Boy Ass 2

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I just don't understand it. You'd think I was a fucking pervert or something. I see a cute boy of fourteen or so at a mall or just out on the street. He has a really nice ass, so I go up to him and tell him I want to fuck his ass, and he gets all offended like I am a rapist or something. I was polite. I was friendly. I told him his ass was really totally fuckable and I had a wonderfully big dick, and I really wanted to fuck his boy hole. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? I would think the little cunt would take it as a compliment that a nice man wants to plow his pussy. After all, every boy has an ass, and the fact that of all the asses around, I chose his to want to fuck, should please him no end. But, oh, no, shocked and he gets all uptight and offended.

Besides, what is the big deal about getting fucked up the ass? Why do these boys make so much of it? At thirteen and fourteen, they must surf the internet, and they see pictures every day of boys getting fucked. And yet when someone offers to fuck their little teen assholes, they rebel. Is it their upbringing or what? And let's be honest, even if he doesn't enjoy getting ass fucked or let's say that at thirteen the boy is still a virgin (although at thirteen, I have no idea why for the love of God he should be), couldn't he still let me fuck him just out of politeness? Couldn't he respect that a horny adult with a big hard dripping cock needs some release and politely allow the gentleman to ram his little boy ass? What's the big deal?

If a kid watches enough regular TV (take the Starz show, Spartacus, for example), he will hear dudes talking about ass fucking and taking it up the ass all the time. Wouldn't you think a boy that age would be curious? Wouldn't you think he would want to know what it was like? And ok, let's say, he is already taking the dicks of his schoolmates up his thirteen or fourteen-year-old cunt, wouldn't you think he would want to feel what a full-sized, adult eight and a half inches feels like? What ever happened to a boy's curiosity? And ok, let’s say, he is sucking off one of his teachers and taking it up the ass from him, well then, what's the big fucking deal about taking another cock up his ass?

No, the only reason I can think of that a cute boy would turn me down is the old fucking adage, "Don't talk to strangers," every kid is taught that and can't get it out of his cute, dizzy, little head. WELL, IF HE WON'T TALK TO STRANGERS, HOW CAN HE EVER GET ASS FUCKED BY ONE? Is he supposed to live his whole fucking life like a nun? Is he expected to walk around at fifteen never having had a strange dude's dick up his boy hole? What kind of life experience is that? How is he ever to choose whether he wants cunt or cock in life? What good is all this gay equality, if a boy of thirteen doesn't have the experience to be able to choose? And let me tell you, I am conservative here because I happen to love boys of thirteen and fourteen. There are more liberal gents out there who think that a boy should be getting ass fucked at eight and nine years of age. Like a fine wine, if you wait too long to uncork it (or in this case cork it) it loses some of its magnificence. I know several really nice men who think an unfucked boy ass of seven is wasting something beautiful and extraordinary. They say there is no feeling on earth like the velvet soft, tight, smooth rectum of a seven-year-old.


I repeat this is not my thing. I like a boy with a smart mouth and a better-defined personality with a dick that is just starting to fill out, nice hanging, smooth nuts, and a well-formed, just blossomed teenage ass. I mean, at six or seven it is possible that a boy does not know what he is doing and is being molested (although I have met some five and six-year-old sluts). Still, a boy of that age may be naive and can be conned into an ass fuck or a suck against his will or even forced if that is your thing. But, by the time a boy is twelve or thirteen, he knows the score. He knows what a cock is for. He knows what a cunt and asshole are for. He also has a sense of self-identity. He has a personality. And I find that so much fun to fuck with and break down. At thirteen you can fuck with a boy's self-esteem. You can't do that with a six-year-old. At thirteen you can degrade and wreck his awakening sexual self-image.


And aside from all that, if God doesn't want us to fuck young boy ass, why does he give some boys those deliciously round, smooth asses that he does? If you say it is to tempt or test us, that is making God a sexual pervert, so I don't think so. If God didn't want boys ass fucked, he would leave them flat and unattractive back there. So long ago, I threw the religious objection out the window. Besides, don't many of our religious leaders enjoy the unique delights of fucking boy ass? Aren't they the leading boy ass fuckers of the world? When I grew up, it was just taken for granted and understood that if you were an altar boy, you had to let the local priest fuck your ass. If your ass was really pretty, he might pass you on to other priests. I spent some time teaching theater at a Catholic seminary when I was in my early twenties, and believe me, boy ass fucking was the main topic of conversation among the seminarian "priests to be." They would scour the church on Sundays for cute, teen boy ass. If they found some, they would invite the boy to play basketball with them or to join some church Bible study group (which translated means jerk off, face and ass fuck and piss games group) or just try to get to know the boy. Some of the seminarians even kept lists of potential boy ass for their priests. The priest always got first dibs on a cute boy's mouth and ass, but after he was finished, he might pass the boy on to the seminarians.


Now I know there have been lots of sexual abuse cases in recent years, and people suing and pressing charges because they were ass fucked by priests, but my friends, if ass fucking wasn't taken so seriously. If it were just treated as a part of life and not made such a big deal of, these victims would not have mental and emotional scars. They would simply accept that they were ass fucked as teens and get on with their lives. The same goes for having to drink a little piss, sucking ass, or even being made to suck off a dog or getting fucked by one. Big fucking deal! It only leaves scars if you let it. It only leaves scars if you think it is a bad thing. If cute boys were taught that getting fucked up the ass was a natural part of life, and that part of growing up was for them to present their adorable, little asses to nice gentlemen to fuck, they would never think anything of it.


And the way some of the boys at the mall shake and move their asses, shows that inside at least, they know what fucking little tramps they are. They bend over and walk with a strut. Their round ass bumps stick out and move. How can anyone resist it? They are fucking cock teases and deserve everything they get.




So I met this cute Jewish kid at the mall the other day. (The fact that he was Jewish has nothing to do with the story, as I am definitely not anti-Semitic, but he was a cute, blond Jewish boy.) I took him home to show him some of my theater collection and to talk to him about doing some TV commercials. I told him he had star potential. What he really had was ass potential. He was twelve years old and seemed to know the score. I gave him some beer which he drank because he wanted to appear adult and ready for a life of stardom. I also gave him a Viagra, telling him he would get high from it. Then I started taking some modeling pics of him. I told him agents would want him because of his cute face and smile. I said Disney would probably snap him up for a TV show of his own. He got drunker. I had him take his shirt off. He had cute unformed titties and such lovely smooth skin that I couldn't keep my hands off him. I would pose and position him and run my fingers over his nipples and up under his moist armpits.


This beautiful blond boy was meant to be fucked and to be fucked ruthlessly. I wanted him to never forget his first ass fuck. I imagined a nice deep crack and a tiny, pink hole, untouched by adult fingers or cock. I could picture the plumb sized head of my fuck meat stretching that tiny, pink hole all to hell! I could almost hear his squeals of pain and grunts of anguish as I went in eight and a half inches, and my ball sack slapped against his soft, young skin. I got him to strip down to his underpants for pics, and that's when the quality of his twelve-year-old ass was confirmed. It was supremely fuckable. High tight globes like grapefruit halves.


But, when I asked him politely to remove his underpants for some "artistic, creative photos," he refused. He said something stupid like it was naughty or some dumb thing. I told him to have a career he had to do some nude modeling. I pointed out that all the young stars on the Disney Channel did nude modeling. I didn't tell him they also took it up the ass from producers, directors, actors, and agents. I have heard stories that some days the asses of those boys are so raw that they need to cancel taping, as the boys just can't walk.


Anyway, this cute little Jew boy didn't want to take off his underpants. My dick was rock hard and leaking like crazy, so it was too late to go back. I am afraid I got a bit rough. Now someone might blame me, but you can see that it was the little bitch's own fault, right? I had to get a look and feel of that ass. I also wanted to see his little twelve-year-old dick and sack.


He was a cute down there as I suspected. A real doll. He cried that he would tell his mom and all kinds of shit. I knew I could handle that later, as he would never want anyone to know he was ass fucked and that there were photos of him.


The ass was perfect. The hole so tight I could not even get my finger in at first. I say at first because I worked at it for hours. First one finger, then two then three, and then my dick head. I told him if he was a good boy, it would all be over soon.


Now my point is, why can't a boy like this just accept that he is going to be ass fucked? What's the big deal? Why can't he cheerfully say, "Okay, Mister, you can fuck my ass, and I hope you enjoy it."


This boy and I could have been good friends. Instead, he brought out the dark side in my nature so that I fucked him hard several times and then proceeded to shove other objects up his little ass just to teach him a lesson. His hole was pretty messy by the time I finished. I scared him enough with promises that I would find him if he ever told anyone, and I know he cannot trace me, but should I have to go through all of that? Do you think that is easy for me? Wouldn't a nice friendly boy fuck have been much more enjoyable?


It could have been so romantic, me shoving my dick in his ass and kissing his sweet baby face as he holds his legs up and spreads so I can plow deeper into his little boy-cunt. It depresses me that so often it has to get nasty that I get the desire to piss on and in the boy and stick pins in him and do other things, just because he pisses me off. Sometimes I have to take a belt to his ass and balls to relieve my anger.




Not all boys are so difficult to deal with. Some boys are naturally submissive and train quite easily. Here is a photo of a fifteen-year-old piss boy. He was first fucked at thirteen. He has now been thoroughly trained and is docile and submissive. He will do anything he is told to do. He has taken two dicks up his boy-cunt at the same time, as well as a fist. He knows better than to ever complain. He had a really delicious ass, and the only reason we have turned him into a urinal is that his ass is now so stretched out, it's not worth fucking.


So he spends most of his day with this funnel in his mouth waiting for some handsome adult dude to be kind enough to haul out a big, fat cock and take a nice long heavy piss into his funnel. He has learned to accept this as a natural part of his life. You see, some boys are good boys and do as they are told without all kinds of punishments and threats.


Think what a sweet piss boy, the cute, blond, little Jew boy would have made, but I just don't have time to train every young ass I want to fuck.


Oh, don't worry about piss boy and his boy-cunt. His boy-cunt is not finished yet, just because it is too loose and sloppy and torn for our cocks. My friend in Cancun is interested in him for donkey shows. I tell you, he goes through boys like some of us go through shoes. He maintains that a boy of twelve to fifteen can only take donkey dick for three or four weeks before he either loses it mentally, or his guts are totally messed up. I wouldn't know about such things. I have enjoyed seeing such shows, and now and then have known some of the boys who starred in them, but other than my experiences with Peter if you remember him, I have never participated directly in a donkey or horse show. If I want a boy animal fucked, I will usually let someone else handle it for me. I guess I am not good with animals and don't have the patience. But I know some excellent animal men, and they can do wonders with a boy whose cunt you would never believe could take a donkey or horse dick. Like everything else, it is just perseverance.


Anyway, all of this would be so much easier, if a boy was just taught at an early age that his ass is meant for the pleasure of gentlemen. If he was taught that getting ass fucked by a big, fat cock was no big deal since we all go through things that are a bit uncomfortable in life, and sometimes we learn to enjoy it eventually. Like eating certain foods and learning to like the taste, getting ass fucked can take some time to appreciate.