking me to do?" Wes said in a surprised sort of voice.


Sam felt terribly guilty as he made his reply, both guilty and very ashamed.


"Yes please mister I want you to fuck me please" the youngster answered.


"Well what a coincidence" Wes said in a cheerful voice. "Here you are with your buttocks stuck out over the end of this bench and your boy cunt on show just waiting for a big man cock to enter it. You are in luck you faggot bastard because my cock is ready and willing to fuck that pansy boy cunt of yours. So yes my darling boy I'll fuck you."


Wes waited a moment and the boy made no reply although he was no longer sobbing audibly.


"Did I hear you say thank you?" asked Wes. "Did I hear you say `thank you for agreeing to fuck my boy cunt for me?" the man asked again.


Sam got the message loud and clear.


"Thank you mister for agreeing to fuck my boy cunt for me" the unhappy youngster answered.


Wes now stood behind young Sam. Using the palms of his hands he pressed the boy's buttocks as wide as he could get them and then, in a crouched position he started to lick young Sam's lovely boy cunt. His tongue pressed hard against the boy cunt lips and they opened so sweetly to allow him in. Then he had a good lick, followed by a good suck and then another lick all around the inside of Sam's deliciously tasty cunt. Wes had decided that he wasn't going to fuck around with lubricants anymore. A good gob of spit on his cock head would be sufficient. So he gobbed a big blob of spittle onto his cock head and then, using one of his hands, guided it to the boy's lovely brown pink boy cunt.


Sam felt the cock head at the entrance to his shit hole and he held his breath as he remembered how much it had hurt the first time Wes had entered him. He felt the man pushing into him and felt Wes' hands pull on his hips forcing his body onto that big hard cock. Within a couple of seconds, assisted by young Sam straining hard, the sphincter muscle opened and Wes' cock head together with an inch of his cock slipped through that tight hole. Sam gave a yelping scream as his ring was stretched again. This time, however, it was not nearly as painful as the first time and, apart from his initial yelp of pain, the boy was silent apart from his heavy breathing.


Wes pushed his cock all the way up the boy's back passage until all nine inches was planted firmly inside the young boy and his big balls were pressing into Sam's buttocks.


"How's it feel darling, how do you like my cock deep inside your guts boy?" Wes asked in a husky voice.


"Okay I guess" Sam answered softly not wishing to appear too enthusiastic.


The truth was that the young boy was loving the feel of the big cock deep inside him and could hardly wait for it to start moving up and down. He desperately wanted to get the same wonderful body tensing feelings that he had received earlier when Wes had fucked him.


Wes now slowly pulled his cock all the way up leaving only his cock head inside the boy, then he drove all the way back down again. Up and down, up and down and now he felt young Sam's body responding. The boy's buttocks were moving in and out as the man's cock moved up and down his love channel. Sam was moaning with pleasure because, once again, he was getting those wonderful sexual feeling. It was rather like electricity being passed through his body until every nerve felt on edge. It was the most terrific feeling that Sam had ever had and the boy knew that the feeling was coming from the man's big cock thrusting in and out of his young body.


"Shit boy you've a real tight fucking cunt and I love it so much" Wes whispered.


He put a hand around the boy's waist and felt for Sam's cock and found that darling little plaything. It was as stiff as a metal rod.


"You love being fucked don't you darling, you really love my big man cock up your tight boy cunt don't you?" he asked.


The boy was in heaven; he hadn't a care in the world. All he wanted was the man's cock to keep sending these terrific feelings through his body as it fucked up and down his love channel.


"Yes mister" Sam said in a loud and firm voice, "I love being fucked by you. I really do love it to bits mister" he said.


"I guess that you're a faggot darling and that's why you want my cock. Am I right sweetheart are you a dirty little faggot whore boy bitch?"


Sam had no idea what most of the words meant. He did know that `faggot' and `queer' `pansy' were words of derision that boys used to insult other boys whom they did not consider manly. Sam had never been called such names; he would have kicked the head in of any one of his peers who dared call him such names. But he wanted to please this man, he wanted him to keep on fucking his boy cunt so he discarded any scruples that he might have.


"Yes mister I'm a dirty little faggot whore boy bitch" Sam agreed.


Wes started to fuck the boy faster. His cock was going all the way in and then almost all the way out as Sam thrust his buttocks on and off the man's big cock keeping perfect time with it's movements. Wes was also masturbating the young boy's cock and his finger and thumb was moving up and down that stiff slender stem in time to the movement of his hips. Both Sam and Wes were groaning with pleasure.


"All you live for now faggot is the feel of my cock up your boy cunt isn't that right?" Wes asked.


"Yes mister all I want is your cock fucking my boy cunt" Sam agreed.


Now Wes moved up another gear as he felt young Sam's sphincter gripping his cock and then letting it go, gripping it again and releasing it. Sam's body was tensing every time Wes' cock entered him, then tensing again each time that Wes pulled out. This tensing was caused by his prostate being massaged by the big boy fuck pole each time it entered and left that delightfully tight boy cunt. Sam's head was spinning with erotic and sexual feelings as his whole being revolved around the big man cock plowing in and out of his sensitive body. Wes, for his part, was once again having the time of his life. His big cock was entering the loveliest, hottest, tightest most delightful boy cunt imaginable whilst at the same time he was playing with a young boy's stiff cock – one of the joys of his life doing that.


"If I promise to fuck you again after will you let me whip or cane you again first?" Wes asked curious to see just how much the young boy was enjoying this, his second fuck.


Sam thought for a brief moment. The pain from the whipping was swiftly recalled. But that pain was nothing to the pleasure he was getting from being fucked.


"You can do what you want with me mister" the young boy replied "providing you always give me a good fucking after."


Wes licked his lips with pleasure. He'd really hit the jackpot with this young fucker. He now redoubled his efforts and his cock was slamming in and out of that young body. He was fucking the boy so hard and fast that his balls were making loud slapping noises as they struck Sam's lovely buttocks. Now young Sam's whole body stiffened for the second time that day. His hair felt as if it was standing on end as the boy yelled out with utter delight.


"Oooh mister I feel so fucking good, oooh mister something's happening and I don't know what but it's fucking good."


Wes knew what was happening because he was moaning aloud with pleasure as the boy's sphincter gripped his cock as if it were a vice. Sam was having the second dry cum of his life.


"You're having a dry cum darling," Wes told the screaming young boy. "When you're older and that happens your cock will shoot cum just like mine does when it’s shooting its load inside you."


The boy, sweating profusely, started to relax as his dry cum was over. His cock started to soften between Wes' fingers but the man was not worried about that. He knew that if he kept hold of that lovely little boy cock it would quickly stiffen again. In the meantime he continued to fuck the boy as hard as he could and now he felt his own balls tighten and his throbbing cock became hyper sensitive.


"Oooh, darling I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming up your faggot boy cunt my sweet" Wes groaned as he shot his first load of cum deep into the boy's bowels. A short sharp thrust of his big hard cock and a second load of cum joined the first.


"Yes, yes, yes" moaned Sam, "fuck me man, fuck me man, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" as he felt his bowels filling with thick man cream.


"There's more boy, there's fucking more by lovely little faggot sweetheart" Wes groaned as he shot a third load of cream into his darling.


Then he lay on top of the boy with his big cock still buried deeply inside his faggot sweetheart.


"I'm in love darling Sam" the man whispered, "I'm in love with my own ten-year-old faggot boy sweetheart. Do you love me?"


Sam could feel that lovely man cock still deep inside him. He could feel his bowels full of man cream. He could remember just how wonderful he felt when he had his dry cum and it was all because of this lovely man.


"Yes mister," he answered, "I fucking love you a lot and I what you to keep fucking my boy cunt."


Wes shifted slightly still keeping his cock buried inside his young darling.


"Do you love me enough to stay with me and not go back fucking home darling?" he asked.


Sam thought for a moment.


"Will I have to go to school if I stay with you mister?" he asked.


Sam hated school that's why he was always bunking off.


"No my darling if you stay with me you will never go to school. I will need you to be with me all the time so that if I feel like a fuck you will always be ready for my cock."


"I want to stay with you then mister. I love you lots and lots and I do want you to fuck me all the time," Sam said earnestly.


Wes could feel his cock beginning to shrivel but he still kept it inside that lovely tight hole.


"You know darling that I will whip you and cane you although I will always fuck you afterwards. Are you sure that you want to stay."


"Fuck me rigid" the ten-year-old boy exploded surprising and somewhat shocking Wes by his response. "I want to stay with you no matter what," Sam declared. "You can do what the fuck you like with me as long as it includes a lot of fucking," he stated vehemently.


Then not waiting for a reply from Wes he asked another question.


"Can you take the hood off me now mister or must I always wear it whilst I'm with you?"


"Shit" laughed Wes," of course we'll get rid of that fucking hood. Another thing my darling, you can call me `Wes' and not `mister'."


Now Wes pulled his cock from out of the young boy's cunt. Then he released the boy's legs and arms from the bench. Finally, he went to the head of the bench, bent over and untied the drawstring of the hood. He pinched the top of the hood between his finger and thumb and pulled it up over Sam's face and off his head. The boy was blinded by the bright light and kept blinking owlishly as Wes dropped the hood on the floor. Then Sam, for the first time, got a full look at the naked man and he sucked in his breath with pleasure.


He loved immediately the figure of the thirty-year-old man, muscular and slightly hairy, standing in front of him. He loved with all his aching heart Wes' big cum covered cock. It was placid now and yet, even in this it's sleeping state it looked quite magnificent.


"Oh Wes" the boy whispered "I do love you, cuddle me Wes and show that you love me too."


And Wes did just that. Then he took the boy to the shower and the kid cleaned himself up. Next they had a good meal. Then Wes said that it had been a very long day and suggested that they went to bed. The 30 year old man and his 10 year old boy lover slept together in each other's arms. They slept for more than 10 hours.


The following day they rose. Wes took the boy into the bathroom and introduced him to the pleasures of water sports. They filled each other’s guts with their lovely hot piss and then they had a hot shower together. After breakfast, Wes asked Sam what he wanted to do. He told Wes that he wanted to be fucked, but the man was not really in the mood. Then the boy cajoled and wheedled until he guessed what the matter might be.


"Remember Wes darling" young Sam said "my body belongs to you and it's your to do what you like with it. Just give me a lovely long fuck after you've enjoyed playing with my body."


Wes gave the boy a great big hug and kissed him passionately. Then he tied the boy over the bench and caned him something rotten. The boy screamed loudly and long. Once he'd caned the boy to his heart’s content he followed it up by fucking the shit out of his little darling. And so their destinies were set. Sam graduated stage by stage. He came to love being whipped and caned, he took to water sports with real enthusiasm. He eventually not only loved to be fucked, he could open his mouth and swallow all of Wes' cock and then, with the man lying on top of him, he would suck Wes' cock whilst Wes fucked the shit out of his throat ending up with shooting his load into his darling's gullet. Wes fist fucked Sam as the boy grew older and started to swallow Sam's cum when the kid was old enough to produce it. One vice that Sam had was a vice that Wes did not share. He used to hover around whilst Wes had a shit and then would spend hours giving his lover's shit hole a good tongue washing. Sam loved doing that.


They lived alone together until Sam was fifteen and his body was turning hairy. The teenager knew that this was turning his lover off him. One day Sam turned up carrying in tow a young boy who was hooded and had his wrists tied behind his back.


"My present to you darling" Sam said shyly to Wes, "he is almost 6 years old so should give you years of fun."


Wes looked at the very young boy and was quite captivated by his lovely frame. He could not see his face but was sure that it was beautiful. His heart pounded with joy as he heard the young kid making a mewing sound and realized that Sam had gagged him.


He kissed Sam long and lovingly.


"But what about you my darling" he asked, "if I accept this lovely gift won't you be lonely."


"Well, no not really, Wes," Sam replied with a smile "with your permission I'll bring my own little darling to live with us here. You'll have to take me out in the van to pick him up but he's a real little street wise monkey who thinks that he know it all. He gave me a right mouthful yesterday and, believe it or not, he's only 4 years old."


The following day the two went off and picked up the second boy. Sam was quite right, the little fucker was truly street wise and he could swear like a fucking stevedore. Within a couple of days he had taken wholeheartedly to Sam and just loved being fucked by the teenager. A couple of months later Wes caught the little bastard trying to fuck his own young boy, Troy. Both Sam and Wes had a real good laugh over that.


And so, this tale reaches a happy conclusion. There is no doubt that many young boys would just take to being fucked by a big man cock like a duck takes to water. Alas, not many get the chance.